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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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conditions coming our way down the road. dry right now, no fog, clear out there this morning, very mild in charlotte. current temperature is at 65 degrees. 64 around wadesboro, monroe, of 5 gastonia, 62 rock hill, cooler 50s to the north and in the 40s around boone. for today, nothing cool, we'll start off comfortable, 64 closing in on 80 late this afternoon and record-tying 83 as we head toward 4:00. 80s, 70s, 60s and then 50s, that is not a countdown, that is the forecast. i'll have the the details going in the weekend in a couple minutes. remember, you're never more than and traffic on wbtv news this here is chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, traffic charlotte. getting out the door here on wednesday morning, traffic map looks pretty good this morning, a lot of green out there if you're coming inbound from south carolina, 77, no problems, providence road, independence boulevard, 77 to the north, lake
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this is i-77 at west boulevard, light traffic through center city and looking at drive times, rock hill in uptown, 21 minutes, 67 miles an hour, that is as good as it gets out of rock hill, concord to center city, 18 and 67, lake norman southbound, 15 minutes, 65-miles-per-hour. christine, over to you. >> christine: a big night in campaign 2016 as north carolina was one of five state where voters headed to the polls for super tuesday 3. >> john: a record number of voters turned out state-wide. 2.3 million people casting ballots. that is a 35% turnout. similar to what we saw in 2012 in the previous presidential primary. >> christine: let's start with the presidential race, donald trump beating ted cruz in north carolina. marco rubio and john kasich as well, coming in third and fourth respectively in the gop primary. now, trump won more than 40% of
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behind at 37%. >> john: hillary clinton came out with the win against bernie sanders. she had 55% of the vote to just over 40% for sanders. >> christine: hillary clinton and donald trump had other big wins as well last night in addition to north carolina, hillary clinton won in florida, illinois and ohio. on the republican side trump won florida and illinois. john kasich won his home state of ohio. now senator marco rubio announced he was suspending his campaign after the no, sir loss in florida, his home state. the results are too close to call in another contest. kristen miranda combing the wires for details on that right now in the alert center. >> kristen: it will be tough for to you see the numbers i'll walk you through them. this is the live real time results in missouri. this is the state that is still in question both on the democratic and the republican
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let's start with the democrats and the numbers here, hillary clinton, 310,602 votes. bernie sanders, 309,071, 49.6% for hillary clinton and 49.3 for bernie sanders. when you go to the republican side, donald trump has 382,093 and ted cruz has 380,367 votes. that is 40.8% to 40.6%. race is really tight for both sides, 98.8% of the precincts are reporting in the state. that is a difference of less than one half of one percentage point. the losing candidate can request a recount, so things in missouri may go on for quite some time throughout the day today. i did just check the missouri republican party and this tweet,
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gop presidential primary, a very busy day ahead in missouri while they sort all this out. >> john: thank you, kristen. 5:04, back here in north carolina, voters selected choice for governor. pat mccrory winning out against robert brawley and charles moss. current attorney general roy cooper had no problem beating durham democrat ken spaulding. mark davenport live here in charlotte this morning and mark, no big surprise that mccrory and cooper came out top, was it? >> reporter: john, no big surprise at all. this sets up a big time battle for governor here in north carolina. in november. the numbers spoke for themselves yesterday, mccrory, he reeled in more than # 0% of 80%. cooper 70%. polls are split. last month mccrory was up by
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will be the hardest fought gubernatorial race in the nation. candidates wasted no time before they attacked each other. >> we need a governor who will lead and do what is right to prepare our state for the future. we need a governor who will continue to focus on jobs and the economy and will focus on improving education, raising teacher pay, not someone who won't show up for work when it matters or hide and do or say what is politically expedient. >> there will be nothing less at stake than the heart and soul of north carolina this november. north carolina needs a new set of priorities. >> reporter: now, interesting the i-77 toll lane project, mccrory lost votes in north mecklenburg county over his support for the project. cooper said he would have never signed this deal.
