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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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only thing police are telling us is allle three of those victims were found shot in this home on alexis-lucia road. i'll step out of the way you can't really see because it is dark but there are investigators out here on the scene, out here since shortly after 8:00, last night. we have crime scene investigators in a wooded area beside the house like a shed area. seeing them taking evidence bags from their cars and also seen investigators going in and out of the home this morning. let's take to you video i shot overnight here around 8:00 last night, gaston county police called to the home in alexis-lucia road in alexis because a concerned family member asked police to check the welfare of the people in the residence. police found the three adults who died from apparent gunshot wound in the house. one of those victims have been identified, his name is giovanni gambino, he lived in the home and police are trying to identify the other victims in this case but they believe they
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gambino's wife, 42-year-old crystal gambino, was arrest in stanley, charged with first degree murder in the death of her husband. a neighbor heard the gunshots. take a listen as he described them. >> it sounded like a sledge hammer, loud racquet, it was loud, real loud. >> reporter: crystal gambino is being held in the gaston county jail, expecting to face more charges after those -- after the identities of the other victims haveveeen released. in the next half hour, we'll dig more deeper in who exactly is giovanni gambino, i spoke with neighbors, you will see what type of person he was, we'll do background digging to tell you about him. reporting live, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: 5:02, a little bit
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yesterday morning, check in with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: we have dry conditions, not showing any rain whatsoever, we've gone the other eyed of the mountains, different story. north of chicago, snow, south of there, rain, st. louis, memphis, little rock, heading in our direction, that is the next weather maker, will arrive late today, more likely for tonight. dry conditions this morning, we have mostly clear skies and dry in your neighborhood as well, 46 in charlotte, 43 gastonia, 41 lancaster, shelby, 31 important for boone, 40234in wadesboro. breezy and warm with a high of 69 degrees, by late this afternoon, 20% chance of a shower, better opportunity for rain will come deeper in the night tonight, even rumbles of thunder. i'll show you that on futurecast plus talk weekend forecast right around the corner. you're never more than seven
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traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, traffic this morning sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're going to start off beaties ford road, we told you about this at the top of the newscast, a section of caps hill mine road likely closed down as police investigate the crime scene there. if that is part of your morning commute, peachtree, sunset around beaties ford, over to 77, those are the best alternates this morning. looking live i-77, west boulevard, volume light traveling through center city this morning. we'll keep an eye on that as we head closer to the rush hour and right now our major commute routes like 77, 85 and 485 are running clearly. you do see a few slow downs on 85 outbound going south away from charlotte. that is a check of traffic, guys back to you. >> john: breaking news out of north charlotte, police are investigating a woman who was shot in the head, it happened early this morning within the last couple hours.
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griers grove near beaties ford road. >> christine: mark davenport first broke the story live at the scene now, mark, any word you've heard on the woman's condition? how is she doing? >> reporter: yeah, christine, got done talking to cmpd, she was shot in the head they don't know if she was shot off griers grove road. rushed to the hospital, shot in the head, she is alert, talking back and forth with police, giving them information on the shooting this morning. there are three different areas that police are looking at right now that may be connected to this shooting here. one of them behind me, griers grove road, at the north cross townhomes, we have video to show you what it looked like earlier, police have cleared the scene. earlier they had officers knock on doors, talking to as many people as they could to collect evidence. they found the woman in the parking lot shot in the head, they rushed her to the hospital from the scene here but they don't believe she was shot here because they weren't able to find shell casings or evidence
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they think it happened up the road up beaties ford, this is the ymca further up the road, that is where they think it happened. they are trying to get evidence at that scene as well. i'll head up there to see what they are doing up there but it is blocked off and they are processing that scene. there is a third scene that cmpd told me about, just up the road here at intersection of beaties ford and griers grove road. where a car pulled up, two officers stationed up there to keep people back, car pulled up said his car was shot at, a white dodge, he came up to officers, talking back and forth with them foul to tell now where the car was. a woman shot in the head, more information in a little while, i'll head up to the ymca to look at that scene and bring that to you live in the next half hour. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: thanks for the live update. tonight, people from cleveland county will remember a couple who died in a house explosion and pray for the first
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a community gathering being held at 7:00 at fallston baptist church. deputies to say sunday night 24-year-old thomas pruitt failed to make a turn crashing his pick-up truck in a propane tank outside the couple's home in fallston. the home exploded and neighbors rushed to save 74-year-old jb newton and his 76-year-old wife, naomi. they later died from their injuries. >> john: three men accused of shooting up a van in uptown charlotte will appear in court today. howard wright, dereke bolton and kevin thompson fired 40 to 50 shots in cars and lobby door of a hotel on south caldwell street sunday morning. they used several guns including ak-47. >> christine: man accused of killing a prominent business owner is expected to be in court. kevin dejesus was extradited yesterday, he shot and killed jesse campbell in campbell's home, investigators say, near lake wylie in january.
