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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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all new on wbtv news sunday morning breaking news out of south charlotte after a driver is killed in a wrong way crash. we have video from the scene as troopers investigate. plus we're watching our live power top already radar for rain chances as we start palm sunday here. your forecast is next. hope you're having a great start to this sunday morning. i'm brody o'connell. >> good morning i'm lindsey tapases. >> for those of you watching it's palm sunday. -- last audio. >> i think yesterday we're not going to have a lot of sun today. and it's going to be shower are. >> you made the point earlier it's ironic this is the start of spring because it's cold this morning and it's going to be colder tomorrow morning. >> usually by spring you're coming out of winter and you're itching for it to be spring and
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not been the case for us because it's been so warm this month and today is going to be the coolest day that we've seen since again about the fourth or fifth of this month so over two weeks time and that's going to put us in the low 50s for highs. we're in the low 40s. cooler this morning and afternoon. the shower coverage will be 40 percent. it looks like the showers will be scattered this afternoon and perhaps light rain moving through there. on tonight morning hours will be the driest time period of the day but we actually have freeze warning and freeze watch in some areas tonight. we'll be down in 30s and show you that and talk about the forecast coming up. >> sounds good. we're following breaking news. two people are dead after a wrong way accident. this happened in south charlotte overnight this was the scene and end 2:30 this morning on i 45 outer. highway patrol says the driver was driving the wrong way at ray road -- when he hit another
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this is near providence road area for those of you that are familiar with that stretch of 485. both drivers were killed a third vehicle was side swiped by the wrong way vehicle but that driver is okay. troopers don't know if alcohol played a role in the accident. all lanes had to be shut down during the investigation. >> now to a crime alert. people are searching for the person who shot two different men in the last 24 hours. the first one happened just before 11 yesterday morning and the other one was three hours later across town in west charlotte on donald ross road. christian flores has been keeping track of both shootings and he has on how the community is reacting. >> it's very sad. it's senseless. >> richard nixon lives near the shooting of the 27-year-old killed saturday. he isn't related.
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family but he can't help but feeling sad as the family mourns the death of a loved one. >> this is senseless just a young man laying over there and lost his life probably for nothing. >> the family did not want to comment because they were visibly shaken up. that was the second shooting of the day. the first one happened -- lost audio. >> just seeing it it's sad. there's too many young people out here dying. too many. >> both shootings are under investigation. detectives do not believe they're connected to each other. with the shooter on the run cmpd is asking the public for help. >> we're hoping somebody saw something that could lead to a tip to solve this case. >> nixon says the violence needs to stop and people who are about to commit a crime need to picture themselves in the victim's families situations. >> i got tear are eyed over here watching this. i mean i don't know -- what it's like to lose a family member. that's what i was sitting here
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i got one sister and three other brothers. >> yeah tough situation there watching those families mourning on the scene. >> that was christian flores reporting by the way. cmpd asking for your help in both shootings. if you know anything about either incident you're asked to call crimestoppers. we have another crime alert. there's a look at this person christopher critical 10 on the. now he's wanted for attempted first degrees murder -- and robbery among a list of other charges. police say he cut off his electronic monitor and was last known to be in the area of university city boulevard. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> a house destroyed after a car slams into it. this happened just before seven yesterday on brighten brooke drive. medics say the driver here in the car had life-threatening injuries. two adults and three children
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it's unclear if they were home at that time. well new this morning people are turning the patrol car driven by fallen greenville police officer into a shrine. dozens of people stopped by police headquarters yesterday and prayed over officer jacobs cars or left flowers. he was shot and killed by a 17-year-old gang member he was questioning about a gun purchase friday. the suspect shot and killed himself after shooting jacobs. a go fund me account has collected $50,000 for the jacobs family. >> looking ahead this morning the mother of a young girl beaten to death four years ago in charlotte is expected -- lost audio. she was found dead and rushed to the hospital and was found to have broken ribs trauma to the head and bleeld together the brain. her father was later arrested four years an ago. we heard opening statements --
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himself. it's an unusual move that's been the focus of the case so far but now the attention shifted to the child who died. we learn more about what that little girl went through before she passed away. wbtv on your side with more. >> after years of delays the trial began. the prosecutor laid out the evidence in the case. broderick brutally beat and killed his six month old baby daughter. >> the medical evidence. >> she had recent and older head bruises brain bleeding and scull and rib fractures. >> -- he had access to her. >> broderick did not respond to
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couldn't make an opening statement. the state called the first on the scene. his side did object to if officer's description of his reaction of the baby being taken away as not normal for the circumstances. on cross he did ask a couple questions. >> isn't it true that i was actually at the front of the hotel entrance flagging down firefighters? >> most of the first day the medical examiner testified. >> cause of death was blunt force head trauma due to physical assault slash child abuse. >> broderick was able to review the x-rays of his daughter's scull and ribs and he asked questions about time of injury and death. >> this is inflicted trauma and the child is not dying from a pneumonia.
