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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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president? >> well, jamie, they tell me her 3w-7bd is questionable -- boston police department is questionable and background is questionable and it was a party like atmosphere at this protest with cake and all. the cake reads go home, margaret. students stood outside the union for more than an hour telling others why they think the new president is wrong for the university. they wrote messages why they feel that way. the protestors claim spelling's background says a lot about her. it includes being a major act protect of the -- architect of the no child left behind law and has had relationships with a for protest university and -- for-profit university and students fear she will allow the university to make a profit off of students by raising tuition.
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spelling $775,000 a year salary in the midst of budget cuts. spelling said she heard the criticism but wants students to get to know her and here is what students had to say. >> that is interesting stance to have because we do not get that right. we have to give transcripts any staff has to have a criminal background check. it seems that we have to hit standards to come here but margaret spelling her background does not matter. >> they will take those complaints and present those concerns to the president. students tell me they will continue to speak out against spelling until she is gone. and spelling tells me she is committed to the job. back to you. >> dedrick russell reporting live on the story. thank you. >> first at 4:00, south carolina prosecutors have one extra tool to combat domestic violence.
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into law creating domestic violence fatality review teams. this law gives law enforcement better resources to track domestic violence patterns and prevent deaths from dv before they happen. >> in campaign 2016 many of you headed to the polls to cast your vote in north carolina's primary. there are five states holding elections and two g.o.p. presidential candidates are battling for survival. wbtv anchor paul cameron is on your side with which states could make a difference. >> the face of the republican presidential race could change today. as voters cast ballots on primary day in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. >> your governor is totally overrated. >> g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump leads the polls in every state except ohio where he is in a tie with the governor kasich. he voted this morning and says he feels proud of his campaign. >> by continuing to run the
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now started to shine through like a beacon. >> in florida, marco rubio's political future is on the line at polling places like this... the florida senator predicted a victory in his home state but is way behind in the polls. >> this state will elect 99 delegates to one person. and i want it to be me and i need you to help it be me. >> ted cruz is within striking distance of trump in illinois. and person bern is trying to pull off a midwest upset against hillary clinton. the vermont senator is making a run for missouri, ohio and illinois where he has campaigned heavily in chicago. >> in the states coming down the pike we have great 0 opportunities to win. we are feeling good. >> but clinton has a big lead in florida polls where 214 delegates are up for grabs. >> sanders does well with
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in states with open primaries where you do not have to be a registered democrat to vote. three of five states fall into that category, missouri, illinois and ohio. here in north carolina, unaffiliated voters can choose which primary to participate in. we will have results of the primary on air and on-line as they roll in everything you need to know about the primary is on our website. go to >> back to the alert center where alex giles has new information about the kidnapping of a delivery driver. >> just learned a second suspect has been arrested. that suspect is shannon scott charged with first degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon that is the other suspect arrested. police have both suspects behind bars now. good news for the officers there. back to you. >> all right thank you. >> for the first time the nfl is acknowledging a link between
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injuries like cte. a senior league official made the admission during a congressional discussion on concussions. cte, a degenerative brain disease affects some athletes usually in contact sports. >> get ready to taste the best peaches you have had in years. farmers believe this season will be great. workers say they plan to pick the peaches at the end of may. and there has not been damage to the trees which helps the crop and they are hoping for more sunshine and warm weather to help them continue to grow. something to look forward to. and temperatures today warm close to 80 but will the weather come to an end soon. >> meteorologist leigh brock joining us live in the first alert weather center. i hate to talk about when it will begin to cooldown. i want to focus on how great it is outside. >> i do, too. one of those days you want to get outside and let the top down. somebody came in talking about
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the struggle is real, eric thomas. he had a bad hair day because he was driving with the top down. enjoy it. it is gorgeous outside. kids outside playing. we have the trees blooming. gorgeous afternoon out there. and the sun is depending down later and later. your official sunset is 7:32 and sunrise 7:34. nice long days and plenty of time to enjoy the weather. we are going to see more typical temperatures coming back into play. upper 70s to low 80s. and tomorrow morning still mild wake up we head down to the upper 50s. and yes, how long this warm weather lasts is coming up. here is tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in back down south, south of the city, we have more problems.
