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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the 60s, we're going to be flirting with records later this afternoon. out there right now, mostly clear skies, a good-looking start to the day, no fog, that is the metro school carrara in center city charlotte. temperature, 67 degrees. gastonia, 62 around hickory, 63 salisbury, 54, cooler around albermarle, 49 in morganton, 62 in shelby. temperatures are all over the board but mostly warm. comfortable start, likely be in the 60s this morning. closing in on 80 already at lunch time, that what is we hit yesterday, we should be up to 83 this afternoon. this much warmer weather is not going to last very much longer. in fact we will likely be startingstarting tomorrow. back over to you. >> john: a big night in campaign 2016, as north carolina was one of five states where voters headed to the polls for super tuesday 3.
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out across north carolina, 2.3 million people. 35% turnout. that is similar to what we saw in 2012 the last time a primary included a >> obviously it is presidential politics, always is interesting in these things if you have a president on the ballot and this is a hot race, the general assembly moved this race to march for hopes of this and boy, they got it. >> john: in the presidential primary donald trump beat out ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich, won 40% of the vote, cruz at 37%. on theemocratic side, hillary clinton came out with the win against bernie sanders, she had 55% of the vote to just over 40% for sanders. clinton and trump pulling out other major win is a cross the country, weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: cbs news projects
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and north carolina. >> it is the biggest political story in the world. >> reporter: john kasich told all 66 delegates in his home state of ohio. >> i have to thank the people of you. is all i can tell you. i love you. >> ted cruz is holding out hope for a win in missouri. >> marco rubio decided to end hissed by for the presidency after losing his home state to trump. >> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we won't be on the winning side. >> cbs news projects hillary clinton has extended her delegate lead with win in florida, north carolina, ohio and illinois. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party
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election in november! >> bernie sanders put his efforts in winning in the midwest. >> we are doing something very radical in american politics. we're telling the truth! >> exit polls show clinton is seen as the candidate more likely to beat trump in the general election. weijia jiang, cbs news. the other big contest in north carolina the race for governor. republican incumbent pat mccrory won out begins against brawley. roy cooper had no problem beating ken spaulding, charles moss. keeper and mccrory will face lon cecil in the general election. nick ochsner has more on the victories from raleigh. >> reporter: a crowd of republicans and democrats turned out at the marriott in downtown raleigh to cheer the passage of the connect nc bond, which is
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of governor pat mccrory, but a team effort to pass from leaders on both sides of the aisle. the bond was originally prepared to fund highway projects across the state but later changed by the legislature. the fund project is mostly come pus campuses, national guard and sewer systems. opponents said borrowed money is irresponsible, tonight, mccrory ignored mentioned of the challengers in the race for the gubernatorial nomination gave a two minute speech focused only on the bond's passage. >> we did it together as a team, we put the artificial barriers and said what is best for the next generation of north carolina and that is what we're all considering. >> reporter: across town as mccrory was on the stage behind me, roy cooper, a democrat, spoke at his headquarters after lynching the democratic nomination for governor in north carolina. if it is any indication of how
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and mccrory will be heading in the election in november, email boxes across the state are full of statements from the democratic and republican governors associations bashing the opponent on either side of the aisle. in raleigh, nick ochsner, wbtv on your side. >> john: voters in north carolina supported the connect nc bond. the referendum passed by 2-1 margin. the money goes toward new buildings at colleges, water and sewer upgrades and improvements to state parks. will mean two billion dollar in new debt. the governor says the bond won't require a tax increase because interest rates are low and the the state is paying off its existing debt quickly. former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is back in mecklenburg county jail this morning as he prepares to head to court today. this is a new mug shot of cannon, he will be -- there we see the mug shot. cannon will be in court on charges of voter fraud after he cast a ballot in an election following his guilty plea on
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currently serving 44 month federal sentence for accepting more than $50,000 from undercover agents while serving as charlotte's mayor. he will be released in january. back to campaign 2016, the race for at large seats on the mecklenburg county board of commissioners, the democrats will face jerry brask for three seats. in mecklenburg county district 2, villa leake was the winner. bill james and hissed by for 11th term wins over challenger joel l evy with 63% of the vote. the district winners will serve a two year term. we have continuing coverage of the primary, that is where
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election at the top of the home page, easy to get to. breaking overnight news, authorities are investigating after a car overturned in mecklenburg county, happened at 2:00 on the inner loop of i-485 near the exit to mount holly road. a female driver lost control of her car, she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, no word what cased the crash. primary day didn't go as smoothly as hopes, the unusual reason behind a polling problem
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>> john: now 20 minutes before 5:00. wbtv of course always on your side bringing you the latest headlines first from around the world. our kristen miranda is in the alert center right now, looking for stories across many news sources, stories you'll want to know before you head out the door, we'll check in with her in a few minutes. continuing campaign 2016 primary results, here is a look at gop race for u.s. senate. richard burr beating out rivals by a wide margin. he is seeking his third term in the senate. also the chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence which is very influential.
