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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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several days still with us and not in a big hurry to leave. with that, we have partly cloudy skies out there this morning, dry conditions, fog not much of an issue. may be low clouds here and there early this morning that will give way to partly if not mostly sunny skies. 55 charlotte, wadesboro monroe, 52 gastonia, 51 rock hill, shelby, a couple of 40s boone and morganton, low to mid 50s, hickory, statesville, salisbury, a very mild start to the day, that will be a jump start, partly to mostly sunny skies, 78 degrees today, very little chance for any rain. frontal systems back to the west are showing movement in the models. that may bring rain chances over the weekend. i'll break it down and give you the best shot when we think the rain will arrive and end. the seven day planner in a few minutes. back to you. >> john: authorities in north carolina need your help finding
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amber alert issue yesterday for 15-year-old dixie bailey in transylvania county. police in brevard said she is 5'4", 114 pounds, brown hair with orange streaks. last seen wearing a peach pull over black tights and cowboy boots. authorities say she is possibly headed to atlanta, if you see bailey, call 911 or star hp. back to the breaking news we told you about, we're working with police to learn what led to a shooting in west charlotte. a woman shot late last night on brooktree drive. then drove herself to a home on darby avenue less than ten minutes away. from there, taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. there is no word on any arrests in the shootings, no names released. as soon as we get more details, we'll update you on air and online at that shooting is one of several charlotte-mecklenburg police are investigating.
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hurt in a string of shootings yesterday. our alex giles continues our coverage with two shootings in east charlotte. >> reporter: violence kept officers on this side of the city busy tonight. mall off the plaza. >> had no why, had no idea, saw a string of cops. >> two people shot at the location, one taken to the hospital with serious injuries, the other transport in critical condition. >> we pray for their family, think of the lives been hurt and just offer prayer. >> more prayers needed minutes away. officers responded to another shooting off milton road near an apartment complex. people nearby heard several shots. >> what did do you when what you heard them? >> i ducked. i kept walking, cars was moving, i assumed everything was all right but it is not. >> our cameras the only one person as the victim was loaded
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police say he told them a car drove by and fired shots at them. we spoke to his girlfriend. >> he don't have no problems around here at all, i wouldn't expect for this to happen. >> but it did. now another investigation is underway. reporting. police don't have anyone in custody in the shootings. earlier in the afternoon, gunfire broke out at a gas station on brookshire boulevard in northwest charlotte. investigators had that area roped off with crime tape for hours. wbtv's sarah blake morgan talked to one witness who heard seven gunshots. >> it's surprising. >> angela huntley had no clue her spot looked like this. >> it was all over my car. >> came spewing from what looks like a bullet hole in the fuel hose, possibly from just one of the many shots witnesses say they heard around 4:30 this afternoon at the shell station on brookshire boulevard. >> this is a good area, very
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>> police tell wbtv two people were shot, one of them picked up by medic and the other, not far away on mcginn grove drive. where the victim showed up in a car shot into at the gas station. police spent hours looking at evidence including this gun found in a box. >> i don't know, it don't have to be this way because i can remember a time it wasn't. >> reporter: neighbors say the area now has them constantly looking over their shoulders. >> we lost a lot of sleep over it, i tell you that. >> that was sarah blake morgan reporting. another person was taken to the hospital with injuries from shattered glass. as soon as the shootings happened, we sent out a breaking news alert to our mobile news app. we'll update you as soon as we learn any new information. dozens of firefighters spent the night on the scene of a house fire in huntersville. investigators say it started at 8:30 last night in the attic of
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they believe an electrical fire. six adults were displaced from the home. no one hurt but the fire did do a lot of damage. charlotte-mecklenburg police chief kerr putney says there was nothing criminal about the way his officers acted during this arrest for a hit and run. this video sparked protest after it went viral last week. experts say the officer striking the suspect, michael elliott, in certain areas to force them to release his arm. officers showed us the technique. >> cry my shoulder. >> we know it is not criminal, we look for policy violations. >> chief putney saw several our angles caught by body cameras. people until lincoln county morning the loss of a mother who was killed taking her children to school. investigators say the driver of a pick up truck cross the center line and kit kandace helms minivan. her three and seven-year-old
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connectedthe checkchecked out. david boyd is charged. authorities have not said if charges will be filed after a motorcyclist was seriously county. happened after 5:00 last night on stokes-ferry road. the car pulled out in front of the motorcycle. the person was airlift to carolinas medical center. a former teach near gaston coin will not serve jail time after pleading guilty to having sex with a student. teika helton was arrested after being charged with an in arope yacht relationship withaappropriate relationship with a student. republicans in the senate are preparing to take action on the non-discrimination ordinance. phil berger appointed a group of senators to work with the house on a bill to overturn the part of the ordinance which allows transgender people to use the
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lawmakers could return to raleigh in a special session to address the ordinance before the changes go in effect on april 1st. coming up, it's super tuesday 2, where the candidates stand after the latest round of
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minutes before 5:00.
