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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there as crews search a local pond for clues connected to a homicide. new information coming up next. 6:00 on saturday morning, glad you're with us if you're up early, we're delighted you're starting your day with us i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: very early. >> kristen: very early. >> lyndsay: good morning i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: your hair is curlily today, it looks cute. >> lyndsay: it is dirty, curls better when it is. >> kristen: i think your dirty hair looks cute. what will the day look like today? >> lyndsay: in the 30s. as we head through the afternoon, back in the upper 50s, 36 in gastonia, 39 rock hill, chester 37, 34 lancaster, north of the city some spots in
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salisbury, 30 in boone. going to be cold start, much like yesterday morning, then this afternoon back in the upper 50s. nice day ahead, some of us could maybe get a shower in here later tonight, so we'll talk about best chances of that and even warmer tomorrow, so we have the details on the remainder of the weekend forecast and week ahead in a couple minutes. >> kristen: lyndsay, thank you. breaking news this morning, charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking right now for three people they say were involved in a home invasion and shooting in north charlotte. it happened around 12:30 on potters glen near west sugar creek. three people were in the home at the time. one woman shot, she was taken to the hospital. she should be okay. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates both on the air and online at 6:02, crime alert, police in charlotte investigating a shooting just outside uptown in elizabeth. this was the scene on charlottetown avenue. right near memorial stadium. investigators say the victim
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that spot. we saw the rear window of the vehicle shot out. medic says the victim was seriously hurt. we're asking for police information, what we learn more we will update you. police identified a rock hill teen killed in a violent string of shootings. the shootings started on thursday night around 8:30, with gunfire on three streets. the most recent happened yesterday on a fourth street in the middle of the day. 18-year-old jarrius harding was shot to death. investigators say he was in a car with two fremds when friends. >> real scarily, i've been nervous all day since it happened. i'm right here. >> reporter: no. dozens of protesters marched over a video. officers were striking a machinery petitionedly tryingman repeatedly.
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officers went too far. protesters say this is happening too often, some say they would like to see an independent agency review incidents like this one. others want the officer responsible punished. >> i understand they have a dangerous job, that is why they go through training, maybe they need to go through longer amount of training. >> cmpd tells us they are reviewing the use of force. this morning, a renewed push to find a woman from cabarrus county deputies say may be in danger. we told you three days ago vonda lee barringer disappeared. deputies conducted two well-organized searches and can't find her. they believe she suffers from dementia or cognitive impairment. last seen on bar ling road in mount pleasant. if you see her, call 911. we're we are asking investigators what they were looking for in this pond. the dive teams went in and out of the water on marlwood circle.
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the search is connected to a homicide investigation. >> reporter: something lost trying not to be found. >> i hope they don't find a body in the lake. >> reporter: luckily, it is not that. dive team members spent hours in the pond off marlwood circle looking for some type of object at the request of the gaston county police department. >> it is scary, very scary. >> reporter: gaston county police would only say what they were not searching for, a person, animal, weapon or vehicle. but they did tell wbtv this object is connected to a homicide that happened last weekend in mount holly. >> at night sometimes we get people around the lake parked out there, there is something going on. >> reporter: whatever they are looking for won't be easily found since visibility is under a foot. >> everything that we do is really by what we hear and feel.
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dive team members who go through extensive training to be able to suit up. >> you have an emergency 25 feet under the surface, you can't just jump out a window, you can't just step out of a car. you have 25 feet of water you have to get through. >> reporter: a quiet pond keeping a quiet secret. the divers are hoping to bring it out to surface. >> we love our neighborhood, want to keep it safe. >> in charlotte, sarah blake morgan, wbtv on your side. >> kristen: police have not said if they found anything, we will update you if we found out they recovered something. we ask police what they were looking for after they arrested a man in west charlotte. only sky 3 was there as the man was put in handcuffs and the police car. we followed police as they started searching the railroad tracks. police have not said why that man was arrested but we will follow this story as well. police tell wbtv a man who was shot in uptown is not cooperating with investigators. this happened before 4:30 yesterday afternoon on north tryon at 8th street.
