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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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now go to early first look at the weather. >> al: we have dry conditions, christine, a little cooler than the last couple mornings, a lot of us waking up in the 40s and 50s. metro school camera in center city, we have dry conditions, clear skies, current temperature 54 in charlotte, like wise monroe, 53 statesville, 55 in gastonia, 38 morganton, 49 in shelby and 44 in albermarle. we have cooler air out there but today will be a nice day. no records. yesterday, 86, record high, this afternoon, sunshine, high clouds, get back to 77, still well above average this time of the year but ten degrees cooler than yesterday. much cooler weather is in the forecast, goodbye to the 80s, hello, 50s. when they will arrive and what it looks like in terms of rain this weekend. we have some some mentioned in the saturday and sunday forecast.
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we're watching at this hour here in charlotte, involves a fire at a restaurant in east charlotte. kristen miranda getting details first in the alert center right now. >> kristen: christine, on albermarle road in the 5800 block of albermarle road. i've been watching the charlotte fire department's twitter feed. good news sounds like the fire is under control. take a look, this is a two-alarm fire, heavy fire showing at a restaurant and the fire department, charlotte fire department came out pretty strong, 50 firefighters, took them 30 minutes to get it under control. i want to give you an idea maybe you're familiar, el paisano restaurant. we're trying to get pictures from the scene, as soon as we get them we'll bring them to you right away. >> christine: we are working to learn the names of the two charlotte-mecklenburg police
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they were on the way to a call on lanecrest drive. they heard the shooter near the intersection of milton and barrington drive. one person shot in the air, before crossing the street with a second person. the officers followed the pair and the first person fired more rounds before running in nearby woods. the officers chased down the pair and took them in custody. neighbors were concerned when they saw the police lights. >> for this amount of police to be out here at this time of night, you know, literally surrounding the apartments, had to be something pretty bad. >> the officers never returned fire and they were not hurt. police have not released the two taken in custody. a teen faces charge in a shooting that sent one man to the hospital and is due in court today. our cameras were there as investigators took 19-year-old dajour smith in custody. a man was found shot yesterday afternoon in a parking lot on
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transit center, our coleen harry picks up the rest of the story. >> >> reporter: dajour smith had a mouthful to say. we can't use the words he said, not on tv. police charged him for the shooting earlier that unnerved some people in uptown. >> he's just crazy, man. >> one person was shot multiple times in a parking lot across the street from the transit center. >> i don't know -- that is my brother. >> investigators say it was not a random shooting. they say person who was shot and acquaintances had an altercation. >> he shot him, he took off run when the police was coming. >> we recovered the weapon. >> the scene so close to the
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commuters who take public transit. >> too much, young kids hanging up here. >> hours after officers cleared it police were back, directing traffic as rush hour and fans heading to the basketball game started to meet. outside the transportation center, waiting is a given. some wait for no reason. >> a bunch of young people doing nothing all day. >> late evening commuters notice the same thing. >> drama around here, stupid. that was coleen harry reporting there. dajour smith has an extensive criminal record. look at all the different mug shots from the mecklenburg county jail. he has been arrested at least ten different times, charges range from assault to breaking and entering. former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is sentenced to minimal jail time after he pleads guilty to charge of attempted voter fraud. cannon was brought backing from
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charge in mecklenburg county. he admits he cast a ballot after he pleaded guilty to the federal corruption charge for taking bribe money while serving as mayor. felons aren't allowed to vote until they complete their sentence. a judge sentenced cannon to one day in jail, which he will do at the same time he's serving the federal sentence in west virginia. >> no matter what your sentence is, when you go through a criminal proceeding today it is a life sentence the consequences never go away. >> cannon's attorney says his client is doing okay health-wise but the whole experience has had a great effect on him. apparently spent a lot of time thinking. former charlotte city council member david howard is taking a job with the federal government. several sources have confirmed to wbtv howard has accepted a role within the ranks of the u.s. department of transportation. he will work in the federal highway administration. remember, former charlotte mayor anthony foxx is the u.s. transportation secretary.
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the job but sources tell us he is expected to start at the end of this month. incredible video as thieves smash their way in a charlotte store using a van. this happened yesterday morning at the a1 concept store at tryon square shopping center. listen to the business' reaction. >> i heard broken glass, then i got here, oh, wow, drove through the store. >> is it frustrate as a business owner? >> definitely, you lose money, especially we'll be down for god knows how long. >> what is puzzling what the thieves didn't take. they ignored these expensive scooters and went for cheap cell phones and shoes. if you have any information that could help investigators call crimestoppers, 704-334-1600. you do not have to leave your name. a popular restaurant in charlotte's south end honoring an employee who was hit by a car and killed in january.
