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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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not much in the way of rain. chances are you won't need the umbrella or rain gear today. you have rain up to the north of us over west virginia, rain back across alabama and eventually the frontal system will have an impact on our weather over the next 24 hours, but not so much this morning. heading out the door for work and school, metro school camera, a lot of clouds, dry conditions and very mild out there. our current temperature in charlotte is at 60. we'r at 64 at 8:00, 76t lunch time t, very, very small chance at 4:00, 20%. 80% it does nothing. temperature tomorrow, hickory, morganton, lenoir, statesville likely to b inehe 60s tomorrow, i'll explain why and rain gear tomorrow in the seven you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris, first alert sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte.
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those traffic cameras here across the region. watching f anything that might morning commute. if you're coming in from lake 65-miles-per-hour. 77 looking good right now, catawba avenue, down to gilead running in the green. develop. here across the charlotte area, most of our highways and roads are continuing to run in the green. northbound 77 coming out of rock hill this morning, curb drive ti for you is 21 minutes with an average speed of -miles-per-hour. and that is a check of traffic, john, over to you. >> john: get back to breaking news in west charlotte that wbtv first broke, police are investigating a shooting that happened in connection to a carjacking. the victim was found on rozzelles ferry near johnson c. smith university. ashton pellom was theirst to report this story on socl media, and he joins us now live from the scene. ashton, what can you tell us?
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what i can tell you right now the victim is recbdovering in the hospital. he was shot twice, once in the arm, once in the leg earlier this morning. that is what police tellw me. currently on the corner of roslyn and turner where police cleared the scene, they believe the shooting happened in this area and that victimmu ended uptw walking toozzelles ferrytw road. take you to video i shot eaier. around 3:00 this morning the victim thankt you can see right there in the video, was flagged down by the shooter in the case. they sayf+d when the victim stopped to help or do whatever to help the shooter, that i^zs when he was shot twice. once in the arm, once in the leg. at that time the shooter then rjaccad the vicm and took off. that victim was taken to the hospital again withf non-life threatening injuries and the search for the car and shooter has been oner since. since -- on ever since. the shooter got away with the
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trying to get the story straight with the victim. is at the hospital right now, trying to see exactly what happened this morning. as soon as they get iormanfon from him we'll relay that information to you on air and online at one interesting nugget, the victim may have told police he was a security guard, i asked police if this is t case, police have not confirmedhat. t an hing else coming out of the case we'll update you on air and online at reporting live in west charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> john: it has been a busy week for charlotte-mecklenburg police. >> christine: they investigated at least seven shootings since monday morning. police have identified a man shot and killed in east charlotte yesterday. that happene at parkland near wt harris boulevard. police say three men total were shot including 24-year-old michaelg jeffries, jr., the one who died at the sne.ce
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stirring up fears for them. >> it is kind of scary to know it can help next door to your ho and the fact i was home with my grandfather the other day, you don't know that i happening right outside your door and you c outside and a crime scene unit. >> no one charged in connection with the shooting, anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 704-334-1600. >> john: police have arrested a person they say stole a medic ambulance in north charlotte. happened at mid need on albermarle and denburg grief. thief. the ambulance was not damaged. police invesgating after a car overturned north of uptown charlotte. lton avenue. when pice got tre, there was no one in the vehicle. on >> christi: thne fight to stop the controversial i-77 toll lane project continues.
