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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight a pregnant woman attacked waiting to get on a bus. ky not believe it happened -- i cannot believe it happen sod fast and nobody helped. >> she is left with black eyes and stitches. >> i'm paul cameron. >> i'm molly grantham. the woman said she was at the bus stop on saturday night when she was attacked trying to steal her purse. she is pregnant and due in days. tonight she talked with alex giles he is live with more on how alex is doing and how she fought off the attacker. >> it was off ashley road. the soon to be mother was a mix of emotions after the attack she never saw coming. >> this is where he was kicking me. >> reporter: olivia onukogu has the wounds from the battle, waiting for the bus, she was surprised to see a man inching towards her. >> he said i'm waiting on the bus like you. then he smacked me on the butt
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>> reporter: she would not give it up, i jumped on him and started punching him. >> a tussle, all this while she was nine months pregnant. >> i started yelling he was kicking me in the face telling me to shut up. >> he took off. she went to a neighbor's house and got them to call 911. her thoughts turned to her child. >> that's the first thing i was worried about, i don't worry about me. worry about the baby, the baby is fine and the wounds are healing, i think he thought he would get away, she issue as stern warning for the mugger. >> next time you know women are powerful awed they will defend themselves. >> reporter: she said the suspect is a man in his 30s. brown skin, 5'11" and a beard. he may live in the area off ashley road f you know about the attack contact the police.
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okay. live, alex giles, wbtv on your side. >> thank you. new at 11 a school psychologist is suspended from his job after being charged with student. police say dale rust, ii, turned himself in. he assaulted a student at monroe middle school. they would not elaborate on the incident but he will be in court suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. campaign 2016 is here in north carolina with the primary just a week away. the former flint and donald trump in the charlotte area drumming up support. trump spent time talking about trade and ability to create jobs. >> we can have great trade deals and bring the jobs back to the country. we're going to bring them back
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have been stripped. >> protestors interrupted him several times, this is what he said to one of them. >> go home to mommy. tell her to tuck new bed. he is a nice guy. nasty -- nasty people. man. are you sure we're in north carolina he is a nasty guy. >> according to the elon poll he leads the gop field in north carolina but the survey was before super tuesday. now ted cruz came in second, distant second in that poll. tonight we confirmed that cruz has an event for tomorrow. here are details the baptist church at 5 p.m. and doors open at 4 t is free to the public you have to register online. we have a link at under the web extras. a former president clinton campaigning for a presidential candidate t is the first time he
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he gave a speech for president obama. he spoke to to people at johnson c university. and steve crump shows us why this was a major stop for the clinton campaign. steve? >> reporter: that it was, molly, considering the fact the primary happen as week from tomorrow and things are heating up and bill clinton came to a place that could get his wife traction. [music] >> reporter: eight days before voters have the here in north carolina the president brought the campaign to the college, i ask to you vote for her and vote in advance voting and on election day, making a speech on a he was in front of a voters and demonstrates the value of the demographic pursued by the democratic party.
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african-americans to work as a coalition to put in place and power people that will support our initiatives whether the city level, county, state level, the national level. >> reporter: attracting black voters in south carolina generated what seemed to be non-stop headlines between bernie sanders and the former first lady. at the end of the race the african-americans voted for hillary clinton by 86%. >> i don't know what sanders has planned but it seems he has a strategy of going for states where he thinks he has a stronger chance and he is kind of gotten the idea from south carolina that he may not have a chance in north carolina. >> one of the themes that the president preached was diversity and inclusion. it appeared he took a shot at donald trump. >> it is a mistake to demonize americans who are muslims we need them to beat the terrorists
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>> now hillary clinton did pick up the endorsement from the president dr. ronald carter. there was a meeting that happened before she took the stage today. she met with the commissioner and alma adams. the question that many are asking is will hillary clinton or bernie sanders show up between now and election day next week? for now live in west charlotte, steve crump, wbtv on your side. >> time will tell, thank you. we are on your side with the complete campaign coverage. that's where you can see more about both of the big campaign events in the area today. it was today just spring like. it was beautiful. >> spring, very warm, it is going to get even warmer starting tomorrow. here is chief meteorologist eric thomas. >> 68 what a rebound that was from the low of 33 this morning. look at the maps you will see a few clouds drifting over but it is the temperatures.
