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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the man who fired in the parking lot. she heard the gunfire and saw blood it took a little bit before she realized she was shot and in pain. she did not want to speak out because she does not understand what happened. >> and what was going on in the plaza was it somebody just shooting at somebody? and they don't know how to shoot a gun? that is what you cannot have. you cannot have bullets spraying everywhere. that is crazy. >> will adams founded team true blue and organizes vigils and he is committed to stopping the violence. >> a lot of the violence of last year the murders from last year really hit a lot of people's doors. and when they hit your family and becomes a part of your family you say i do not want to be a part of what is going on. i want to be a part of how can i fix it. >> cmpd says last year there were 14 homicides compared to five.
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when you look at the reports from last year compared to this year we are down this year. >> cmpd is investigating all four of tuesday's shootings. and the police chief said he is asking the city for money to hire more officers. >> he needs more officers that were raised in the communities and put those officers back into those communities. >> adams says he will continue to work in the communities. >> nobody has to get killed and shot. let's stop this. >> many of the victims and witnesses were too scared to talk about what they saw. but police are asking if you have information regarding the cases that you contact crimestoppers. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> and pamela, we want to give people that number for crimestoppers. if you have anything that might help the number is on your screen...
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within the past hour marty pucket, the vice-president of the firefighters association in charlotte has been warned to stay away from members of the charlotte city council. background here. pucket sent out a letter on behalf of the council representative asking that john hannon be relieved of his duties. steve crump is breaking the news down for us. tell us more? >> we have had our eyes on this developing situation since last year infighting in the charlotte department and now it's become public we have a photo of marty pucket from his facebook page and marty also a charlotte firefighter was warned in december about his role as an intern with city council. fallon is a critic of chief hannon. and manager ron carlee sent the letter to pucket saying his behavior must cease and the letter says that pucket must change his behavior dismissed from his job.
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face a chain of chand review tomorrow that will be conducted by the fire department and we will continue to follow this developing story. >> all right, thank you. the driver accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in charlotte's south end now facing an indictment for second degree murder. gregory wheeling was charged with felony death by vehicle and dwi. police say he was leaving a panthers game when he hit and killed kelly putnam in january a waitress at max's speed shop. wheelings' blood alcohol level was .13. and putnam stepped into the street in the path of his car. his next court day is april. we are asking police for more information on this crash on central avenue. the road was shutdown at 2100 block from sky3 we could see a person taken out of this car and put into an ambulance. there is no word on how badly
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>> we have enjoyed tons of sun in charlotte but we are tracking a system with potential to bring heavy rain and storms. that system stretches from indiana to texas. and flooding and tornado damage. chief meterologist, eric thomas over in the first alert weather center. >> he is watching that system and your forecast. eric? >> and i tell you what, the flooding there is going to get the headlines and it's shifting from serious to devastating as some of the rainfall will be on par with a major hurricane. 10-20 inches of rain and now you will see that it's stalled and as we take you through the future-cast next couple of hours, very little changes but it stays away from the carolinas for now. and the temperatures through the evening 11:00 p.m., around an average high temperature for this time of the year around 61 . specifically for charlotte if you are running out, 64 at 9:00 p.m.
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we are tracking that storm and alert you if you have weekend plans pay attention. part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> thank you. the president of charlotte's lgbt chamber has resigned amid criticism over his sex offender status. according to the news partners at the "charlotte observer". chad severance was convicted of a sex offense against a child in 2000. ard coulding to the "charlotte observer", mayor roberts cited a survey by the lgbt chamber during discussions over the nondiscrimination ordinance. it will allow transgender people to use the restroom of their choice. critics said the survey should not have been considered because of severance's record. the chamber tells the "charlotte observer" it did not conduct that survey. >> new information about a bizarre investigation in alexander county. a couple was spotted trying to bury a body off highway 90. and in the past 30 minutes the two were charged with murder.
