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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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an eye on that, low clouds but overall the trend will be for another very, very nice day. high pressure in command of the weather, will remain on the warm side. metro school camera, dry conditions here, and very mild. 54 degrees right now in charlotte. 55 in salisbury and wadesboro. 51 gastonia, 50 in rock hill, 54 hickory, 53 shelby, low 40s lenoir, morganton to boone. very warm start to the day. 57 at 8:00, maybe a little bit of low clouds, 73 lunch time, up to 78 degrees this afternoon, mostly sunny skies, that frontal system across the west will bring us rain, i'll talk about the time on that coming up in a few minutes. right now, check in with chris, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: good morning, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're going to start with a live look here this is i-77
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here, across our system, most of our major highways looking good this morning. coming up from rock hill, 21 minutes, 65 miles an hour. concord to center city, 18 minute commute right now and lake norman southbound on 77, sitting at 15 minutes, 66-miles-per-hour. mapping system a lot of green, 485 looks good, 77, 85, some of the primary secondaries like providence, independence, albermarle, all running in the green early on this wednesday morning. that is a check of traffic, christine, back over to you. >> christine: watching breaking news an investigation underway after a shooting sent one woman to the hospital. >> john: the woman shot around 11:30 on brooktree drive in west charlotte. she then drove herself to a home away. from there taken to the hospital. injuries. >> christine: one of four shootings that happened in the
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one person shot at 8:00 near barrington drive and milton road. that person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. around 5:30, two people were shot on the plaza an hour earlier than that, a person shot in a shooting on brookshire boulevard. >> john: mark davenport is live at charlotte-mecklenburg police headquarters with more on the shootings in east charlotte. mark, do police believe they are connected? >> reporter: john, i got off the phone with police, they told me they do not believe the shootings are connected. we asked the question because these two shootings. the ones christine talked about were one mile apart. i want to get you video to show he you the first scene, this crime scene spanned a shopping mall. two people shot, both rushed to the hospital. one in serious condition. the other in critical condition. a few hours later a mile away,
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off an area on milton road near an apartment complex. our cameras were the only ones there as the victim was being loaded in the ambulance. a car drove by and fired shots at him is what the victim said. >> pray for the families, pray for the lives that have been hurt. offer prayer. >> reporter: now police told me that no one was been arrest in either one of the shootings, if you have information call cmpd as soon as you can. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 5:04, authorities in north carolina need your help finding a missing teen. an amber alert issued for 15-year-old dixie mae bailey in transylvania county in western north carolina. police in brevard say she is 5'4", weighing 114 pounds, brown hair, orange streaks, blue eyes.
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pullover black tights and cowboys boots. possibly headed to atlanta. if you see bailey, call 911 or star hp. >> christine: tonight is your chance to weigh in for the budget for next year's budget for charlotte-mecklenburg schools. a forum at 6:00 at independence high school. the forum comes a day after board members met to talk student assignment and construction and renovation projects. wbtv's ashton pellom live in charlotte with that angle of the story, ashton, what was accomplished yesterday? >> reporter: good morning, christine. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, there was a lot of good discussion that came out of that meeting last night, but the board didn't take any action on those renovation and other construction projects to the tune of $2 billion. as we reported, superintendent ann clark is pushing to have a bond referendum for the projects put on the ballot this november. the board set a deadline of may to ask mecklenburg county commission attorney's do that.
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expanding language magnet schools is a high priority and several speakers urged the board to place priority on keeping kids in neighborhood schools as they plan to work on student assignment plan. the cms policy board will be meeting tomorrow night to discuss that student assignment plan further. we'll keep you updated on air and online at reporting live here in uptown charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: campaign 2016, super tuesday, part 2, voters in five starts heading to the polls to make their selections for the presidential nominees. kristen miranda live in the alert center with a look at the results from yesterday. >> kristen: that's right, john. we got some final result in from hawaii, they are so far behind us time-wise, those results coming in. let me break down what happened on super tuesday 2. look at the video, big news on the democratic side it was an upset win by bernie sanders in michigan.
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about that today. yesterday. and when we talk about the republican side, donald trump picked up three more. won mississippi, michigan and overnight we learned he did win hawaii. ted cruz took idaho yesterday, and marco rubio no wins, no delegates yesterday. everyone kind of curious to see what happens with him. let's look at apple tv, i want to show you this graphic that cnn put together we can share with you on the left side of the screen all the results from yesterday, the percentages and in michigan that upset was close, but i want to you look at the right hand side of your screen, this piece right here, it is the current delegate count, trump has 461, and cruz has 360. they need 1237 to win, then on the democratic side you can see hillary clinton with significant lead over bernie sanders. they need 2383 delegates to win.
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nothing super clear yet, we'll keep an eye on it, john and christine i know you'll keep an eye on it as well. >> john: speaking of politics, the north carolina primary less than a week away, next tuesday. another presidential candidate is making a stop in the tarheel state, hillary clinton is going to be making stops at high school in raleigh and durham tomorrow. >> christine: republican candidate ted cruz tried to drum up support in kannapolis last night. speaking to hundreds of people at the central baptist church. he told the crowd he's the only candidate who can take on front runner donald trump. >> a lot of people who like marco rubio, who like john kasich they are both good, honorable men i respect, neither has any plausible path to the nomination. >> cruz criticized trump's loyalty pledge he had followers make monday at his stop in concord. saying trump thinks he's an emporer.
