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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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snatch a purse attacked a pregnant woman. we have a live report from the scene. good afternoon and thank you for joining us for first at 4:00 i'm brigida mack. >> i'm jamie boll. glad you are with us. campaign 2016 ramping up in north carolina. we are away away from our critically important primary. we are waiting for president clinton to take the podium in charlotte campaigning for his wife former secretary of state hillary clinton. wbtv steve crump joins us live from johnson c. smith university. tell us about the atmosphere there this afternoon? >> you know, you used appropriate words when you say ramping it up. there's music and they have the band set for what is believed to be a 4:45 start time. you talk about bill clinton doing presidential campaigning here in charlotte. think back to four years ago there was a famous night the second to the last night of the democratic national convention.
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on stage with barack obama and the crowd just went nuts. expect that same kind of enthusiasm to carry over. clinton here in north carolina doing a barn-storming tour. he spoke in greensboro and got the endorsement of that towb's mayor -- town's mayor. and bill clon ton is not the only prosecution to show up on the johnson c. smith university campus 1909, the president was william howard taft and the chair is on display in the library on this campus. from johnson c. smith university wbtv on your side. >> appreciate it. republican presidential candidate donald trump was also in our area today. and he took jabs at clinton. protestors took jabs back at trump during his stop in concorde. law enforcement and security removed more than half a dozen of groups of people who interrupted the rally.
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get him out of here. get out of here. go home to mommy. bye. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. >> trump spent much of his time on stage discussing trade and his ability to create jobs including here in north carolina. pamela escobar was at trump's rally and spoke with supporters and protestors alike. that is tonight at 5:00. >> first at 4:00 a frightening story. a pregnant woman police are looking for the man who she says tried to grab her purse. coleen harry joins us from west charlotte. walk us through what police say happened. >> reporter: the woman was waiting at the bus stop on ashley from in charlotte and she told police that a man tried to assault her. and the woman knocked on a neighbor's door and was bleeding. the 25-year-old woman who is
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tried to grab her purse and the man kicked her in the face multiple times while on the ground. her daughter is due any day now and they want her attacker caught. according to the police report, the suspect got away with a purse and a cellphone. and the woman's mom told us her daughter is home from the hospital. live in charlotte, coleen harry wbtv on your side. you. a house fire in north challenge left five people without a home. sky3 over the scene on rockwell boulevard west. it took 23 firefighters 20 minutes to get the flames under control. the red cross is helping the people who lived there. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> police are searching for the person would left an s.u.v. sitting on train tracks to be hit by an oncoming act track train at 1:00 a.m. in west
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160 passengers were onboard the train at the time crash. no one was in the s.u.v. and no one on the train was hurt. >> if you can spend time-out side today you were in for a treat. i moved over to the first alert weather center with our meteorologist leigh brock. we have warm temperatures and yesterday just the start? >> it gets warmer and warmer. we could be 10-15 warmer by the end of the week. if you like the warm weather good news. it's here to stay for i alittle while. it's still march. right now temperatures in the 60s. 67 and 66 in shelby and 65 in albemarle right now. a really nice looking afternoon. we have beautiful clear skies for everybody and clouds tried to creep in toward the late afternoon hours. let's look at this. we have the variable cloudy skies. and you see the buses they are leaving for the day and kids
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play outside. that is good for them to do over the next couple of days. everybody can enjoy the sunny skies and warm conditions. 64 at 5:00. 58 at 7:00 and 54 your 9:00 p.m. temperature. 70s and a lot of them and howl it lasts and -- how long it lasts and when rain is in the picture. >> and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in independence eastway drive no problems to report at the moment. over to central and the plaza and accident another at park wood and caldwell. close to 277. notice the hornets at home so there will be uptown traffic heading to the game. on 277 by the arena we have congestion building there at mcdowell street and one additional accident down towards
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accident by colville. >> carolina panthers quarterback cam newton among those paying tribute to retiring denver broncos quarterback, peyton manning. >> there's something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. and today, i retire from pro football. >> that was manning trying to hold back emotions as he announced his retire: he holds the record for most career touchdown passes 539 and the most passing-year-olds. he -- yards. he won two super bowl victories. today cam newton posted this tribute to manning on his instagram account staying quote i am grateful to have shared the field in your last game and mimicked a style that you created to bring out the best in me. end quote. >> right now to the alert center a well-known sports figure in the afternoon. one of the biggest names in alex giles with more.