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boulevard dedicated the redesigned patio to former waitress kelli putnam. the 28-year-old leaving a panthers game when she was hit and killed. gregory wheeling is charged with second degree murder, felony death by vehicle and dwi. president obama making his pick to replace the late antonin scalia onn the supreme court. what we're learning about the nominee's background and getting him confirmed will be an uphill battle. we're on your side with important programming note, wbtv will have live coverage of the ncaa basketball tournament from noon until 5:00 today. that will be followed by wbtv news at 5:00. the regularly scheduled programs resume monday.
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schedule, go to >> christine: state troopers cracking down on drunk drivers ahead of the st. patrick's day weekend. there will be sobriety checks across the state. law enforcement will be out looking for those who are drinking and driving. last year, 339 people died in north carolina because of alcohol-related crashes. troopers encourage downloading ride share apps before you go out to party. it could save you in the long run. the son of legendary singer frank sinatra died.
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he died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on tour in daytona, florida. he had his own music career working for his father as his musical director and conductor. he was 72 years old. a political firestorm brewing in washington d.c. as president obama receive lets a nominee for the supreme court. the president chose merrick garland as his nominee for the open spot left by the death of justice antonin scalia. garland is the chief justice for dc circuit of u.s. court of appeals. >> these qualities and his long commitment to public service have earned him the respect and admiration of leaders from both sides of the aisle. >> senate republican leaders are vowing to deny garland a nomination hearing before the senate judiciary committee. let alone a vote before the full senate. they believe the next president should nominate the next justice. five north carolina deputies have been suspended for their actions at that donald trump rally where a protester was
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you probably have seen the video, the cumberland county sheriff says three deputies were demote and suspended without pay for five day, the other two suspended with pay. an investigation lunched after the video surfaced. the deputies witnessed the assault but didn't do anything about it. they charged a 78-year-old man with assault and disorderly conduct. someone painted a donald trump political message on a cabarrus county middle school spirit rock. a parent sent us the photo of the message painted on the rock at hickory ridge middle in harrisburg. says trump for president, 2016. wbtv reached out to school officials who tell us no one was given permission to do that. a custodian removed the message and school listed as a polling location but election officials say the rock would fall outside
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campaign signs. got your bracket ready? the first full day of the ncaa tournament. president obama filled out his bracket with a help from a girl from charlotte. emilia wrote the president to rib him about his busted picks. she told him you're great president but just not the best bracket picker. he wrote her back telling her to set her sights high in life and will check with her before filling out the next bracket. the president followed through with that and gave her a call. he has kansas going all the way this year. i believe he has unc playing kansas in that final. we'll see what happens. still ahead on wbtv news this morning, a woman comes to wbtv for answers after her wedding band goes missing. while it was being shipped.
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>> christine: weeks from her wedding a womb fran charlotte is leftwoman from charlotte isleft scrambling. her wedding band made to it charlotte and now it is gone. as sarah blake morgan reports, she thinks it may have been stolen.
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bright-to-be, there is as pre-wedding checklist. allison has the dress, venue, but less than a mon from her month from the wedding she hasn't marked the box. >> the ring disappeared, that is where the stress began. >> fell until love with this band from etsy's box out of chicago with custom engraving cost them $600. few weeks later she received notification the ring was delivered to this ups facility in charlotte. >> my fiance went to go pick it up and was told it couldn't be found. >> she went back hours hoping it was a misunderstanding. >> i asked her, i said so you weren't able to locate it? she said no. that means it was stolen? and she said most likely that what is we're looking at. >> she filed a police report and has been desperately trying to
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about the tangible object the but significant. that was a ring my fiance picked out important me, engraverred for me and the thought someone else has that. >> she hasn't heard much from ups but once i got involved, the company responded, apologizing to the couple and vowing to t work with the jeweler to get a new ring to them in time for the wedding at ups' expense. >> most important thing for me for my wedding day i get to marry the man i love and it doesn't matter what ring otherwise myring is onmy hand. >> sarah blake morgan, wbtv on your side. >> ups told sarah blake they are working with police to investigate the original shipment and where it may have gone. let's take a live look from the scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, you will feel a
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step outside. >> al: yesterday as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, 86 degrees, good enough for record, the record was 83 set back in 1945, but nothing new here, really. most of the -- we've been well above average for about most of the month, really, going back now, last two weeks. we're going to see changes that will involve chillier air. that is out there with readings in the 30s. 40s and low 50s. but this afternoon, still be very pleasant with high clouds mixing in with sunshine, manage to get back in the mid and upper 70s outside the mountains. lincolnton at 43, clear skies, a lot cooler up that way. here in charlotte, much cooler than yesterday as well, 54 clear skies, not much of a breeze, very dry. dew point at 29. behind the front that came through yesterday and that air will remain very very dry
