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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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conklin, he has the latest models and tracking when the rain will hit. he has more details in the first alert weatherb- center. >> al: out therehis morning, dry conditions, fair amount of cloud cover around like the last couple$qb mornings, going back to the map you can see we have a frontal system that sort of extends from pennsylvania on down through in georgia and in alabama. that front is going to make progress today. as it does, we'll see changes. we'll still win up d the upper 70s near 80, one of the warmest days in a long time. but behwind that front you will see changes that will take place over the weekend. will bring rain and cooler temperatures. no rain in stallings, dry here is the forecast starting off at 64 this morning. mostly cloudy skies mid-day. 76, very very small chance for shower this aernoft but high temperature, 80. muggy, mild, temperatures in the mid 60s. coming home from work and school a lot of cloud cover, watching
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tomorrow cooler, low 70s here in charlotte, in the 60s up around the i-40 corridor. there are cnges on the way. i'll talk about those in detail and what to expect because i think sunday isz' the wetter day of the weekend. all the details with the seven day pnner. right now check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic charlotte. taking a live look i-77 west boulevard, again, running smoothly here through the center of charlotte thisorning. coming in from lake[: norman, 16 minutes, 65-miles-per-hour. that's the average commute time this time of the morning. davidson down to huntersville and all the way up to 485, you're running in the green. most of our majors in the charlotte area, 77, 85 looking okay. providence road, albermarle, wt harris, no snificant delays. coming northbound out of the rock hill area, current drive
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64-miles-per-hour. minutes away from weather and morning. >> john: 5:31, we're getting a look at t results from a student assignment survey taken by thousands of parents of student the at charlotte-mecklenburg schools.> that cld determine where your child goes to school in the future. wbtv's mark davenport joins us live in charlotte with mhucore on this story, so mark, what are want the school board to consider as they are making their plans? >> reporter:ohn, the no. 1 prioritycros a the board was students staying in schools close to home. more than 27,000 people took the cms student assignment survey. results are here in the 200 plus page document. we went through it for you so you didn't have to. i want to give you the results from the dument. according to the resultsarents in mecklenburg county say having kids in schools close to home is far more important than racial and income diversity.
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parents were asked to rank the three most important factor in choosing schools. 46% said no. 1 factor i staying in the neighborhood. 16% said the school staff was in the top of their list. only 3% of all parents said racial diversity was the most importantactor when choosing schools. 1% said income diversity was\\ important. numbers varied across six districts in mecklenburg county. the findings designed to guide the school board as they make policy changes and what they decideould chaend a affect the school year of 2017-2018. to dig deeper in the survey responses, go to our website,, we have a link in the story the 200 pag document if you wantdh to go through it for yourself you can. we also have an outline of the document as wellr on our website. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv onour side. >> christine: mark, thank you. 5:33 now, get overo kristenr miranda, she has news breaking
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local neighborhood here in charlotte. you just found out details in the atlert center. >> krien: stow you on apple tv the area we're talking about. take a close look on the screen, thiss i sandy porr road is the main road on the left. steel chase drive, thats i the ar where theubble is. look at t twitter account for charlotte water, they're saying it will be about three more hours until this water proembl in this area is fixed. you can see here a contractor accidentally hit? a pipe so they are making bottled water available at thew intersection of steel chase with sandy porter and if you live in the area you don't have to boil water, the crews will run hydrants to make sure that is not a problem but you mig have dcoloisd water, they are saying run the water on th cold side until it is clear and you should b fine. three more hours until the water problem is fixed in this area of
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we will keep a eye on this and let you know asoon as any developments and things might be back toss normal. >> christine: also new, military officials are looking into whether checals its firefighting foam may havexv contaminated ground water at&r>3 600 sites nationwide. 26 of those sighs are in south carolina. one of tsshe sites listed is the old fire training area at charlotte douglas internationalz9 airport. >> john: new information about an inmate who escaped from a prison in rock hill and caught in grgia. zachary reeves walked away from the catawba pre-release center, serving eight years for burglary, he was caught in georgia he confessed to dozens of crimes in the state including shooting a homeless man and a dog. he told police he drew the line at shooting a pole officer. >> if a police officer wereo try to stop me that i was going to try to run but if iet ughtca was definitely not
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>> he faces up to 20 charges in georgia f his conssedferime spree, also facing extradition to south carolina. >> christine: a federal appeals court says north carolina can issue specialty antiabortion license plates while refusing to also produce tags for those who are pro-abortion rights. appeal court ruled they can issue the license plates. judges decided paslates amount to government speech and that north carolina officials are free to state disagrees. givejn you a live look at the commute. watching more than a dozen.y cameras each morning here on wbtv. this is one of them, i-77t a west boulevard exit, good amount of cars on the interstate for the 5:00 hour. commuting this morning, otherwise, no major back-ups to speak of. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic onbtv wws this mo ing. let's go to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: out there this morning,
