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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he shed light on what it's been like for patrick cannon. he said cannon used this time to reflect and think about the crimes that he committed. >> health wise he seems to be doing fine. he looks good. but that doesn't mean that none of this has an effect on him. i say today that no matter what your sentence is when you go through a criminal proceeding today it is a life sentence because of the consequences never go away. >> and i'm told that patrick cannon will be taken back to morgantown, west virginia. and in the meantime he will be held in the mecklenberg county jail. live in charlotte, brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> thank you. and it's been almost two years since cannon resigned office in march of 2014. he was indicted after a federal investigation. cannon accepted cash from an undercover agent.
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began a a 44-month long prison sentence. his promised release date is january of next year. >> on top of breaking news. a shooting in the heart of uptown charlotte. crime scene tape in a parking lot across from the transit center and close to time warner cable arena where the hornets play tonight. one person was hurt and another person is in police custody. and coleen harry is live in uptown. police still on the scene there? >> yes, except for one police cruiser. most officers cleared the scene. the officers and the detectives converged on this area. the call came in at 3:30 for a shooting on brevard street and police found a young man lying in a parking lot he had been shot several times. medic transported him to the hospital and an hour-and-a-half ago we were told he was life-threatening. condition. police found the suspect being questioned.
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found the weapon also. the victim was in a dispute with another person and police say this is not a random shooting. >> when he shot him he took off running when the police was coming. so i don't know the situation happened before that, or anything but it's crazy and critical. >> and this happened just as the afternoon rush-hour was getting ready to start. i spoke to another man who told me he heard a loud noise and he was not sure if it was gunshots or a truck backfiring but he saw people running from the scene. and the buses and everything are now running on brevard street. live in charlotte, coleen harry wbtv on your side. >> thank you. turning now to campaign 2016. hillary clinton and donald trump are closer to securing their nominations to the white house bid. thanks to voters in north carolina. both scored decisive victories
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there were surprises last night but we are seeing signs that north carolina voters could be holding a grudge over toll lanes. jamie is in the election center with more. >> maureen the primary results appear to reflect anger over the i-77 toll lanes in mecklenberg county. take for instance the republican race for governor. governor pat mccrory won in the areas that you see in orange dominating most of mecklenberg county. but take note up in the northern part of mecklenberg county. where the orange is shaded a little bit darker. that is where there's been opposition to the i-77 toll lane project and those voters up there, went for the challenger and toll lane opponent bill brawley of mooresville. and the race for state house district 92. charles jeter won the areas you see in orange in western mecklenberg county. jeter was an early supporter of toll lanes before coming out against them.
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and check out the northern part this area shaded in gray. that was a toll lane critic tom davis who won up in the northern part of the county that race is close. in fact, jeter finished with 28 more votes than davis. more than 7,000 total votes were cast and it sets the stage for a possible recount. >> interesting. thank you. governor mccrory won his primary out right and will face the election. and it will be a closely watched race. polls have shown a tight contest between cooper and governor mccrory but in charlotte governor mccrory focused on a victory at the polls. he spoke praising the passage of the connect nc bond package. >> the question will be how much do we borrow now? and how much do we reserve? and the question will be which projects get the top priority for the initial money that we
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projects that will be ready to go and also have priorities for the state of north carolina. >> and the $2 billion bond package passed by a wide margin opposition. wbtv's david whisenant is live and on your side with how all that money will be spent. and is live in salisbury. >> maureen, i am at the campus of rowan cab bus community college and $7 million is coming here and a lot will go to this. this is part of the firefighter training facility. this is one of the big props they have a lot of these because this is what they have to do to get the training they need to save lives. they come from across the state to train here. this fire training facility fixed up with everything from a building that burns over and over again to a railroad line... >> we use that for training for hazmat things and fires.