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seriously hurt. sky 3 is over the scene here as well. police have not arrested the shooter. new information in a deadly shooting at mcdonald's in hickory. a second victim has died. this all happened on wednesday night. investigators say eric yount shot mcdonald's managers richelle lail and cody watts during an argument. lail died at the scene, watts passed away friday from injuries. investigators say the three people all knew one another. yount is facing an additional murder charge. a popular bar in chapel hill linked to this deadly drunk driving car that killed two women from charlotte is back open this weekend. he's not here is one of two bars cited after former unc student chandler kenia and friends were allowed in. he drove drunk on i-85 and caused the crash. another young girl also killed in the crash. we are on your side looking into a rise in crime at charlotte-mecklenburg schools.
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1200 crimes on cms campuses la year. that is a 9% increase over the previous year. at the same time, suspensions are down. education reporter dedrick russell has more on how the district is responding to the numbers. >> reporter: we are taking cms' crime numbers to parents. a reaction to four guns found on the campus last year. >> that is scary to me. >> reporter: 41 times a student committed a criminal act at her son's school. >> a lot of this has to do with anger and fear of not succeeding. >> reporter: check out the numbers across the district. assault on school personnel, 258 times. possession of a controlled substance, more than 500 times. kids bringing weapons to school happened 315 times, and students with a gun on campus, 7 times. cms explains the increase in crime on campuses. >> it is not just the school-based issue, municipal
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of of that has shown up in the schools. >> reporter: while cms deals with campus crime, it is pleased to know their work when it comes to suspensions is paying o. a paying off. last year 22,000, cms instituted special programs for misbehaved students. >> how do you make them whole so that can re-enter the environment? >> one thing that has not changed, the black male students getting suspended. 12,000 last year compared to 1200 white male students. brian has a son who attends west charlotte high. he thinks cms can do more. >> get them the same opportunity the white kids. >> the struggle continues but cms claims it will only get better if the district had more resources.
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community needs more. >> that is dedrick russell reporting. cms needs more social workers in the schools to support students. the district tells us resources are distributed based on the needs of each school. parents hope things change so call kids succeed. cmpd animal care and control is hoping to find homes for hundreds of animals this weekend. a special pet adoption, look at that little face, will tall place from 10:00 until 4:00 at southpark mall on sharon road. check this out, several food truck events kicked off. this one we stopped by the friday night festival at unknown brewing, seven food trucks, live music as well. official food truck friday that has been wildly popular will start back in april in plaza midwood, also in south end at sycamore brewing. good time of year. i love food trucks. >> lyndsay: the food is always so good, too. i think that is why people love
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>> kristen: i'm getting hungry,. >> lyndsay: you have food guests coming up. >> kristen: gypsy soup. we have great guests, we'll talk about them in a few minutes. >> lyndsay: i got ahead of myself. >> kristen: that's okay. >> lyndsay: a preview. >> kristen: that's cool. cool like the weather? >> lyndsay: kind of cold, actually, orange duke energy building that is for the kidney carolinas fund raising event tonight. thanks to wells-fargo for that tidbit. scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam over uptown for you and yeah, kind of cold out, 36 right now, feels like is also 36 since our wind is calm but a chilly start, seasonably so, nothing colder than average for the time of year. here is what it will look like hour-by-hour, 8:00 hour in the low 40s. low 50s by noon and 58 by
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high of the day. a little bit of cloud cover from time to time, pretty much possible at any time period during the day today, however rain chance stays near zero during the afternoon, and evening hours and then that will come up for later tonight we'll talk about in more detail coming up. first up for some showers will be in the mountains, that is where the shower chance even during the late afternoon or early evening will run around 30%. ashe, watauga, avery counties temperatures in the upper 40s for highs and the rest of us could see some of those get in here later tonight. we'll talk about that as well as warmer weather on the way for the rest of the weekend and through much of next week, too, all of those details part of your seven day first alert forecast. kristen. >> kristen: there is much more to come this morning. state officials in north carolina taking action to combat the zika virus, what they are doing to prevent the spread of the infection. we're always on your side,
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saturday morning. >> kristen: 6:14, talking during the break about this product that is hilarious looking to me. >> lyndsay: it is hilarious looking and the reason we came up with it was so i saw it on
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this isn't exactly the one, this i think ashley got from sally beauty, so you can get it other places. but it is so funny to look at if you can take the close-up view. >> kristen: a dryer attachment. >> lyndsay: alalien head. supposed to kind of mimic the dryer at the salon that goes over your head, which is not used for every day blow drying, used more for when you color your hair or have a special treatment or that sort of thing. >> kristen: we'll show your video later? >> lyndsay: yes, i got to be the guinea pig for this and we already did it, obviously, we won't do it live, sorry, but the video is probably just as entertaining.