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this is from tennis star maria share pof va she failed at drug test at the australian open. she tass taken -- has taken she got a list of banned substances but did not look it. it's been banned since the beginning of the year and it was all a mistake. cnn reporting she has been the highest paid female athlete for 11 straight years. guys it will be interesting to see if this impacts her game. >> we have to wait-and-see. thank you. >> run any nose itchy eyes.
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are getting expert advice to >> first at 4:00 not something that you expect to see while driving. a woman undressed climbed on top of an 18 18-wheeler and started dancing.
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happened after a crash at the houston area. unclear if she was involved in the crash and why she climbed up there and took off her clothes. fire crews pulled the woman down safely. she is now in police custody. apparently she has a message she was trying to get out. >> whatever happened for your monday, no, she is the winner. whatever caused that. so you just go right on through knowing that you did not have that kind of a monday. if you suffer from seasonal allergies you may be feeling it. >> we have expert health advice to get you through the season. >> and looking at the pollen count it is high and it will be for a couple of days. we have warm temperatures that allow things to bloom. temperatures in the 60s and
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>> expert add vits if you are sniffling and sneezing. spring allergy season is here. we spoke with the mecklenberg county health director to see what you can do to help. stay inside when it's dry and windy and talk with your doctor about what medications you should take. but do not confuse allergies with another illness. >> when you are getting sick you have more of the symptoms where you are achey and if you have a fever that is not allergies.
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with allergies, you should start taking medication before you start feeling the symptoms. new efforts to combat concussions on the college football field are having an unexpected result. a rise in lower extremity injuries. athletes are aiming lower causing a spike in knee, ankle and thigh injuries. >> it is day 30 of our team no sugar challenge round two. we made it but guess what? the next round starts tomorrow. we are going to go back-to-back. check out my latest photo. i have lost 70 pounds since 2013 when i first started team no sugar. i don't know if we have that photo or not. it is not just me. every time someone reaches out i want to share their story. this time a new follower mary, gave up sugary drinks and in seven days lost five pounds this
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she was not expecting to see a change. this was just by drinking water not making any other changes. she then reached out on instagram friday to tell me she has lost another four pounds for a total of nine bounds. he 0 owe pounds. and this is without her going all in. my point is that anyone can do this and be successful. whether you give up all sugar or cut out sodas and juices it can be done. round three... here are the guidelines...
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you can follow me all over social media about this. i have the same handle for everything and check out by blog on days. day one of 30 starts home. it is time. you can join the movement and change your life. >> love the success stories. thank you. let's update the traffic with tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> we have a nice start to the monday commute. things are quiet as we check in on i-77 by lasalle street. nice traffic flow. we have an accident heads up around i-77 south of exit ramp. sunset road exit 19. beatties ford road is a great alternate route. not a lot of congestion. there is a stranded motorist close by close to w.t. harris. no major delays. and then 485 by mount holly huntersville road no problems but an accident and oakdale road there's congestion. pleasant grove or beatties ford road are great alternate routes. back to you.
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live look from the hd towercam. this is going to be a nice week here. >> it is. it started yesterday. we saw great weather and again today and the warmup is going to continue. >> spring fever? >> yes. >> no doubt. >> it will be the case after this week. over to leigh brock in the first alert weather center. >> i am afraid everybody will have spring fever. and the next couple weeks we might go backwards. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. your numbers 66 in gastonia. 64 in salisbury. 68 your temperature in lancaster. and 67 is the temperature in charlotte. nice and mild. temperatures they are not bad at all. we have a little bit of cloud cover very thin clouds moving into the picture. they will be moving in and out probably overnight. and the hd towercam looking fantastic. we are in the 60s right now. most areas mid-to upper 60s.
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is now than yesterday. most areas from 5 to almost 10 warmer than yesterday. and it was average yesterday and we have started to jump above average and we will stay above average for quite sometime. thin clouds close to charlotte stretching into south carolina as well. these are moving off to the south and east. are you already clearing out in the mountain counties and the foothills. high pressure is in place. that means sinking air and not a lot is going on. the wind is out of the warm direction funneling the warm air in. that is why it's warm today heading into tomorrow. same high pressure in place. may move a little bit but still the wind comes out of the south. still the temperatures will go up. in fact to the 70s starting tomorrow. and we head into the middle of the week. this is wednesday. this map looks the same. because it is the same. and that is the whole key to this week. we continue with the high pressure and continue with the
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continue with a nice week ahead. let's look the the numbers. the next couple of days things starting to bloom outside. 44 the overnight low temperature and 74 tomorrow. wednesday we will add-on a couple degrees 76. and thursday and friday temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s and a small chance of a shower over the weekend. we have a system moving through and it brings the chance of showers on saturday and sunday. i know not when you want to see the rain but it would be my guess one of the days will be better than the other as the front comes closer we will pinpoint which day that will be. warm temperatures for the week. there is your forecast. more coming up. back over to you. >> thank you. a nascar team gets a scare. a flight carrying team members is forced to land.
