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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the sun will be up in two hours i expect a ton of sunshine today. currently, 54 in charlotte, but 50 right now gastonia, and in concord, up to hickory and shelby. 48 monroe, 43 in in albermarle. the temperatures from 5-15, even 20 degrees chiliier than yesterday morning. a big shock out there early this morning. but this afternoon we will wind up getting back in the 70s. at the bus stop, 53 degrees, may need the jacket, this afternoon you won't, sunshine, high clouds, pleasant, afternoon temperature of 77 degrees. we'll talk about much, much cooler weather coming in for the weekend, all the details in a few minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. john? >> christine: i'll take it, al, thank you. a teen charged in a shooting that sent one man to the hospital is due in court today. our cameras were there as
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dajour smith in custody you see him yelling at the camera. a man found shot yesterday on south brevard street outside the transit center. investigators say it was not a random shooting. smith knew the victim and the two had been in an altercation. dajour smith has an extensive criminal record. he has been arrested at least ten different times and charges range from assault to breaking and entering. following more breaking news at this hour, here at wbtv, a shooting in anson county. kristen miranda getting details first in the alert center this morning. >> kristen: our ashton pellom is at the scene, being kept far back from the scene of the shooting. a deputy shot a man late last night, it is on boat landing road where this is happening. and ashton is out there right now. deputies are keeping him far back, they are blocking the street that leads to the
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involved is okay and the man who was shot at last check was still alive according to ashton. a live picture from ashton's camera on the scene of of this breaking news. we don't know too much information about the circumstances that led up to the shooting last night but that is what ashton will find out for us there on the scene talking to deputies and as soon as he learns more, we'll get a live report from him. back to you. >> john: 5:33, new this morning, lawmakers in south carolina have unanimously passed a bill to make fraternities and sororities more accountable for misconduct and hazing on campuses. the tucker hipps transparency act requires colleges to post violations made by sororities and from fraternities. claim for clemson student tucker hipps who died with a fraternity he was pledging. >> christine: people will
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one week ago today. mothers of murdersoff spring will sponsor a service for michael jeffries, shot and killed off parkland circle. two others were hurt, no arrests made. >> john: a thief who authorities say targeted firefighters in our area is due in court today. 26-year-old johnny bing, suspected of breaking in cars at a dozen fire depararents in charlotte, cornelius, huntersville, kannapolis, china grove, greensboro and fort mill. detectives say the evidence led them to a car bing uses and they recovered stolen property. >> christine: commissioners approving a big change for people applying for county jobs. they no longer have to say on the application if they are a convicted criminal. the ban the box movement was pushing to remove areas on job applications that require you to check off if you are a convict. supporters say it gives convicts a chance to explain what
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getting thrown out of the job search process early. this would not do away with background checks. >> john: charlotte-mecklenburg school officials want your calendar. the district posting a poll online, now open will close at 11:59 p.m. on march 23rd. after the polling period ends, ann clark will review the results and could make changes to the calendar. we have a link to the poll under the web extras section of helping students with disabilities prepare for life after school. that is the idea behind a fair being held by charlotte-mecklenburg schools. the post secondary transition fair is tonight from 5:00 until 8:00 at east mecklenburg high school. parents and students will be able to talk to community support organizations, residential services and officials from colleges and technical schools. >> christine: the charlotte fire department is using a live burn to prevent flooding today. they will burn down a home this
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the home was purchased as part of a buy out program, allows the department to buy out homes to use for training and save money on demolition. a new option for people in charlotte who want food without leaving their homes. according to our news partners at the charlotte observer, door dash is now available in charlotte. the on demand delivery app available for android and apple, delivers from 250 area restaurants. it includes america burger, reed's fine foods and class tasting room. a live look at the commute, looking at interstates and secondary roads. traffic is very light, so you should be good to go if you're one of our early commuters. if anything changes, we'll tell you first here on wbtv. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. al: all right, thanks a lot, christine.out there this morning, boy, an
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around here, aside from the pollens that have a lot of allergy sufferers in rough shape, yesterday, 86 degrees, officially spring doesn't arrive until the march 20th time frame, which is this weekend but guess what, just in time for to us cool in the 50s. march can be kind of crazy around here. numale fishing forecast, 53 this morning, mostly sunny skies, 72 lunch time, a few high clouds but very pleasant 77 degrees. linda powers of the lansing sent in a picture of asher, an excellent fourth grade student on his way to blue ridge elementary school this morning. when not fishing he likes to race dirt bikes. you're our big catch of the day. folks, i need your pictures, email them to me at as i was mentioning, just in time for spring, we head in the 50s this weekend, rain chances go up as well. i'll give you the rest of the seven day forecast coming up in a couple minutes. christine?