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7:40, 7:45 this morning. ashley, how much was this? 14.99. >> lyndsay: on group on, i'm pretty sure originally it was something crazy like 50 or 60 on group on sale for 14.99. >> kristen: don't spend more than 14.99. >> lyndsay: please do not. >> kristen: we'll look forward to that. i can't wait to see you in this thing. >> lyndsay: thanks,. >> kristen: go ahead, do the forecast. that girl kind of looks like you a little bit. >> lyndsay: maybe. maybe not. good morning, it is 39 outside the metro school in charlotte from our scott clark nissan honda weather net camera, a little bit of cloud cover that moves in toward the end of the time lapse, you can see the cloud cover move in. we will have cloudy areas around not only first thing this
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the afternoon from time to time, there could be cloudy spots out there. if you look on the satellite you can see the cloud cover right over the charlotte area, although it looks like it is drifting east, the sun-up will be about a couple minutes before 7:00, i think around quarter of 7:00 is the sunrise, once that sun does come up there may be cloudy areas. a very weak front upstream and this is moving quickly, because i drew this front on here at 5:00 and already you can see how far the moisture has made it out ahead of it. i'll have to update my surface map. there is not a lot of moisture associated with this. small showers getting in western parts of kentucky. this is going to race across the carolinas and the mid-atlantic by later tonight and not a lot of moisture to this by any stretch, but what is available with it may be able to squeeze out a couple of showers, highest chance of that in the mountains but for the rest of us can't be
6:17 am
this is 4:00, late afternoon, early evening for those of you in the mountains you can maybe pick up a late day shower and then for the rest of us kind of spills over by between 10:00 and midnight, say, so we're talking later tone, definitely after the day time hours and after the sun has gone down, 11:00 p.m. on futurecast. not a lot of moisture available, that is why the coverage will be 20% for some of us outside the mountains to maybe pick up a few sprinkles or rain drops later tonight. keep it in the back of your mind if you will be out for saturday night that will be an outside possibility but still won't be heavy enough to need an umbrella anyway. either way those of you that get wet weather tonight, it is gone by daybreak sunday. remainder will be mostly clear for us, and have less clouds tomorrow than we will today. a nice stretch ahead. just to drive home the point we're not expecting much at all
6:18 am
totals are only printing out a couple hundreds, outside the mountains, barely enough to get the ground wet or get the windshield wipers going with the showers rolling through tonight. after that, we have a nice stretch ahead, low 60s sunday, mid 60s monday, then check it out in next week, we hit 70 on tuesday, and then we go upwards from there, several days ahead that will be in the 70s all the way through next friday, it does look mainly dry, too, at least through the balance of the work week, friday night and into next saturday, that will be one week from now is our next chance to possibly pick up more widespread rain, so overall, this first full week of march, i don't think many complaints everyone will be loving the warmth next week. myself included. >> kristen: i can't wait. >> lyndsay: me either. >> kristen: north carolina is hiring two medical experts to monitor mosquitoes that can carry the zika virus and consult how to control them. the state is asking you to pay
6:19 am
the cdc is warning pregnant women to avoid countries where it is a serious problem. it is believed to cause birth defect in children. the cdc says infection in hospitals are decreasing, a new report finds a 50% drop in bloodstream infections and 17% drop in surgery infections. doctors say more needs to be done to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria causes many deadly hospital infections. boeing created this, the new bathroom for germaphobes. includes hands-free toilet, faucet and garbage can. when empty, the ultraviolet light kills the germs. in an unexpected plot twist, book stores could be making a
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it will launch four new prototype stores in the next fiscal year. the dark net and asking why it is so difficult to stop illegal guns and drugs sold
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>> kristen: wbtv investigates online shopping but not on amazon or ebay or your department store. we're taking you to part of the internet a virtual black market, where drugs, guns and much worse are a few clicks away. called the dark net anonymous world there are no rules and law enforcement is often operating blind. we want to be clear we are not doing the story as how-to manuel, there is a chance your kids already know how it know how it works. jamie boll has the story. >> riley didn't want us to use his real name. >> molly from germany.