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deil the reseah it did on similar toll lane projects\w( ross the country. wbtv's mark davenport has the results in his hand right now. so what did they have to say, mark, at this3* meeting? >> reporter: christine, the research was a deep dive in the failure of the toll lane project in texas, the same project that north carolina transportation secretary went out to check on earlier on this week on mony. want to get you to video showing you what this town hall w3m$yas like in cornelius yesterday. widen i-77 a group against the toll laneac packed out the town hall meeting. when tyhe presented the findings of the texas size collapse of the toll lanes, people wer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ glued to the research h. after the road opened in 2012, it was declared technically bankrupt in 2014. twoears later, last wee bankruptcy was filed on that highway. they also highlighted flures of other private and public partnersp tohi lanes across
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widen i-77 research suggests daily round trip tolls could be upwards of $15 here in charlotte if it continues to gohrou t. that is a price taghis group is not willing to pay. >> a different boat going down the same river or the same water feel. failure. we've seen that in tex. this one is.f also setp to be afz failure. >> reporter: now, we talk to ncot,-dhey told us they are standing by the project during the re-evaluation and what happened in texas will not happen here in north carolina, howeveriden w i-77 a0bre not buying that. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side.lz >> john: 6:06, early voting for next week's north carolina primary election continues 1:00. so far more than 38,000 votes coty. the congressional races won't count in tuesday's primary even though they will be on the ballot. state lawmakers decided to delay
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they were ordered to redraw the congressiona districts earlier this year. filing for those races actually begins next week and the 12th district encompassing mecklenburg county will be a hotly contested race. congresswoman alma adams is moving to charlotte as she fights to keep her 12th district seat. adam is from guilford county whicc*h used to be in the 12th district until the changes. other candidate,zk malcolm graham and c09arla cunningham, rodney moore and tricia cotham are considering the seat. when north carolina's 12th district was created thentent was to deliver minority representiontaut many think that may be in jeopardy. >> gen.y what the general assembly has done, strong possibility tt seat might be lost. >> reverend woods of first baptis west tells wbtv he's concerned too many candidates of
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and provide a path of victory for nonminority candidate. >> christine: campaign 2016 took a violent turn during a donald trump rally in faye eville. you will see what happens, police eortisc people out up the stairs and you saw that one man thr a punch right to the person who was being escorted out. there it is in slow motion. the man is 78-year-old john mcgraw, now facing assault charges. mcgraw told "inside edition" the man deer deserved it. still plenty ahead on wb news this morx^ning. >> john: a man reels in the o< catch of a lifetime off the coast of south carolina. how long it tkoo him to reeln >> christi: wow. >> john: before we go to break, a quick check of first alert
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in charlotte, 60 degrees now, and 59, 60 degrees, that is the temperatures around the area. a live look at current traffic conditns, things are moving smoothly, we'll have more
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/'.fssr. live from charlotte, this is wbtv news\h this morning. >> john: 6:12, we have several stories you want to be around for in the 6:30 half hour. at 6:33, south carolina governor nikki haley set to vis lancaster county today. we have a look ahead to the opening avenue facility that is creating hundreds of jobs. plus, didab you file your 2012 tax return? at 6:4 why the irs may make4
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the carolinas. get over to kristen miranda. >> christine: live in the alert ceer wnth live ptures she has been monitoring out of louisiana. getting hit hard with rain. >> kristen: i've been watching this poor report near louisiana getting soaked this morning. he's getting ready to do a live report in the new orleans area. you can see behind him all the rain that is falling, really easy to see, just the way the wind is blowing that rain and the water we're seeing, take us full and we can see if he starts to do that live report. i want to tell you louisiana governor, the governor of louisiana is planning the trip to the northern part of the state. he will visithe t areas that have been slammed by rain. if the weather permits he wil tour shreveport and shelter in nroe. some of the levies in the areas
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this isn't moving. >> al: thi may be a busy governor, going up where they were hard-hit yesterday he may wind upcing in this area over the next 24 hours. i've seen reports upwards of -- off the scale here. up to 24 inches of rain. this i almost like a hurricane situation. e fthoding is intention down acro the gulf coastv rbegion. really bad. >> kristen: they need to get it out of there, al thanks so much. back to you guys. >> christine: this morning a catch of a lifetime for fisherman off the south carolina coast. you have to watch^ this. >> wean't c stop this thing. we have seen it a few timr5'jes. came twice out of the wer. and -- we are going for it now. enormous.zb*i enormous. >>hris cne: that is the moment before he pulled this out of the]r water! a 2500 pound great white! the group caught the shark off
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took four hours to reel it in. when the group gott closeo enough, they tagged it and let it loose. wo >> john: i would have cut the fishing line before i did that. i don't think i wld have wanted him that close to the boat. golly. i wonder what test poundine they were using. >> christine: i don't know. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv ne thiws morning. how about that for a big catch, al. >> al: scary thing that is still out there somewhere. i didn't want to see that thing. that is amazing. out thegcre this morning we have a lot of gray but you notice where the green is,ts up across virginia and in the western part back across the alabama area, that frontal system is going to be on the move and so while we're up close toqy 80, won't last much longer very very warm weather. our short term futurecast suggests cloud cover this morning but not much gray.
