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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we're going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> near clean sweep for hillary clinton. we're breaking down the support the candidates are getting. the results are in for the primary, good evening, thank you for staying with us, i'll molly grantham. i'm paul cameron. the biggest race for the gop presidential nomination in north carolina. donald trump took an early lead and then held on to beat out ted cruz t is not over but he is up and beating marco rubio and john kasich. he had the lead going into the primary. he was ahead by 11 percentage points according to the policy poll. they were campaigning in the area over the past week. >> hillary clinton came out with the win against bernie sanders. you remember they were in
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grab votesment we have the results scrolling throughout the news cast. >> what very jamie boll breaking down the results of the race here in north carolina and other states. >> reporter: since we saw the north carolina numbers, let me first hit on the four other states voting tonight. let's start with the republicans. big prizes were ohio and florida, winner take all in the delegate battle. and donald trump the winner in the sunshine state nearly a 20 point win over marco rubio who after those results bowed out of the race. donald trump unable to land the knock out punch. john kasich wins his home state. i want to remind you that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> a big night not only did he
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north carolina, illinois and is leading in missouri, it will be rich and great again and we need the rich in order to make the great, i'm sorry to tell you. >> let's take a look at north carolina as we here is the breakdown of how the vote went tonight. donald trump is in yellow here, cruz is in brown. he is well over in the triangle area and a few other places here in the mountain areas. as can you tell they win everywhere else including mecklenburg county that you see there and surrounding areas around charlotte. big night for hillary clinton not only here in north carolina but in the other big contests as well florida and ohio and leads in illinois as well. , we will add to the delegate
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more votes nationwide. >> and if you want a sense of domination here for hillary clinton look at the map right here. if bernie sanders is going to have any chance you figured that he would have to do well in the university areas in the triangle. you see the one white county out there. and he won there. he won a few here out west as well. not the population centers though, here in mecklenburg a lot of people live he won by 25 points. we'll take a look at the delegate race a bit later on. >> the other contest the race for governor. and the governor won out against the state representative from morrisville, he has not had to spend a time on the primary he is saving all the money for the fall when he faces roy cooper or the libertarian candidate. cooper is the current
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he had no problem with ken spaulding. we go to raleigh. >> the crowd turned out here at the marriott in downtown to cheer the passage of the connect and brain child of the governor but a team effort to pass from leaders on both sides of the idol. it was proposed to fund highway projects across the state but changed by the legislature to fund campuses, the national guard and sewer systems. opponent said borrowing money to pay for projects that are not must haves is irresponsible and decried the lack of road funding. but the governor ignored mention of his challengers in the race for the republican nomination and gave a speech focused only
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as a team, we we said what is best. that's what we are considering. >> reporter: across town as he was on the stage. roy cooper, democrat, spoke at his headquarters as clinching the nomination f it is any accepts how intense the race will be heading into the election in november, e-mail boxes are full of statements from the democratic and republican governor's associations bashing the opponent on the other side of the aisle. >> nick is in raleigh. we'll hear from roy cooper later. an issue put up to the voters with the connected nc bond. voters supported that measure as nick mentioned that will fund projects all over north carolina. that includes water, sewer up greats and improvements to parks. it will mean $2 billion in new debt. the bond will not require a tax
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are low and the state is paying off its debt quickly. breaking developments with former patrick cannon he is back in jail. we got this mug shot. he will be in court tomorrow arraigned on voter fraud charges. there is the shot after he cast a ballot following his plea on several charges. he will be moved from federal prison. he is serving a 44 month sentence for accepting 5 $0000 serving as charlotte's mayor. he will be released january 2017. and mecklenburg county race. the democrats look like they are in good shape. trevor fuller, they all win as they will advance on to the fall election. they will face the republican
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seats n mecklenburg. and bill james for an 11th term with a win over his opponent joe levy. james and leak will run unopposed. they will be the winners in the district. look at the time lapse video of a precinct here in charlotte a steady stream of voters all day long. this was everywhere. a lot of polling places busy. a record turn out and the counting is continuing at the board of elections. i talked with a worker and they said that there is some 20 precincts that have yet to be dropped off in terms of the votes being brought here to be tabulated. the votes started around 7:30