6:23 am
>> the things he bought online. all of it delivered undetected, straight to his home. >> first time was a little -- to make sure everything was legit and we heard stories about the q's being fake. >> they weren't, the buys got bigger and more frequent. >> with the quality. >> don't think for a moment this is rare. >> pretty well-known within the addicted population. >> charles odell is a drug counselor at dilworth center in charlotte. >> you can find marketplaces that will sell you anything. >> you really mean anything. >> i mean anything. >> nothing really surprises him when it comes to users getting drugs. but odell says when he heard this, it was different. >> you can purchase in the privacy of your own home with total anonymity in a way they can't be tracked by anyone. and have it deliver to your home. it is a very, very scary scenario.
6:24 am
this is the internet you know, news, social media, shopping, easy to access, easy to use. this is actually a tiny fraction all out there on the internet. the vast majority of information is on what is called the deep web. >> what the deep web means that is the unstructured part of the web. >> cyber expert teresa payton says stuff on the deep web doesn't pop up with a google search. >> equivalent of leaving a major interstate highway to go on foot through a forest without a map and compass. >> created for legitimate reasons, protecting bank accounts, anonymity of those reporting human rights abuses. good intentions drew in bad actors who created the dark net. the wild west of internet commerce, where through a download digital footprints are dusted over. it is nearly impossible to track down who is running a site or from where.
6:25 am
>> one of the things you want to talk to the kids about. these are not monitored places. this is not ebay. >> looks like it and it is not hard to get there. >> download, see what happens. >> took us ten minutes to figure it out. >> a menu on the side. >> right there for purchase, drugs, guns, you name it. sellers rated by reliability of delivery, by quality of product. if you think there is a money trail to follow, nope. transactions are made in digital currency, bit bitcoin. >> money nicest crow until you sign off and say it is good. once it is cool, they get the money, you get the stuff. >> the currency movement is virtually impossible to trace. >> it does make law enforcement incredibly challenging. >> riley, clean and sober and working, knows it full well. law enforcement is operating in the dark. >> there is not much they can do about it. >> that is jamie boll
6:26 am
the f.b.i. did score a major victory in 2013, a market place called silk road was busted and it gave us a glimpse how big this really is. in two-and-a-half years, it had pulled in 1.2 billion dollars in revenue. much more to the story on the website, go to right now. coming up next on wbtv news saturday morning, toll lane troubles, details on the meeting next week as the state transportation secretary reev [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing]
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>> kristen: 6:30 on saturday morning glad you're here with us, big morning today. start with the forecast. >> ldsay: pretty sunrise, a little bit of cloud cover, official sun-up at 6:47, so we are about 17 minutes away from that. yes, there is cloud cover over uptown right now, however we'll have plenty of sunshine for the middle part of the day today. overall the day will be very similar to yesterday, 30s to
6:30 am
in the upper 50s this afternoon with a mix of clouds and sunshine, 36 in charlotte right now, we could have maybe a shower in a couple spots by later tonight, so we will talk about the best chances of that and the rest of the weekend forecast coming up in a few. >> kristen: do you watch a lot of hgtv? >> lyndsay: no. >> kristen: okay. i know many of you do. i get sucked in every once in a while. >> lyndsay: house hunters, right? >> kristen: elbow room, chip wade, the host, he's coming in this morning. will hang out with us, he's in town for the southern spring home and garden show, this weekend. he will be doing presentations there. but first he will see us and talk to us. it is cool they kind of help families sort of expand their houses. >> lyndsay: i was going to say
