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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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as yesterday, we broke a record yesterday, 86, today, 77, well above average. get set, we have very cool weather coming our way, just in time for the weekend, overnight lows in the 30s. talk about it seven day planner in a couple minutes. a minute past 5:00, check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic charlotte. taking a live look this is i-85 near bruton smith, travel along 85 running smoothly once again, was closed down for a time overnight. coming in from rock hill, 22 minutes, concord to center city, 19 minute commute, lake norman southbound, 16 minutes, 63-miles-per-hour. as we roll over to the mapping system here, most of the majors are in the green this morning, again that section of central avenue at albermarle closed down this morning, albermarle road closed down in both directions at central because of the fire. we'll have more on that coming up. a look at i-85 toward concord mills, both directions running
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that is a check of traffic, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: 5:02, following breaking news involving a fire at a restaurant in east charlotte. >> christine: kristen miranda is getting details right now. >> kristen: chris mentioned a section of albermarle road becaused of the fire. if your morning commute takes you along albermarle road, you might find this restaurant familiar to you. fire shot through the roof of the restaurant when firefighters got there. let me show you pictures from the scene that charlotte fire tweeted overnight a short time ago, actually. took a crew of 50 firefighters to knock down the flame in 30 minutes. you can see the damage to the restaurant. if you drive that way in the next few minutes this morning, be aware crews are out there, could slow you getting through that scene, that area a little bit. chris gave you alternate routes to get around the section closed.
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the scene as well, we'll try to get you live pictures from there in a few minutes. back to you. >> christine: two people are in custody after they reportedly fired shots at police officers in east charlotte. happened around 8:00 last night near the intersection of milton road and barrington drive. wbtv's ashton pellom has more on how those officers are doing this morning. >> reporter: police tell us neither of the officers were hurt in the shooting. authorities tell us that officers were are headed to a call about someone assaulting a family member and firing a gun on lane crest drive. they heard the shooter may be near the intersection of milton road and barrington drive. they saw one person shoot in the air and cross the street with the second person. the officers followed the pair and first person fired more rounds before running in nearby woods. the officers caught the pair and took them in custody. we talk to people in the area who are now on edge. >> the tension between police officers and communities like this is just so tough right now,
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wrong thing to be done or said, just makes you tread lightly, but not everybody feels like that. it does make me a little nervous, you know? >> reporter: we're working to learn the names of the officers and people taken in custody. when we get the details we'll update you on air and online at reporting near uptown share, charlotte, ashton pellom, wbtv on your side. >> christine: patrick cannon pleads guilty to a charge of attempted voter fraud and sentenced to a day in jail. he admitted to voting after pleading guilty to a federal corruption charge for taking bribe money serving as mayor. by law, felons can't vote until they complete their sentence. a judge sentenced cannon to one day in jail which he will do at the same time he is serving out the federal prison sentence. former charlotte city council member david howard is
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several sources have confirmed to wbtv howard has accepted a role with the federalle highway administration. former charlotte mayor anthony foxx is the u.s. transportation secretary. howard is not comment about the job but sources say he is expected to start at the end of the month. >> john: thieves smashed their way in a store with a van. what is surprising they ignored expensive scooters that you see here and went for cheap cell phones and shoes. police are looking for the thieves, if you have any information call crimestoppers, 704-334-1600. >> christine: today is st. patrick's day, the highway patrol is using this holiday to crack down on drunk drivers. troopers will be out all weekend conducting sobriety check points across the state. law enforcement will be out looking for those who are drinking and driving.
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north carolina, because of alcohol-related crashes. be careful out there. we're just getting started for you this morning. for the first time we're hearing from army sergeant bowe bergdahl and his reasoning for leaving his post in afghanistan. what new court documents reveal. >> john: before we go to break, get a quick check of the first alert weather temperatures, we have 54 in charlotte, check this out, 41 in boone right now, 50 in shelby, 47 wadesboro. 44 albermarle, gastonia you've got 55 degrees. and the interstates are looking good this morning. no significant issues and again i-85 southbound at concord mills boulevard has reopened following a pedestrian being hit. we'll keep you posted because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.
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>> john: 5:09, these are live pictures from el paisano restaurant on albermarle road. a two-alarm fire, 50 firefighters on the scene, took about 30 minutes to bring under control. no reports of any injuries, but restaurant. no word how the fire started. our mark davenport is out there asking the questions you wantoned so we can bring you details and he'll have more coming up in a live report. this is new, the man accused of killing six people and hurting ten other in a shooting in michigan is suing uber. we told you jason dalton told investigators that uber's app took over his body during the shootings in january. he is suing for $10 million claiming the work as an uber driver caused him psychological damage. he said they discriminate against mental health, didn't
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and didn't give him a christmas bonus. >> christine: police officer in suburban dallas charged with murder and aggravated assault after he fatally shot a 16-year-old and wounded another juvenile. authorities say officer ken johnson was arrested last night. johnson was off duty sunday when he saw a vehicle being broken into and chased after the thieves. the thieves vehicle spun out which led to the altercation. >> john: bowe bergdahl is giving an explanation for why he left his post in afghanistan in 2009. according to newly released court documents, he wanted to draw attention what he saw as leadership problems. another document shows bergdahl was forgiven -- was given a mental evaluation and suffered from personality disorder that causes anxiety and paranoia. he faces face faces general court martial. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin.
