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tv   WBTV News Prime Time  CBS  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now? >> i just wanted to take some time to do research on some of the candidates before making a final decision. >> how was it showing a photo id to vote? annoying? why was it annoying? >> it wasn't difficult for me. >> what brought you out? why vote this primary? >> because it is important. i want my opinion to be heard. >> now, the precinct captain told me the precinct judge told me that as of 5:15 this afternoon a thousand people had voted. i haven't had a chance to go back and they were so busy they didn't have time to tell me the number. every hour has been about a hundred or so people. i am guessing about 1200 people voted with a half hour to go. >> long lines are forming in several places around the state. colleen, thank you.
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the presidential race. five states voting today. there are 691 delegates up for grabs for the democrats. 367 delegates for the republicans. these are the states that will be voting today. in the states voting today there is a heavy focus on the republican races especially in florida and ohio. both of those are winner take all states for the gop. democrats are seeing tight battles in the midwest and certainly worth watching. a half dozen spots in the house of representatives are open. wbtv's steve crump is live for us right now. steve, i know you are following these races closely. do we expect any surprises tonight? the edge, but there are a couple local races gaining traction that is creating buzz. one of them happens to be senate direct 40 in north and east charlotte, and the two
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and of -- some of you may remember the name of the charlotte city councilmember several years ago. he is taking on the incumbent joyce wadell who is a current sitting member in the north carolina general assembly. the other race though that is is kind of an interesting one because tricia who served district 100 in south and southeast charlotte has decided she is not going to run this time, and that has created a vie vie -- a vacancy on its own. there are two candidates competing for that seat. one is the representative from charlotte city council district five. he is taking on billy madlin who may have ran at large at the charlotte city council. and he filled out patsy's term when she was in the term for pat tron cannon. for patrick cannon.
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tonight is over with some of the state representatives who have won may be eyeing the north carolina 12th congressional seat and it is expected that we will see the state representative rodney with carla cunningham who will be filing for the 12th congressional race. it is one part of the drama that continues to roll on and on. for now, live at the board of elections, wbtv on your side, "primetime." >> a lot of story lines to follow including this one. breaking news we are following. officials with the state board of elections say they are heard about slight delays at voting precincts in four counties around the state. the spokeswoman here says the counties in question, a couple in our area catawba, cabarrus, haywood and rowan. the board is is talking about extending the voting times into places maybe 30 minutes. they are discussing this right now. we are working the phones to try to get you more
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there is possibility because of delays that happened earlier today that voting could be extended in a handful of counties. as soon as we get that nailed down we will bring you the information. in the meantime we have crews across our area and across the state ready to bring you campaign 2016 results. go to followed by a complete wrap up tonight on wbtv news at 11:00. voters in the wilmington area reporting offensive graffiti on signs near polling places. this pk tour here tweeted -- this picture tweeted by our sister station wect. you can see the trump sign was vandalized by someone painting a swastika in red. new on "primetime" a deadly crash in kings mountain. sky 3 is over the scene on yarborough road and high ridge court. officers were called out about 5:15. investigators have not said what caused the crash.
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will pass it along to you. charlotte-mecklenburg police say they are looking for someone who fired shots into a home with an infant girl and a 1-year-old boy. this happened on highland street before 1:00 in the morning yesterday. a man and woman and the two children were asleep at the time. no one was hurt. one person is dead and two others are hurt after a shooting in a concord parking lot. a large crowd was gathered there at the time. police are still trying to piece together exactly what was going on. david has details now on "primetime." >> the community is bathed in blue light after the latest incident of violent crime. this was after 8:00 when three people were shot after a large crowd gathered in this parking lot off lincoln street. you can see what is left of the crime scene tape when columbus simmons died. the police cars are in the area while investigators work the case.
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nearby first missionary baptist church. he was saddened by the news of what happened here especially when so many have been working to improve the community. >> we look at the tragedy of it and we pray for people and then we try to teach them. a lot of people in the neighborhood that are involved in that surrounding. we try to reach out to them and gef them a different way. >> the area has a history of violent crime. in september kenya was shot nearby. it was not just for his case, but to pray for peace. and it is to make a difference in an area where scenes like this from last night are certainly not unusual. >> we have to show them love and compassion and try to make a difference out here in these streets. >> wbtv on your side. this couple is now charged with murder in albemorro.