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>> kristen: excited for him. guess who else? >> lyndsay: who? [ music ] >> i got good aim i'm looking for a fight or two. >> yeah, taylor centers is coming in, from charlotte, country music singer. splits her time between here and nashville, coming during the week before on bounce, fantastic. has a new ep out, weeks ago. she will share one of the songs from it. >> look is a doorable.s adorable. >> kristen: seriously good voice. >> lyndsay: we must have music guest, i saw the microphone. so exciting. i love live music. >> kristen: really fantastic, she will sing and maybe get her to stay and sing a little more at the end of the show. >> lyndsay: cool. private concert. >> kristen: yeah. we'll have all that coming up. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> lyndsay: sure. >> kristen: north carolina transportation leaders are
6:32 am
spanish company to build the i-77 toll lanes. this comes after governor pat mccrory ordered a review of the project after a similar project in texas went bankrupt. nc-dot secretary and chairman were in charlotte for a conference yesterday and nick ochsner pressed them for answers. >> secretary, what does it say to the public as you reassess the contract you've spent all morning at an event the title sponsor is cintra. >> it says to the public that a previously scheduled event sponsored as part of the charlotte chamber of commerce is sponsored by one of the newest member of the chamber of commerce. >> reporter: nick tennyson is heading to texas monday to meet with t ex-dot about building and operating a now bankrupt highway. before he left, he spent time friday morning mingling with cintra executives and others as part of chamber of commerce forum sponsored by the company.
6:33 am
even for the most intense investigative reporter to actually claim there is some connection between the sponsorship of this and anything about anything i said. >> he and ned kern were on hand to discussion issues including the wholy debated i-77 toll lanes. both men continue to defend the project, even after governor pat mccrory ordered the contract be re-evaluated wednesday night. >> said cintra has a track record of success. this is now the third road in 18 months cintra has declared bankruptcy or been sold in the face of financial troubles. is this a track record of success? >> cintra has a track record of success on a global basis. >> in the united states it has not. would you say the dot misspoke when they defended that? >> no, i think cintra has a track record of success for delivering major infrastructure projects. >> asked why he was going to texas monday, he said essentially because the governor asked him to. >> that is a good reason to go,
6:34 am
to, that is sufficient right there. >> why didn't you ask these questions years ago? >> which questions are you saying i didn't ask? >> you said you're going to texas for the first times are starting to explore this i'm wondering why you didn't take this hard look at cintra's business model you and dot, hard look at the model years ago? >> i think it has been looked at and it is been reviewed and approved by the folks that are placed the debt on the project. >> that is nick ochsner reporting this morning. he will travel to austin along with cory smith to cover the transportation secretary's trip to meet with officials in texas. you can look for their coverage monday. a showdown brewing in south carolina, ahead of next week's further debate on roads. right now senate democrats are preparing a number of amendments to the gop plan, both sides agreed to debate next week. the plan as it is now would give $400 million to roads without raising the gas tax, would come
6:35 am
>> people want one thing, they want their roads fixed. they want pat holes fixed. that what is they want. potholes fixed. we've been trying to deal with it. >> if the bill passes the senate next week will have to go back to the house for final approval. the department of transportation says the i-85 widening project in rowan and cabarrus county is ahead of schedule. dot awarded $108 million contract to finish the last six mile stretch of the project. all lanes are expected to open to traffic by december of 2018. that is nearly six months ahead of schedule. state regulators are citing duke energy for new coal a violations. these are the notices from the department of environmental quality. duke allowed waste water to leak from coal ash basins at 12 facilities including three near charlotte. they are ordering duke to take corrective action. duke responded by saying the notice nothing new and the seems