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ballot for governor, ron lon cecil. >> christine: voter in north carolina overwhelmingly supported the connect nc bond. referendum passed by a nearly 2-1 margin. money goes toward new buildings upgrades and improvements to state parks. governor mccrory made a big push for the bond and we'll have his reaction to the vote coming up in the next half hour. stay with wbtv, we will have 2016. we have a full break down of the primaries right now at you can go to it at you can also go to facebook and twitter. >> john: looking ahead former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is back in the mecklenburg county jail this morning as he prepares to head to court today. got a look at his new mug shot, charged with voter fraud forecasting a ballot following his guilty plea on federal charges. ashton pellom is live at the
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with more on this. so ashton, how much time could cannon face in jail for this charge? >> reporter: hey, good morning, john, if cannon is charged, the judge could possibly sentence cannon up to 15 months but legal experts tell our news partners at the charlotte observer that it is more than likely cannon will only receive probation. cannon voted back in 2014 after he pleaded guilty to accepting more than $50,000 from undercover agents while he was the mayor in charlotte. it is against the law for convicted felon to vote before completing the terms of their sentence. cannon and his lawyers said he made a mistake. but a judge in a previous court appearance called him a sophisticated voter who should have known better. he's currently serving 44 months sentence in west virginia and is set to be released in january. we'll be here at the courthouse and you can count on us to bring you continuing coverage of him being here today as he appears in court on air and online at
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reporting live in uptown share, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: breaking overnight, authorities are investigating now after a car overturned in mecklenburg county. the crash happened around 2:00 this morning on the inner loop of 485 near the exit to mount holly road. a female driver lost control of her car. she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, no word what may have caused the crash. we're just getting started here at 5:00 a.m. federal officials urging doctors to take another look at how they treat pain. why they want changes to how doctors prescribe painkillers. a quick check of first weather, 65 degrees in charlotte, al says we could head for a record breaking high in the 80s today, 44 up in boone. we have 59 lancaster, 53 albermarle, 62 in shelby, a live look at i-77 at west boulevard, things are flowing smoothly,
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bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning. >> john: 5:13, continuing our coverage of the primaries, the controversial toll lanes being built on i-77 may have played a role. >> in the state house incumbent charles jeter edged out tom davis by less than a percent. jeter supported the toll lane, davis strongly outspoken against them. the close vote could set the
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we'll watch this throughout the day. >> john: a look at gop race for u.s. senate, richard burr beating out rivals by a wide margin. seeking his third term in the senate chairman of the select committee on intelligence. >> christine: he will face off against debra ross, she grabbed 60% of the vote in the democratic primary. >> john: in the race for at large seats on the mecklenburg county board of commissioner, democrats are winner. pat cotham, trevor fuller and ella scarborough will face jeremy brask for three seats. in district 2, vilma leake won over lula d ualah, bill james won over joel levy with no november opposition, the district winners will serve two year terms. 5:14, you're never more than
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and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks, john, get you out and show you what is going on, the mountains had fog earlier in the week but yesterday spectacular day, lots of sunshine, phil english, 68 degrees. you will be back in the 60 under mostly sunny skies, this morning, there may be a fair amount of clouds around, a maul s small window of shower or two, you see our rapid refresh model here watch this, a little bit of a system moving through and it goes by very quickly. if we get any showers in the mountains during the early morning hours, who is, most of us enjoy sunny skies, by 4:00, expect breezy side, west winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. 64 degrees. 83 today, the record is 83, 20 degrees above our average this time of the year. i think we tie this, perhaps even break it. it is possible.
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weather the pollens are out. juniper, maple, elm are off the chain here right now. off the charts. expected to remain quite high until the weekend. that will change a little bit going in the weekend, should come down because i'm expecting cooler temperatures and more importantly rain that will wash out the pollens, i'll specifically talk about when i think the rain gets in and out, seven day forecast coming up in a couple minutes. right now check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start with a live look i-85 to the north of 485, coming out of concord and kannapolis, volume of traffic, 85 very light this morning. we'll take a look at our mapping system here across the charlotte area for the most part, our major highways continue to run in the green this morning, so if you're traveling 485, 77, 85, no problems. we do have road construction involving the lynx blue line this morning. this is wt harris boulevard,
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is through 6:00 a.m., jw clay boulevard would be your alternate around that. wt harris boulevard closed for another 44 minutes now, through 6:00 a.m., for lynx blue line construction, that is traffic, guys, back to you. >> john: thanks, chris, next at 5:00, big changes could be coming to a popular social network. >> christine: the changes you will be seeing on instagram,
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>> christine: 20 minutes after 5:00. >> john: get over to kristen miranda with details on deadly blast in pakistan coming in the alert center. what have you got here?