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[ ] >> welcome back time for the "daily detour." sad news, the wife of eagles co-founder died. according to the lapd she accidentally shot and killed herself yesterday inside the couple's home. detectives calling it a freak accident and was reaching for something in a dark closet when the gunfired by accident. the couple months away from
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back in january former member glen fry passed way as well. tough, tough times. >> crazy there. lady ga-ga and the group of 50 sexual assault survivors who joined her on stage at the oscars have gotten matching tattoos. a fan account shared photos of the different women there including lady ga-ga with the matching symbols inked on their skin. she retweeted the message. and many are talking about her performance at the oscars ceremony. >> it was a memorable moment of that entire program. it went for several hours. >> have you seen the new ghost busters trailer? wracked up 24 million views in the 24 hours after it debuted on-line. it topped eu7bd and the legend of tarzan in opening views.
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lots of folks looking forward to that reboot. >> yeah. produced by ivan wright man. >> and producer of creed confirmed there will be a sequel the follow-up to the hit will focus on the character adonis right now there is no one attached to direct the project and jordan is not officially onboard. still, studio executives are positive things will move forward and have given it a release date in 2017. i think they know jordan will come onboardment and the director from this film he is busy with marvel projects. >> sly stallone back, too? >> the rocky franchise goes on and on. and we have more news ahead. a home invasion reported in broad daylight. a mother how she found her daughter at the crime scene. >> and the professional football player the victim of a robbery and kidnapping.
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the case. >> and live pictures from johnson c. smith university. we are still waiting on president clinton to take the podium in charlotte. the university president is at the microphone right now. when the president speaks we will go back to that. you're watching wbtv news these creamery shakes are so rich and creamy. i know. finally a shake for an aficionado like myself. wait. you're a shake aficionado? not a shake aficionado. the shake aficionado. -whoa. -(chuckles) yeah. well, perhaps you could be one too. go ahead. mm.
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>> the debate over where your child goes to school intensifies. now several local towneships have a message for the charlotte-mecklenburg school board about keeping neighborhood schools. welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. thank you for being here on this monday. first at 4:00 three local towneships want the charlotte-mecklenburg school board to know they are fighting for neighborhood schools and believe it should be a priority. tonight two of them will pass a resolution to make their stance official. our education reporter dedrick russell joining us live now from huntersville's town hall. dedrick, what other town is passing this resolution tonight? >> well, brigida, besides huntersville tonight, the town of cornelius will pass a resolution. and we are told that the town of davidson will discuss passing one tomorrow night. parents and politicians in those towns are concerned. they argue since cms did not address the importance of neighborhood schools when it passed goals for student assignment a few weeks ago, anything can happen.
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carry weight and the school district will listen to them. cms is trying right now to come up with a new student assignment plan that will create more diverse schools and give students a greater opportunity to schedule succeed and many think that will equate to busing. while huntersville, cornelius and davidson want cms to know the importance and the priority of neighborhood schools the towns of matthews and mint hill, well they are ready to take it a step further and they are ready to pass resolutions next week to totally break away from cms. >> how is cms reacting to all of the resolutions? >> you know i talked to the cms school board chairperson today about that. she told me she wants parents and politicians to calm down. we are talking more to her coming up on wbtv news at 6:00 and telling us why they should calm down and talking to parents
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is the best course of action. we will have that story new on wbtv news at 6:00. but for now we are live in huntersville, dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> all right thank you. >> we are getting new information in just to the alert center. alex giles has that for us. >> we got information about two suspects arrested for robberies in charlotte. and i can show you the men. the cmpd announced they were arrested for robberies that happened last month in february. this was in southwest charlotte. police say the men were trying to rob people at gun point and they are behind bars charged for the crimes. both facing two counts of robbery and two counts of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. >> thank you. strange story... bond denied for a south carolina charged with murder after two bodies were found at his home. officers were called to the home of james lofton saturday night.


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