6:36 am
they said i is not impacting water quality. malachi green passed away last week. the former councilman was a businessman who remaining a remained active in civic life. a live look outside from our hd tower cam getting lighter out there, still a fair amount of cloud cover, meteorologist lyndsay tapases is back. clouds make for a nice sunrise. >> lyndsay: they usually do. for a couple minutes, where it can get bright and doesn't look like we get that this morning, though. it is still pretty. our skyline is so beautiful, doesn't matter what you do to it. it still looks nice. in the mid to upper 30s most spots right now, we have some spots below freezing north of the city, upper 20s from
6:37 am
morganton, 30 in boone as of the 6:00 hour. so yeah, a chilly start. 39 southeast of the city for places like monroe and 30 in shelby, 28 asheville this morning. this afternoon, we're going to be back in the upper 50s. temperature-wise, not a whole lot different from where we were yesterday, average high is now up to 60. first day that we get back up to 60 for the average. looks like the actual temps will fall a little short of that around 58 for the charlotte area later today. our shower chance holds 20% later tonight. the day time hours for the most part are going to remain dry for us, any showers we get in here will hold until after sundown later tonight. where that won't be necessarily the case is in the mountains. ashe, watauga, avery counties you hold in the upper 40s for saturday afternoon highs, shower chance for you around 30% and some of those could get in the there for the late afternoon, early evening hours of today. we'll time it out for you better
6:38 am
you can expect in tonight and of course a look at the rest of the forecast which looks warmer for us, as all part of the seven day first alert coming up in a few. kristen? >> kristen: lyndsay, thank you. after the break, they may be getting a second chance, talking about those with the criminal background looking to enter the job market. a special report from wbtv's steve crump, next. 6:38, we're always on your side you're watching wbtv news saturday morning. i was walking home.
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>> kristen: when you apply for a job you expect questions about criminal background. there is a push to change that for people applying for jobs with mecklenburg county. the movement is called ban the box. steve crump on your side with more. >> give us a chance to show you our character. give us a chance to show you our skills and what we can do. >> reporter: she got the chance and gainfully employed after spending three years in the mecklenburg county jail on drug charges. >> yes, i've done those things, but is that who i am today? no. >> >> reporter: she shares the story being convicted and in need of a job. now commissioners in mecklenburg county are taking steps to ban the so-called box. in other words, eliminating questions regarding criminal history on job applications. >> so that means someone who is applying for a job at the county
6:43 am
and can demonstrate his or her skills they would offer for employment. >> reporter: pat cotham enlisted the help of action groups. >> whether when we don't have opportunities for people who made mistake it is a public safety issue. >> reporter: the goal to give individuals a chance to meet face-to-face with potential employers. cory simpson runs an employment agency that caters those arrested. >> we see the employers, they are aware they may have a brake ground but some companies do specialize in help finding people employment who have backgrounds. >> reporter: she offers a living example. >> people do change. everybody doesn't remain the same. >> kristen: that is steve crump reporting. this doesn't do away with the criminal background checks. commissioners will take it up on march 16th. the city of charlotte has a similar plan already in place.
