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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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steady flow of people. and while there were lines in some precincts voters moved through quickly. >> not an issue. it was quick. probably have been here less than seven minutes. >> the first election where voter identification was required. >> no issue with that. i do not agree with it, but you know that is just the way the law is. so you follow the law. >> i understand if you do not have a id why it's more of a hassle but for me i have my license it is not a big deal. >> each voter has a different motivation to vote. katherine a mother of two and lifelong republican. >> i did not have many good choices so i had to vote my conscience and i value kasich's honesty and track record. i don't know if it's going to matter but at least i will sleep easy tonight. >> i want hillary to be the president. >> this election season for
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and voters say they want to be heard. >> believe it or not bernie sanders has a lot good to say. even hillary has a lot good to say, ok? rubio has a lot good to say, cruds has a lot good to say i would wish they settle down on the best of each. >> if the wrong person gets it the problem is with the american people. >> as for voter turnout the director here in mecklenberg county say it's too early to say how busy. but he is hearing there is a steady flow across the county. he is predicting at least 140,000 people will vote today. we will know more when the polls close tonight. pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> polls close at 7:30 and the latest polling gives donald trump and hillary clinton big leads here in north carolina. >> the presidential race is grabbing headlines. but come november north carolina's race for governor will be closely watched. governor mccrory is leading in
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his seat. and attorney general roy cooper is the frontrunner in the democratic race and nick ochsner in raleigh. we are not expecting surprises tonight? >> no, we are not. starting with attorney general roy cooper expected to easily win his party's primary to get the democratic nod to run for governor in the fall. likewise pat mccrory is expected to capture his party's nomination despite a challenge in the mecklenberg county area who launched his campaign largely in opposition to the i-77 toll lanes. raleigh's anti-toll candidacy captured support from those around lake norman who oppose the toll lanes on i-77. now, governor mccrory is expected to make remarks here tonight at the marriott in downtown raleigh. and roy cooper is expected to speak at the north carolina democratic party headquarters.
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and voting ends tonight. we will bring it to you on wbtv news at 11:00. live in raleigh, nick ochsner wbtv on your side. >> and tonight you will choose the nominees for local and state races. steve crump is live anything specific that we should be watching for tonight? >> well, paul, this should be a good night for incumbents in both parties. and you talk about the democratic contest we have noticed in county commission two velma leak has token opposition and another race is senate district 40 that brings back the former charlotte city councilmember running against joyce waddle who is the current office holder for district 40 and one other race that could be a barn burner is between john autrey and billy madden, house district 100. chris koght ham decided she is
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and autrey, the current member on the city council from district 5 is running ged madeleine who served a couple years ago in district one. you have a couple people from the same neighborhood going for the same seat. quite obviously that is a race that you will want to watch tonight. >> clear up the confusion for us. some local candidates on the ballot. they may show up for the separate congressional primary. how is that supposed to work? >> you could call it double dipping because with the mess with the congress at races here in north carolina and house district 12 here in north carolina was makes up most of mecklenberg county, so if a state legislator or any other candidate is on the ballot and wins tonight, in theory, they could file for office in the house race tomorrow. and we understand that will happen because we have a number of democrats that are vying for
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it is alma adams seat and she is going to move to charlotte to hold on to the seat but there are a number of people who are already in the north carolina general assembly that are eyeing that seat being carla cunningham here in charlotte, along with malcolm graham who ran a couple years ago. he is not holding office and another person that may be contesting the seat is state representative rodney moore. one of those things where they file tomorrow and then they will run for that office in mid-june when you have a congressional primary. but, paul, one thing to keep in mind is the courts have not signed off on the districts yet. >> ok. we should have results from the primaries not long after the polls close at 7:30. and those are curbside votes keep it here. live updates on >> new, a drone nearly collided with two planes at charlotte douglas international airport. police are now investigating. and according to the police
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interfered with the planes as they made their approach to the airport saturday night. this is an active investigation. they have not made any arrests. according to faa rules drones are not supposed to be within five millions of airports. >> no suspects in a double murder that left a 10-year-old girl without a mother and father. investigators were back on the seen in catawba county. mark wilson and deedry were found dead last night. somebody forced their way into their home and killed them. family members are devastated. >> heartbreaking. it's going to go the rest of her life without a 4 or mother. >> investigators did find a cellphone today and hope to go will help them break this case. >> patrick cannon leaving a west virginia prison for a court day tomorrow in mecklenberg county
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he voted after his conviction and that is against the law. brody o'connell has the latest on cannon's legal troubles. >> tomorrow patrick cannon could find out more about the punishment he will face for voter fraud. he has spent more than a year behind bars and it's been a steep fall from grace from a man who fell in march of 2014. as patrick cannon prepares to face a judge for voter fraud, wbtv learned that the former mayor could get up to 15 months for the crime. although legal experts tell our partners at the "charlotte observer" that cannon would likely receive probation. after the crime occurred back in 2014, cannon was apologetic and offered an explanation. >> i was going in and not thinking about what i was doing at that particular time and as a result here we are. >> his explanation did not sit well with the court.