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the dilworth community and dejesus used to work there. >> christine: a school in matthews will remain closed as officials look in the case of norovirus. covenant day school closed after 50 faculty members became sick friday following a catered dinner from jersey mikes. no students have been affected. tests will be back this week. >> christine: we're just getting started here at 5:00 a.m., one of the biggest days in the election season. a preview of super tuesday and where the presidential candidates stand. >> john: kristen miranda live in the alert center. >> kristen: we turned around video from greece where thousands of migrants are trapped, i'll show you the conditions they are in coming up from the alert center. >> john: we'll go to break but before we do, a quick check of first alert weather temperatures, 46 here in charlotte, 41 lancaster, 30 up in boone, 37 salisbury, 42 rock hill.
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closed captioning on wbtvnews is sponsored by subarusouth boulevard and subaruconcord. >> christine: right now thousands of migrants are trapped in greece and kristen miranda has been able to turn some video of what is happening here, she is live in the alert center right now. >> kristen: we got the video in, christine, i wanted to show it to you. talking about 7,000 migrants here, mostly from syria, from iraq, and afghanistan. they are crammed in this tiny,
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less than three dozen were allowed to cross in macedonia yesterday, only 30. the rest have had to spend another night in small tents in the rain, many children are now getting sick. the situation is expected to get worse as hundreds more arrive at that border camp every day. we're keeping an eye on the situation in greece this morning. back to you. >> john: 5:13 the time, campaign 2016, about a dozen states are holding primaries and caucuses today. the super tuesday primary day. a new cnn-orr poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are well ahead in the respective republican and democratic contests. scott mclane breaks down the latest numbers for us. >> reporter: a day before super tuesday, marco rubio is giving donald trump a taste of his own medicine. calling him a con man with a spray tan and small hands. >> we're not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> reporter: the mud slinging
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a new poll shows trump is running away with the race with 49% support among republicans. rubio is not close. looking to close the gap, rubio's schedule is packed, five event in four states. donald trump has only two. >> donald trump is poised to do something that neither mitt romney nor john mccain could do, poised to win on both sides of the republicans geographic and demographic divide. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton looks unstopable coming off a big winin in south carolina. heading in the super tuesday contest, clinton's popularity among african american voters is expected to help her in the southern states. bernie sanders says he has a shot in minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, oklahoma and vermont. >> i think you will see us doing and the polls indicate it, much better within the african american community outside the deep south. >> reporter: nationally it will
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clinton leads sanders, 55% to 38% accord to the poll. in washington, scott mclane. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. this guy has my vote for sure, meteorologist al conklin. >> al: just vote for pedro. vote for pedro we'll all be happy. let's get out there, show you what is going on you can see we have low pressure out across the middle part of the country, snow to the north, rain to the south of that, that is our next weather maker, will take all day to arrive here, by and large we'll have a dry day, this is futurecast through time, certain think morning, nocertainly this morning, dry conditions. enjoying sunshine at lunch time. warm, well in the 60s. notice how the clouds increase and thicken toward 4:00 and the mountains stand a chance of getting in showers, the rest of us i believe this is going to be much later in the evening arriving around the charlotte metro area. dry right now in boone. this is king street in boone from, the
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to freezing right now, you will wind up well in the 50s this afternoon. by late this afternoon the spotty rain starts to come in at 4:00, will pick up going through the night tonight. here in charlotte, look for gradual increase in cloud cover, 48 this morning at 8:00, 65 at lunch time, 69 late this afternoon. should be a nice one. phoenix in town taking on the hornets, heading out there to the ball game, southerly breezes keeping us in the breeze, small chance for rain as we tipoff at 7:00. better chance as you come out of the arena, say at 10:00, could be showers around the area by then. we'll look at larger picture what we can expect our next front, what the weekend looks like in a few minutes. right now check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. again, we'll start off beaties ford road where we believe at least a section of caps hill mine road is closed down as police investigate multiple crime scenes up there. wbtv's mark davenport is live on the scene he will bring us more
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of the spot where they are investigating is there at the mccrory ymca at the corner of caps hill mine and beaties ford, so expect heavy police presence there this morning if that is part of your morning commute route. 77, west boulevard, travel running smoothly and volume light and most of our majors are are continuing to run in the green this morning. that includes 485, 77 and 85. that's a check of the morning commute, john and christine, over to you. >> john: next at 5:00, you heard about tornado alley, what about dixie alley? >> christine: the research in the tornadoes that affect us here in the south. that hey, what are you doing? getting the coats. for a half hour? bob just got time warner cable. he's getting more. more what?