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debra ross, grabbed of 60% of the vote. in one precinct it opened late because officials say a precinct judge overslept. sarah blake morgan went looking for answers in cabarrus county. >> reporter: this precinct staying open 30 minutes late tonight, the reason? the state board of election tells wbtv because the chief judge overslept, forcing the polling place to stay open later. this precinct along with one in rowan county and another in catawba county are ones the state board of elections said they had issues with. i asked a man i was told by multiple people is the chief judge if he did oversleep. he didn't have much to say.
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sleeping in? we're asking you what the board of elections told us. you have nothing to say? he one answer any of my questions i dad did ask another worker why they had to stay open late. she told me it was because they had technical issues this morning but again the board of elections telling us it was because the judge here overslept. for now reporting in kannapolis, sarah blake morgan. wbtv on your side. >> john: the cabarrus county board of elections says the judge was 21 years old but it was his fifth time workingelections there. nt through extensive training and late start affected four voters. stay with wbtv for continuing coverage, we have a full break down of the primaries on and on facebook and twitter. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, serious accusations against a man from matthews, the threats authorities say he made against a u.s. senator.
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>> john: this morning, a man from matthews is facing charges accused of threatening a u.s. senator. according to documents edwin dodge, jr. called the richard blumenthal and threatened to shoot him. blumenthal is a u.s. senator from connecticut. f.b.i. agents traced the call to dodge's home in matthews. he's in the mecklenburg county jail. this morning a lot of voters
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results of last night's primaries, hillary clinton and donald trump winning in the presidential primaries. our coleen harry talked with people who are both excited and disappointed. >> reporter: it was the news that hillary clinton supporters thought they would hear when they gathered for a watch party. >> a lot of conversation to get people excited on both sides but i thought north carolina would carry hillary. >> reporter: democratic voters had a choice between clinton and bernie sanders. he hoped a high voter turnout would swing the race in his favor. in the democratic primary in north carolina the votes went to the former secretary of state. >> north carolina is traditionally a purple state, center right depending on the issue and candidate, a clear indication that her message is resonating not only with traditional democrats but also independents. >> senator sanders is not out of
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we picked up delegates and we will continue to fight until the convention. >> for republicans. >> make america great, again. >> most voters sided with donald trump and they say they expect him to win the nomination. >> i support donald trump because i'm a local business owner, a small business owner and i really think his business knowledge will bring a big advantage to our economy and make our lives better. >> john: that was coleen harry reporting. now 12 minutes before 5:00, let's take you outside how about it a live look at the skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, and wow, it is a little warm out there right now how about it, and how much warmer are we going to get? al conklin has those answers. the 80s. we've been close to 80 the last couple days, hit it again yesterday, i think better today this. will be likely the last of the unseasonably warm weather as we scale back starting tomorrow.
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pressure up over wisconsin, and a warm front out to the east of it, cool front back to the west. i use the term cool front, not much of a front but this will move through and will start to knock our temperatures back, might bring a shower to the mountains later today. for the rest of us, we'll be dry. good visibility, mostly clear skies, metro school camera in center city in charlotte, looking at a very very warm start to the day. 67 degrees. we're down about 62 an hour ago, breeze kicked up out of south, that knocked temperature back up a little bit. we'll see if that sells back down before the sun comes up at 7:30. dew point at 51, so yes, humidity this morning kind of damp. 44 in boone, 58 in jefferson, 62 in hickory, 61 lincolnton, 62 shelby and 64 now from concord to rock hill over to wadesboro and 66 to the south toward lancaster county and rock hill. we're starting off in the 60s this morning, should be up very
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record tying 83 set back in 1945. long-standing record i believe that will be challenged maybe broken later this afternoon. high pressure over us right now there is the frontal system coming through as we go through the day. we'll stop this this afternoon, mostly sunny, very little chance of much rain. the front continues to push off toward the east tomorrow, another mostly sunny day tomorrow courtesy of high pressure, this will allow for temperatures to fall back a little bit. go from the 80s in the 70s, no huge deal there, but then as the high continues to push eastward, then eventually get in cooler air from the north we will be in the 60 come friday then we turn our attention to this area of low pressure developing along the gulf coast, that is likely to come northward fromnorthward. temperatures will cool in the 50s over the weekend and our rain chances will be going up especially for late saturday into sunday, a quick ramp up, a ramp down. no rain today, tomorrow or friday, very little
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more likely on sunday. then look at the temperatures, 838 today, 75 tomorrow, 69 on friday. 58 on saturday and only 54 sunday. notice night time lows will be down in the 30s for the at least four straight nights. that is a little bit disconcerting if you have vegetation, plants and your garden going, we warned you it can get cold and likely at least at night, very chilly during the weekend saturday and sunday in the 50s, rain looking more likely for sunday. that is the forecast, see you at the top of the hour, john. >> john: at 5:00, a close encounter at charlotte douglas international airport, the investigation in how a drone got close to a pair of planes. wbtv always on your side, in your community, nine minutes the following is a response to a recent speak out editorial.