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the thousands of votes and ballots that were cast. at 8:00 the 8:00 hour is when a lot of the poll workers started to drive them. and now outside of the board of elections they have an assembly line type of scenario set up that's down to a science but the workers drive up. they hand off the results. what makes for a long night they have been dropping off results from 190 inside the county. it came earlier this season and observers say one of the factors driving the voluntarys are presidential race. >> obviously it is presidential politics. always the interesting in these things. if you have a president on the ballot. you have a hot race they moved it to march for hopes of thisment they got it. >> and that they did. now the early voting numbers
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michael dickerson saying he was expecting a turn out of some 30%, which is a big number here in mecklenburg county, the one thing as people are driving up at this point and hand those computer ized results in, they could be counting well after midnight. we're live at the board of elections, steve crump, wbtv on your side. >> a lot of voters are speaking out as the results are rolling in. at 11, we talked with people excited and disappointed. she joins us with reactions tonight. >> voters had to wait before they found out who the presidential nominee would be. and the who the winner here in north carolina would be. democrats had an early evening to find out who will be giving the victory speech. >> it was the news that hillary clinton supporters thought they would hear when they gathered for a watch party. >> there is a lot of conversation to get people excited on both sides but i
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would carry hillary, the voters had the choice between clinton and bernie sanders. sanders hoped a high voter turn out would swing the race in his favor but in the primary in north carolina the votes went to the former secretary of state. and it is a clear indication they are resonating with democrats and independents. >> he is not out of the race, we're going on. the race is not over. we picked up delegates we'll fight until the convention. >> for the republicans -- >> make america great, they sided with donald trump and they say that they expect him to win the party's nomination. >> i support donald trump i'm a local business owner, small business owner. i think that his billings knowledge will bring a big
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make our lives better. >> north carolina was indeed a key state for the winners. coleen harry in charlotte. we're on your side with coverage of the primary on wbtv. that's where can you see the results for the election that is right at the top of the home page. a near miss involving a drone. why police are investigating, another very warm day. and we'll take a run at a record high, it does not last forever. >> and reports of problems at several polling locations. we're trying to get answers after the judge showed up late after he overslept. this is the best choice for
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we're back after this. continuing our primary results, here is a look at the gop race for senate. senator richard burr beat owl rivals there. he is seeking his third term in the senate and the chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence which is very influential. he will face off against deborah ross. she grabbed 06 -- 60% of the vote. we're looking at polling problems. one case the site opened late because officials say a judge overslept. and sarah blake-morgan went looking for answers. we have new details. >> reporter: this staying hope 30 minutes late, the reason the board of election says that it is because the chief judge overslept forcing the following -- polling place to stay open later. another in rowan are that they had issues with. i asked a man who i was told by
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judge here if he did in fact oversleep. he did not have much to say, were there issues this morning with you sleeping in we're asking you what the board told us? you have nothing so say? >> he would not answer my questions i did ask another election worker here why they had to stay hope late. she told me it was because they had technical issues this morning. but again the board of elections telling us it was because the judge here overslept. for now reporting, sarah blake-morgan wbtv on your side. >> the board tells us the judge was 21 years old but his fifth time working elections there. he went through extensive training and the late start only affected four voters. the contest are big and winners teaing the delegates. >> and north carolina splits it to secure a nomination. and jamie boll is back with a
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they are coming away with. jamie? >> adding them up an inexact science. let's start and taking florida and north carolina and john kasich wins the delegates. we wait on missouri t is razor thin there. and 1237 is needed on the republican side. donalddonald trump not halfway there. cruz is second with 365. marco rubio won 59. john kasich up to 127 after the ohio win. the question remains can anyone get to that magic number of 1237 before the summer's convention in cleveland. way shall see. now the demonstrates. hillary clinton a big night, winning here in north carolina. she wins florida and leads in
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and all democratic races are proportional. here are the estimates as they stand now. hillary clinton is 1400, bernie sanders more than 600, that 2383 former secretary more than halfway home to the democratic nomination. molly and paul. >> thank you very much. right now we're going to hear from roy cooper on his nomination. >> our state is going to be looking for positive leadership and the north carolina that works for everyone; he will take on the sitting governor this fall in the general elicks. >> say with us for coverage of campaign 2016. we have a breakdown of the primary. new, a local man is charged with threatening a senator.