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bondment now the new state bond will pay for a training tower, a police center and more improvements in the campus and in concorde. >> this money can be used for renovation and it will save the county money because we will use the state money to rehabilitate. >> the bond passed with 60% support and though some were opposed to t including a group that created this website. >> this is your standard highway patrol. >> the bond that passed was not like the one presented by the governor in several stops across the state last year. the legislature took out money for projects at the north carolina transportation museum and reed gold mine. money will go to the north carolina state zoo and the national guard, universities and the community college system and dr. spalding says it will create jobs here. >> it will also provide employment to contractors who will be getting the jobs for
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and building a new fire training center. the biggest single winner is the university of north carolina system because out of the $2 billion the university of north carolina system will get approximately $980 million. reporting live on the campus in salisbury david whisenant wbtv on your side. >> big money thank you. there's another primary on the calendar. you will be able to vote on candidates for congress in june. lawmakers had to redraw lines for congressional districts after the old ones were ruled unconstitutional. district 12 includes most of mecklenberg county. and steve crump is live for us. filing opened today. do you know if anyone entered the race? >> well, late this afternoon we checked in with state election officials in raleigh and at this point no one has entered the
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as we get closer to the deadline. >> the next primary contest sending north carolina to the polls focuses on impressional races. -- congressional races. and some of those eyeing the house may be engaging in political double dipping. >> if you won last night, your state house or state senate you decide well, i may want to try that you would be able to file again. >> the newly drawn map takes up a good chunk of mecklenberg county. for nearly 20 years, mel watt represented the 12th and was replaced by alma adams who now plans to move to charlotte since the boundaries have changed. the district was initially designed to ensure minority representation. but decisions by voters may bring a different out come. >> i think it's very much possible that that could happen if you have one democrat who is not african-american running against a group of african-americans that could happen. >> joel ford who had a
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congressional maps agreed. >> there's enough african-americans get in, a non-african-american candidate could come in and be successful. but at the end of the day as long as we have someone from mecklenburg that has to be the priority. >> however, michael dickerson reminds us the new maps are not a done deal. >> waiting for the u.s. district court to give me the final aapproval. >> and candidates have nine days to file. and the cost to get in the race is $1745. for now live in west charlotte, steve crump wbtv on your side. >> lots of moving pieces here. thank you. remember to stay with wbtv for coverage of campaign 20 steep. and you can find results from the primary on >> charlotte-mecklenburg schools says there is no connection between its school buses and possible carbon monoxide exposure. this morning a bus driver for alexander graham middle school
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all students were checked out for carbon monoxide exposure and their parents contacted. cms says no carbon monoxide was present inside the two buses it investigated. >> the weather outside yes, it is' unusual and we are experiencing record-breaking heat. but cooler temperatures are on the way. chief meterologist, eric thomas is in the first alert weather center. >> eric, how warm did we get today? >> 86 . smashed the previous record high of 83 that was set way back in 1945. at the moment stepping out the door 84. temperatures starting to creep into the 70s north and into the 60s in the high country. your hour-by-hour forecast great wednesday evening 69 at 9:00 p.m. and 64 through 11:00 p.m. we are tracking this cooling trend and you might be surprised how cold it's going to get. >> and next at 6:00... >> another great day to be
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if you suffer from allergies this could be a bad year. >> and a driver is charged with hitting and killing a young woman as she was leaving a panthers game. how she is being honored tonight. >> and new on primetime, a college student's death is bringing state-wide change for fraternities and sororities at south carolina colleges and universities. we will explain at 7:00 p.m.
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>> we are on top of breaking news at 11:00 a man shot in uptown outside the crowded transit center. he was rushed to the hospital. we will update you on the person police detained and new video from the moments after the shots were fired for you tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> see you then. a popular restaurant in charlotte south end will honor an employee hit and killed by a car back in january. mack's speed shop will dedicate the redesigned patio to kelly putnam. the 28-year-old was leaving a panthers game when she was hit and killed. gregory wheeling is charged with
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death by vehicle and dwi. >> and the weather today was a nice day to be outside. and flowers in bloom and nice breeze. >> but for many it is a tough time as the pollen count goes up. so does the misery the allergies. and we have extra bad news about this year. steve ohnesorge has that story from hickory. >> you got to feel for four-year-old bryson. >> nasty cough and run any ross noses are horrible. >> in hickory with trees in full bloom and all that other stuff coming out, well... >> sometimes i'm miserable. >> allergy specialist is seeing a lot of patients and weeks before the normal rush period. >> we have pollen counts as early as a month ago. >> the big three is hitting hard, the pollen and the grasses and the mold, the trifecta of trouble and because it's so early here is the bad news about
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>> we will have a longer season than normal. >> the doctor says try over-the-counter stuff first. pharmacist says there is all kinds but read the warnings. some will make you sleepy and give you dry eyes and more. >> it can affect people different ways. >> absolutely. >> and because you never suffered before does not mean you will escape this year. >> the doctor says our bodies are always changing and the longer we live the more we are exposed to all the allergens. do not we surprised if one year you're allergy-free and the next year you have trouble and if this does not help and it keeps getting worse see a specialist and be tested. >> find out what you are allergic to. >> you will not know what to springtime for you. >> thus is a tough time of year. >> in hickory, steve ohnesorge wbtv on your side. >> that is a bummer story but
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>> i noticed it this morning, too. walked the dogs and it was breezy and you see the yell loy film on the cars. >> i started taking my allergy medicine two weeks ago. let's check in with eric thomas and see if rain will wash away this stuff? >> it will be a while but since we are on the subject we will leadoff the show with the allergy forecast. let's hope this pumpkin is not suffering because it is sky high. your allergy forecast for thursday, friday and wall to wall through the saturday time-frame. and the other headline, that record high today 86 and the previous record 83 in 1945. that put us 23 above the average high of 63. that means in july if we do that, we would have a high temperature of 113 . let's hope we do not have that in the middle of the summer. there are signs of cooler air. and this is what the map looks like during the overnight hours. there it is.