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judge referred to cannon as a quote sophisticated voter. and said that if anyone should have known, he should have known. >> while cannon's attorney was not available for comment today he has previously spoken to wbtv on the matter. >> patrick cannon gave to the federal judge a full account of what took place. he apologized to the court. he apologized to the public. and he acknowledged that he made a mistake. and that he voted. >> tomorrow morning patrick cannon will be in the mecklenberg county jail before once again appearing in front of a judge. and you can count on wbtv for complete coverage of cannon's appearance tomorrow. now at the mecklenberg county courthouse, brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> the state department of transportation says work to widen independence boulevard will resume after they have reached an agreement with a new contractor. the previous contractor
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officials will not pay more than the original bid. the final completion date of april of next year and dot will meet with the contractor and discuss a date for crews could return. >> we topped 80 again today but this warm weather is not going to last much longer. >> and there are changes coming and chief meterologist, eric thomas here to talk about those. >> warm air is all across the carolinas and the other thing we will be watching as we get you into tomorrow, this is flying at us is a system out to the west. there is a tornado watch associated with t you see the carolinas warm and clear. but this is what we are watching through the next 24 hours. now, two things to note. yes, the warm air over the carolinas but look at the cool air dragged into the ohio valley and the next system that comes in will push that cool air into the carolinas. 79. you know what is interesting about daylight saving time? you can be talking about the
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that is our daytime high. 75. and 69 at 9:00 p.m. 66 at 11:00 p.m. all right stay tuned. we will be back looking at the system coming our way part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> all new at 6:00... >> a unc student robbed at her off campus housing unit and students are concerned and the apartment complex is now taking action. that story is coming up. >> and on your side investigates a program failing our veterans. there are new developments in washington as lawmakers promise to bring about change.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... parents and students expressing concern about safety after a unc student was robbed held at gun point at her apartment complex. parents want action and students want protection. dedrick russell live near unc charlotte with how the university is dealing with this. what have you been hearing from campus police? >> campus police tell me they are concerned and they partnered with off campus apartment units to try to come up with safety plans. parents want to know are the
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something has got to be done. the latest crime involving a gun and a stolen car has shaken them up. it did not take long to find a victim. trevor wilson is his name. >> they took my xbox and my samsung. >> a student that lives at university village. >> my $1500 receiver my $2 thousand mac book. >> someone broke into his apartment. >> everything i've worked for my life went out the door in a matter of hours. >> this report shows another crime happened last week. a 22-year-old female student was robbed at gun point. her cellphone and bank card stolen and the suspect still on the loose. >> that is crazy. >> university village installing gates to keep out the bad guys. management says the project was planned months ago. >> it is a huge beneficial factor because of the people that have been coming and going should not be in here.
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university village, parents are concerned the gates at another unit never closes. >> if you have a gate you would want it to be closed and that is something we will talk to them about. >> police chief baker says the campus partners with the apartment complexes to come up with ways to keep students safe and says millenium one and university village have good safety ratings so i asked why don't students feel that way? >> the shame is that there's no guarantee for absolute safety. i wish there was. >> back at university village wilson says he was almost a victim of a crime again. someone tried to break into his car but the door was locked. >> i caught him from my indough. unbelievable! >> that student trevor tells me his lease is up in june and he tells me he will be leaving university village.