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10, 1 1, noon, boy, look how warm that is getting. we'll get into the 70s. for now, it will be cool during the overnight hours and give the kid as jacket around 50 in charlotte and closer to 40. here it is "out the door" forecast of north and south carolina. cool and quiet the temperature about 50 degrees. with the warmer weather. are you ready sky high poll. we'll look that the with the forecast. stay tuned. at 11 we're on your side the company in charge of the i-77 toll rain project. we have been pressing for answers in the controversy over the 77 toll lanes. the secretaries of transportation was in texas meeting with the transportation officials there about the spanish company behind the toll lanes here on i-77. and we traveled to texas to see if the trip would reveal any new information. the ncdot president spent
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on the company that has a 50-year contract to operate toll lanes on i-77. >> it was a good conversation, the opportunity to come down and meet with a number of people from the texas dot. >> we'll not answer more questions. >> he did not want to elaborate on the day, taxpayers are left with no details of the trip they paid for. >> we pressed them for answers in response to the investigation to the toll project. we came to the u.s. headquarters to see if we can get the answers at last but when we went to the lobby no one would speak with us. >> we're wondering if anyone will talk with us? >> have a seat now. and i'm just an assistant. >> it is as the leaders in texas are pushing back against the model of toll roads held up by north carolina leaders. >> there is an intense movement in the state to get rid of most if not all. >> and a reporter at the
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tribune said some are exploring all options to get rid of tolls. >> the head of the house transportation committee said we have too many and he wants to get rid of them and ordered them to look into how much would it cost to pay off every toll road. >> reporting from austin, texas. >> nick has investigated the toll lanes and the temperature behind them. can you see it now on and huntersville leaders approved a resolution urging charlotte mecklenburg schools to support local schools. the commissioner is standing against student assignment plans saying they should go to schools near where they live. the cms is considering ways to diversify school but that could bus them away to other parts of town. we're asking firefighter was smoked in the building on north tryon.
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we told you about this at 4:00. more than 60 firefighters were called out. the roadblocked off as the crews extended hoses across the streets. they had to use fans to blow out some of the smoke. the good news is no one was hurt. erin andrews awarded $55 million in a lawsuit over a secretly filmed nude video. her stalker, michael barrett, filmed her maked in her room through a peephole and posted it online. she accused the mare cross hotel in nashville of being negligent allowing with the to stay in the room next door without questioning it. she said she changed many of her travel habits since then and will not stay in an adjoined hotel room. a person hit and killed trying to help a woman with a flat tire. the piece of evidence they are waiting on to term if charges will be filed. a music ven venue up for
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who is buying the double door and other businesses in elizabeth. we're insraoeuftsed along for a reunion at a charlotte hospital. >> i have always wanted to meet her. the bond between the nurse and her patient and how they tracked each other down after nearly 30 years. this is wbtv the number one choice for news at 11. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions.
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less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13 today. tonight troopers are waiting on blood tests to determine if they will charge a driver in a crash that killed a good sam air train over the weekend. a 26-year-old was hit by a van after he pulled over to help a woman with a flat tire. troopers have ruled out alcohol as a cause for the accident. they are checking, they say, blood for drugs. a plane flying members of the a hendrick race team is
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emergency landing. they were flying back from a race when a spokesperson tells wbtv there was smoke in the cabin. the pilot made an emergency landing in memphis. nobody was hurt. it was crew members on the flight none of the drivers. a tow truck driver charged in a shooting in charlotte is out of jail tonight. jarvis simpson shot an owner vehicle on central pacific avenue. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the victim drove to cmc pineville. they will be okay. the shooting was after the victim's car was booted. simpson is scheduled in court in two weeks. officers are searching for whomever left an suv sitting on train tracks to be hit by an am track -- amtrak train 167-8960 passengers on the train at the time of the crash. nobody was hurt. police say no one was in the suv. all new at 11, a charlotte music venue could be closing.
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at the observer, the double door inn is in discussions with piedmont to sell the property and some of the property around it. again this is in elizabeth not on it. it opened in 1973 and hosted anyone who was anyone in music. eric clapton stopped by in the early '80s. nothing is final yet. the due diligence ends in june and college could back out of the deal. it was a bond formed at birth, 30 years ago carissa thornburg was sick. she stayed in carolina's nicu for the first two full years of her life. she never left the hospital. many nurses and doctors worked on her but one face always stuck with her. and we have the reunion that's been 30 years in the making. she was invited. all new at 11. >> it does not seem fair when something so small has to fight
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>> if she survived it would be a minimum of 18 months in the hospital. don't ask to go home before 18 months. >> she spent her first two years inside carolina's medical center after being born with a twisted intestine. >> there was not data to know what her outcome at that time was going to be. >> she was called the miracle baby and the reason she is here today, she says her nurses and one in particular. >> i never got to come home she the nurses were my life. and nurse barbara, she was always there. >> it teams impossible she could remember a face she has not seen since she was a toddler but she does. monday after 28 years, she and nurse barbara reunited. >> are you small enough i could pick you back up, how does this happen after 30 years?