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democratic candidates will debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders take the stage tonight in a debate hosted by the washington post. ted cruz, john kasich marco rubio and donald trump will be facing off in a debate tomorrow. >> christine: we're just getting started at 5:00 a.m., the battle continues over expanded protections for the lgbt community in charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. the latest move from lawmaker in raleigh to have it overturned. >> john: we're going to break, before we do, a quick check of weather temperatures, 54 in charlotte, headed up near 80 today, wow. 42 in boone, 54 in lancaster, 46 albermarle, statesville at 53. here is a live look at i-77 north of i-85 and things there are moving smoothly, traffic is light right now. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather
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bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center. thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> christine: authorities have not said yet if charges will be filed after motorcyclist was seriously hurt in rowan county. happened after 5:00 on stokes ferry road. the car pulled out in front of the motorcycle, the person was airlift to carolinas medical center. >> john: dozens of firefighters spent the night on the scene at a house fire in huntersville. investigators say it started around 8:30 in the attic of a home on dogwood lane. they believe it was an electrical fire. six adults displaced from the home, no one was hurt. fire did cause a lot of damage. >> christine: renewed talks about a special session in raleigh. republicans in the north carolina senate are preparing to
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non-discrimination ordinance. senate leader phil berger appointed a group of senators to work on a bill to overturn part of the ordinance which allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. house speaker tim moore said there is enough support in the chamber to hold a special session to overturn the ordinance which takes effect april 1st. never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: john, we'll start off with a check of what the visibility looks like, i'm concerned about patchy fog developing right now i'm seeing good visibility, ten miles for most communities, take a look at futurecast, this is the short term futurecast, stop this at 8:00. just a little bit of fog trying to develop some low clouds, but as quickly as it does, it gives way with mostly sunny skies for the balance of the day, should be a nice warm one and pleasant evening as well. enjoy today. you liked yesterday you'll love today. partly cloudy skies in charlotte
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roads in terms of weather, i will monitor that situation with fog. up in the mountains looking great should get close to 70 in the population centers with the southerly breezes and no chance for any rain today. our temperatures, 42 in boone, 50 in jefferson. 41 morganton, 49 in lincolnton, 54 in concord and 54 around lancaster. nice mild start to the day, a warm finish with temperatures above average, almost 15 degrees above average, 78 degrees what we're forecast today but before you start thinking about the garden, keep in mind the average last frost in charlotte is the first week in april. that is still three weeks away. you might want to temper that idea of getting out there and putting the garden in just yet. talk about what we see down the road in terms of rain and cooler weather, that part of the forecast in a couple minutes. check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's get you out the door with morning.
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14 minutes, 45-miles-per-hour. providence road from the arboretum, 16 minute commute and concord to center city, 18 minutes, 67 miles an hour. most of the majors again continuing to run in the green here at 5:15 as we swing in toward center city, taking a look at john belk and brookshire, no problems there and that is a check of your morning traffic, john, back over to you. >> john: thanks, chris. next at 5:00, apple hoping to get big sales by going small. what we're learning about the next versions of of the iphone and ipad. >> christine: wbtv is always on your side in your community,
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>> christine: the time is 5:19. >> john: new developments on the manhunt for a man accused of lling five people in missouri, live in the alert center. >> kristen: a big story with big developments, i got a mug shot in i wanted to bring it to you. this is pablo vittorino, accused of shooting four guys in kansas city, kansas, and another guy in missouri. led police on a long manhunt but as you can see by the video, he was taken in custody in missouri. u.s. immigration confirms he is an illegal immigrant from mexico. for now he is in jail, we will wait to see what the next step for him might be. back to you. >> john: in consumer headlines, amazon founder wanted to make it possible for anyone to travel to space.
