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tv   WBTV News 3 at 530 AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30am-5:59am EDT

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peeks of sunshine late on your friday but the clouds will roll in again tonight, and overnight in saturday morning. so if you have saturday morning plans, it may be some rain showers around 10:00 a.m., as parade starts tomorrow morning. we'll look at that in a few minutes. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> christine: all right, we're continuing to watch all the traffic patterns this morning, on the outer loop of 485 just beyond us74, you may face a slow down there, but for the most part, 485, 77 and 85 looking great this morning. let's look live at i-77 and west boulevard, you can see it, traffic is light, but as soon as the problem arises, we'll tell you first on wbtv because you're never more than seven minutes wbtv news this morning. people living near west asking charlotte-mecklenburg
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about students who they say are are causing trouble while they should be in class. wbtv's mark davenport is live in charlotte with more on this so mark, what are some of the issues neighbors are are complaining about? >> reporter: there is a laundry list, christine. more than 30 neighbors who live around west mecklenburg high school showed up for a meeting overnight. some of the problems, cars being broken into, stuff stolen from homes. they all agreed at the meeting there is a problem at west mecklenburg high school that needs to be addressed right now. i want to take you to the meeting, this is video we got last night. neighbors had a chance to voice concerns to cms and cmpd. residents, especially older neighbors, are worried things will get worse. cms says they are addressing the problems of kids skipping school, not going to school at all but has been a challenge and they are working so solutions.
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has nine buildings, 21 hundreds00 students. neighbors wonder if anything will get changed. >> we feel like that there is no one in charge, they're not accountable. no one is held accountable for these children. >> reporter: now, there is an sro at west mecklenburg high school, cmpd says they will continue to partner with this head-on. we'll follow the story right here on wbtv. reporting live i'm mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 5:32, go over to kristen miranda with details on a wreck involving a deputy in north carolina, these details coming in the alert center. >> kristen: they are coming in, john, i wanted to get you caught up on this regional story, up keeping an eye on lee county in north carolina, specifically, in sanford, this is where we're talking about. here is raleigh. fayetteville down here. there was a serious crash between a sheriff's deputy
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baptist church. we have a couple pictures from the scene but what you see is law enforcement vehicles there and there is the deputy car in question, you can see the damage to the front left part of the car. the road is closed, we have not heard yet who was up injured or how serious the injuries are, but i will watch this, they are calling this a serious accident between that deputy vehicle and the person on the atv. if i learn anything he'll bring it to you right away. >> christine: the house votes to embrace a lawsuit against president obama's stance on immigration. they are challenging executive actions the obama administration says will make it for illegal immigrants to get right with the law. republicans in the house passed a motion yesterday allowing paul ryan to file a friend of the court brief in the case of one lawsuit filed by the state of texas. >> john: much has been made of
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personal emails while she was secretary of state. now, a report from our news partners, show local officials do the same. they use personal email for city business. the practice is not illegal it can make city business less transparent. >> christine: this is national child passenger safety week, we're helping parents make sure their child's car seat is properly installed. there are two car seat safety checks in our area today. charlotte-mecklenburg police are holding a check from 9:30 until 11:30 at freedom division office on wilkinson boulevard. child safety product maker britax is holding a safety check from 8:00 until 11:30 on pleasant road in fort mill at their headquarters. you can bring any brand car seat for them to check. >> john: school districts in
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permission to star school year earlier. it can start no sooner than the third mon in august. some want it moved up to the second monday, august 15th to finish the first semester before christmas break. a senate sub committee approved a bill allowing earlyier date yesterday. >> christine: duke and unc advance to the second round of the ncaa tournament but had to survive first half scares in the first round. tarheels finished first half of yesterday's game against florida gulf coast up by one point. unc got hot in the second half, going on a 20-3 run at the start, and beating the 16 seed, 83-67. heels face 9 seed providence tomorrow. mike krzyzewski and his duke blue devils knew they would be are no a challenge against unc wilmington. the seahawks led at the half
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93-85. duke faces yale after they had a huge upset over baylor. >> john: special shout out, send grade students at granite falls in caldwell county, we talked about reading and how important it is, we read a good book p, had, theywant to be the best readers in north carolina. who is that big goof ball in the middle i don't know. thanks to the staff for their wonderful hospitality. had a great time. granite falls, a great school. >> christine: a live look at the commute this morning, some of you are getting ready to head out the door to work or school, this what is things are looking like on this stretch of 77 at west boulevard exit. traffic moving smoothly here. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin meteorologist al conklin. >> chris: meteorologist al
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friday but i'll do weather this morning. a live look from the school camera in charlotte -- you can't tell the difference. 46 degrees in boone, 57 hickory, 52 in charlotte, 47 in wadesboro this morning, storm track for today stays down to the south. mixture of sunshine and clouds as we head in the afternoon and here is your numale fishing forecast today, mid 50s at 8:00 a.m., 66 for the lunch hour, highs in the upper 70s for this afternoon. filling the role of al conklin, brigida, back over to you. >> christine: all meteorologists lookalike, isn't that what they say? ha ha ha ha. >> john: i'm not touching that. a girl's picture of her grandfather draws hundreds of thousands of comments, the story behind this sad face that is going viral. >> christine: and we are on your side with an important programming note, wbtv will have
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aa tournament from noon until 5:00 followed by the news. regularly scheduled programming will resume monday. if you
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schedule go to >> christine: 5:41, a look at what's trending. >> john: people are going online to watch a patriotic birth. a bald eagle named mr. president and her partner, the first lady is waiting for their two eggs to hatch at u.s. national arboretum. a live look, this is the eagle cam. live look, you can see dc one of the eggs is starting to hatch. they posted this picture on facebook of holes in the egg. when they are born the public will be able to name them.