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>> a facebook message. >> i never tried to find another baby but i never took care of one for two years. >> and the message said i'm trying to figure out if this is the same carissa i took care of for two years, she made the first move to find the patient. she said she has wondered about the nurse who would come in on her off days to care for her. >> i think god sent. i wanted to meet her. >> the way they talk. >> you think they are family. >> now remember -- >> the blood does not run in the veins the fight does, you surpassed what i hoped you would be able to do. >> in charlotte, sarah blake-morgan, wbtv on your side. >> that's a great afternoon. after 35 years working in nicu she retired last year. >> that's amazing. we had amazing weather
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that felt so good. >> it will be even warmer throughout the week, i hope you like it. here is chief meteorologist eric thomas. >> warm and dry and that pollson on the way up as well. we'll cover all the bases for you, we'll not waste any time. and no problem finding the warm weather on here. that gets underway tomorrow. we'll have a low of 44. the high 74. there is the try. noens cha of rain. watch this. a few clouds we'll pull it out. look at that -- no chance of rain. watch this. a few clouds we'll put it out. that will be to the west. we're going to have more sunshine and up to 69 degrees at noon. 73 through the 4:00 hour. up into the high country we talk about the ski season and things can turn around in a hurry. boone now pushing the mark during the day.
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low and mid70s. this is at 4:00. you see the time. mid-70s to upper 70s showing up here in the piedmont of north carolina. they are not lows to record highs. they are averaging in the mid-80s across the areas outside of the mountains. above the average high of about 60 degrees. wednesday then we inch it up to 76. partly cloudy. you can see sunshine there it is. a little chance of rain. let's get back to where it is. over the valley and through the day on wednesday t is well out to the west. weesday. it is well out to the west. if you are looking for relief and rain out of the atmosphere i have no hope for you in the short term the juniper, ash and elm are sky high. we're in the orange level on tuesday we're pegging the meter as we take you through wednesday and thursday. when can we look for that rain? the chances will go up thursday, friday not much. it is saturday
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to pin your hopes for the rain fall. can you see bone dry -- you can see bone dry. not looking for a wash out at this point. showers. a quarter inch of rain. overall it will be showers we think dotting the area. take that in. temperatures working up through the 50s and 60 at one point with the shower. the temperature trend. see that red line. that's the high of 60. enjoy the mild weather hopefully are you not sneezing that much. back to the studio. thank you very much. tonight we have learned that the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan is set for friday. she will be buried next to her husband ronald reagan. she will lie in repose for public visitations two days before her funeral this friday. dignitaries from across the
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>> we estimate 1000 people will be here for the ceremony that's what we're planning for. it will be outdoors, rain or shine. >> it is closed to the public but televised. she died sunday of congestive heart failure. > heavy heart we let you know bj corral a molly's child passed away. he loved sports and family. he never wanted to give up and fought his cancer hard. he touched many. his mom is trying to take comfort in the fact he was proud of the fact that he inspired others. on friday night here at 11, we were wishing him a happy 15th birthday. we showed you video of the school supporting him. he went yesterday morning and our thoughts are very much with the family. we'll be right back.
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woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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and the hornets hosting the timber wolves. they got off to a fast start tonight. al jefferson has been a beast off the bench. they started the second quarter to take the lead but minnesota finished and take a 2 point run. in the third it was all about kim what walker. he scored and finished with 34 points. that's his third with at least 30 points. he was on fire from inside and out. now minnesota would give charlotte a scare in the final second. they win this one 108-103. the acc tournament kicks off with nc state taking on wake forest. and north carolina thursday at
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they face the winner of pitt, sarah queues game. and wbtv will keep you up to date on the action throughout the week leading up to the championship saturday and 9 p.m. watch that here on wbtv. now the nfl peyton manning retired toot. he holds the record for most career touchdown passes at 539 and the most passing yards and a few of the accomplishments and two super bowls and 50 against the panthers. now today the quarterback cam newton posted a tribute to him on his instagram account. he said he was grateful to share the field in his last game and manning will be the standard. for all your local and national sports news down load the wbtv sports app sponsored by harley davidson.
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we're on your side if you have been sneezing. we spoke about what you can do to stop the suffering. stay inside when it is try and windy and talk with your doctor about the medications. don't confuse allergies with another illness. >> you have more of the symptoms where are you acheee f you have a fever that's not allergies. if you have problems with allergies the doctor said you should start taking medication before you see the symptoms and as you mentioned the pollen is in the air. look at this. we're a code orange. we're pegging it with the ash and elm through wednesday and thursday. you know what, i don't see
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through the rest of the week. it will be great if you don't suffer. and washing this out until not until saturday, it's not the pollen that you see on the car. >> the smaller ones are more irritating. >> thank you. thank you for making us your choice for news at 11. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen colbert, everybody!
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>> stephen: hey, everybody! nice to see you! (cheers and applause) welcome to "the late show." thank you so much! (cheers and applause) it's a good one! thank you so much! welcome to "the late show," everybody! thank you so much! what a beautiful crowd! thank you so much! amazing! amazing! i just want to throw down a surf board and ride the wave of your energy for the next hour! as i was saying, welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen. ah, today was a beautiful day in new york city. wasn't it? ( cheers and applause ) spring is here. the birds are chirping. the garbage is blooming. (laughter) >> jon: it's blooming, all right. and criminal infractions are loosening.


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