6:44 am
morning, and this is a tough one to start with. comparison autopsy reports for bobbi kristina brown and her mother show similarities how they were found. the report says the women used cocaine, marijuana and the same prescription drug used to treat anxiety before they were each discovered face down and unresponsive in bathtubs. the autopsy for bobbi kristina was release yesterday, said investigators could not figure out if her death was intentional or accidental but did go in a coma in early 2015 and died six months later. leslie jones ain't afraid of no ghosts. she appears in footage released days ago to be any employee of the metropolitan transportation authority. portrayal of the teams only non-white member came under
6:45 am
it is scheduled for release on july 15th. say goodbye to the image you had of kentucky fried chicken's colonel sanders. he may look familiar to you, as the fast food joy ant selected david allen grier to be the new face. he tweeted he will be the first african american colonel sanders in kfc's campaign. joey feek passed away after her battle with cancer. [ music ] >> only 40 years old, part of the award winning country duo joey and rory hit it big after appearing on the country music television show. under going treatment since 2014. last fall her husband wrote that they had decided to end treatment. prince of tide ts author pat conroy died at 70. drew from his painful
6:46 am
is to south carolina coast and people. he died yesterday, disclose had he had pancreatic cancer. 6:46, meteorologist lyndsay tapases is back to talk about the forecast. >> lyndsay: sure am. it is exactly sunrise time right now. happy sunrise. >> kristen: looking good. >> lyndsay: usually we can see when the sun does just creep up over the horizon, however today we have clouds in the way, so can't completely see that complete sunrise but there is a live look or time lapse i should say over cpcc from scott clark toyota city weather net camera, 38 right now. most of you are waking up to temperatures in the 30s. below freezing mainly north of the city, even 29 now salisbury, hickory, 28 statesville, 25 morganton, 29 in boone. lincolnton, 28, right at the freezing mark in concord. as you head south of the city you have more mid to upper 30s in the upstate back toward monroe and wadesboro. still a chilly start for us overall. as we head through the afternoon
6:47 am
50s near 60. won't be too too bad later on. you can start to see the back edge of that cloud cover which is just kind of moving over the western border of mecklenburg there, if you're west of the city right now, foothills, up toward the mountains, you probably have a sunnier, clearer start to the morning. overall, we'll have variable clouds around as we head through the day today, never going to be completely clear, during the day and we do have perhaps even a later tonight. we have a very weak but quick-moving front here, extending through the ohio river valley with showers back toward western parts of kentucky. those are going to be racing our way as we head through the afternoon and evening hours. so a small batch of those showers does look like it gets in the mountains, you see a small scattering, this is 5:00 this evening, as far as east of the mountains, most of the moisture is going to have a hard time making it out of there. but there is still the outside
6:48 am
again we're talking real, real low small coverage could maybe pick up a few sprinkles or just a real quick-hitting shower later tonight. time frame between 10:00 and midnight. talking late tonight, but if you're out for saturday night, again, be advised of the outside possibility you could have a couple quick rain drops before that exits off to the east and we clear the sky back out by first thing sunday morning and will stay that way through the balance of sunday afternoon. warmer weekend very small blip bump in the road for tonight with a couple of those showers, other than that, 58 this afternoon, 61 by sunday and that is not looking too bad. that upward trend in the temperatures will continue, well in next week. average high for the day is 60, today is the first day we got back up to that 60 degree average, this orange bar here is your average line, and look at where we're going, mid 60s monday and several days ahead that will be in the 70s starting tuesday of next week.
6:49 am
the next seven days, does it come with rain? probably not so much, our shower chances stay really low, actually, for the mid to later part of next week. looks like as we head in next friday night and next saturday, we'll pull that out here for you and show you the extended futurecast, as we head in saturday of next weekend, that is exactly one week from now, that is our next big shot at picking up rain as far as that is concerned, other than that, it is warm but mainly dry for us over the better part of the next seven days. that's a check of the forecast, kristen, back to you. >> kristen: highwaytoo busy to cook, a lot going on, check these out. stacey from gypsy soup calls these pop-ups. information about a great event coming up in a couple minutes,
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
>> kristen: k6:52 we love it when stacey ann dowd comes to see us from gypsy soup. how are you? >> i'm good. >> do you want to talk about the fun recipe or the comedians cook off? >> fun recipe. >> you call these pop up. >> pancake batter we popped in our baking dish like a muffin pan and they popped up in puffs so we fill them and use them for breakfast or lunch or after school snack. any busy mom knows it is tricky to get nutrition in with the craziness going on after school and what have you, these are great. have them for breakfast, leave them left over and fill them with bacon and ham and cheese. >> fun. >> apples and peanut butter. how easy to make. takes three seconds. six eggs, and a cup of milk.