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students to download the campus' safety app called life safe app. if the student gets too trouble then they can discretely text and pictures and audio to police. and if you have any information that can help police solve this latest crime you are asked to give them a call. dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. now we reached out to management at millenium one to find out the safety plans and if the gates will close and we are still waiting for a call back. >> and gaston county over to alex giles live in the alert center with more. >> we told you about this. police were looking for a suspect wanted for trying to lure children into his vehicle. they have now made an arrest. i have this pull it up. this is the suspect. gaston county police say this is ricky adam townsend charged with attempted second degree kidnapping, two counts of contributing to the delinquency
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he was wanted for trying to lure children into his vehicle in gaston county. and officers were searching for that suspect and now they have him behind bars. this suspect right there. >> ok. thank you. lawmakers are promising changes to help veterans seeking healthcare. today they discussed proposed changes to the veterans choice program an investigation found problems with this program causing delays for veterans who need medical help. >> richard bird mentioned the report on capitol hill in washington d.c. as he laid out the changes he says need to be made. >> this program will be the one program for veterans to receive care in their community. it's designed to be easily understandable by the veterans so that they will know when they are eligible to go outside of the va for care. >> if you have experienced trouble getting help for treatment from the va we want to hear from you. go to and fill out the
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help our veterans or call the tip line... >> outside over 80 . and looks like this may be the end of it as of tomorrow. things will change. >> eric thomas is tracking the changes and is live in the first alert weather center. >> ok. let's get right to t we have a warm weather map and what is interesting it's 6:00 p.m. and we are still at our official high temperature of 79 . and you will see that most of the areas are in the same camp. if you are heading out the door warm low humidity and morganton at 82. and then close to the 70s in the high country. a beautiful sunset on the way. your weather net 79 as well. metro school in uptown. and have fun tonight and keep it safe on this tuesday evening. here it is. as you will see the numbers are gradually working downward and that blueline that is your
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and well, we are not going to be near that at midnight what a mild evening. we'll continue here is the weather map and this boundary getting whipped across the tennessee valley and it starts off west of the mississippi and 12 hours this is taken a run now at the north carolina mountains and showers beginning to show up here not so much anything in the greater charlotte area. so the scattered showers 55 this is 8:00 a.m. out the door number. closer to charlotte, yes, near 60 fair skies and mild conditions. and back to the weak front that is coming into the mountains. 8:00 a.m. and noon we stop it here. it's breaking up. and could there be a shower? if so isolated that would be it by 4:00 p.m. it's whipping off to the east. and i point out the warm temperatures. the red line is your average high and we are starting off at about an average high temperature in the morning. starting point.
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by late tomorrow afternoon. into the mountains. 4:00 p.m. no chance of rain for you. temperatures in the 60s. upper 70s to 80 in the foothills. and the chance of any rain would be in the piedmont by 4:00 p.m. very isolated. and again, same can be said on the eastern side of the upstate of south carolina. all right beyond that, then, things are clearing out. and a clipper to the north of us. should be fine. looks like a good looking thursday shaping up. and the seven-day first-alert forecast the boundaries are pushing in cooler and cooler air. 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, by sunday, best chance of rain a coast aloe maybe a mountain flurry monday and outside of that it's all about the cool weather coming back. and the latest on the roads with tonya rivens. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in here elm lane a problem at pineville matthews road. the right lane is blocked and congestion on 485. we got started early today with
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from providence beyond 485, stop-and-go traffic. and i-77 very slow-moving traffic as well. really slow-moving traffic for four miles on tyvola. i-77 never recovered.
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streak ended last night after the mavs defeated the hornets. the team was back at practice and working on mistakes before hosting the magic tomorrow night. the game came down to too many turnovers. and the final stretch can be tough walker knows you have to embrace it. >> always tough, man but that is the nature of our league. and you have to be prepared for the games. we work hard all year all summer to playing games like that. i mean at this point of the year everyone is tired. we have to want it. >> and to the ncaa tournament this week. duke and unc wilmington taking on each other on wbtv and the tar heels in action on thursday
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we'll keep >> breaking news. live pictures in kings mountain. a deadly accident. one person dead. and we will have the latest at 7:00 p.m. >> thank you for joining us.
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way next and couldn't pick trump out of a lineup. now-- >> trump. >> donald trump. >> pelley: and they have plenty to say about it. pelley: history will be de tonight, but will it be enals the beginning of the end the nomination process or just the end of the beginning. if front-runners trump and clinton sweep tonight tcook all but over, but if voters surprise us, like sanders u could stretch into may and june. the candidates kasich and rubio are running in their home states this evening, so for them, it is do or die on the ides of march. for the republicans, 358 delegates are up for grabs in illinois, ohio, missouri, north carolina, and florida. and we'll begin tonight with major garrett. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich voted for himself in suburb an columbus today. >> great, we're going to win. i feel terrific. it's great. you know, do i seem like i'm nervous or uptight? >> reporter: kasich has tried to run a largely positive campaign, but today criticized


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