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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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off ready to execute a search warrant. they are looking for clues after a deputy found tony hearne and lyndsay lentz near the body partially buried. but tonight we know the suspects and the victim were from albemarle an hour and a half away. all new at 11, alex giles is live where they are about to execute that search warrant. alex. >> yes, paul and molly, this is the home where police say one of the suspects and what the victim lived in the house is why they are waiting to execute that warrant. they say they need to go through the house to see if there is evidence that a crime was committed in there. remember, that suspect told us on camera that he killed his uncle in self-defense. now they need to figure out where that happened. this is one of the first places they are checking. i spoke to the next door neighbors they say the victim, robert hearne was friendly.
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happening. >> i was shocked. i was shocked. i didn't believe it. i came home and seen what happened. it shocked me. he was a good person when i came home he would be outside dancing. he was no trouble. >> now, they tell me that they didn't know the suspect tony hearne. he is in jail in alexander county with the other suspect. lyndsay lentz. the deputies are waiting to go through the home and execute that warrant see if there is any evidence that the killing took place in this house. live in albemarle, alex giles, wbtv on your side. >> we went digging through his records he was released from prison in december. he was staying at a halfway house for a time. and people running the homed lost touch with him. police identified a pedestrian
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she is a 42-year-old mary near rutgers avenue. the road was shut down. it just reopened. they have not released the identity. and mary ann collins, we don't know if the driver will face charges. information on a pizza delivery driver kidnapped and robbed. they caught one of the suspects. and cmpd escorted him out of police headquarters. he is going to jail. he is the man caught on video right here at this store and atm. he pored the pizza driver to take him to the atm and withdraw money. there he was tracked down and arrested in shelby. they are looking for a sect person a woman with him during the robbery. we are continuing to investigate a string of shootings in charlotte. we brought you coverage here
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six people hurt in four shootings, several in a mile of each other and an hour apart. cmpd do not believe they are connected but the outbreak in violence has some worried a woman who lives near a crime scene said the violence has her thinking about moving. >> it is time for me to move, move from here. it is rough but it is rough, you know over here. >> all the people who were shot are expected to survive. they have not arrested anyone in any of the shootings, they want to hear from you f you saw anything call the police do you not have to give your name. >> the warm temperatures are heating up. >> it is great. >> and we're live in the first alert weather center. >> the temperatures are blowing away the averages. here it is 77 the high today. the average high of 61. things will not be changing in the near term, look at this
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during the day on thursday. so let's get you through the overnight out the door in the morning. in the 50s. low 50s. this are near and here it is first thing in the morning. how about that. 59. now coming up a serious situation works very all the rain and thunder storms and devastating flooding in the middle of the country. we have to deal with that. it is coming up in the first alert forecast. since last week we have been following the drama in page land. the chief was put on leave after an investigation. he was reinstated but nearly all the officers quit. tonight the sheriff is overseeing the police department including the chief to restore order. and coleen harry returned to see how that is running. that is new at 11. >> reporter: back in 1908 when the town came to be.
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police department is still not mortared. >> they are stuck. >> strive landed the sheriff jay brooks as the chief law enforcement official only a few days in he says he found the department feeling and looking like the 19le 0 -- 1980s. at the to close the jail it would not pass inspection. the department falls behind in technology that officers dependent have department issued cell phones. >> we'll have the department digital ized here in two weeks. they will work off e-mail. >> they didn't have the body cameras. the sheriff's department just gave them some. >> if we don't have the best equipment to buy with the taxpayer money we're going to be liable for whatever happens. >> the sheriff is having officers working, walking a beat in the downtown area. he instructed them to get out
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know people and develop trust. it is good. we have a town and god god good to see them around. >> safety comes down to staffing. officials say despite the majority of the officers walking off the job now six of them are back on the force. the town has to pay overnight to deputies to help where needed. it will take money to get the department up to date. the driver accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in the south end is facing an indictment for second degree murder. gregory wheeling was charged with felony death by vehicle. he was leaving a panthers game when he hit kelly putnam. she was a waitress on south boulevard. according to the documents his level was .13. his attorneys have state putnam
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path of the car. campaign 2016 the candidates squared off in another debate this time on the uni vision a lot of questions zeroed in on the immigration issues. hillary clinton was asked if donald trump was a racist. she laughed and said the first to call him out when he made comments about mexicans being rapists. they will never elect a president that insults mexicans. and donald trump is back campaigning here in the tar heel state. he had his sights set on the next prize, we have ohio where you have an absentee governor. we're going to have -- no, we're going to have, we'll do great in ohio. >> trump leads john kasich. and ohio voters head to the
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ahead of the primary next week just go to to see the very latest on all the candidates. tonight people are paying their respects to the former first lady nancy reagan. paul ryan visited the reagan library to visit nancy reagan. the public will be allowed to file past the casket through tomorrow only invited guestss, however, will attend friday's funeral. the president of charlotte's lgbt chamber has resigned over criticism with the sex offender status. and chad severance was accused of a sex offense against a child a survey by the chamber during discussions over the non-discrimination ordinance. it allows transgender people to use the restroom of their choice.