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wbtv always on your side bringing you the latest headlines from around the world. our kristen miranda is in the alert center there throughout the morning solely dedicated to bringing you breaking news and news just in. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. voters in four states weighing in on the presidential race last night. as case boswell reports, cbs news reports hillary clinton, bernie sanders and donald trump all picked up wins. >> reporter: cbs news projects bernie sandede pulled off an upset in michigan. jobs and the economy were the top issues there. get follows show young voters and african americans helped give him the edge. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, repudiated the polls that had us 25 points down a few days ago. >> hillary clinton won mississippi, most voters wanted a candidate with political experience. >> i want to be the president
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for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to achieve that dream. >> exit polls show republican vote meres michigan and mississippi wanted change, many wanted political outsider. cbs news projects donald trump won the gop primary in mississippi and michigan. >> we have something going that is so good, we should grab each other and we should unify the party and nobody will beat us, okay? >> ted cruz picked up a win in idaho and says his campaign is gaining momentum. >> we have tremendous support on the grass roots and we are fighting to earn delegates. >> more than 300 delegates were up for grabs in tonight's races, craig boswell, cbs news, washington. experts say despite sanders big win it will still be very hard for him to catch up to hillary clinton in the delegate count. republicans in hawaii came out to pick the candidate they wanted gop nominee caucuses
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the north carolina primary is this tuesday, and another presidential candidate is making a stop in the tarheel state, hillary clinton will be making stops at high school in raleigh and durham tomorrow on thursday. republican presidential candidate ted cruz tried to drum up support in kannapolis. spoke to hundreds at the central baptist church last night. he was introduced by dr. mark harris, pastor of first baptist church in charlotte. he told the crowd he is the only candidate that can take on donald trump. >> it is becoming abundantly clear if you want to beat donald trump our campaign is the only one that can do it. there are a lot of people who like marco rubio, who like john kasich, they are good, honorable men i respect, neither has any plausible path to the nomination. neither one of them can get to 1237 delegates. >> he criticized trump's loyalty
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in concord calling him a man who thinks he is an emporer. go to and that is where you can see ted cruz's reaction after a reporter interrupted him at yesterday's event. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, after nearly four years, charlotte-mecklenburg police think they have solved the murder of a pregnant teenager. how the teen's parents reacted to news of an arrest.
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>> john: 4:46, charlotte-mecklenburg police have made an arrest in the death of a pregnant teenager whose case we have been covering for year. darne brown accused of killing 17-year-old hawa gabbidon in 2012. coleen harry talked with gabbidon's parent and what they did after hearing about the arrest. >> for issac and monneh, church has been the sanctuary during the agony of their daughter's murder. >> we hoped one day something will come out. >> the church was the only place they wanted to be relieved, they say, 17-year-old hawa gabbidon's alleged killer was caught. >> i'm glad. very glad, happy. i don't know how to express it.
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july 10th, 2012, that is when police found a pregnant daughter shot to death in the park. days, weeks, months, years went by. no information, no arrests. today, the detectives paid the family a visit. >> they told us they arrested a person that killed hawa. >> police believe 26-year-old darne brown killed hawa and her unborn child, a man with previous arrests, is now an unwelcomed addition to the family fabric. investigators haven't said if or how brown knew hawa. her parents say as much as they needed to know who killed her, they need more answers. >> i want to know how you know her and what went between, what happened between them and want to know the details. >> they came to church grateful for one answer, and a semblance
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agony of her murder won't ever go away. >> she was young, very young, you have a life ahead of her. >> that was coleen harry reporting. 12 minutes now before 5:00. give you a live look at charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, not a bad start to the day out there today. you might not need a jacket as you head in. if you do, maybe a light jacket, but i don't know, it will get warmer than it is right now. find out how much warmer. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: back in the 70s as promised, why john. yesterday, 75. starting off with a little bit of low clouds here and there early this morning, that won't amount to very much, though. we'll keep an eye on it. potential for fog that could develop here early this morning. as that high pressure is stagnant right now but not a huge deal. again, i'll monitor that situation right now visibilities are in good shape. as we widen out, this will make
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heavy rain continues to fall from texas to st. louis and memphis. that is an area pounded with heavy downpours over the last day or so. as we look at futurecast, stop this at 8:00, a little bit of clouds here and there, potential for little bit of fog. if it does develop, won't last long, and by mid-day, certainly in the afternoon, looking at wall-to-wall sunshine yet again, another very very nice day. if you liked yesterday you'll love today and this evening looks good as well. get you out there right now. this is our camera at university city area. excellent visibility right now, we have fair skies in and across the charlotte region. current temperature, very warm, 55 degrees, we normally would be down in the mid 30s but in the mid 50s under clear skies, light breeze out of the south and there is the visibility at ten miles, dew point at 50, little dampness to the air. little cooler in the mountains and northern foothills. low 40s from boone to morganton, 51 jefferson.