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to killing the man. the duo were arrested after investigators say they were trying to dump the body in alexandra county. that's an hour and a half drive away. he said he killed his uncle in self-defense. both hern and lentz are in the stanly county jail. hue here is a live -- here is a live look at our hd tower cam. the temperatures are well above average. it is going to stick around for awhile. something tells me maybe not. it is march. >> eric: and we are surprised how long it lasted when you consider the time of year. we will look at the temperature map, but it is not hard to find the warm air again. the blue colors are starting to expand across the ohio valley. the system that came through dragged cool air in the ohio valley. it is getting closer to the carol line gnaws and -- closer to the carolinas.
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78 degrees is where we are right now. the official high is 79. the dew point is dry. it is pleasant outside right now. the temperatures again are in the 70s until you hit jefferson at 69. your hour by hour forecast is 72 through 9:00. coming up maybe a chance of a midweek shower, but a better chance of rain over the weekend. we'll let you know how to plan around that and much cooler weather in your first alert forecast. up next on "primetime" a deputy beaten while trying to make an arrest. and an incredible video of kayakers trying to make their way down the water fall. >> and we know kids will innocently say anything. what happens when we quiz them on politics? you have to stick around for this. you are watching "primetime"
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we are back in 90 seconds. now on "primetime" today's most notable video. a couple of kayaker here took on a water fall in kentucky. watch this here. pretty incredible stuff. you can see them in the water and without being hurt. park rangerses hit them with trespassing fines. a reminder not to follow other drivers too closely. this is near green bay. an suv is following closely behind the other vehicle and
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the car loses control and crashes in the median nearly going into on coming traffic. scary, scary stuff. still to come on "primetime" a 10-year-old girl is without her mom and dad after they were killed.
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searching for who did it. i want to update you on the breaking news. campaign 2016 and polls are scheduled to close at 7:30 in
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but there have been some reports that perhaps in a couple of counties that will be extended a few moments. it includes catawba, cabarrus and roanne. catawba county will not be extending polling times. the polls will close at 7:30. in caw cabarrus county there is one precinct that will stay open at trinity methodist church. the judge was late in arriving and that polling pre sink at trinity methodist church will stay open an extra 30 minutes. apparently there was an issue in rowan county as well. apparently the board of elections has decided not to do anything about that. and then in rowan county the polls will close on time at 7:30. we will continue to follow that story as we get more information and we will pass it along. now on "primetime" no suspects in a double murder left a 10-year-old girl
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they don't like the motive yet. this happened at a home in catawba county. wbtv has the latest jie. he shook his head as he gazed at the scene today. >> can't nobody still believe it. >> mark wilson and mark's girlfriend live here. someone forced their way in and killed them. the most painful is the 10-year-old daughter. she was else where and now must live with it. >> she will grow up the rest of her life without her father. >> neighbors are on edge. bill graham lives up the street. investigators looked for clues scouring the road sides and hiking through fields and searching cars. >> we got the whole detective division out working. >> they collected a few things including a cell phone that was found where the family gathered after the bodies were discovered. it will be checked along with everything else.
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line of the events here. they know a relative talked with one of the victims on sunday and then another relative found the bodies last night. what happened in between and when? they are not sure. they want someone with information to come forward. >> we need this solved and we need it solved right away jie. damion is taking no chances with his family. he is armed and thinks others should be too. >> people have become crazy these days. >> investigators are hoping to break this case soon. until they do, folks along rest home road tell me no one will be resting easy here. in catawba county, wbtv on your side. >> just a troubling case. we are toll one of the victims traveled to flee markets to sell things on the weekends. if you have any information about that or anything else potentially ccted to this case call the catawba county sheriff's office. let's talk weather now and bring in chief meteorologist eric thomas.