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a student at davidson college gets the attention of a "star wars" actress with his invite to school dance. >> john: her response is just
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5:38, 22 minutes before 6:00. >> christine: 5:41, look at what's trending. >> john: a group of dogs is fetching dead phones and proving to be festival goers best friend friends. the st. bernard's were helped to save people at south by southwest from dead batteries. they rode motorcycle side cars to deliver charges to attendees. all of them are available for adoption so the people who are
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a woman from new york is getting attention online for greeting her new baby with a glamorous look. >> john: she spent time in labor doing her make up. she looked very glamorous when the baby was born. her photos have gone viral on instagram. >> christine: yeah, the make up -- >> john: were you thinking of putting on make up? >> christine: no, i was not. i could see how some women might want to spruce up. but that was a lot. >> john: maybe a little. >> christine: a player tried take a great during a tournament game but made a cool play. >> john: between holy cross and southern -- huh? prudhomme passed the ball to tie his shoes, the ball passed back to him. he was able to hit a
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>> christine: no, he meant to do that. don't you think? i'm going to pass it to you then tie my shoe. look at this. there you go. >> al: that is unbelievable! that is really good. >> john: what is important, i need my shoe tied. forget the game. >> al: our college career is on the line but that is all right. hold on a second. timing not great here, going in the weekend, clouds coming in, and eventually some rain, not a wash out not a soaking rain but it will be a big change from where we have been of late. which has been in the 70s and 80s. i use this term losely but much chillier air, there is snow in the great lakes, temperatures up in the 30s, we're not that cold but we have pockets of 30s up in the mountains northern foothill, clear skies, dry conditions here, excellent visibility, you have good visibility this morning, no fog out there, shouldn't have any
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boy, a lot of wrecks yesterday and total sunshine out there. so just use caution. 54 this morning as you head out the door early here as we approach the 6:00 hour. dry conditions, humidity level very very dry, very low with a bit of a breeze. 41 in boone, 36 in morganton, 50 hickory, gastonia, 54 charlotte, 45 in rock hill, 48 monroe, 43 for salisbury and albermarle. a pretty chili chilly start. a few high clouds that drift in this afternoon, nice and warm, no record breaker, almost ten degrees cooler than yesterday, still 77, not bad. tomorrow, yeah, a little cooler mostly in the upper 60s to 70. only get back to the upper 50s up in the mountains on friday and then we get cooler yet saturday and sunday. high pressure is with us today, plenty of sunshine, as we go from the afternoon in tonight, we start to see more in the way of cloud cover around the area, but still partly sunny skies, upper 60s to 70.
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night into saturday, clouds increase, i do think the st. patrick's day parade saturday morning will be okay here, will be cloudy and cool, rain chances are better during the afternoon hours, they will continue on and off saturday night and through at least the first half of sunday. 50% chance of rain, greatest from saturday afternoon through sunday, lunch time and start to tail off. timing is just terrible. not heavy rain, but there will be rain, lots of clouds, gusty breezes out of the north and northeast. yesterday, 86, we should be at 63. normal low is 40. going ahead we're going to wind up being below average the first time this month coming in the weekend. and notice also the night time lows, 39 degrees saturday night, then close to freezing, two night in a row, monday morning, tuesday morning, we have to watch for potential for frost around here, again the rain will be long gone, plenty of sunshine, warm up, 60s an 70s, tuesday and wednesday of next week, that is the forecast,
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chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. beginning here with a live look at i-85 out near 485, coming in from concord, kannapolis, outbound, no problems this morning. and most of our major interstates are continuing to run in the green. seeing just a couple of delays down to our south on highway 60 and providence road heading outbound. a scene we have been watching the last several hours with a large fire at a restaurant on albermarle road right there at central avenue, all inbound lanes toward independence boulevard have reopened but fire crews are still on the scene and blocking at least one lane outbound, expect that you will find fire crews and delays along albermarle road. quick check of drive times, rock hill, uptown, 21 minutes, concord to center city, 18, lake norman southbound, 15 and 65. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: the ncaa tournament tips off the first round in a few hours.
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we're getting you ready with a look at what goes in broadcasting the games for you to see. >> christine: fun behind the scenes, don't want to miss that. kristen miranda getting all the new details first in the alert center on headlines just in.
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after the break. >> christine: ten minutes before 6:00, welcome back. >> john: get over to kristen miranda with new video of windy weather in the midwest. live in the alert center. >> kristen: i wanted to get you video, this is in milwaukee, wisconsin you can see the damage the windy weather did there yesterday. just got this video in so i wanted to show it to you right away, nothing stuff overlook at the damage to the car. something fell on that car, the wind knocked it over and just really damaged the front end. a tree fell in the back of this car as well.