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because of the record. next at 11. concerns in charlotte that u.s. immigration officials are targeting children who are here illegally. >> i'm concerned about the fafact we're targeting these type of students. >> the play for a school official to step in. a shoplifter pointing a gun as he make as run out of this store. the crews to track him down. officers go beyond and above to surprise a boy for his birthday. how it changed a family's perspective on police. this is wbtv. charlotte's best choice for news at 11 and
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while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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new concerns from the latin american coalition after a student was arrested by
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to the bus stop. the 18-year-old was arrested back in january. he is in the country illegally years. he has papers for temporary status. leaders say he should not have been taken from his family. >> he has no criminal record no gang affiliation that would make him a priority. >> and wbtv knows of four cms students picked up by ice. two have been deported and two are in jail. the student is currently in jail in georgia. he will be deported in two weeks. the coalition wants cms to write a letter to help in the appeal. when shoplifters steal it is discrete but in my investigation, one man turned the five finger discount into a armed robbery. two armed robbery.
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burlington coat factory. they thought he may be homeless. when he took a suitcase he started filling it up with clothes. he was told he would have to pay for everything but he dashed through showing a gun and warning an employee to stay put. foe the away with underwear and slacks. it heats police to think he was in need. >> it is sad but we know that you not use violence to get what you need. they have not found him. call crime stoppers. it does not pay, crime stoppers does. all new at 11 a photo getting attention on social media. three officers celebrating a boy's birthday. >> paul that's a story behind the photo that is touching. and sarah blake-morgan sittings down with the officers who went beyond the call of duty and changed a family's perspective on police.
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don't always welcome the police. they see associated with something negative. >> andrea perry lives in one, they are three cars deep. we said they're coming to get someone, william butler and shawn hess were trying to serve a warrant in perry's complex. they a wrong address and started talking. >> she offered us chicken. free food why not. >> gave them a bowl i thought they were going to take the chicken and go. clearly no we talked i was telling them how my son wants to be a police officer. >> they saw an opportunity. >> he kind of just hit a spot. >> he was kind of sceptical talking to them at first because of what is going on in the media. once i got a feel for them i realized they're good guys i said don't be scared you can talk to them.
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not before they learned about the boy's upcoming birthday. they came back a few days later. >> we went out. and we got a lig lego set and cake. >> he was smiling ear to ear, they were not even working that day, which was more touching they went above and beyond. you put on the uniform to come out when this is your time. >> moments like this are not for attention according to the officers, but to make a difference. >> the next generation we're not someone to fear they should not be afraid of us but look at us as a symbol of hope now they do. >> out of ten of them. nine are great guys. so the nine of you good guys have to stand up. >> in charlotte. >> thank you. >> sarah blake-morgan, wbtv on your side. >> there was one more officer involved with the birthday surprise, trevor gail was not
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blake-morgan today but he should be recognized. all new at 11 a state of emergency, storms are hammering the state. evacuations and rescues because of the rising water and it went up over the trucks. the system fueled severe storms and tornadoes in texas. the weather service confirms three tornadoes that hit three different communities. all that from the same system that is making its way and has us. >> that's the key. several days. it is across the valley the flooding will get the headline over the tornadoes. they will get it down there on par with a land landfalling hurricane. we're talking 20 inches of rain in the area. and again it is low land there. there is no place to drain. we'll show you the system it moves across the mississippi valley. it will get here.