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steve ohnesorge on camera. we showed you part of that at 5:00 and here is the full story new at 6:00. >> tony herns says the man he killed, yes he admitted that to stranger. >> that the is my uncle. >> how particular co-came to be killed and why tony and this woman wound up here with the body that is the question that it began when a passerby noticed a strange car turning into this property. >> and called one of my officers. >> a deputy found this car stuck. a man and woman around it and spotted something else says the sheriff. >> found what appeared to be a drag in the leaves that led to a body. >> the two were cuffed and investigators moved in. lyndsay said nothing to me button any? yes he was here to bury his uncle. >> i brought him here to hide him because he attacked me and i
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>> he claims his uncle was drunk or drugged up. >> and unconscious and when i seen him expired i brought him to put him away. >> the woman had nothing to do with it all but was it bad luck that he got caught because his car was stuck? >> maybe good luck. maybe you get things over with. >> the sheriff tells me if not for the car getting stuck and not for the passerby making the call they never would have found the body. both hern and lyndsay have been charged with murder. in alexander county, steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates on air and on-line ot >> next an on your side investigation found delays in a program meant to help veterans find access to healthcare. we are talking to lawmakers tonight about their efforts to address those problems. eric?
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we are tracking extremely and unusually warm weather in the southeast. when that might change and that rain gets here as well. stay tuned. it's part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> and new at 7:00 on primetime, a teenager allegedly lured into a group beating caught on camera. why some say social media fueled it and how that girl is cog tonight at 7 -- doing tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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i'm molly grantham for you all new at. taxpayers are left footing the bill after almost every police officer in the local town quits. the sheriff had to takeover as police chief and is now using his deputies to patrol the town. the cost of that to you and the major changes he is implementing tonight on wbtv news at 11:00. >> a new effort is underway in washington d.c. tonight to get veterans the help they need. and it has led to trouble getting treatment at some of the v.a. hospitals. >> wbtv exposed a breakdown last month.
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legislation to address the problems highlighted in our investigation. our investigator nick ochsner is live with the new v.a. clinic in charlotte where help is on the way. >> yes, that is what they told them this v.a. facility is set to open to the public in a few weeks but veterans got a look today as leadership was promising improved care lawmakers in washington d.c. were making sure those promises will be a reality. >> smiling staff was on hand at the v.a. outpatient facility wednesday open to the public for the first time so veterans could take a tour and sign up for benefits they earned. and on hand was robert pittenger to make sure veterans could access the facility. he says more needs to be done to improve veterans healthcare. >> it's been dismal our oversight. and we have not had the management that is needed overall. >> i'm confident that there is a
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fulfill the promise we made to veterans for the highest quality of care. >> senator bird continued to push legislation introduced to make changes to the v.a. choice program which is supposed to open up access to private medical care for veterans who would experience a long wait. he believes colleagues will support efforts to improve the program following an on your side investigation. there are veterans who waited weeks and months for treatment and care what can we do to help? >> we are working with the leadership of the v.a. hopefully on a bill that should find its way to the floor of the senate. >> now, this facility is set to open the first week of april and the leadership here at the charlotte va told veterans they have begun making changes on feedback they have received from veterans. nick ochsner wbtv on your side. >> if and you have experienced trouble getting help or treatment from the v.a. we want
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go to and fill out the special form we have created to help. our call the tip line... >> charlotte firefighters are responding to a gas line break right now. let's get over to alex giles in the alert center. >> still getting information it's in south charlotte near the downs grant subdivision folks are having trouble getting into the subdivision because of the repair work. and they are telling us that truce daily place is where that work is happening and advising drivers they are working on it. and we are tracking it. if we get new information about that natural gas line cut in back to you. >> thank you. local grocer may under go a major renovation. food lion announced the plans for 100 stores.
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make shopping easier. and the renovations will start in may. food lion will donate $1.5 million to the second harvest food bank. >> tonya rivens watching the roads for us. how are things looking? >> we have problems around 485. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and let's look at i-77 northbound and southbound by arrowood. volume in this area. 485 and providence road. and the rea road is a great alternate route. and the intersection means slow-moving traffic in that area. i mentioned the volume on 485. it starts between rea road and providence road. and heads back towards south boulevard. and in addition to that we have an accident this one is at arrowood road near south tryon. and slow-moving traffic in this area. westinghouse boulevard is one alternate route. i-77 is stop-and-go traffic as well.
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picture on the mapping system slow down heading towards gaston county on i-85 south. otherwise things are flowing nicely. safe travels back to you. >> thank you. >> and 75 right now. my car said 82. i do not think we got that warm. big key is the storm that may be heading our way. >> it can packing a punch and it's been dangerous for some people. >> it's devastating. and it will come our way. but right now you will see that everything here is just stalled and they already have around 12-14 inches of rainfall. so that right now is the big concern. and in fact, let's take you back. we are on the wrong computer. weather one that would be wonderful there it is. and this is what i wanted to point out how the rainfalled over arkansas, and louisiana and a foot plus of rain in this area. they could end up with 20 inches of rain.