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cover but again, there is a fair amount of green on the map, but that is north and west of us. we have gray over us. we should be dry here for most of the day here today. but as we go in the deeper part of the afternoon there is a chance we could get in little bit of rain. ryve spotty. excellent visibility, fog not an issue, that isy[ hd tower cam from scott clark nissan honda, oking good this morning. ouro= numale fishing forecast, 64 this morning. enough sunshine to get us in the mid 70s by noon. late this afternoon close to 80. if we do that, the fir time to 80 since october 23rd. that is going back a ways. very very small chance for a shower this afternoon. amie wright sent in a picture of her daughter hannah, excited over her big catch on lake hickory. a twin sister, i showed you her picture yesterd, haley, equal time, now we have both girls off
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school where they are excellent fourth grade students. we should be 62 for aigh. our current temperature is 62 degrees. we're headed near 80 this afternoon. let you know about a cool-down over the weekend, i'll have that in the seven day forecast in a cofuple minutes, 5:37 back over to you, christine. >> christine: two grandmothers go on a wil ride in a hot car. video going viral ahead in what's friending.`uo. trending. we'reu@f wearing blue to celebrate national boys and
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`\*xw\mch > christine: donut media sent
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and it is going viral. take a peek. >> hey! >> wow, ty got to ride around in a lamborghini, turning heads and: getting hit o. they hit on. it has a down side when they went for >> where are we going to put the stuff? >> i'm clue-less. >> what mistake trunk? >> the video has nearly three million views. >> they won'tb< be doing an ad forg=o> lam bor gene knee any time soon. >> i think they.7d
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you may want to grab an umbrella, another very very warm day on the way. yesterday, up to 78 degrees, despite the fact a fair amount of clouds around, we will be in the neighborhood today, maybe a smidge warmer. rain is on the edges, not much happening across the north or sout carolina but a warm front and cool frontystem back to the west o us. all that is coming in our direction. let's go through futurecast, stop this at 8:00, fair amount of cuds,loot much rain around. as i go towd the noon hour, a co le showers trying to sneak in the mountains and by 4:00, we have a stripe of rain here just north of i-40, maybe one or two showers trying to sneak in the meo area. most of this is going to be very spotty and light. no more than a 20-30% chance of rain, 30% for the mountains, 20% for the piedmont through the afternoon on in the evening hours. there is a 70-80% it won't do anything, it may not look all that great with the clouds around but not a lot of wet
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metro school camera, dry conditions in charlotte. the clouds, yes, they are thick d yes, overcast butxpec e they will thin quite a bit like they did yesterday, at least during the midday hours. 62, south breeze at 6-miles-per-hour. overcast right now, that is helping to kp the temperatures up, 60 in boone, 60 hickory, 63 concord, 62 salisbury, 62 down around shelby. you will be in the mid to upper 60s, 30% chance of rain as the wind shifts to the north later this afternoon. rest of us that front pbably takes a little whileo get here, uppero 70s, your chance of rain in the foothills only at 20%, like wise in the piedmont, 80 statesville, mooresville, charlotte, 81 gastonia, probably in the lower 80s toward the sand hills,9*/ery v very small chance of any rain there, probably no rain cheraw, pageland, sunshine with clouds mixed most of the afternoon. high pressure is now starting to push this front south of us.
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could see the band of clouds here, lots of gray, not much green. 6:00, justq- gra an umbrella if you're heading out, overnight you see a little bit of rain but by tomorrow morning at 8:00, a lot of this is dissipating as the front pushes to the south of us, there is a norther brelye as the high goes by across virginia and out to sea, what happens that is front just washes away sunday and w turn our attention to the major system back to the west, that is going to!tuu break loose and come eastward, the best opportunity for rain coming sunday into sunday nig and monday, lower chances for saturday, most of it pre-dawn and as we go in the day sunday we get in the rain. sun-up at 6:39, normal low is 38 degrees, 62 right now is what the normal high would be here in the early stages of march. 80 for today, maybe a light shower late the day and in the evening. 61 tonight, early rain tomorrow en sunshine, 72. best chance for showers and
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from the geto, that will linger in monday and we dry out and warm back up, looks good early next week. that is the forecast, check in with chris, first alert traffic at 5:45. >> chris: getting ready to start your friday morning commute rolling toward the weekend, roc hill uptown, 21 minutes, 64-miles-per-hour. from concord, center city, 18 minute commute, 66-miles-per-hour. lake norman northbound a.q 15 minutes, average speed, 68. most of the major interstates continue to run in the green, we're seeing a few slow downs down toward south boulevard, provence road and over on north tryon street up in the university city>- area, in center city, 277, thed= john belk and brookshire, no problems there. here is a quick livek look, i-77 west boulevard, still running you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and morning. >> john: the government is about to cash in on a billion dollars
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nydjyza&q]tw you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christinewelcome back, ten minutes before 6:00. >> john: get over to kristen miranda with new details coming in on tense situation at u.s.7 embassy in germany. she is live in the alert center. >> kristen: the daily mail posting in the uk posting a uplecof pictures. we can look at apple tv, i can tell you exactly what happened at the embassy. the u.s.mbassy in berlin. police say a man is inf/ custody after claiming to have had a bomb inside a suitcase he was trying to bring inhe t u.s.