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launch the first human test flights next year. thousands have expressed interest on taking a trip on the craft. >> christine: apple is weeks away from iphone and ipad. reportedly will debut it on march 21st. apple is rumored to release a four mere iphone with faster chip. the new ipad pro is said to have 9.7 inch screen and few new features. they are also releasing new versions of the apple watch. all you techies, get excited for that. >> john: yes. i have the apple watch, i love it. got so many things, i'll never be able to figure these out and they are coming out with a new one. >> al: problem with technology as soon as you buy it, it is junk. >> john: it is old. >> al: does your watch tell time? >> john: yes. >> al: you never know. get you out there, hope you're
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morning, hump day and our weather pattern will persist, the coolest day was 68 on monday, yesterday up to 75. we will go warmer today, closing in on 80 in some neighborhoods. back to the west, we still have all this commotion, there is likely to be 10, 12 inches of rain, louisiana, arkansas over the next day or two, a huge system, that is continuing to put down big, heavy downpours and this is going to be a problem. this front will come our direction, i'll explain when in a moment. meantime this is king street in boone from, we've got dry conditions up here, no fog, no fog in charlotte, in fact clear right now, and it is mild, temperatures in the mid 50s, we should be in the mid 30s this time of the year at this time of the day, but that is not the case. light southwest breeze, little bit of dampness, dew point at 50, there is humidity, low clouds and fog may develop early yet this morning before daybreak. 41 morganton, 39 boone, everybody else is in the upper
5:22 am
a pretty mild start to the day. we're 54 here in charlotte, some other communities, cornelius 57, belmont, 51, ballantyne, 53. arboretum, cooler at 49 degrees. northward, statesville 53, shelby, 51 as is gastonia, 52 lancaster, 48 in cheraw. starting off in the mountains, upper 60s near 70. mostly sunny skies, a pleasant day, forget about snow and ice, we're talking 70s across morganton, lenoir, taylorsville, mostly sunny skies for you folks, no chance of rain. 78 in salisbury over to charlotte, 77 gastonia, 78 monroe, 79 for rockingham and wadesboro, close to 80 and should be close to 80 pageland, lancaster toward chester. heading to the hornets game tonight, playing the old hornet, the pelicans from new orleans are in town, 68 degrees the tip-off temperature as you wait online to get in the arena. as far as what to expect overnight, lows back in the 50s.
5:23 am
followed by warm, high pressure still with us tomorrow. eventually this frontal system will have an opportunity to move in as the high moves away. tomorrow morning, lots of low clouds, we may start with a lot of low clouds but no rain tomorrow morning. going in the afternoon hours, partly sunny skies, this front sort of back door in friday, there is a chance for couple showers north of us, no rain in charlotte, i see this front going back northward as a warm front on saturday, so there is a small opportunity for shower or thunderstorm, but now looks like the models are converging on an excellent chance for showers and thunderstorms sunday into monday as the actual front moves through and that should then clear us out. you'll notice by tuesday, back in sunshine. if we get rain, i think back end loaded on the weekend, saturday right now appears to be the better day. we'll keep an eye on it for you. mostly sunny, 54 tonight, still in the 70s for tomorrow and thursday, more cloud cover as the front approaches, small chance of shower saturday, much better chance showers and storms sunday into monday. you're never more than seven
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traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's take a look at drive times, coming in this morning from the lake norman area, right now sitting at 15 minutes, average speed, 65-miles-per-hour. mapping system, green light davidson, cornelius, huntersville up to 485. most of the majors here in charlotte looking good. 485, no problems here in center city. no problems providence road, independence also looking good this morning. leaving rock hill, northbound on 77, let's launch the drive time there, 22 minutes, average speed, 63-miles-per-hour. so a smooth early morning commute and live look i-77, that is northbound at the rest area coming toward center city from the south carolina state line, not seeing any problems right now. that is a check of the morning commute john, over to you. >> john: making sure you're prepared in case of a weather emergency. >> christine: what is being done
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it's gotta be d's. >> reporter: i'm mark davenport i just got off the phone with police i have updates on a shooting that happened yesterday at a busy shell gas station. >> christine: making it easier for parents with students in charlotte-mecklenburg schools to keep track of the search for a new superintendent. what school board members are doing to keep people updated. >> john: good morning, thanks for watching wbtv news this morning, now 5:30 i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. let's start this half hour with a look at first alert weather coming off another gorgeous day on tuesday. how will wednesday shape up for us? here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. starting off with temperatures in the mid 50s in charlotte. clear skies out there and that is our hd tower cam looking great. boone right now at 39, everybody else is pretty much between 50 and 55. 50 rock hill, 53 monroe, 55
5:29 am
morning hickory, newton, conover, 54 degrees. temperatures in the 50s this morning, then may be a little bit of cloud cover around early on, by the afternoon, another gorgeous one. mostly sunny skies, we stay warm, southerly breezes, 10 to 15-miles-per-hour, high of 78. one thing i wish we could get rid of would be the pollen. that is starting to add up, not much we can do until we get rain. that is what will cleanse the air. this isn't the yellow mustard pollen, this is the stuff you can't see and gives you a lot of problems with allergies, with irritation of the throat and nose. if you're sneezing it is because of the high pollen. when the rain chances pick up in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. chris is sneezing in the first alert traffic center. >> chris: sneezing my way through the morning commute.
5:30 am
davidson, cornelius, 485 this morning, traffic pattern still running in the green. it looks good out there early morning coming out of lake norman. charlotte commute if you're coming in 77, 85, no problems there, providence road, north tryon up in the university city area, down to the south also looking good this morning. check injuring drive times with a live look at i-77 at the rest area, volume pretty light here on 77. rock hill in uptown, 22 minutes, 63 miles an hour. concord to center city, sitting at 18 minute commute and southbound lake norman, 17 minutes, average speed, 60 miles an hour, that is a check of traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: thanks, chris. we continue to follow breaking overnight news for you, charlotte-mecklenburg police investigating four shootings in which six people were injured. a woman shot in the leg around 11:30 on brooktree drive in west charlotte. three hours earlier, a person suffered minor injury in a


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