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this is again a major headline. and we are going to deal with it but not tonight. 73 . and have a look. low 70s across the piedmont of north and south carolina. if you are heading out right now, 61 around boone. these are unbelievable numbers right now. and you will see that it's going to take through midnight before right here you see that? that is the average high temperature for this time of the year and that is going to be the number at midnight. believe it or not. back to the future-cast. look at the rain just not moving off its anchor point over the mississippi valley. that means for us, a few clouds around in the morning but no rain yet. so let's check out the forecast. we'll start off in the high country. skies and clouds. 52 for you. and this number might surprise you near 60. how about that. at 8:00 a.m. very, very mild. no question about t and back and examine the rest of the day on thursday. you will see this line of
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tennessee and again it's well off to the west. at most only a 20% chance of a stray shower up across the high country. upper 60s and mild yet again. low to mid-70s in the foothills and no chance of rain into the piedmont and the sandhill and the pee dee river valley and areas will take a run at 80 again and that will be the case here in the upstate of south carolina. a warm dry day and going to be a problem for you folks sensitive to allergies. as we take you through the day on thursday we will stop here at midnight friday morning. did you see that first line? running out of gas? here comes the next line. and it, too, runs out of gas. what is going on? all the upper-level support is anchored over the mississippi valley and that is why the showers are ejecting out but not making it this far east but this rain here over the gulf coast states will get here into the carolinas and the best bet probably on sunday.
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dry and warm near 80 through friday. a shower or two saturday. better chance on sunday. and then that upper-level low comes through monday as well. and then things will dry out. but the one constant temperatures remaining warm and in the 70s. stay if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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and charles johnson to $3 million. and nba hornets host new orleans at 7:00 p.m. and acc tournament nc state played great. barber scored 29 and they blew the third lead. key players got blooded for the cause winning 92-89 and they will play notre dame tomorrow on wbtv and the 49ers take on rice in second round play in birmingham, alabama. now, good year. the drivers helped decide what they will use for the may races. the drivers learned about what to expect when they said not too much.
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wbtv news at 11:00. we are back live at 7:00 p.m. >> cbs news is next and back at 11:00 p.m. as well. have a great evening. see you later. >> speak out is an expression of opinion from the editorial board
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>> unless you have been away on vacation, you probably know that next tuesday is the north carolina primary election. so this is actually the week that civic organizations and media outlets encourage you to exercise your right to vote. we call it a privilege, an opportunity and responsibility and it is all of those things. but this year north carolinians do have a chance to make a difference. our primary has been moved up from may to march for the first time. now there's still a number of viable candidates from which to choose. in the past the nominees have been decided by other states by the time we got to vote. and don't we have a colorful assortment of wannabes republican or democrat you have a candidate for whichever way you want our nation to proceedment and by contrast if you do not vote for your favorite we may head in a direction that you cannot we are talking presidential candidates here. but the same holds true for
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no one can make you vote but wouldn't you rather have a say in our our nation is run? or leave that to the guy up the street with whom you disagree? go to the polls on tuesday, and make a difference and let your voice be heard.
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speak out at this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped.
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>> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle. >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the national guard is rolling in louisiana tonight. the governor has declared a state of emergency.
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counting have fallen near shreveport. roads are washed in oklahoma and texas two people have drowned. tonight, warnings and watches stretch from the gulf to illinois, and david begnaud is in haughton, louisiana. >> reporter: whispering pine drive in haughton, louisiana, is one of the hardest hit areas. the heavy rains quickly flooded homes. over 100 have water up to the roofline. cars are submerged, leading to water rescues. >> it's a disaster. >> reporter: we first spotted carol through her window with her husband and their two grandchildren. are you all okay? as they waited, the water rose, but before sheriff's deputies could rescue them, their neighborhood, todd eaton, did. to you regret not leaving early wher it first started coming up, the water? >> we didn't know it was going to flood. >> reporter: young jack soon is her grandson. >> and then it came under the door. >> reporter: were you scared? >> uh-huh.


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