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>> christine: a college student sad photo of her grandfather led to outpouring of support and a little cousin rivalry. >> kelsey harmon tweeted this caption, made 12 burgers for six grandkids i'm the only one who showed. more than 100,000 people tweeted their love for him and lectured the other grandkids. one of the other kids got the message. brock harmon tweeted this photo saying i came to his house and am having a burger. >> >> john: little shaming. looked like good burgers. >> chris: soon he will say can you all leave, i've had enough. >> christine: looking forward to the weekend lots of activities
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morning, autism run, unfortunately the weather won't be as beautiful as the last couple days. it won't be a wash-out. won't rain all day long but we will see periods of showers as we head toward the weekend, so again, just keep that in mind, that we will see cooler temperature, more cloud cover and showers, there is a live look from our metro school camera here in the charlotte area, and we will warm up today in the upper 60s and probably some low 70s across the charlotte area, right now, let's take a look at current conditions across charlotte, partly cloudy skies, 52 degrees, relative humidity 59%, across the area, most of us in the low 50s. 52, 49 mountain island lake, 54 belmont, 52 harrisburg. in the mountains, 45 boone, 57 gastonia. cloud cover heaviest from charlotte and gastonia, thins in the foothills and mountains, that is why i think
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warmer than the charlotte region this afternoon. rain showers to start the day in charleston but just the cloud cover here in charlotte but we will see moisture and colder fair the north working in the charlotte area for the weekend, saturday and sunday. so again, a little bit of a hours. we will see peeks of sunshine this afternoon, 62 boone, 55 on the top of beech mountain. in the foothills, low 70s, 73 lenoir, 72 taylorsville. 70 in concord, 74 wadesboro and 73 in rockingham, 74 pageland, partly cloudy, 73 in cheraw or for this afternoon in cheraw. futurecast through the day today, fairly quiet, no rain showers, partly cloudy skies, afternoon. the moisture and colder air working in as we head overnight in saturday morning, this is 10:00 a.m., keep in mind parade is tomorrow morning at 10:00 to 11:00, rain showers, 11:00 a.m. for the parade start, back in
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we will see more rounds of rain coming overnight in sunday morning and with the colder air, snow showers up in the mountains, first thing on sunday morning. so about a 50% chance for rain showers saturday, 40% sunday morning and then we're dry to start the work week with the very nice warming trend. it is chilly, right at average if not slightly below for the weekend, 58 saturday afternoon, rain showers overnight in sunday morning, but clearing sunday afternoon and look at the lows, monday morning, 33, 32 coming up on tuesday morning and there is the warming trend, 72 wednesday afternoon, 77 on thursday. that is a check of first alert forecast, guys, back over to you. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: a look here at live current conditions map and again, most of the area is in green right now. if you're coming up 77, things are looking smooth, we expect congestion as the morning comes along here. here's a live look at i-77 at the rest area, you can see
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we have a report of careless, reckless driving in the north tryon street area around the 7700 block. remember, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. when you buy a new phone, what do you do with the old one? most people sell them, but are you sure you're getting the best price? all new in the 6:30 half hour, we're on your side with what you need to know to maximize your return. >> christine: kristen miranda live in the alert center, you said you want details first when news is breaking or just hitting the wires, that is why we have kristen here, in the alert center getting headlines for
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it is 5:46.