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in the midwest. we have been talking for a couple days about the windy weather chicago will have. i'm watching the airlines and see if there are any flight delays in chicago because they are supposed to get more wind. >> john: a dozen military personnel, a bombing killed 42 people, doctors without borders hospital was attack in october by an air force special operations gun ship. >> christine: republican presidential debate for monday in salt lake city was cancelled after donald trump and ohio governor john kasich said they would not attend. trump said he would not participate because "we've had enough debates" kasich's spokesman said that he won't debate without trump on stage. >> john: michelle obama has no intention of moving over to the
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she said at the south by southwest festival she has no plans of running for president. >> i have these two young people at home, and being the kids, the daughters of a president, just think about it. come on, young people, not so easy. they've handled it with grace and poise, enough is enough. >> she pursued a wide range of causes especially childrens health. >> john: a student at davidson college will not get to take daisy ridley to a dance but he did get a shout out. >> i would like to you join me for our spring formal. i know this request is by no means normal. >> kevin carlock recorded a rap video asking the "star wars" star to be his date to a formal. ridley said unfortunately, i'm
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with luke skywalker in the middle of the galaxy, won't be able to make it. >> christine: oh, man, bummer, at least she wrote back. very promposal the way he went out and did the ask with the rap and everything. too bad. maybe next time. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> al: nonetheless, denied. let's get you out there this morning show you what is going on, lincolnton, currently 42 degrees, clear skies right now, 50 in gastonia, and hickory, 48 right now in statesville, 43 in albermarle and good morning, charlotte, 54 degrees, st. patrick's day and here what is we have for to you day, lots of sunshine, start off chili this chilly this morning. a nice one, up to 77 if you will be out this this evening temperatures will fall off in the mid 60s, overnight lows chilly, down in the 40s, so do keep that in mind.
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today, not as warm as yesterday when we were in the 80s, still nice, chilly weekend with bouts of rain. timing terrible on this. cover it in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. let's check in with chris, first alert traffic. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. overnight fire at a restaurant has closed down a portion of albermarle road, inbound lanes are all open but one outbound lane blocked. you'll find heavy traffic that is albermarle at central. a live look i-77 clanton road. no problems here, volume picking up across the area, but most of our major interstates are continuing to run in the green this morning. we do have a new accident, this is statesville avenue at atando, expect you will find inbound delays along statesville. that is the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: busy morning for breaking news. >> john: we're live at the scene of a fire at a restaurant in east charlotte along albermarle road where they are live. at the top of the hour we're on
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with more details. >> christine: also live at an active scene in anson county right now, state investigators say they are on the scene of a criminal investigation, ashton pellom will be live with
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you're watching wbtv n wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> christine: we're following several breaking news stories this morning. this is a live look at albermarle road where firefighters have been on the scene of a restaurant fire. we're on your side with how this is going to impact your commute. >> john: a live look from anson county, state investigators on the scene investigating a deputy-involved shooting there. ashton pellom is talking with investigators, asking the
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he'll join us with a live report. good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning on this thursday, st. patrick's day, good to have you with us at 6:00 a.m., i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow. kristen miranda live in the alert center getting you details first. >> kristen: animal lovers will like the breaking news out of sea world, a big story on the future of the orca whale program, i'll have it coming up from the alert center. >> john: get things started with charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, al conklin. >> al: record high temperature of 86 yesterday, some what cooler today, clear skies this morning, this is our metro school camera in center city, excellent visibility, dry conditions, it will be dry for your commute. cooler, 48 in charlotte, 42 around mountain island lake, 46 in harrisburg area, 45 in weddington. a lot cooler, we have spots in the 30s up across the morganton area, 36, 41 boone, 45
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today, still very very nice. but just not as warm as yesterday. sunshine a few high clouds this afternoon, high temperature, 77 degrees. timing is not great. we have 50s coming for the weekend and clouds and some rain as well, i will have more on that coming up, john, in the seven day forecast in a couple minutes. >> john: get back to the breaking news out of east charlotte. firefighters on the scene of a fire at el paisano restaurant, on albermarle road. caused albermarle road to be shut down at one point. lane closures in the area. mark davenport is live at the scene so mark, what can you tell us about the fire and what about albermarle road, has it reopened? >> reporter: john, not all of albermarle road is reopened right now. going outbound you have one lane closed at this time, they have a fire truck in the lane. police closed that lane for the time being but five of six lanes are are open, all three inbound lanes are are open for drivers this morning. as for the fire i can tell you 50 to $60,000 of damage, that is
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us. they got here earlier, the fire coming through the roof. they put it out in 18 minutes. the guys were on the roof and the back patio. you see a couple firefighters pulling lines, pulling the hoses back in and out of the building right now, making sure the hot spots are put out. the building has been here 70 years, the el paisano restaurant, there has been four or five renovations, in those 70 years, a lot of things to work through, a lot of roofing to work through. firefighters believe this fire started in the back of the building, i put something out on twitter showing a couple fire investigators working through some of the debris in the back of the building out there and i want to you check that out. my handle @thedavenreport. chris, one lane is still closed outbound on albermarle, if traffic gets bad what can drivers do? >> chris: easy alternates, mark, first alert traffic sponsored by


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