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but if you look at the map now, you say where is the front? it's 81 in lancaster and 81 in morganton and it will be cooler in the mountains. so you cannot look at the temperature map because the dry air is arriving first before the cool air. you see the dew points look at the sharp boundary we have dew points in the teens and 20s in catawba valley and hanging around 50 on the southern end of the viewing area. that is a sharp bound country. it's coming through. and that will not make for a drastic temperature drop. we will be mild as we take you through the midnight hour. meanwhile that weak front just kind of raced off the eastern seaboard there. not a lot behind it. a quiet day coming up. and mountain forecast no problem 43 and fair skies a nice start for thursday mild quiet conditions here. about 50 . and let's get back to the map. anything heading our way. what we will be watching is this
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coast and that will come up along the eastern seaboard and that will put rain back in the forecast and cooler air. 69 at noon and 74 at 4:00 p.m. let's get to it. a couple quiet days thursday, friday and notice the cool air is showing up. today in the 80s then 70s, 60s, 50s, having trouble getting out of the 40s on sunday. that is with the showers saturday into sunday. and lows near freezing with mountain snow on sunday as well. and then we start to moderate a little bit with dryer weather into the first half of next week. roads. >> thank you. and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. an accident harrisburg road. 485 and a lot of congestion. alternate route. road. more volume on w.t. harris right by grier road. use caution in this area.
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to get around that. as we look on the mapping system not a lot of incidents congestion on 485 and i-77 and
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ford southbound moving >> i tell you what's up. almost time to go dancing. tar heels tip-off in raleigh taking on florida gulf coast.
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live from pnc with the preview. hey, ash? >> hey. a lot of excitement here at the arena. fans were able to come in and watch their team practice and there was no shortage of carolina blue in the gym and the fans saw what the team is doing in practice the day before their big game. this is the first time the senior class has had a chance to start the first round of the tournament in north carolina and they are looking to make the most of it. myself and nate wimberly went into the locker room to talk to the team. and the team told us after reviewing film of the eagles they do not look like the typical number 16 seed and even though they have never defeated a number one seed that does not ease their mind. >> florida gulf coast is one of the better seeds i have seen in a longtime. especially with the athleticism and height and that stuff.
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everyone but fear no one. >> now another hot topic the tar heels feel they are not getting the deserve the respect they deserve after named the number one seed in the east. so i will have more what the guys had to say and what they have been reading on-line. back to you. >> all right thank you. you can be part of the big dance by playing hoops three. registration on it's free. deadline for entries is tomorrow at noon. grand prize winner gets four tickets to the sweeft at the charlotte knights game. and the thursday schedule is
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duke and unc >> we're back live at 7:00 p.m.
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way n >> this is the greatest honor of my life. >> pelley: a choice and now a challenge to the senate. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it's time for the nat to do theirs. >> pelley: also tonight... >> hillary, hillary, hillary! >> pelley: the front-runners are tasting victory, but trump has a warning about a challenge to him at the convention. >> i think you'd have riots. >> pelley: an alleged drug addict working in a hospital may have put 3,000 patients at risk of hepatitis and h.i.v. and norma at 90 having the time of her life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today president obama said his supreme court
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hill for meetings tomorrow, but hours later senate republican leader mitch mcconnell phoned nominee merrick garland to say, don't bother coming. i won't meet with you and the senate won't act on your nomination. the president named garland, a liberal to, replace the late conservative justice antonin scalia. garland is chief judge on what's considered to be the second most powerful court in the land, the washington, d.c., circuit court of appeals. he was appointed by president clinton. garland is 63, chicago-born, harvard law. here's chief legal correspondent jan crawford. >> today i am not indicating chief judge merrick brian garland to join the supreme court. [applause] >> reporter: his experience as a federal appellate judge is deep. his credentials unquestioned. but the president today said temperament. >> to find someone who just


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