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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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welcome to wbtv news this mornin christine sperow. >> al: i'm meteorologist al conklin. out there this morning, a pretty mild start. >> christine: yeah, it is. >> al: up in the 60s, we'll do better than that today, in the 70s. very warm conditions. as promised. this is going to persist for a while. big area of high pressure hardly moved at all, with that, a little bit of cloud cover this morning but generally mostly just mild, metro school camera. 50 degrees in charlotte and monroe, 51 wadesboro, 49 in rockingham. there are a couple cool pockets out there, boone at 34, 35 in morganton, 38 around the albermarle area. 48 in shelby, 45 gastonia and 49 right now in rock hill. so, with that jump start we'll wind up close to 75 degrees this afternoon. that won't be totally sunny, much like yesterday, periods we will have cloud cover, otherwise we should be in good shape as far as temperatures go. eventually, eventually low
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will be a lot of rain, that will break loose and we'll deal with rain before we get through the neck seven days. i'll let you know the best shot when that gets here. christine, back to you. >> christine: al, thank you. charlotte-mecklenburg police are looking for the person who violently attacked a preeing pregnant woman. the woman was at the bus stop when a man attacked her, tried to steal her purse. she talked with our alex giles about how she and the baby are doing and the mixed emotions she feels after the attack. >> this is where he was kicking me in the face. >> reporter: olivia oning could did you has the wounds from saturday night's battle. waiting for the bus, she was surprised to see a strange man inching toward mur. >> came up and said i'm waiting on the bus just like you, but smacked me on the butt to grab my purse. >> she wouldn't give it up.
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head. >> a tussle while nine months pregnant. >> he kicked me in the face telling me to shut up. >> she kept yelling. the man took off, she went to a neighbor's house, got them to call 911. her thoughts on her unborn child. >> was like don't worry about me, i'm still up and living, worry about the baby. >> the baby is fine and her wounds are healing. the suspect, though, still on the loose. >> i don't think he knew that i was going to defend myself. i think he thought he was going to get away. >> she issues a stern warning for woulden be mugger >> women are powerful and will defend themselves. >> that was alex giles reporting. she says the suspect is a man in his 30s, who is 5 5'11" with brown skin and a beard. her baby boy is due in six days and is doing okay. a mother in charlotte is desperately asking for your help
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we have a photo of the young lady this is 14-year-old michaela hutchinson. police say the teen has been missing since february 29th. last seen on dr. carver road in charlotte. if you have seen her, call 911. a school psychology in union county suspended after charged with assaulting a student. dayle rust turned himself in yesterday. investigators say he assaulted a student at monroe middle school. police wouldn't elaborate but rust is said to be back in court next month. the union county school districted says he is suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. north carolina's presidential primary is one week from today. former president bill clinton and donald trump were both in support. trump was at the cabarrus arena talking to supporters about jobs.
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deals, we're going to bring our jobs great to the country, weir going to bring our jobs back to been stripped. >> protesters interrupted several times. listen what he had to say to one of them. >> go home to mommy. tell her to tuck you in bed. he's such a nice guy. nasty little -- nasty people. man! are you sure we're in north carolina? he's a nasty guy! >> according to the most recent elon poll, donald trump leads the gop field in north carolina. ted cruz came in second in that elon poll. will hold a rally at central baptist church at 5:00, doors open at 4:00. event is free for the public but you have to register online, we have put a link to that registration at, look under web extras. former president
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last night to campaign for his wife, hillary. spoke in front of students at johnson c. smith university. wbtv's steve crump shows us why it was a major stop for the clinton campaign. [ music ] >> reporter: eight days before voters have their say in north carolina, former president bike brought his wife's campaign to charlotte's johnson c. smith university. >> i ask you to vote for her. i asked you to vote in advanced voting and election day. >> it puts him in front of a prized group of voters and demonstrates the value of the demographic pursued by the party. >> very important for african americans to work as a block, as a coalition to put in place in power people who will support our initiatives whether at the city level, county level, state level, national level. >> reporter: attracting black voters in south carolina
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non-stop headlines between bernie sanders and the former first lady. at the end of the race, african americans there voted for hillary clinton by a whopping 86%. >> i really don't know what sanders has planned but seems to me he has a strategy of going for states where he thinks he has a stronger chance and he's kind of gotten the idea from south carolina that he may not have a good strong chance in north carolina. >> one of the themes bill clinton preached was diversity and inclusion. before leaving the stage, it and that he took a shot at donald trump. >> it's a mistake to demonize our fellow americans who are muslims, we need them to beat thoseerrorists on the social media. >> that was steve crump reporting. hillary clinton's campaign endorsed by jcsu president ronald carter. big name democrats were at the rally including pat cotham and al ma adams.