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i-40 northward, you get in owersh very very spotty showers south of the charlotte area, but again, by 8:00 this evening, an 80% chance it is still dry in your nghborhood. rain chances will be very low during the daylight hours. king street in boone,, dry there, 60. you will wind up in the upper 60s this afternoon, 30% chance of raiforou y folks. in charlotte a gorgeous sunrise, afternoon temperature getting near 80. we do that, the first time since late october. seven day planner around the corner, chris with first alert traffic right now. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. keeping an eye on your friday morning commute, as we roll toward the rush hour, he is a live look, 77 out at the rest area comin off the south carolina state line.t9 looks good there. seeing delays building, arboretum area, highway 51, providence road, slow downs al
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john belk,77 t 2 the brookshire, no problems. heading in center city tonight, rnetho taking on the detroit pistons at 7:00 p.m., heavier traffic in and around time warner cable arena. at is a check of the morning commute christine, over to you. >> christine: has ahz 12-year-old solvedpx defoods lateate, g that is on "cbs thist[ morning." >> christine: unc and duke in action at the acc tournament. if you missed the game, we have
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tonight:kb2uu&)yfj5hw\o_ig1o;^w+zfee w; >> john: 20 after 6:00.
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look at this, a gorgeous+ sunrise, charlotte skyline scene from scott clark nissan hda hd tower cam, looks so nice, that orange and all with the sun and clouds. let' get over to kristen miranda, she is live in the alert center with details on deadly apartment fire ino kentucky. >> kristen: every been keeping an eye on this fire. devastation on the scene. isthire started overnight, a short time ago, and the building just destroyed. look at what is left, not much at all. fine official does confirm two people died at the scene, third died at a nearby hospital. several others are critically jurein we will watch their conditions and look for a cause on what started this fire. back to you. >> christine: thank you, kristen. j: the acc mens basketball tournament enters the semifalsin in washington d.c.
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of business$ gets the pittsburgh panthers. brice johnson put in 19 points and grabbed0 1 boards they won 88-71. set to take on the winneqhsr of\s duke versus notre dame, grayson allen 27sz the half. fighting irish emphasis fighting force night overtime, that is where notre dame would tak control as they win 84-79. here is a look at the schedule. this notre dame and unc tipoffo=t at 7:00. they played each other last year. that is a huge one. followed by the second semifinal between miami and virginia, that ps off at 9:00. u can watch all the action live right here on wbtv so keep it tune in here. we don't want you to miss your normal programming, some of you watch somew of our cbs evening programs
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look for. amazing race will air sunday morning now at 12:05 a.m. hawaii five-0 follows 1:05. blue bloods will air sunday morning at 3:05. so set your dvrs so you can catch those programs and if you missed what we just announced here, it is posted on the home page on our website at >>l: big games. i know the focus on the acc and sec and college tournaments the hoets are in town. five straight wins now, in fifth place, first 7500 in the door get one of thoseight r there. bofobble head from jemyer lin. he's looking at kristen miranda. show you what is going on weather-wise. temperatures that have been in the 60s and 70s all week long, today we do something different. weay m get close to 80, if it does happen and i thinkt will, first time since october 23rd. that isow h warm we' getting
6:24 am
we have a frontal system up to the north of us and to the west of us. there is cloud cover out there, but even with the clouds yesterday weot to7 78. i think we can do this again today, notice again a little bit of rain trying to break out here and there, this is very spotty and light if you forgetcj the rain gear you're probably fine. 4: from i-40 northward a beer chance, 30% chance of a shower. rest of us are dry until this evening. even then only a 20% chance if you're out and about. overnight the rain chances go up a little bit and then they are gone after mid-day tomorrow. boy, what a gorgeous sunrise from lake norman from our camera at, very pretty in charlotte as we look offoward the east. you have to have cloud cover to get the pretty sunrise, mostly cloudy skies,0outh breeze at 5. there is humidity at 86%. for today, starting off in the upper 50s to low 60s, 61 concord, monroe, lancaster, 58