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all right that's our pamela escobar reporting. the medical examiner talking about the 2010 abuse case involving broderick that. baby suffered from abuse injuries. >> time moore hopes to call a special legislative sessions on the controversial anti-discrimination ordinance. moore says discussions are happening with governor mccrory. the most controversial part allows on allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. now it's expected to go into effect on april 1st. the regular legislation begins on april 25th but under state law the house speaker and senate leader can call a special session if three fifthss of the legislature supports the move -- moore is pushing for a special
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upcoming week. we'll follow for updates. >> the diocese of charlotte calls for future priests. the bishop made the announcement at belmont abbey college in response to interest in priestly vocational shins. the priest says they will focus on undergraduate men considering the priest hood -- one step before enrolling in a major seminary. >> this is going to give those younger men who are seriously thinking about a vocational shin the opportunity to get their college degree -- but also live with other men who are considering the same thing and form themselves spiritually. >> starting the fall the college seminary will be temporarily located on saint ann's church. >> we hope you're having a great start to sunday morning. for those of you just waking up
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it's cold out there this morning. >> you'll notice the difference if you're an early morning riser. we're in the low 40s so compared to yesterday we've got a 15 degrees temperature drop that we've had over the past 24 hours in this area. a lot of spots are right at the 40 degree mark and salisbury. so you're barely hanging on in the 40s. so we are going to be below average later on this afternoon. while yesterday you probably noticed that it felt cooler out there yesterday. we're still in the 60s. mid-60s even. today we're going to be in the low 50s. so if you thought yesterday was cool -- lost audio. it's below average and it's going to be the coolest afternoon we've had in two weeks time so some of those other area
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rockhill. gastonia 50. forty-nine hick tory. forty-one in boone. notice you can see snow flakes showing up in high country. so there could be a few wet snow flakes mixed in. nothing showing up on the radar. so the morning hours are dry but
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we'll show you future cast and bb c will feature the queen turning 90. -- her official party will be in june with a celebration in london. i'm sure that's going to be a big big deal especially over there. >> a mess release says a memoir prince will take readers on an unconventional and poetic journey through his life and creative work. the 57 year old is one of the most successful. he's released four albums in 18 months. incredible including two on
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>> conway west has launched the life of pablo. it's a shop. after 8,000 retweets and 27 looks fans started lining up early. nypd was called out as thousands waited to get in the shop. today it's going to be open from noon to 8:00 p.m.. >> all right. time for music history. >> what can i do. can't help myself. because baby it's you. >> yes indeed. that's the english rock band the beatles. perhaps you heard of them. it was on this day in 1995 they released baby it's you on c.d. that's why it was 95. they also put it out as a vinyl. it was their first in a decade. the highest version was by the band smith who took the song to number five on the u.s. charts
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>> so take a good luck at my face. you see my smile. >> sounds filling up the studio here on sunday morning. it was on this day in 2009 that the miracles were honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the star honor reece were the original miracles lineup including bobby and smoky. berry gordy and stevie wonder attended that ceremony. the mowtown started with the miracles the very first of berry gourd december massively successful pool of performers -- >> you know i love to talk about my favorite classical rock acts. my wife is from detroit so her family are big mow town -- last audio. you know where you're from.