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you can see the suitcase there. police surrounded it. police say the man was turnezsd away at the door of the downtown embassy by security personnel. happened just a short time ago. therea has now been cleared which is good news. police robot has been used to inspect the bag, that process happening right now. police say there are many indications that this man had psychological issues. thats i what they are looking into this morning in berlin as they investigate what really was in that bag. as soon as i hear more i'll bring it to you right away from the alert center. >> christine: the justice department says there is probable cause of t iphhee one of the san bernardino kills contains evidence. federal prosecutors say in a courtilin f government needs access to txshe phone and apple must comply with a court order. colbert. >> i understand why this is important to everybody because privacy is an important issue for everyone.
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citizen. >> lawyers for apple and the justice department will argue magistrate. >> john: 200 cases of the zika infection reported in the u.s. traced to travel abroad. health offls released the numbers yesterday. also pleaded for congress to provide two billion to fight the virus in latin ameri and help prevented i from spreading to the continental u.s. >> christine: students at a high hool in illinoistw getting national attention for showing the true mo@lmeaning of friend>.ship. >> john: nehemiah cole is the student, determined to lose 90 pounds, his classmates vow to work out with him every day until he reachesis h goal. in the first week, he has lost five pounds. hopes to lose the weight before going to college next fall. >> christine: that is great. >> john: good lucko him, wow, terrific they are helping him
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>> john: that can help. >> christine: he needs a team no sugar diet like brigida. you're never more than seven traffic on wbtv news this nklico >> al: a lot of cloud cover, green. the rain is up over west virginia. big break acrossg tennessee, georgia in alabama. there is a frontal system that will slide in from the north today, a back door front, not coming in from the west, coming in from the northouill w see chances for clouds, they are pretty good for the day, this is 8:00, not much rain. as we gd!et toward the late afternoon hours, we get in few showers especially from i-40 northward, less, -- light rain south. i coun't rule out a potty shower in the metro area -- spotty shower. if you have plans and forget the umbrella you're probably going to be okay. out there this morning, we have dry conditions in charlotte. metro school camera.
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bees, despite the cloud cover. 64 this morning. 76 lunch time, near 80his afternoon. pollens are high but here's the good news, allergy sufferers, with the clouds and breezes and little bit of rain. looks better going in the weekend. things will be improving but maple, elm and juniper high right now. that is the forecast, look=\ at seven day planner at 6:00. chris has first alert traffic right now. >> chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. looking live at independence expressway from morningside, no problemsunning along smoothly, across the charlotte area most of the major highways are still running in the green. we are seeing a few slow downs out there but most of them secondary,orth tryon in university city area. coming in from lake norma on 77 in the green to 485, concord and kannapolis also lkingooood this morning. so matthews, center city, 13 minutes, 47-mile1s-per-hour. average drive time.
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concord to center cy, 21 mites,nu 66-miles-per-hour. that a c'sck of traffic. christine, over to you. >> christine: we continue to follow breaking news out of west charlotte, police investigating a carjacking and shooting near johnson c. smith university. at the top of the hour anoerth live report from ashton pellom. >> john: congressional races won't count in next tuesday primaryn north carolina, but wee getting a clearer picturemp what could happen with district 12 inecklenburg county, not everyone is happy. we have the details. you're watching wbtv news
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out of west charlotte, a live look a t roslyn avenue near johnson c. smith university, police just cleared the scene oftr a carjacking and shooting investigation. ashton pellom first bke tro ory,ste will have a live report in a moment. plus -- >> very few people who don't think this is a bad idea. >> john: renewed opposition to the i-77 toll lane project. widen i-77 details similar projects. >> welcomeo wbtv news this morning on friday, march 11th, it's 6:00, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. kristen miranda is in the alert center. >> kristen: watching coverage out of memphis and parts of losiana they are still dealing with rain and flooding, i'll show you pictures coming up from the the alert center. >> john: let's get started with charlotte's most experienced morning meteoroclogist, al conklin.
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not much in the way of rain. chances are you won't need the umbrella or rain gear today. you have rain up to the north of us over west virginia, rain back across alabama and eventually the frontal system will have an impact on our weather over the next 24 hours, but not so much this morning. heading out the door for work and school, metro school camera, a lot of clouds, dry conditions and very mild out there. our current temperature in charlotte is at 60. we'r at 64 at 8:00, 76t lunch time t, very, very small chance at 4:00, 20%. 80% it does nothing. temperature tomorrow, hickory, morganton, lenoir, statesville likely to b inehe 60s tomorrow, i'll explain why and rain gear tomorrow in the seven you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte.


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