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complete campaign 2016 coverage on, that is where you can see more about both the trump and clinton events. this morning, we are working to learn what caused a fire in this building on north tryon street, more than 60 firefighters were called to the scene yesterday evening. the entire road was blocked for hours as crews extended hoses across the street. firefighters had to use giant fans to blow out some of the smoke. no one was hurt. a historic music convenient new charlotte could be closing. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, the double door inn in elizabeth is in discussions with central piedmont community college to sell the property and some of the property around it. the venue opened back in 1973. the owner says nothing is final, the due diligence period ends in early june, the college could still back out. town leaders in huntersville unanimously approving a resolution urging charlotte-mecklenburg schools to support neighborhood schools.
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is standing against student assignment plans saying students should be you a lloyd to go to students should be allowed to go to schools where they live. north carolina's transportation secretary goes to texas as ncdot reevaluates the toll lanes on i-77. our investigative team is there, too. what the secretary had to say
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>> christine: it is now 4:41, and alert center already looking into headlines just hitting the wires this morning. news continues to develop throughout the mornini hours and that is why we get you headlines first, kristen miranda in the alert center doing that this morning, we'll check in with her in a little bit. we're on your side investigating the company in charge of the controversial i-77 toll lane project in north mecklenburg county. north carolina secretary of transportation was in texas yesterday meeting with transportation officials there about the spanish company behind the lanes. investigative reporter nick ochsner also traveled back to tex t as to see if the trip would reveal any new information. nick tennyson spent the day in austin doing homework on the company that has a 50 year contract to operate toll lanes on i-77.
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the opportunity to come down and meet with a number of people from the texas dot was a valuable trip. >> you won't answer any more questionses? >> that's right. >> wouldn't elaborate on his day, taxpayers left with know details of the trip they paid for. we pressed cintra for answers in response to our investigation of the i-77 toll project. today in austin we came to their headquarters to get answers at last but when we went to the lobby we were told no one would speak with us. >> we're wondering if anyone is willing to talk with us. >> they're at lunch, i'll assist you. >> silence comes as leaders are pushing back toll roads held up by north carolina leaders. >> intense movement in the state to get rid of the toll roads. >> a reporter at at the texas tribune. some are exploring all options to get rid of tolls.
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transportation committee said he thinks we have too many toll roads he wants to get rid of them he ordered tex-dot to look into pay off every toll road in the state. >> reporting in austin, texas, nick ochsner, wbtv on your side. >> nick spent months investigating toll lanes and the company behind them, you can see all his reports right now on our website, still ahead on wbtv news this morning, sports reporter erin andrews winning a lawsuit against a man who stalked her and secretly recorded her while she was nude, how much money she
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>> christine: the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan is set for friday. the reagan library in california next to her husband, ronald reagan. she will lie in repose for public visitations two days before her funeral. the funeral is closed to the public, but will be televised. nancy reagan died sunday of congestive heart failure at her home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. sports reporter erin andrews awarded $55 million in her lawsuit over the secretly filmed nude video. michael barrett spent more than
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andrews naked in her hotel room and posting the video online. andrews accused the marriott hotel of being negligent allowing barrett has request to stay in the room next door without questioning it. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is among those paying tribute to retiring broncos quarterback peyton manning. >> there is something about 18 years, 18 is a good number. and today i retire from pro football. >> manning tried to hold back his emotions yesterday as he formally announced his retire mint. he won two super bowl victories including 50, we remember who they beat in that game. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton posting this tribute to manning on instagram saying "i am grateful to have shared the field in your last game but most importantly, i am grateful to have mimicked the style he you created to bring out the best in me." looking at the scott clark
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4:48 right now and we're off to a mild start to far this morning. meteorologist al conklin has an early look at your first alert weather, if it is anything like yesterday, al, should be two thumbs up. >> al: i tell you what, it will be better than yesterday i think, definitely going to be warmer than yesterday. high pressure is governing our weather, that will be the case for a couple more days, one thing is again not going to be totally sunny like it wasn't yesterday but next several days will feature temperatures well above average in the 70s, in advance of several frontal systems across the western part or mid-west. a lot of rain from texas on up toward the great lakes region. we will likely be just on the edge of all that commotion, the next several days if you like the warm weather you willle' love it. partly cloudy skies in statesville right now, dry conditions there as you can see fog not much of an issue, no issues in charlotte. that is the current map, or image looking in center city, partly cloudy skies, 50, southwest breeze.