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43 lincolnton, 41 boone, 47 morganton, 50 in shelby. pretty chili stuff early this morning we will rebound nicely this afternoon. not total sunshine, there will be high clouds, particularly for the afternoon hours but nice and warm, high temperature getting back to 77 degrees. pretty nice considering where we could be this time of the year. and more than likely where we are going as we head toward the weekend. i mentioned at the top of the newscast, yesterday, 86, today, 77. tomorrow, 69, three straight days in the 50s. overnight lows in the 30s. to complicate matters, throw in the idea there will be rain around probably both days of the weekend. high pressure is with us today, we may get high clouds this afternoon, drifting up from the stalled front to the south of us. as the high continues to push eastward the clouds thicken but we will be dry. tomorrow morning, we have a fair amount of cloud cover already,
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border here between north and south carolina and southward. through time, high pressure will drift across the north, that is going to lock in the chili air and meantime as we go in saturday morning, low pressure is coming up and that will throw rain chances our way. not a great chance, this system itself is going to slide south of us and then out to sea as we go in sunday. that will keep us very chilly here but at least a 50/50 chance for some rain, both days of the weekend. if i had to highlight it, i would say almost any time saturday after daybreak and sunday, probably the first half of the day as the low moves away we should see sunshine trying to return later in the day and sunshine with a gradual warm-up going in monday, tuesday and wednesday. today, sunshine, high clouds, 77, pleasant. 45 tonight, partly cloudy, tomorrow more clouds around, dry but cooler, 69. then 57, we get rain here, again, mostly on the light side but more just brisk and chilly on saturday.
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and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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>> christine: we have an update on an attorney from charlotte accused of sleeping during a trial. nick mackey's status on the state bar association no longer says active. a case was tossed out because mackey kept nodding off.
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status has changed because the lawyer is a wind-down period. state officials tell us status change happened because mackey didn't fulfill his continuing education requirement. he has 30 days to wrap-up existing court cases and can't accept new cases. police in salisbury need your help tracking down the man they say walked into a barbeque restaurant and walked out with a handful of cash. it happened around 11:30 saturday morning at hendrick's barbeque on east innes street. he stole the cash from the office. if you recognize who this is, call police. charlotte-mecklenburg schools says there is no connection between a school bus and possible carbon monoxide exposure. yesterday a bus driver for kids from alexander graham middle school reported not feeling well. all students checked out for cam newtoncarbon monoxide exposure. no carbon monoxide was present in the two buses.
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a lot to cover. officials with charlotte-mecklenburg schools are are once again reach out for parent force input. the issue they want you to weigh on just ahead. >> al: temperatures in the 40s for many of us. that is a good 10, 15, 20 yesterday. get set, much chiliier forecast toward the weekend. all the details in a few minutes. chris? >> chris: an eye on the thursday morning commute, an update on an accident which shut down a portion of i-85 southbound near concord mills. kristen? >> chris: keeping an eye on this fire that kept charlotte firefighters busy overnight at a restaurant on albermarle road i'll show you pictures from the scene coming up from the alert center.
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two minutes. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news.
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of i-85 south have reopened near exit 49, the concord mills boulevard. they reopened following a pedestrian who was hit. >> christine: happened at 3:00 this morning. there is no word on the condition of that pedestrian, as soon as we have new details, we'll update you on air and online at >> john: let's get things started right now, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: thanks a lot, out there this morning, john, temperatures ten degrees cool near charlotte than this time yesterday. mostly in the lower 50s around the metro area, clear skies, that is our metro school camera in center city, dry conditions, excellent visibility. current temperature, 54 charlotte, but outlying areas are running cooler. 44 in albermarle. 44 salisbury, 47 in morganton, 41 boone, 45 in rock hill, 48 for chester, monroe, lancaster. 50 hickory and gastonia. we'll start from the low 50s in charlotte, lots of sunshine, a few high clouds around, going
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as yesterday, we broke a record yesterday, 86, today, 77, well above average. get set, we have very cool weather coming our way, just in time for the weekend, overnight lows in the 30s. talk about it seven day planner in a couple minutes. a minute past 5:00, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic charlotte. taking a live look this is i-85 near bruton smith, travel along 85 running smoothly once again, was closed down for a time overnight. coming in from rock hill, 22 minutes, concord to center city, 19 minute commute, lake norman southbound, 16 minutes, 63-miles-per-hour. as we roll over to the mapping system here, most of the majors are in the green this morning, again that section of central avenue at albermarle closed down this morning, albermarle road closed down in both directions at central because of the fire. we'll have more on that coming up. a look at i-85 toward concord mills, both directions running


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