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in monroe. today, starting in the 50s, wind up in the mid and upper 70s this afternoon. mostly sunny skies, a very warm rain-free day. high pressure still dominating. futurecast going through time, this frontal system will get closer to us over the next couple days, sort of back door in here late on friday. that could throw a lot more cloud cover our way, potentially a shower for the mountains. lifts back northward or saturday, if i'm focusing on a day that will bring rain, probably going to be sunday, and potentially in monday. saturday has improved somewhat, models are coming together on this solution now and looks like sunday into monday could be a wet time frame. we'll look at it. 78 for today, mostly sunny skies, 54 tonight, 77 tomorrow and 79 friday. even with more cloud cover, i believe our temperatures will be well up in the upper 70s near 80. saturday, warm front lifts northward, small chance for shower or thundershower.
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sunday and another round on monday before we clear out nicely for tuesday. that is the forecast, john, see you at the top of the hour. >> john: also coming up, a major expansion for the levine cancer institute. how the expansion will help patients even after their treatment. 4:52, eight minutes before 5:00. "speak out" is an expression of opinion from the editorial board of wbtv, and is presented by general manager, scott dempsey. >> unless you've been away vacation the past few nths, you probably know at next tuesday is the rth carolina primary ection. so this is usually the week that civic organizations and media outlets encourage you to "exercise your right to vote." we call it a "privilege," an "opportunity".even a "responsibility." and it is all of those things. but this year, north carolinians really do have a chance to make a difference. our primary has been moved up from may to march for the
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of viable candidates from which to choose. in the past, the nominees had pretty much been decided by other states by the time we got to vote. and, oh, don't we have a colorful assortment of "wannabes"? republican or democrat, you really do have a candidate for whichever way you want our nation to proceed. by contrast, if you don't vote for your favorite, we may head in a direction that you just can't tolerate. we're talking presidential candidates here, but the same holds true for local and state elections, as well. no one can make you vote, of course. but wouldn't you rather have a say in how our nation, state, and city are run? or do you want to leave that up to the guy up the street, with whom you totally disagree? go to the polls on tuesday. make a difference. let your voice be heard.
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4:55 am investigators say a fire at a business center was caused by electrical problem in a light fixture. the blaze filled the building with smoke monday, did $30,000 in damage. no one was hurt. an inmate who escaped from correctional facility in rock hill is suspected in several crimes in the atlanta area. 26-year-old zachary reeves is suspect in four burglaries, accused of shooting two dogs at an animal hospital.
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week in georgia. levine cancer institute announcing an expansion. it will add a second outpatient center and renovate existing facilities in charlotte. this will allow the center to expand treatment centers and programs for survivors. construction is expected to begin in 2017. coming up at the top of the hour, continue to follow breaking news, a woman taken to the hospital after being shot in west charlotte. the investigation in what led to the shooting. al? >> al: john, our computer models are converging on when we think rain will arrive here looks like back loaded toward the weekend. i'll tell you about it in the seven day forecast. straight ahead. chris? >> chris: al, keep an eye on the wednesday morning commute looking good out there right now, kristen? >> kristen: the primary and caucus results coming in the alert center, an upset i'll tell
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wbtv news this mor this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and
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wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: now at 5:00, while you were sleeping, police were investigating a shooting covering two crime scenes in west charlotte, we're on your side with what weary learning aboutwe are learningabout the victim's condition. welcome to wbtv news this morning on this wednesday, march 9th, good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. those stories plus kristen miranda getting latest in campaign 2016 in the alert center. big headlines coming out of that. >> kristen: an upset but also the last results from yesterday from hawaii, the caucuses there coming in a short time ago, so i'll tell you what happened in hawaii. >> john: sounds good. get things started with charlotte's most experiencinged morning meteorologist, here is al conklin. >> al: temperatures in the 40s and 50s again, concerned about
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an eye on that, low clouds but overall the trend will be for another very, very nice day. high pressure in command of the weather, will remain on the warm side. metro school camera, dry conditions here, and very mild. 54 degrees right now in charlotte. 55 in salisbury and wadesboro. 51 gastonia, 50 in rock hill, 54 hickory, 53 shelby, low 40s lenoir, morganton to boone. very warm start to the day. 57 at 8:00, maybe a little bit of low clouds, 73 lunch time, up to 78 degrees this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, that frontal system across the west will bring us rain, i'll talk about the time on that coming up in a few minutes. right now, check in with chris, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: good morning, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're going to start with a live look here this is i-77


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