6:53 am
>> whole milk, almond to flavor it. soy if you needed to. a quarter stick of melted butter. now if you want to make it smooth put it in the blend error food processor or whisk away. then a half a cup -- a whole cup of flour. then the batter gets smooth, i pour it in the baking muffin dish. cook 12 minutes in the oven and puff. they made these wells and i filled mine with pudding and with whipped cream and syrup, like i said use sausage, peanut butter, apples. ham and cheese. >> how fun! >> i brought a couple of things for you to play with too. >> what is this one? >> pudding. >> whipped cream?
6:54 am
>> and syrup. >> why don't you tell us about the comedians cookoff. >> they will have a similar scenario to this but a whole different group of ingredients. they william brownies and then they will recreate the same dish i made, with ingredients that they have on hand. and they will do a whole lot of improv and silliness and keep us laughing, and our panel of judges will then decide who came up with the most creative dish for whatever ingredients they used from my original dish. >> i think that is really fun. how long have you been doing this now? >> the third one. this one is going to benefit a gal who is riding her bike from san francisco all-way to north carolina, all the way back to charlotte. 37 something plus miles. the programs are the fund-raising will benefit our local youth groups and mentoring programs.
6:55 am
combination to you, comedy and cooking? >> food is fun. >> it is pretty darned fun, that is for sure. >> you're doing an excellent job. >> i'm trying to have fun. i love you brought chocolate pudding because why? >> i know some folks don't like dessert with just fruit they have to have their chocolate or they don't feel they are getting dessert. >> i love you understand those of us who feel that way. we appreciate it very much. >> i love coming here so thanks for having me. >> of course. what do people need to know in order to get tickets or see the comedians cookoff? >> links on your page and my or get them from the tickets from comedy zone. >> perfect. you should go to her website anyway, so much good information on there and kind of hang out and learn a whole bunch from stacey. thank you for breakfast. thanks for my chocolate pudding breakfast.
6:56 am
6:57 am
after this. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it!
6:58 am
every day, for life. this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord.
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wbtv news starts right now. >> kristen: now at 7:00, we're staying on top of breaking news after a shooting in north charlotte. police searching for multiple culprits in a home invasion and we will share what we know. protesters take to the streets of uptown after a con veer sal video iscontroversial video. >> a big sporting event, details on the two-day event that attracts young athletes from across the country. 7:00 on saturday morning, glad you're hanging with us, i'm kristen miranda. >> lyndsay: good morning, i'm lyndsay tapases. >> kristen: the little things stacey made are so good. >> lyndsay: very good. halfway through the strawberry and cream. perfect breakfast. >> kristen: 36 degrees, that's it? >> lyndsay: that's it? >> kristen: i'm ready for starting at 50. >> lyndsay: me too. that will come later this week. a few days away. our morning temperatures and
7:00 am
this morning in the mid to upper 30s. a little bit of cloud cover over uptown. breaks in the clouds develop, we will have sun today as well, within the mix but it is 36 at the charlotte airport right now, as some of you, many of you are below freezing. 29 boone, 30 hickory, 29 salisbury, also at 39 in monroe and rock hill, 35 in gastonia right now, on the way for the upper 50s this afternoon, so it will be seasonable for time of year, some of us could maybe get in on a shower later tonight, we'll have more details and what the rest of the weekend will hold in a couple minutes. >> kristen: we'll put stacey's recipe up on the website too. we continue to follow you. charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking right now for three people they say were involved in a home invasion and shooting in north charlotte. it happened at 12:30 this morning on potters glen near west sugar creek road. three people were in the home at the time, one woman was shot and taken to the hospital.


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