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right? >> eric: yes. have i a pontiac and i don't even have a button. you have to get out there and put it in the trunk. >> it was gorgeous outside. the key is a gallon of aqua net and then you are fine. >> wind tunnel tested hair. >> let's take you outside. it was a delightful day to get the top down. again this is where we are going to pick up where we left off. the warm air is evident. i also want to point out the sea of blue. suddenly this is looking for impressive. it pushed the cool air back a little closer to us, but not quite in the carolinas yet. in fact let's look at it and it is already producing a tornado watch. there are warnings out as well. this cool air behind it, you can see that motion in there, that's that air coming back out of the north. that eventually will come back to the carolina. we are talking within the next 24
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this thing is whipping along. your scott clark toyota weathernet is is 77 degrees and a beautiful sunset we have shaping up. that sun is just now hitting the horizon. we are not going to cool off that quickly. we have 77 morganton and the moon is up and the temperatures will be very nice. 64 by 1:00 in the morning. the average high temperature is 62. that's supposed to be where we are at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon. there it is at 1:00 in the morning. let's get back to the severe weather over the middle of the country. do you see this boundary right here? watch how far this thing goes between 7:00 right now and 8:00 in the morning. it is about a 12-hour time period and this thing is just flying as it is already into the north carolina mountains
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allow some showers of the then we bring you closer to the charlotte area. fair skies for us. the showers are not in there, but as it advances to the midday , just a few clouds left over around the piedmont and then it is a very hard find by late in the afternoon. don't look for much rain out of that if you are outside of the mountains. and meanwhile, look at the temperatures. do you see the red line? we are basically starting at the average high and soaring from there yet again up to around 80 degrees. it is really impressive. outside of that we have a few clippers across the virginias on thursday. so it looks to be pretty quiet. notice the systems are pushing the numbers down to the 80s, 70s, 60s and by sunday that's a coast aloe. how about the 50s with lows in the mid30s and even a
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on monday with these systems moving through. it is pretty impressive. >> we have lots of weather in march. appreciate it. >> today is super tuesday in north carolina so we decided to seek the infinite wisdom of children. our moderator for this group of first graders is kristen home ton. kristen hampton. >> whoever gets the most votes, they will be president. >> so you ran for class president? >> yes. but i didn't get it. somebody else. >> why do you think you didn't get it? >> maybe because somebody else wrote more things and funner things like that excites people. the person that was chose was mackenzie hampton. >> mackenzie hampton, class president. >> well, mayor of the whole first grade.
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so i can get rich and so i can get more money. then i will start spending some of it. >> you know what i like to do? i just like to spend it all day long. >> you 2340e what happens? you know what happens? >> what happens? >> you have this much money. nothing. you got nothing. when i play, i can't even get alone time because everybody comes running. >> really? vow a well known politician? all the time stumping? >> yeah. i try to hide in the bushes, but they are very itchy. >> what is the president's job? >> to make the country better. >> to take care of people. >> so everybody can follow their dreams. >> he waked up in the morning and then he eats breakfast. >> i don't like dealing with too much stuff. >> too much politics. >> yes.
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coming over to me. so i just want -- i told my parents and i approve this message. >> oh my goodness. she is adorable and apparently a one-term mayor in the first grade. we are back after this. >> closed captioning on wbtv
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the breaking news we continue to follow on wbtv, the polls are about to close across the state of north carolina in the primary here in campaign 201 sick -- 2016. 7:30 was supposed to be the closing time. one local precinct is going to stay open an additional 30 minutes. that is trinity methodist church. the state board of elections okaying that after a polling judge was late arriving this morning. they have eke extended -- extended the times by 30 minutes. there were some con tees in question and in cabarrus county and rowan county, that is okay and those polls are scheduled to close at 7:30. keep in mind for folks who are out voting, if you are in line you are allowed to vote. we will see how this goes tonight. when the results start rolling in, it won't be too long after 7:30 and perhaps 8:00 now at least in the one location. we will have continuing coverage on and complete coverage at 11:00.
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adjusting to daylight >> we all are. it is something we can under. time. there it is.
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we go. lights, camera, access. >> will you marry me?
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>> was it hard then to watch back? >> i'm so confused. >> now people say that you committed the ultimate bachelor faux pas. >> bachelor ben decides lauren is the one. i'm billy bush. first, we are talking regrets. then fast forward to the future. >> ooh. >> what about kids? >> yeah. >> take me back to that day. >> i do remember one of them holding me down and the other one -- >> she found love on "bachelor in paradise" but what has given jaye courage coming forward now about being assaulted as a teen? we're in a big campaign. >> fancy foot work to handle donald? >> do you ever get affected, that -- lights, camera, access. >> get back, jo-jo, bachelor ben proposes to lauren b.


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