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afternoon, may be a few gusts this afternoon but a warm afternoon with temperatures getting up in the 70s. we have a handful of spots that are still in the 30s. few pockets of colder air, 34 around boone, 36 in morganton, 38 in albermarle. most everybody else is in the 40s to low 50s. lincolnton typically a cool spot at the airport on highway 73, 50 in charlotte. i think we'll hang around there at 8:00 this morning and approach 70 at lunch time and late this afternoon, 75 degrees. some cloud cover from time to time. the only real issue if you're an allergy sufferer this is not good for you. the pollens have taken off and will likely remain high. juniper, ash and elm, maple, that is problematic for those who suffer from these pollens and al herepollensand allergens. the big ridge of high pressure
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that keepsdominate -- will dominate. the major warm-up will stay. with more cloud cover in the forecast as we head in the weekend and potential for showers and storms, our temperatures will remain elevated. not as warm as the middle part of the week but low 70s saturday and sunday. they look to be the days best for opportunity force rain. we go up thursday into friday. again, not a total wash-out and i'll be honest i'm not 100% sure when it will rain over the weekend because there are mixed messages in the models. quite sure it will rain at some point over the weekend, maybe both days. the seven day forecast, no rain today, partly to mostly sunny, 75. tomorrow, 77. few more clouds around going in thursday and friday. may be low clouds and fog in the mornings going forward but the afternoons will be partly sunny in the mid 70s and frontal system to the north slides southward, and another one coming in from the west, we have at least a chance, 50 to 60%
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thunderstorms, saturday, sunday, should be gone by monday. that is the forecast, christine, see you at the top of the hour. >> christine: come up, reunion three decades in the making. the heart-warming story that brought a retired nurse and this woman together. wbtv is always on your side,
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right back it's 4:51. >> christine: it was a bond formed at birth.
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came in the world very sick. she stayed in carolinas medical center's neonatal intensive care unit for two years. many nurses and doctors worked on carissa. but one face has always stuck with her. wbtv's sarah blake morgan has the reunion three decades in the making. >> reporter: it doesn't quite seem fair. when something so small has to fight a force so big. >> if she survived, it would be a minimum of 18 months in the hospital. don't even ask to come home before 18 months. >> reporter: more than that. carissa thornberg spent her first two years in carolinas medical center after being born with twisted intestine and further complications. >> there was not data in the world to know what her outcome at that time was going to be. >> reporter: called the miracle baby the reason she is here today? she says her nurses and one in particular.
4:55 am
nurses were my life. and nurse barbara was always there. >> reporter: seems impossible she could remember a face she hasn't seen since she was a toddler. but she does. and monday after 28 years, carissa and nurse barbara odom reunited. >> you're almost small enough i could pick you up and hold you. >> how does this happen after three decades? >> oh my gosh. >> a facebook message. >> i never tried to find another baby, but i never took care of one for basically two years. >> clicked on the message it said i'm just trying to figure out, you know, if this is the same carissa that i took care of for two years. >> barbara made the first move to find her former patient. carissa has always wondered about the nurse who come come in on off days to care for her. >> it is got-sent. i always wanted to meet her. >> the way they talk. >> you would think they are
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>> remember granddad. >> the same blood doesn't run through their veins, the same fight does. >> you have surpassed what i had even hoped you would be able to do. >> in charlotte, sarah blake morgan, wbtv on your side. >> christine: what a great story. after 35 years working in the n nicu, nurse barbara retired last year. a unique way to warn others about drinking and driving. the story behind this photo that has gone viral. al? >> al: i thought yesterday was nice at 68, let's try on 70s. we're tracking rain i'll let you know the timing on the seven day forecast. chris? >> chris: here we go, rolling in tuesday morning commute, keep an eye on things. everything looking fine right now but you know it will tighten up toward the rush hour. kristen? >> kristen: new video, new interviews in the alert center after a train derails and causes a dangerous and chaotic scene in california, all the details at
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wbtv news this morning continues in two minutes. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: now at 5:00, the tar heels attarheel state at the center of attention. the president shall candidate that will be in town today. >> the message towns are sending to charlotte-mecklenburg school officials. >> john: welcome to wbtv news this morning here on this tuesday, it is march 8th, 5:00 app, good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. those stories plus kristen miranda getting new headlines in the alert center. >> kristen: new numbers overnight, big train derailment in california. 14 people injured, now an update
5:00 am
and i have new images from the scene in the alert center. >> christine: thank you. >> john: get started now with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: john, we have warm conditions as compared to yesterday morning when we had widespread 30s. this morning, a lot of us are in the 40s to low 50s. high pressure is in command of the weather right now, partly cloudy skies, not totally clear, little bit of a breeze but we have a little patchy clouds but a nice day. starting off at 50 in charlotte, gastonia. 48 rockingham, 49 monroe, salisbury, couple pockets of 30s. 38 albermarle, 36 in morganton, 34 in boone. for today, look for decent amount of sunshine but there will be times where there will be cloud cover, totally warm this afternoon, 75. frontal systems in the middle part of the country will move eastward, and that will bring us an opportunity for rain. i will let you know when i think that will be in our seven day


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