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lincolnton and rock hill, highs near 80, very small chance for shower. if you're heading to the horne(ts game, should be close to 70, that rain chance no more than 20%. so again,on't cancel any plans. high pressure to the north of us will push the front through. so overnight, this is 60 this evening, couple light showers around, thenhe front goes south of us. much cooler day tomorrow, you wille in the 60s, north ofr] i-40 and a few spotty showers in the morning, then this front basically run out of gas, by sunday we turn our attentiono t the cold front back to the west. that will bring us a better opportunity for showers and even thunderstorms so i sti thill as i have all along, sunday will be the weteray of the weekend, there will be a lot of clouds tomorrow and again at least a small chance for rain, inly early in the day. ven day forecast, late shower ssible this afternoon, in the evening, otherwise, near 80, 61c tonight,arly rain showers around tomorrow, clouds break for sun, cooler, 72, better
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sunday into monday, we warm back up, upper 70s next week. sunshine in the forecast. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffion wc v news this morning. here's chris. >> chris: al, thank you, traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. i-77 out at the south carolina state line, volume of traffic just beginning to pick up a bit. still running smoothly as you work your way up to 485. if you're coming in from gastonia from 321 on to 77, or 85 in center city, 18 minutes, 68 miles an hour. still running in the green up to lowell, mcanville, belmont, 485 this morning. across the charlotte area, most of the majors looking good. we're seeing slow downs here north tryon up toward university city area, old concord road up to roc river, expect a slow down there in both directions. down to the south, northbound 77 coming out of rock hill this morn g, current drive time for rock hill, take a check here, we're rning at 21 minutes, 66-miles-per-hour. that is a check of t morheng
6:27 am
games coming to the north carolina eduyucation lottery. >> john: we'll tell you aboutd$ the new games being considered by lottery officials. you don't want to miss this. you're watching wbtv news this morning it's 6:26, we'll be right back. #d this afternoon at nkindu save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or ssage today. f america runs on dunkin'. vu'h\mxp >> christine: next at 6:30, charlotte-mecklenburg schools releasing survey results on student assignment, the theme parents want their childre tn go to schools close to home. >> john: nikki haley is set to be in our area today, will help open a facility in lancaster county that will create hundreds of jobs. >> christine: kristen miranda
6:31 am
get herring hands on;>ygetting hernp hands on live video. >> john: i'm john carter it is 6:30. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. get you caught up on weather there are changes in store for us, meteorologist al conklin has more. >> al: incredible sunrise from lakemc norman from the, gorgeous pink-orange sky, cloud cover out there, really pretty and very light winds out of the south, not much water stirring around there just yet. 60 in charlotte, 63 at lake norman, 62 harrisburg, 57 tega cay. in boone, 61 monroe, lancaster and chester, 61 concord, a very mild start to the day, warm finish upper 70s near 80, rain chancesre very sl, 80%, 20% means an 80% chance it doesn'tut do anything. good news for you! chris, allergy situation should improve over the weekend because we get r8ain we get rid of the pollens. you have been sneezg all week.
6:32 am
out of the air. gorgeous sunrise at the lake. >> al: really nice. >> chris: traffic, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. t'sleo up in the cornelius lake norman area, this is i-77 inbound mile marker 22. volume rather3 heavy, northbound as well beginning to pick up let's take a look at drive time, kela norman, center city, 15 minutes, 65 miles an hour right now. looking at the mapping system you see in theo green from catawba down to t huntersville, gilead road and ham bright. delays around wt harris2 and albermarle, new accident on freedom at alleghany street. inbound onqi freedom you will will u're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: get over to kristen miranda. >> john: live in the alert center with new details coming in.