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ballantyne commons parkway an accident. providence road west is a great alternate route. and the volume that started to build early on 485. as we look beyond rea road back to south boulevard. and an accident still with us at rea road and bevington place creating congestion. and problem at the moment is backed towards 485. alternate route. back to you. >> thank you. many families in south carolina are still working to get back into their homes after october's historic flooding.
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with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. >> first at 4:00, october's historic floods destroyed homes in south carolina. >> and families are trying to rebuilt months later. this is what a neighborhood on lake cat rip looked like on october fourth. one home took on five feet of water during the worst of the flood so they had two options: demolish or rebuild. to rebuild legally they had to elevate the home so it would be above the most severe floods. and time-lapse video showing that process.
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exterior and placed on a steeled beam and hoisted 10 feeee by a hydraulic jacking system. >> we are right now literally hanging in the air. we have the house elevated and we are waiting to pull the trigger on the next step, which is to fix the foundation. >> the family says although the floods ruined the home they have been blessed with support from their neighbors. >> easy to forget lots of folks still dealing with the aftermath of that horrible flooding. >> college students trying to get out of going to class not anything new. >> but students at unc wilmington have a good reason. tell you how many students
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canceled for march madness. >> we are 15 minutes away from wbtv news at 5:00. a 10-year-old girl was without her mother and dad after someone killed them in a home. the family wants to catch the killer they believe you can help. it is north carolina's first election with voter id if the law caused any problems and the unusual request of a man on
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it's shaping up to be a bizarre case. right now wbtv news first at 4:00 continues. >> we have new information right now to the alert center. alex giles is live with word of an arrest. >> this is a shooting that happened in charlotte a man has been arrested not soon after. look here. this is the suspect. marquise wheat taken into custody by charlotte police charged with assault of a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon. the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries on north tryon road. the suspect is behind bars now. >> unc wilmington students are trying to get out of going to class and thousands say they have a good reason for it. the basketball team plays duke thursday in the first round of the ncaa tournament. students started a petition to
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and it will boost school spirit. >> somebody did not know we had a sports team. he said we play competitive basketball? and that is the issue. some people do not know that we have a sports team and we are division one but this is the first time we made the ncaa tournament in 10 years and it's important for the student body to be there. >> two-time caa champions. they got it going in wilmington. the petition has 3,000 signatures and the game will air here wbtv at noon on thursday. >> what do you think the odds are that petition getting approved? >> as a parent who has written tuition checks to unc wilmington? i prefer he goes to class. can you dvr it? >> you would have to go dark on social media. which for that generation it's like not done. >> for kids who have class at noon until 2:30. that is where your problem is. >> all right.
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conversation. we have the day's top consumer headlines. avon cutting 2500 jobs and moving from new york to great britain. they will be incorporated here in the u.s. and it will save avon 50 million this year. >> how helpful is your smartphone in a health crisis? the answer is not very. researchers tested four popular voice assistants by asking them about rape suicide and depression. answers were i'm here for you and i don't know what that means. several did not recognize any concern when a user said i'm having a heart attack. something they have to work on. to get you connected to a resource. into your telephone, right? you can find so many other things. >> suri can tell you all kinds of things traffic and what the weather is. >> if i need a doctor? that would be helpful. >> right. until they get that worked out call 9-1-1.
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smartphone to look for love on tinder, a glitch may have deleted all of your matches. many panicked users of the dating app sounded off. tinders says log off and log back in. after the problem was fixed one woman tweeted all my tinder matches are back. my mini future husbands have returned to me. >> how many do you need? >> different world out there, jamie. different world. i don't know about that tinder world. i know you don't know about it. >> i definitely don't know anything about t staying long distance away. but it works so tonight good luck. >> good to go. swipe left, swipe right, swipe away. >> tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> i don't know how it works, either don't ask me. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in here i-85 at statesville we have volume and
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on i-85 and 485. we have this problem at university city boulevard that left lane is blocked. congestion old concorde road is the better alternate route. look at the volume here a mile of stop-and-go traffic. also construction zone here on north tryon by jw clay boulevard creating problems. and check in on i-77 north an injury accident at w.t. harris. exit 16a. use old statesville and volume on i-77 around this accident as well. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> leigh had to remind us what we are seeing is not normal. not even close. >> the average she said was 62? >> beautiful. >> yes. here she is. >> yeah. i keep forgetting myself this is not normal. i will have to pull out the
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because this is not what we should be seeing. we should enjoy what we are seeing right now. the hd towercam beautiful outside. extra warm temperatures and extra amount of sunshine. 79 your current temperature in charlotte many 78 in salisbury. 81 your temperature in wadesboro. same in lancaster. 78 in shelby and morganton you're checking in at 81 . the areas seeing nice weather! all of the reds are above average temperatures. a little bit of cloud cover up to the north. we do not have any clouds to talk about. that is how nice it has been. and overnight, temperatures are going to be close to where your average high should be. through much of the overnight period we are going to stay in the 60s and heading into the morning hours tomorrow it will be in the upper 50s. your 8:00 a.m. temperature tomorrow 59 . southwesterly breeze at 6-miles-per-hour. a 0% chance of rain. and tomorrow, and we have another beautiful day.