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closely and tracking it, there the radar extending from all the way up into, say, the memphis area and middle mississippi valley. and this is what i was talking about, they're in some locations exceeding 16 inches of rain fall. i-20 was closed between monroe and shreveport. it will impact us. let's start with thursday. the first alert forecast there it is 77 degrees that is what we hit. low clouds over the day break hours. we'll take you through 11. but it looks like that is going to run out of gas. the engine with the system the upper level low is anchored over
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the showers start running out of the support. not tomorrow. 73 at noon. and we pointed out late in the afternoon. upper 60s. if any showers get in the region it will be in the mountains. outside of that low chances in the foothills. very nice. low to mid-70s. and good evening look at this south carolina, you will take a run at 80 tomorrow. we have not hit 80 yet buts 79. of showers. now by friday let's look here. it is disorganized.
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working its way more and more into the carolinas and we'll three a chance for sunday. sunday is the peak e. a half inch of rape with organized rain through sunday and tacking on more there on monday as well. one last look. let's recap through friday, saturday. rain sunday and into monday. you know what we're going to keep the readings through next week. that's the way it is. back to you. >> thank you, eric. the group fighting toll lanes on i-77 is holding a meeting to discuss the failures of a similar project in texas. it will present their analysis of the private stole business
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town headline. they will meeting will be after the ghost ordered the secretary to look at the project after a similar project in texas went bankrupt. >> programming note. we'll bring you coverage of the acc basketball tournament from noon to 4 their they are. the young and restless will air on bounce tv at regularly scheduled times.
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to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist
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it panthers busy day. resigned mike tobert and signed johnson. they turned down money to go elsewhere. preaching unity. they are not resigning the punter. and hosting the former charlotte franchise the pelicans. and nicholas came out strong
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nice behind the back pass. , and reached a milestone. number 500 coming up here. went down the stretch. it was tied and then walker took over. take a look. 35 points. and more nets host detroit. that's a kick move by walker. >> acc tournament. nc state plays great. barber scored 29. and got them they blew the third second half lead. marshall plumly got bloody. they will take on notre dame. you can watch the games on wbtv.
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charleston charlotte a winner. they are continuing as they face middle j.c. tennessee. jamery mc murray. and which tires they are going to bring to cms for the races. they learned a lot of things and what to expect but not too much. >> can you learn how you stack up against the others here, does your car feel good or awful and have an idea what is coming back or idea what you need to work on coming back. but as far as a finetuning deal, you flow we're a ways from the race.
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we thank you for joining us tonight. 77 degrees tomorrow. it will be warm. you will sleep warm tomorrow and come back and see us again. speak out is an expression of opinion from the editorial board at wbtv t is presented by the general manager. unless you have been away on vacation, you probably know that next tuesday is north carolina primary election. this is actually the week that civic organizations and media outlets encourage you to exercise your right to vote. we call it a privilege and a responsibility is all of those
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the primary has been moved up from may to march for the first time. now there are a lot of viable candidate to choose. the nominees had been decided by the time we got to vote. we have a colorful assortment of wannabes, republican or democrats, you have a candidate for the way you want the nation to proceed. and if you don't vote for your favorite we may seed in a direct that you cannot tolerate. the same is true for elections as well. no one can make you vote but wouldn't you rather have a stay in how it are run or leave that to the guy up the street with whom you disagree.
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>> make a different be a be there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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( band playing intro music ) ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey! hey! welcome to "the late show." ( cheers and applause ) that's nice. i can use it. thanks so much, everybody. thanks so much for being here. lovely. this is lovely to have an audience with that kind of
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i really appreciate it. welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. and i am so glad you're here, i am so glad you're excited. i do need your energy because i don't want to be alone right now. i just heard something shocking. youifies like kraft macaroni and cheese? ( cheers and applause ) , of course, you do. you're human beings. of course, you love it. well, brace yourself, because kraft has announced that they've gone natural. yeah, yeah, yeah. that was my reaction because i first assumed that natural meant they were doing their products in the buff, but it's even more upsetting than that. when they say "natural," they mean they have removed all artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes from their classic mac and cheese recipe. i don't get it. i don't get it.


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