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day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: glad you're back with us on wbtv news this >> john: get over to kristen miranda with new details on a surprising discovery made in a car in europe. this is just coming in right now to the alert center. >> john: i want >> kristen: i want to get the video for you, it is taking half a second longer, it is interesting to see how far migrants are willing to go to get from one country to another. i'll get the video to a couple seconds. also coming in, a gas facility in algeria hit by explosive munitions fired from a distance. this is associated press alert we got. i'll track down information on that for you, two developing stories internationally i'm following, as soon as i see you i'll bring you more. back to you. >> john: federal authorities say a college student who wounded four fellle low students in a
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inspired by isis but acted alone. the 18-year-old may have become self-radicalized. he planned the attack at university of california merred a week before he carried it out in november. campus police officer shot and killed him the day of the attack. >> christine: a judge ordered the fbi to allow sandra bland's family to review the order, part of a wrongful death lawsuit. she died last summer in the waller county jail, three days after being arrested during the traffic stop. authorities ruled her death a suicide. >> john: former cia director david petraeus will testify before capitol hill. he testified before a committee after leaving the agency about benghazi.
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apologizes in court after committing a crime against music. >> hello there, i'm sorry >> for the things i've done. >> do you recognize the song that he's playing off here, brian taylor sentenced up to 17 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment, carried concealed weapon. did his own take on adele's "hello" in his apology to the judge. his mother and victim. the judge called him a talented young man, adding he should take advantage of programs available in prison so he can better his life when he's released. >> john: all right. >> christine: we're all scratching our heads a little bit. all right. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. wonder what adele would have to say to that. here is meterologist chris larson.
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the weather it is partly cloudy >> christine: ha ha ha ha. >> chris: 66 degrees, low 70s for this afternoon. all right, current condition here in charlotte, 52, relative humidity, 59% with winds out of the north at 3-miles-per-hour. up in the mountains, 45, boone, 58 gastonia, 58 monroe, 57 right the storm track will stay down to the south today, but we will see an influx of moisture heading in the weekend and cooler temperatures, the rapid refresh model, going through the day on friday, a good deal of sunshine, but mixed in with thin high clouds that you don't see here on our computer model and quiet new friday evening, friday night. by saturday morning, we are going to be talking about rain showers here in the charlotte area and up in the foothills and mountains. rock hill, 70 this afternoon, 72 hickory, 73 morganton and 62 in
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that's a look at first alert forecast >> christine: that is so bad. oh, chris, oh, chris. a live look at the commute this morning, folks, things are moving smoothly here this morning, just one accident we're seeing here in the pineville area off 485, not causing slow downs so you should be good to go if you're coming in from cornelius on 77. southbound traffic moving smoothly as well. here is a live look at 77 at the woodlawn road exit, things do pick up in the 6:00 hour, stay with wbtv, we'll let you know when problems arise first. lawmakers in south carolina are taking steps to protect your children from internet predators. all new in the 6:30 half hour, we'll tell you about the new bill and hear from the girl it is named after. >> john: a plane struck by lightning on flight from north carolina, we hear from passengers who described the terrifying experience. you're watching wbtv news this
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before 6:00. this broadcast sponsored by subaru south boulevard and subaru concord. wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> he's my hero, my baby. >> christine: a young boy in gaston county helps his family escape their burning home, this morning, we're hearing what he did to get his family to safety. >> john: kristen miranda live in the alert center. >> kristen: one country declares an end to ebola, another country saying there are more victims of the virus. i'll have the latest from the alert center coming up. >> john: good morning, welcome to wbtv news this morning here on this friday, march 18th, good to have you with us at 6:00 a.m., i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow.
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right now, there could be changings coming for the weekend weekend. meterologist chris larson in the first alert weather center with the most accurate details on what you can expect today. >> chris: changes to the forecast, really, with cooler temperatures coming our way. record-breaking temperatures in the 80s on wednesday, this weekend in the 50s. take a live look from metro school camera here in charlotte, mid and high level clouds right now. sort of acting as a blanket, mid 50s, 55 degrees currently, between 52 and 55 the last couple hours. in the mountains, 45 boone, 57 gastonia, 48 in wadesboro, 50 in albermarle, temperatures vary with the cloud cover, there you see it mostly cloudy now chester chesterfield, pinehurst, clear out to the west in the foothills and mountains. storm track stays to the south but rain showers work in to the weather picture for saturday
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8:00 a.m., mid 50s, of 6 66 for lunch, high of 70 this afternoon. 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning, a band of showers, maybe heavy rain saturday night into sunday morning. cooler and clearer sunday. the seven day forecast in a few minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. first alert traffic brought to you by toyota of north charlotte. >> john: here is a live look at the current conditions map and good news for your friday morning commute. there are no significant issues on any of the interstates, even i-485, there may be your typical slow downs in those areas where traffic gets congested but no wrecks. a live look at i-77 at the state line, a lot of traffic but again, no issues on the interstates that will slow you down except for the usual volume issues. >> christine: a family in gaston county is calling their six year


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