6:33 am
from the scene of this situation that we have been talking about chase. mark davenport brings us live pictures. youan see the work ongoing. look at the map that chris larson madeor to u show happening. there it is. sandy pr at steel chase. this has been a situation on-going a couple hours now. a contractor accidentally hit a pipe while making a major -- while doing work there, they have to make a major repair. go back to the live picture you can see the repairs underway. there you go right there. yban hour ago charlotte water thought that would be fixed in from now. we haven't heard any updates on whether thatk)when that might be repaired. they are handing out bottled water. you don't have to boil the water if it comes out of the faucet
6:34 am
run and it should be fine. not sure if two hours is reasonable at this point, if they update the time frame at all we will let you know from the alert center. >> christine: nikki haley will be in lancaster county for a major ribbon cutting ceremony. movement mortgage is set to open the new 22 mlionil dolrla corporater> headquarters and indian land. event with governor haley is at 11:00 this morning. will bring 1500 jobs to the area. joh>> lawmakers asking lottery officials to offer new games, keno and video lottery terminals. lawmakers would have to approvei the video lottery. we're breaking down results of a charlotte-mecklenburg
6:35 am
the results designed to help the school board as it moves toward policy changes that could take effect for the 20118 school year. mark davenport on your side with the biggest finding. >> reporter: john, the no. 18 priority across toard was studts staying in schools close to home. more than 27,000 people took the cms student anmenig survey. results are here in the 200 plus page document. we went through it for you. i want to give you the results from the document. according to the results parent in mecklenburg county say having kids in schools close to home is far more important than rialac and income diversity. take a look at the numbers, parents were asked to rank the three most important factors. 46% sai the no. 1 factor is staying in the neighborhoods. 16% said the school staff, principals and teacher were on the top of the list.
6:36 am
most important factor. 1% said income disveer tee was important. districts. thec findingsp designed to guide policies. 2017-2018./' to dig deefwf7per in the survey responses, go to our website,, weave a link in t story to the 2 page document if you want to go through it for yourself, you can. we have an outline of that document as well on our website. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:36 the time, for a quick look at top stories from across the nation and around^t the world. >> christine: campaign 2016, presidential candidates continue campaigning in states holding primary elections next tuesday!- including the winner take all states of florida and ohio. last night the four remaining gop candidates facedff i o a crucial florida debate during
6:37 am
more substce. marco rubio talked climate change. ted cruz talked national security donald trump doubled down on anti-muslimtr rhetoric. john kasich hopes he got attention talking about real issues.\_ today, ben carson, who has ended hiso>xq presidentialed by st week, is expected to endorse]7 trump. >> john: funeralw service wils be held to day in california for former first lady nancy reagan. she died this week at the agee of 94. michelle obama and hillary clinton will be among those in attendance. >> christine: a live look at commute this morning this stretch is i-77 at mile marker 22. you can see a good bit of car coming southbound here on 77 so more volume here we're seeing in this hour. keep that in mind as you are commuting this morning. we'll let you kno of problems when they happen. now to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks, christine. this morning we're tracking a front back to the west of us and
6:38 am
is yet again this morning. we have a fair amount of clouds around but the rain is back over alabama, mississippi in louisiana and north of us in west virginia and pennsylvania. eventually frontal system will move in our area but will take time;
6:39 am
weekend is in a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: are you a fan of digorno or stouffer frozen meals? a recall you need toe aware of. first a look at what is
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am!tmzzzzo$a=[@].betqrw# on your side right now, you're watching wbtv news this morning. >> christine: let's take a live look at the camera in downtown morganton.twmw temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 70s today. the wbtv and me spotlight has been on morganton all week.