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>> christine: 5:20. >> john: get over to kristen miranda with details on a unique
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emission scandal. >> kristen: watch what happens, this is an unexpected visitor at a car show in geneva, switzerland. a board member for volkswagen driving up in the car show, standing on the podium and watch what happens. a lone protester, this guy here, dressed in a volkswagen uniform, interrupts the presentation by the board member, says he was sent by the company's ceo to check the engine and gets down under the car. yeah, you see him there. he is eluding to the volkswagen emissions scandal, a big problem for the automaker for the past year or so. you can see the man immediately escorted from the room and they checked under the car to make sure he didn't put anything there. thankfully he didn't and everyone was fine but he made his point. that happened this morning. back to you. >> christine: bizarre and bold. >> kristen: very bold. >> christine: lawmaker in virginia will consider a bill would require schools to notify parents if their children will
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sexually explicit content. the measure being pushed by a mom who tried unsuccessfully to remove tony morrison's beloved" from the school. if the bill passes, the school would have to provide an alternate. >> john: 40 scientists around the country headed out to study what makes tornadoes in the south unique. the study called vortex southeast is the first to study dixie alley, includes parts of north and south carolina. research runs through march and april, congress granted $5 million for the study inspired by violent tornado outbreak in april of 2011 that left hundreds dead. we often talk about areas here in the carolinas where the tornadoes seem to be prolific, tornado alley in lincoln county. >> al: we have our own little local tornado alley, cleveland and lincoln county, bigger picture, i put a map together,
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tornadoes, kansas, oklahoma, texas, sure, those are expected. but the deadliest over the last 50 years have occurred in places farther to the east. more like an l-shape, alabama, mississippi, tennessee, georgia. more violent tornadoes, the joplin tornado, not with standing. the tornado outbreak in alabama, 2011 where literally hundreds perished. so we're on t edge of it. they tend to be weak weakening. last week four fatality in virginia. boy, the dixie area can certainly have our fair share of tornadoes. thankfully nothing like that right now. this is the time to think about it. march, april, may, get in severe
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no rain rit varriale now right now, showers and thunderstorms from arkansas up to about champagne, champaign, illinois. this is noon, breezy, warm, in the 60s, late this afternoon, you see the rain trying to approach the mountains, may be a spotty shower, greater thing i think will be looking at gradual increase in clouds and here comes the rain going in the night tonight, this is an updated version of our short term futurecast, updated, it is slowing the rain down more, most of us the rain comes during the overnight hours while sleeping. dry right now, partly cloudy, 46 degrees in charlotte, not much of a breeze. excellent visibility. fog not an issue. 46 charlotte, 37 around mountain island lake, 41 tega cay, 40 weddington, 41 harrisburg, 45 indian trail. widen out, 33 boone, 40 shelby,
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wadesboro and cheraw, 41 in lancaster, out the door at the bus stop, 47 degrees, dry, cool but not all that cold. mostly sunny skies, this afternoon coming home from work and school, clouds increase and thicken, but not before we get to 69 degrees and our rain here today. there is our frontal system moving through, you can see the rain coming in tonight, this is 10:00, then as it goes east, the rain dries out, high pressure build in tomorrow and for most of thursday. by thursday night we're looking at our next frontal system, that will bring another round of rain here, chances for rain go back up, a 70% chance tonight and again on thursday. we'll dry out nicely for the weekend but also cool off. talking about near 70 today and in the 60s sunday and monday but in between, four straight days where we will be in the 50s which is about where we should be this time of the year, upper 50s. rain for tonight, overnight, then breezy, cooler tomorrow behind the front. much cooler, 55 degrees, rain
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we dry out, 56, still in the 50s, cloud cover but we're decent here saturday, sunday looks to be the prettier, milder day of the weekend, stay that way monday as well. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with a live look here i-77 at woodlawn road, and you can see from the live picture, volume of traffic picking up on that section of 77 just a little bit, still running along smoothly. drive times, 21 minutes from rock hill, concord to center city, 18 minute commute, 67 miles an hour, lake norman southbound at 15 minutes there in the upper 60s. travel time. 77, 85, still running in the green, most of the major commute routes still very light volumes this morning but up to our north, off of beaties ford road we have a section of caps hill mine road, cut off, this is pretty major cut, al was telling me about from peachtree and sunset over to beaties ford.
5:26 am
for two crime scene investigations. one at firestone drive, the other one near the ymca, so again, if that is part of your morning commute you might want to avoid the area. that is a check of the morning travels, john and christine,
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we'll be right back. lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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>> john: continuing to follow bricking news out of north charlotte, police spent the morning at three different scenes as they are investigating woman who was shot. >> christine: we have moved to one of them, mark davenport has the very latest developments, mark, tell us your exact location and what you're seeing now. >> reporter: christine, right now at caps hill mine road and firestone drive where we have this area blocked off by cmpd. you can see some of the squad cars are leaving right now heading to possibly another
5:30 am
has been shut down for at least the last hour-and-a-half. this is another one of the scenes they were processing this morning regarding the woman shot in the head nearby. this is probably less than a mile away where she was found shot in the head in the parking lot of some townhomes on griers grove road off beaties ford road. this is the third scene where i'm at. the first scene back where she was found, they process had scene earlier. she was rushed to the hospital and we were told by cmpd that she is alert, talking back and forth with them, telling them information about the shooting, possibly giving them more information and hopefully leading to an arrest. no word on suspects yet. also another scene we were at this morning, that scene was at the intersection of beaties ford road and griers grove road and that is where a car pulled up, two officers, said his car was shot at. three different scenes in connection to the shooting. police are working all of them, however they have left the scene back at the townhomes where she was found earlier this morning shot in the head. that is all the information we


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