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this last week. upper 70s to low 80s, yesterday we bounced up, i was fearful 83 wouldn't hold it, i mentioned possible we could get above that, we did, 86 yesterday, good enough for record high. old record was 83 set back in 1945. much cooler out there this morning. this is king street in boone from, you're currently 41 degrees, phil english reporting clear and 35 in linville this morning. we have cool weather. gusty breeze all day yesterday, afternoon. plenty of sunshine, high of 64, the wind just very very difficult to die down. as far a st. patrick's day goes, here is the forecast. close to 50 in charlotte this morning. plenty of sun this afternoon, still warm, high temperature up to 77 degrees. just not as warm as yesterday. then if you're out and about this evening, partly cloudy skies, temperatures fall back in the mid 60s mid-evening. a nice day, just cooler, by ten
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a chili chilly weekend and bouts of rain i'll break it down in the seven day planner. check in with chris, 5:12, first alert traffic. >> chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. looking live this morning, this is i-77 west boulevard, volume light, travel running smoothly through center city right now and most of our major highways are continuing to run in the green this morning. of course we've been telling you about a fire at a mexican restaurant overnight on albermarle road at central. we believe lanes are reopened on albermarle road, you will find a heavy fire department presence as they mop up the scene. we'll keep an eye on things there and on highways here across the charlotte area. that is a check of the morning commute, john, over to you. >> john: next at 5:00, another safety feature could soon be standard in all cars. the deal reached between the federal government and automakers to protect you on the roads. >> christine: an important
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live coverage of the ncaa basketball tournament from noon until 5:00 p.m. today. that will be followed by wbtv news at 5:00. the regularly scheduled programs resume monday. for complete look at the
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 17 minutes after 5:00. >> john: we want to get over to kristen miranda, following transit problems in washington d.c. this morning. she is live in the alert center. >> kristen: we have good news from washington d.c., john and christine.
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this is the foggy bottom metro station in the dc area looks like it is empty, i swear there were people getting on the train a few minutes ago. that guy is going to get on the train soon. metro system in dc is back open. look at the video. it was closed for 29 hours, a 29 hour shut-down. all six lines at 91 stayses expectedstationsexpected to open 18 minutes ago. they were working on 600 jumper cables, 26 were damaged. most of the problems have been fixed. inspectors were checking the system's third rail power cables following the electrical fire on monday that slowed down service. while everything was very quiet at all the stations yesterday, it will be a normal day hopefully for everyone in dc today and everyone will be able to get to work as expected. back to you. >> christine: folks will be relieved about that, thanks, kristen.
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federal safety officials and automakers are expected to announce they have agreed to make automatic emergency braking standard equipment on most cars. would be in place by 2022. automatic emergency braking is available on many models as an option. the feature uses cameras and sensors, radar to see objects in the way and slow or stop a vehicle if the driver doesn't react. >> john: chipotle will give away burritos as they are trying to convince people their food is safe. they had the first give away last month, will mail out 21 million coupons. chipotle says it may shift to buy one, get one free offers in the summer. as we reported sales were down 26% last month from the year before. >> christine: you may never have to tie your shoes again. nike unveiling self-lacing
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when users step in the shoe the heel hits a sensor to lace them up. you can then press two buttons on the side that adjust the grip. the self-lacing sneaker will be out starting the holiday season. no word yet on the cost. >> john: back to the future. >> christine: are or the jetsons. >> john: they had that in back to the future. >> christine: i don't remember that. >> al: we had that in the 80s, was called velcro. as parents what do we do, no longer. put them on, here you go. snows sneakers will set you back about 300 bucks. 5:20, glad you're with us, the numbers all uphill, for about the last two weeks, we have been just incredibly warm and yesterday up to 86 degrees, almost like summer-time heat. now we're looking at chiliier conditions coming forward. a gradual chill down, in the
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eventually in the 50s, so goodbye to the 80s, today, 77, tomorrow, 69, three straight days in the 50s. two of the days punctuated with cloud cover and rain. again, that is this weekend, clover leaf elementary school in statesville, dry conditions, good visibility, clear skies out there, clear here in charlotte that is the hd tower cam from scott clark nissan honda, 54 degrees. ten degrees cooler than yesterday, at this time, not much of a breeze. likely continue to fall. the sun doesn't come up until 7:30. 45 degrees in concord, 42 lincolnton, 39 now in morganton, 50 in shelby, 48 in monroe and 46 in wadesboro. again, you get away from charlotte, a lot cooler, mountain counties are are in the 30s this morning for the most part, in the low to mid 60s this afternoon, gusty breeze all afternoon. in the foothills you're still in the 70s, 76 lenoir, morganton, taylorville, sunshine, a few high clouds, like wise here in