6:43 am
makes your city great. send us pictures of favorite hang out spots, beautiful views ofhe t city. cool shots of the unique areas that make morganton so special in your eyes. and t is a special place. i used to live there, love it. follow us on instagram, use #wbtv and me in the caption you might see the picturezk:] online or on the air. we'll pick a different2o city each week and yours could be next. >> christine: #wbtv and me. on your side with consumer*'s% news. take a closer look inour freezer. nestle is recalling digiorno thin and crewsy spin i pizza and stouffer's chicken lasagne and leanuisi c meals. there may be smallg_ pieces of glass in the food. head's up there. taylor brands formerly as mens warehouse announce pad loans close 250 stores thisear^] y
6:44 am
banks stores. the company says it is part of a cost cutting eort after years of declining sales. th clothing retailer lost a billion dollar in 2015. the company has not said which stores will close. >> john: the government is getting ready to pocket a billion dollars of your money. a million americans w didn't file taxes i 2012 have tax returns of at least $600 waiting for them. 29,000 of those people live in north carolina. another 12,000 in south carolina. th awi combined total of more than $34 million in potential refunds. the deadline to file is april 18th or the government is going to keep your refund. how about that. you have that money out there if yo didt file, check. that is a pocketful. company1fi courld use that. >> christine: 6:44 now, friday, looking forward to the wm:eekend. might not be so nice weather-wise. >> al: not great, not perfect
6:45 am
t i don't think it wl be a saturday. get it out there, first off you can see the frontalystem cool front(z cuts across the commonwealth in virginia, north alabama becomes a warm front where the rich moisture off the gulf of mexico and what will happ is this is going to flop southward and that3 warm front is going to move through but that will be deeper in the weekend. out there right now, we're dry this morning but i do have at least a small chance for a shower late this afternoon but no more than 20% chance of rain. so i wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans for the afternoon and evening hours. high pressure pushing the front southward. this is 6:00 this evening, lots of clouds, lots of gray, not much green. tomorrow, if we get rain will probably be during the early morning hours. by 8:00, a lot of the rain is lifting back northward, as thefr t slides south of us, that means we're cooler tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s and looks like as we go in satury, fdam saturday into sunday, we warm
6:46 am
morning, already getting rain knocking ow:n the door, this is going to comeastward with that warm front and cold front combination, end result is the better opportunity for showers and storms is not saturday, but it is sunday. that is our best chance. for tomorrow i have a 40% chance but early rain, most of the rain should be gone by mid-morning and then just mostly cloudy but cooler not talking 80s,6 60s showing up, especially north of charlotte and then low 70s for the rest of us. going in sunday, again we always thought that would likely be the best opportunity for rain. we sort of ppoint that after that, the front takes its time coming through monday but we week. wouldn't you know it temperatures go back up. we get lingering showers and storms monday into tuesday and wednesday, talking back up near 70s, 80s, we'll bounce back. don't cancel plans, just understand it will be cooler over the weekend and again
6:47 am
damage+_ a shower or or two during the morning on saturday and almost any time on sunday. i don't think it will be an all day rain. getting the sun breaking through the clouds right now, 60 in charlotte at moment, tack on 20. 80 today, first time since october, specifically october 23rd goio>ng to be a warm afternoon. check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: traffisponsored by tota of north charlotte. i-77 southbound at brookshire boulevard, volume picking up, running along smoothly. yet to see anything significant gqon interstates showing you down. 9*77, 85, 485 all rning pretty much in the green this morning. now over toward albermarle and wt harris, slow there on albermarle, disabled vehicle just belowhat, t wt harris boulevard there. area interstate, we'll keep an eye on things, nqoothing snarling the commute right now. minutes away from weather and morning.