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blooming right now early for this to be happening. upper 50s. and your high temperature in the low 80s. and a couple other temperatures around the region. we all will be so nice outside. 80 in gastonia. 77 your high tomorrow in hickory. monroe 81. and salts sals around 79 for a high temperature. here is what it looks like. we keep the warm temperatures around a little bit longer. 82 on wednesday. heading into thursday, a little bit cooler. head back to the mid-70s. and friday upper 60s for high temperatures we are not going to know how to handle that. and over the weekend we are talking about low to mid-60s for high temperatures and we have a rain chance. eric thomas has the full forecast at 5:00 p.m. stick around for that. >> thank you. next at 4:00... >> this will grip you and it will rip your soul out. >> a north carolina mother loses her son to a heroin addiction. her message to other families
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>> that story is coming up. first, hello to mary today's facebook fan of the day. appreciate you liking us on facebook. encourage everyone to do the same. we keep you updated all day long. election results tonight. go to and hit that like button. we're back in a minute.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... heroin use has more than doubled among young adults in the past decades. >> a mother who lost her son is hoping she can help other families. cindy's son joshua died three weeks ago from a heroin overdose. and her son's death motivated her to fight the drug. she believes while the drug influences people to do bad things addicts are often good people deep down. >> that's what i want people to know that these children that are called junkies and looked down on and judged for being horrible human beings. they are not. >> she wants to democrat an addiction counselor to prevent other parents from going through her pain.
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double murder that left a local girl without her mom and dad. hear from her family ahead. >> and if you voted today you are not alone. we are seeing if there have been problems at the polls today.
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wbtv news at 5:00 starts in jo wbtv on your side.
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>> right now a young child loses his mother and dad both gunned down at night. >> his 10-year-old daughter is going to grow up without her father or mother. it's heartbreaking. >> i'm meteorologist eric thomas. we are tracking changes. rain on the way. it's all part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> first, from boone to wilmington voters in north carolina head to the polls for primary day for local county races to the presidential nominations we have the most reliable coverage. it's been a big day. welcome i'm molly grantham. >> i'm paul cameron. maureen has the night off. we have team coverage of campaign 2016 reporters in charlotte and raleigh following the races. we will start with pamela escobar. north carolina's first election with a voter id required. have we seen problems? >> i have been to three polling places today and spoke to the chief judges at each one and they are telling me they have
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are coming and know what they need to bring to vote. the judge attributes that to the voter education that happened before today. the voters have to present an id to a volunteer or official. the process has been smooth as voters have been ready to show their id's. if they do not have it they have to fill out a proval ballot. and that does not mean today has been problem-free. a few voters showed up to vote but it was not a polling site it was only available during early voting. >> i did not know it was just the early voting i thought we could vote today so you always wait until the last-minute. >> i have to show driver's licenses to cash checks and almost everything else. so it was not a problem for me. i cannot say it might not be a problem for others. >> and i did speak with the elections director for the
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saying he is not seeing issues regarding voter id. and hear from voters why they have been so motivated to vote today. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> after tonight's primary we will see the result of a bond proposal worth $2 billion. it is something people are talking about on the ballot right now. the money would go to pay for repairs and expansions in college education, agriculture and sewer projects. opponents say it is a bad idea because none of the money is for transportation. nick ochsner is in raleigh. any early indications on how this vote is going to play out? >> well, no. not really. no indication yet. right now here at the marriott hotel in raleigh where the party is tonight to celebrate the connect nc bond organizers are hoping to have a victory celebration after months of raising money and campaigning trying to support or urge voters to support the bond that included raising nearly $2


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