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solely those of the speaker. >> as we expected, our recent news reports and editorial on the company drew some impassioned wanda morris wrote: >> i'm against the toll road. it will cause more headaches and cost more for consumers. we are in a financial crisis now; we do not need toll roads. >> shari tate shared her experiences on i-95 in virginia: >> i-95 sits like a parking lot or travels at a snail's pace, while the toll lanes are rarely utilized. people at the average median income can't afford to pay high tolls to drive to work. >> several viewers came out against the contract specifically: linda gould from huntersville: >> i am extremely opposed to it and i do feel like the least the dot can do is their research and not hire a company that has had several problems in the >> james johnson of charlotte: >> it is a terrible situation and cintra should not have that contract.
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them immediately. >> and william rakatansky of huntersville: >> i am delighted that you have done your speakout tonight on the toll lanes, and are basically telling people to call governor mccrory and tell him to cancel the contract. >> thanks to all of you who took the time to call or
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>> tell us what you think. >> john: 4:55, a drone comes close to two planes at charlotte douglas international airport.
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the drone almost interfered with the planes as they made the approach to the airport saturday evening. this is an active investigation, police have not made any arrests. affording to faa rules, they are not supposed to fly within five miles of airports. work to widen independence will resume. the previous contractor defaulted on the project. officials will not pay more than the originalled by for the project of $51.7 million. the final completion date is april of next year. the dot says it will meet with the contractor and discuss the date for crews to return to the job site. get ready to taste the best peaches in years. farmer in upstate south carolina believe this season to be a great one. workers at one farm will pick the peaches at the end of may. it hasn't been damaged to the trees which helps the crop. hoping for more sunshine and warm weather to help them
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nothing better than a fresh peach from south carolina. coming up at the top of the hour, while you were sleeping, authorities were on the scene of a rollover accident on i-485, the latest on what we know about the wreck coming up. al? >> al: near record warm temperatures in the forecast today how much longer will i last? big cold front on the way. i'll have the forecast details through the weekend straight ahead. chris? >> chris: al, keeping an eye on traffic cameras watching out for anything that might slow down your wednesday morning commute. kristen? >> kristen: the race is still too close to call in missouri when it comes to the presidential primary, the latest coming up from the alert center,
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this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> john: now at 5:00, a record number of voters go to the polls in north carolina on primary
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we're on your side with the races. >> christine: former charlotte mayor patrick cannon headed back today. a look at the charge he is facing. >> john: welcome to wbtv news this morning on this wednesday, march 16th, now 5:00 a.m., good to have you with us, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. kristen miranda in the alert center will continue to have 2016. >> kristen: too close to call in missouri. i was looking at the numbers between the two republican candidate, it is close, i'll get you caught up. >> christine: thanks, kristen. >> john: record number of voters, possible record high, let's check in with charlotte's most meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: we'll challenge the record. we hit 80 yesterday, we have a few more clouds around today i'm expecting we will be at least in the low if not middle 80s. we will challenge the record of 83. very warm conditions. today will be the last of the real warm weather. cool front not much of a front
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conditions coming our way down the road. dry right now, no fog, clear out there this morning, very mild in charlotte. current temperature is at 65 degrees. 64 around wadesboro, monroe, of 5 gastonia, 62 rock hill, cooler 50s to the north and in the 40s around boone. for today, nothing cool, we'll start off comfortable, 64 closing in on 80 late this afternoon and record-tying 83 as we head toward 4:00. 80s, 70s, 60s and then 50s, that is not a countdown, that is the forecast. i'll have the the details going in the weekend in a couple minutes. remember, you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, traffic charlotte. getting out the door here on wednesday morning, traffic map looks pretty good this morning, a lot of green out there if you're coming inbound from south carolina, 77, no problems, providence road, independence boulevard, 77 to the north, lake


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