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a violent night. nigerian officials say two female suicide bombers killed 22 worshipers at a mosque in nigeria. now this video, what is left of the bus after that blast in pakistan that you were talking about. at least seven people died, 27 others were injured when this bus exploded. the bus was carrying local government employees, this was in northwestern pakistan, it happened a short time ago. in a highly fortified army camp, quite the place for this to happen. explosive material they say planted in the bus, the prime minister is condemning the attack this morning in a statement publicly, but horrible image from there when you see what is left of the bus after that attack. back to you. >> christine: thanks, kristen. 5:21, new this morning, for the first time the centers for
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is urging doctors avoid aid prescribeing opiate pain killers. the risk from drugs such as vicodin and oxycontin outweigh the benefits. when they are used it should be the lowest possible dose for the shortest amount of time. 40 americans die each day from overdosing on prescription >> john: instead of seeing the newest posts on instagram, they are going do show you pictures you would be most interested in seeing. the order would be based on how often you interact. facebook uses it already. >> christine: starbucks rolled out a new drink, cherry blossom frappachino will be available until march 20th, the first day of spring. despite the name there is no cherry flavor. the drink is strawberries and cream with white chocolate sauce
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starbucks says it is inspired by the look of cherry blossoms. just the look. >> john: cherry blossom in the name but strawberries in the ingredientingredients. >> christine: i'm getting thumb's down from the alert center. >> kristen: i want to taste cherries, now my palate is confused. >> al: it will only be $9. the last seven days, well above average, which is close to 60 here early on this, start of the month and now up in the low 60s, but up around 80, every day it seems like and today we will do better than that. up close to record territory, a warm front cutting across the mid-atlantic and cool front through the tennessee and ohio river valley, colder air behind it, the front won't manufacture much in the way of rain, you
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a little bit of cloud cover, 8:00, maybe an early morning shower for the mountains. 12 noon, rest of us enjoying sunshine, that is gone, everybody winds up being mostly sunny, that front not going to be a big rain maker but will be the idea it will cool us down going forward. as far as rain goes, we haven't had very much of late. in fact this week we had .2 of an inch with two systems, one sunday, one monday. a quart inch for the entire month. down close to two inches for the month and year. we can make that up but won't be coming in the short term. out there right now with mostly clear skies and 65 degrees, ten mile visibility, southwest breeze at 7-miles-per-hour, temperatures across the area mostly in the mild 60s in the metro, 64 monroe, concord, lincolnton in the 50s in the north. a few 40s up in the mountains. for today, speaking of the mountains once you get rid of the clouds and shower they, no
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well in the 60s, we bring you down in the foothills and a little warmer, lower 80s expected under mostly sunny skies, lenoir, taylorsville, morganton. charlotte and vicinity, 83 lincolnton, charlotte, monroe, 87 wadesboro, mostly sunny skies and well in the 80s to from rock hill to chester, plenty of sun. we have high pressure over us now. here comes the front, not a huge system this, isn't going to be a big deal at least going forward. as we go in the afternoon hours tomorrow still looking at sunshine and nice day, in the 70s, then as this moves eastward we turn our attention to low pressure that will develop along the gulf coast, that will head our way saturday throwing more clouds our way and some rain. so our temperatures go from the 80s today, 70s tomorrow, 60s on friday. 50s over the weekend. and looks like the overnight lows down in the 30s. also our rain chances go up starting saturday afternoon. really kicking in high gear pre-dawn on sunday but sunday
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with just mostly cloudy skies. 83 today, 47 tonight. 75 sunny skies tomorrow, mostly sunny friday, 69, increasing clouds saturday, get rain during the late afternoon in the evening, ends fairly early on sunday but mostly cloudy, very cool and upper 50s on monday, back in the 60s tuesday. that is the forecast, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is chris. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. head's up, early morning construction, wt harris boulevard at north tryon street is closed down this morning. and that is right there at north tryon and wt harris, jw clay is your alternate. they are doing lynx blue line construction, this is scheduled to reopen this morning at 6:00 a.m., but you will find heavier traffic in and around that scene. so let's go ahead and take a look at some of the rest of the charlotte area this morning. and we continue to see most of our major highways running in
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it looks pretty good and checking drive times for you, coming in from matthews this morning, looks pretty good as well, running smoothly right now, 14 minutes, 46 miles an hour, providence road from the arboretum area 16 minute commute, concord to center city, 20 minutes, 69 miles an hour. that is a check of first alert traffic, john, back to you. >> john: polling problems leading to precincts in the area having to stay open later last night. >> christine: what one judge did
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those precincts, we'll >> reporter: overknight, voters passed connect nc bond overjoyed when he heard the news. what he's doing to thank voters
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>> christine: tougher restrikes on abortions may come to south carolina. sign. >> john: good morning, thanks for waking up with wbtv news on this wednesday, now 5:30 i'm john carter. christine sperow. good morning, get you caught up on first alert weather, another a-coming. >> al: a very warm day, getting up in the 80s for most of us outside the mountains. we'll take you in lincolnton, currently clear and 64 degrees, not much of a breeze. you're dry this morning, should stay that way all day long. 56 in hickory, 58 statesville, 52 morganton, cooler there, you get from i-85 southward, in the 60s for the most part, 64 wadesboro, monroe, 65 charlotte, 62 rock hill. at the bus stop, lots of sunshine, 64, a very mild start to the day, come home we tack on 20. and we may get above the record


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