6:48 am
kristen miran getting all the latest news coming in the ale center as6 stories are developing this morning. let's cck back in with more severe weather in louisiana. >> kristen: i think this is going to continue to be a big/c story today. i've been peeking in the live stream of our sister station in the new orleans area, this is all that rain al was showing us a short time ago. the reason i looked at this page, school closures, look at the list of school closures in the new orleans area, it is a very long list. it just keepsdf ongoing and that what i they are dealing with to y. officials in northern louisiana are worried that some of the levees could overflow, that is what they are watching. the record-setting flooding has already prompted so man hyh water rescues, three deaths blamed on the rain and the flooding so far in thattate so the governor wl go to some of
6:49 am
christine if the weather allows him to visit to see firsthand what is going on there. >> john: after the break, we'll show you what happened when a group of golfers met a fox on the course. >> cistine: switch over to our sister station bounce tv in a few minutes and talking college basketball with sirius host mark packer, he will be live in the studio to preview the resof the conference tournaments and*o give us a look ahead to selectionunda s that and so much more from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. on bounce. here is whe to find bounce tv based on your cable provider or livestream the newscast at slash live. coming up, we're in louisiana where fears of a breach are forcing evacuations. marco rubio joins us after a more subdued gop debate.p4 we'll ask him about his strategy to win florida. more real newaus coming up on cbs
6:50 am
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pfv^lly >> john: seven minutes before 7:00. top localhj stories. >> christine: breaking newwe have been watching in west charlotte, a man is shot twice during an early morning carjacking. the man was fou on rozzelles ferry road near johnson c. smith university with wounds to his arm and leg. you see medic working wit him here. he is expected to be okay. police are searching for a silver toyota corolla. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> john: more breakg news out of southwest charlotte, a live look at steel chase neighborhood off sandyorter road. water service is being repaired.
6:54 am
was trying to lay down fiber cablr7les ahnd workersamaged a water pipe, water was shut off to 100 customers. these are live pictures, it will be a few more hours until repairs are complete because they found more damaged pipes. charlotte wat iser providing bottled water to affected residents there. than seven minutesway from weather and traffic on wbtv ne conklin. >> al: pretty sunrise this rning.this is from stallings, you can see as we look off toward the east, cloud cover out there but otheise, a very nice start and mild start to the day. we're now at8 5 the morning low here in charlotte as we approach the daybreak time frame, low 60s to the south, mid to upper 50s to the north, boone, very warm, at 60. we hook for mostly cloudy skies, enough sunshine to get us from 64 this morning to 76 at noon. near 80 this afternoon. uneasonablely warm weather, not a record, record is 83, that will hold. tomorrow somewhat cooler but above average. early rain, clouds should break some in the afternoon.
6:55 am
thunderstorms on sunday, in to monday, dry out nicely and back up next week. right now, 58so headed for 80 this afternoon. traffic. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. let's take a look at drive times if you're getting ready to start your friday morning commute. coming out of rockd hill, 21 minutes, 65-miles-per-hour. concord to center city, 18j minutes, 67 miles an hour and lake norman, southbound running at 18 minut in the mid 50s there. here is a look at i-85 near 485 coming out of concord and kannapolis, no problems running along smoothly. we're starting to see, however, volume delays from catawba avenue up to about gilead road, sam furr this morning. overall charlotte commute, most the green. christine. >> christine: kristen miranda >> kristen: flooding in louisiana, we'll talk about to it day.
6:56 am
the areas today officials warning levees are threatened. more on "cbs this morning" as well. the fifth anniversary since the earthquake in japan triggered the tsunami that kill 18,000 people. >> the funeral forq nancy reagan, ladies be there there. >> a day of golf in ireland takes a strange turn. >> john:cameras rolling as a fox approached one of the golfers bags and srtsiggi d around and then takes off with the man's wallet. >> the man realized what happened, chases the fox, you saw the fox dropped the wallet after a few feet. look at him go. i wonder what was in there that made himfu want it? credit cards? >> john: cash? >> christine: that ever happen to you on the>' golf course?
6:57 am
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9h captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 11th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." stability finally takes center stage at the latest republican debate, but donald trump faces questions about violence at his rallies. deadly flooding rces thousands from their homes. in louisiana, a levee could break at any moment. the wounded warriors project fires its top two executives after cbs news reveals lavish spending by the veterans charity. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eyepene o" your world in 90 seconds. >> we are all in thi together. we are going to come upith


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