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that claim ed win dodge called senator and threatened to shoot him. agents traced the call to his home in matthews. now dodge is in the couldn't jail. a drone is close to two plains at the airport according to the police report. it almost interfered with the planes as they made their approaches to the airport on saturday evening. this is an active investigation they have not made any arrests. according to the rules there not supposed to fly within the airports or above 400 feet. take a look at that. that's not snow but it is video of hail coming down in the up state of south carolina. can you see it pounding an suv as the storm rolled through. that did serious damage in south carolina. this knocked it over. and down the road the wind knocked down this building. the owner said it had structural damage recently and that
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>> we felt the front come through. we missed that wind but what we got was nice warm temperatures. the same for tomorrow. paul and molly. let's have a look at another warm map. where the carolinas are concerned not hard to spot is it. but this time the map is different because you will see by the way we're looking at wednesday here. this is during the daylight hours. more cooler weather cooler air showing up on the map. that's the air that was dragged down that molly and paul were talking about. that stage one and two is going to be another front that's going to sweep through here. very, very quickly. we go to the future cast,ky show that to you. let's get you into the early hours on wednesday and look how quickly the next boundary is racing -- racing into the high country. i saw the clouds there. it may push a shower through the region. 55 degrees.
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we'll call for fair skies, mild, yes, 60 that's about an average high temperature for this time of the year. let's get to it the forecast, with that boundary coming through we'll allow for a 20% chance of rain the record high of 83. we'll take a run at that. a few clouds left behind. hour by hour. 76 at noon. through the 4:00 hour. just a slight chance of a shower through the foothills. the theme. we take you into the piedmont. you will see the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. this is the last day for that.
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outside of that, the best chance of rain it is coming here for the weekend timeframe the model is not in good agreement and the european likes the idea of real measurable rain coming in here on sunday. take your pick 80s and 70s and 60s by the rainy sunday and maybe a mountain flurry. around charlotte lows will be in the mid-30s. things are changing v a great
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>> ashley has sports next. the hornets winning streak ended after the mavs defeated the hornets today. the team was back at practice and working on their mistakes before the coach said that last night's loss simply came down to too many turn overs and missed free throws.
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tough the point guard knows that you have to embrace it. it is always tough. and we work hard all year. at this point is. >> and walker know as little something about the chance. he will cheer on his huskies in tournament play we have four local teams in the tournament. unc asheville and north carolina and duke. let's look at when they play. duke and unc taking on each other in first round play. and tip off is right here on wbtv starting at noon. the tarheels in first round play at 7:15 taking on florida gulf coast. and 96-65 in the first four to advance. and we will have tar heel
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can you be a part of the big dance playing hop hoops 3. and go to register. lead line for is at noon. and the winner gets four tickets to the game and hang out with the sports director delano little. and facing florida state in the first round of the tournament they would fall 84-74. south carolina taking on high-point. they get the win 88-66 to advance to the next round. they will play the winner of the game. and now in ncaa division 2 southeast regional championship. lincoln memorial and 103-80 ending the season. and earning a bid to the women's nit tournament 49ers on that and all your local and national sports news make sure go to sports app.
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breaking news into the newsroom the board of elections is putting out tonight that we broke a record more people voted in the primary than ever voted in a state primary ever before. >> that's fantastic. look at the numbers again and on the statewide version, donald trump leading over ted cruz not quite finished. close to that. and let's see what else we have here. any more numbers on the democrat ec side we have hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in north carolina. >> 55-41 the final there. >> the results are on our web site. they have been there all evening. tweeting add digital stuff. social media.
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morning can you get the final results. 93% are reporting. the percentages will come in. >> thank you for joining us. come back and see u vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand
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