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77 albermarle over to charlotte, 78 gastonia, so close to 80, wadesboro, 77 in monroe this afternoon and upper 70s near 80 at upstate of south carolina, chester, rock hill, lancaster, plenty of sunshine. all this courtesy of high pressure. that is with us today, that will give way. this afternoon, we have lots of sunshine, a few high clouds. those high clouds are drifting off as the front has stalled to the south of us, low pressure is trying to develop here, and a lot of this is going to head our way. tomorrow morning we have a mix of clouds and sunshine in our friday forecast. but then notice how some of the green starts to move northward are and as high pressure build in from the north, that is a combination that will keep us much chiliier. 50s for both saturday and sunday. now saturday we start dry but will probably wind up with rain as we go deeper in the day, so it is the dash, the 321 dash for down's syndrome, 8:30 in the morning you're dry. clouds on the increase, chilly
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chances for rain go up. notice no more than 50% from late saturday through midday sunday and by sunday afternoon this system is long gone. so the timing is not great, unfortunately, but that is the way it goes. we don't control it. 77 for today, 69 for tomorrow, then 56 saturday, saturday starts with clouds and pretty much the clouds hold all day, we get most of the rain for the afternoon and again most of this is going to be fairly light. as we go in sunday we start with rain, probably get sun later in the day. notice back up in the 60s and 70s by next week, but at least three if not four straight nights in the 30s aroundere including two close to freezing. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. waiting in the wings, chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. have an update for you with this fire situation on albermarle road, all inbound lanes are open so inbound toward the independence expressway open. one outbound lane heading away from independence is still
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but one lane is open, so if you need an alternate, central avenue or over toward north sharon amity, those would be the best ways around that fire scene. looking live i-77 west boulevard here in center city charlotte, rolling along smoothly this morning, most of our majors looking pretty good. out on 85, this was an earlier overnight accident closed down southbound lanes of i-85 at concord mills boulevard, exit 49, that has reopened. travel is rolling smoothly coming out of concord and kannapolis in charlotte this morning. that is a check of the morning traffic, john, over to you. >> john: cracking down on violations by fraternities and sororities.
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in south carolina are >> john: we're continuing to follow breaking news, a restaurant fire causing traffic headaches this morning in east charlotte. happened this morning on albermarle road. >> christine: get to mark davenport live there outside all that activity. so mark, any word on the cause of the fire yet? >> reporter: christine, no word on the cause of the fire, although charlotte fire department is in the building right now investigating. they have a few arson investigators inside, taking a peek around to see what happened here this morning. they don't know whether or not it was set or whether it was just an accidental fire. i want to show you what we have going on behind us. this is el paisano on albermarle road, a restaurant back here, i was talking to the owners a few minutes ago. they told me the area that caught fire was a bar and spare kitchen, that is what was on fire behind us here. they believe the fire started outside, that what is they told me a while ago. obviously caught on the inside after that. and the fire department says there is $60,000 worth of damage right now.
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minutes ago. the fire department is still here on scene, they have a ladder over the building, just making sure no hot spots pop up, that is normal procedure. they are inside as well investigating seeing exactly what caused this fire here early on this morning. in that area like i told you, a spare kitchen and small bar area and also a billiards room, i was also being told by the owners they are checking over surveillance video, once they can get inside the building after the fire department leaves, once they check over the video they'll get a better idea what may have happened. they left the building 2:30 in the morning. fire broke out an hour after that. we'll get a better idea in the next couple hours, right now charlotte fire is investigating. all the latest coming up in a little while. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. show you the map, exactly where this fire has taken place. albermarle road at central
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from mark's scene we know inbound lanes, all inbound lanes toward independence boulevard are open this morning, but the fire department still has a couple of lanes blocked off there outbound. one lane is open if you're looking for an alternate, probably the easiest route around this is north sharon amity and then up to central boulevard, central boulevard would get you back over on albermarle road this morning. taking a live look at drive times, matthews to center city, 13 minutes on highway 74, providence road from the arboretum area, 17 minute commute, coming inbound from 66 miles an hour. this is a live look i-77 west boulevard, volume light here across the charlotte area, and again most of our majors are running in the green, we're seeing outbound delays along north tryon street. that is a check of traffic now over to meteorologist al conklin. >> al: thanks, chris. with all the breaking news this morning about the quiet
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the sun will be up in two hours i expect a ton of sunshine today. currently, 54 in charlotte, but 50 right now gastonia, and in concord, up to hickory and shelby. 48 monroe, 43 in in albermarle. the temperatures from 5-15, even 20 degrees chiliier than yesterday morning. a big shock out there early this morning. but this afternoon we will wind up getting back in the 70s. at the bus stop, 53 degrees, may need the jacket, this afternoon you won't, sunshine, high clouds, pleasant, afternoon temperature of 77 degrees. we'll talk about much, much cooler weather coming in for the weekend, all the details in a few minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. john? >> christine: i'll take it, al, thank you. a teen charged in a shooting that sent one man to the hospital is due in court today. our cameras were there as


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