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>> but it's great sounds out of there in mowtown detroit. here we are happy palm sunday for those who get ready for church and first day of spring. >> exciting day. it's not going to be the best day to be outside but hopefully if you have church plans today maybe brunch plans inside and watch march madness because it will be a good day for indoor things because yesterday even though it felt cool we were technically still above average in the 60s. today we are going to be actually below average. so think how cool it felt yesterday afternoon and then subtract another 10 to 12 degrees off of that 64 is the average high for the date. so we are going to be in those low 50s later on today. sun up 7:26. sundown 725 for this first day of spring so, yes our spring count down isn't it nice to see it at zero 12:30 eastern was the spring equinox on this morning of march 20th which again is
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so a lot going on today. temperature wise we're in the low 40s right now. charlotte 43. we're in the 40s. thirty-seven in boone as of 6:00 o'clock hour. tonight we're going to fall into the 30s. we will stay above freezing. there is a freeze warning there in the very bright blue shading and the more purple blue shading under a freeze watch. both of those go overnight through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so the coldest night that we've had in two weeks time. so here's last night's rain. this is what came through during the later part of the day saturday. that's pushing off toward the coast but upstream we've got another batch of rain and snow showers too. this upper level low that's what's produce thissing final wave of precipitation out toward our west that has to slide through. there's colder air associated with that upper level low which is why it's producing know
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bringing chilly air our way as well as that swipgs through by later this afternoon. -- swings through. in the mountains a snow and mix is possible but outside it will be plain showers. scattered through the afternoon. so it's not an over verlly wet day. -- overly. notice you see pink and blue showing up in the mount attains. then it does look like later on there will be a final wave of light rain that moves through coming into the foothills here by 5:00 o'clock. charlotte area between nine and 10:00 o'clock and then finally that presses off to our east and brings in clearing behind it for the day monday. so keeping things chilly with that rain chance for this afternoon. forty-one in boone. for your sunday afternoon high into the foothills we'll be in the upper 40s. lab more morgue begans vil and taylorsville. in charlotte we'll be in the
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-- morgue begans vil. tonight we'll be down in the 30s. tomorrow the sun will be out so it will be warmer. thirty-four tonight and finally the temperatures will reach the 60s and 70s for the rest of the week. >> brody back to you. >> thanks. >> a pop star gwen stephany's marriage shattered last year. -- i was down all the way down lower than that you know what i mean. it was rock bottom. i was so embarrassed. it was like wow i have to turn this into something. like i can't do -- go down like this. if i can do music it will be ok. >> but music hasn't come easily for her as of late.
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have left her musical competence shaken. >> what witnesses it like going into the studio. a -- what was it like going into the studio. >> i don't care about the charts the hits the style of music. i just want to tell the truth and i have to get this out of me whatever it is and i want to write and i want it to be coming from me. >> her misery turned out to be her hughes. within matter of weeks she had written more music -- >> it was just the idea of it issing at a piano and let my feelings come out and it felt so good. it was like wow this is all i need to be doing right now. nothing else feels good but this. it was like the flood gates opened? >> it was like the confidence came to me. it was proactive as opposed to getting deeper in a hole.
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>> -- gwen stephan any you can hear her story super interesting about her rebound plus steve martin. i just watched the jerk yesterday. you can hear from him. he's on broadway right now with ed debrick well. you can catch their story -- and ever glades national park. always a good -- good stuff here. >> what happens when friends fight crime? we'll show you how social media
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broke into your house you called police. well fast-forward to social media and it's the new crime fighting tool. >> the rare gibson is g guitar is priceless to kate on the lock's family -- so when it was stolen recently from her home she pulled out all the stops to make sure it was recovered. >> after the police report we jumped on the computer and it was very easy to think of that as the next start to get our guitar back. >> she posted a photo for the guitar and a plea for friends to spread the word and find her prized possession hoping someone would see it. >> it was like they tell two friends and they tell two friends. >> it was shared 2,000 times in two days. >> people that you know who are friends with you on facebook or followers of you on twitter they're more likely to share your information. so you have an audience that cares about you and then want to see you get help. they want you to get justice. >> sergeant says this tactic of
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related to the crime has worked well for law enforcement for years and now regular citizens are willing to take matters into their own hands. >> they're not adverse to take agg picture themselves and taking surveillance photos from their own cameras and they ask who broke into my car does anybody recognize them? >> it's human nature to want to help. >> people want to see bad guys go to jail. they want safe communities. with social media now it was so much easier to do that. we can sit with our phone and participate. >> lauri compares this new age crimestoppers to an online neighborhood watch. she said social media is especially helpful in missing person's cases or theft. >> it's good to have these tools as a citizen to be able to solve these crimes ourselves. >> but he caution shins people
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case or crime online -- lost audio. >> they stole a package off my property and they might not be dangerous -- >> when sole lit -- sole listing help you need to keep authorities involved especially if someone contacts you saying they have your property. in karen's case someone reached out and said they had the missing guitar. >> i contacted the police to let them know somebody had the guitar and i asked the next steps i need to take. >> police arranged a meeting to her grateful family. she knows it's to her crime stopping crew. >> never underestimate the power of social media. >> that was maureen boil reporting. >> there are crime scene alerts you can sign up for -- president
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in cuba. we'll take you to havana as they prepare to welcome our commander-in-chief. stick around.
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>> welcome back. we're six hours into spring. it doesn't feel like spring. >> no it doesn't at all. it felt like it for the past three weeks but today it's chilly but what are you going to do. >> low 40s and then we'll be in the low 50s this afternoon. so keeping things below average for highs today. again first time in two weeks that we can say we had a below average day.
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a lot of spots will get out of the 40s. a few isolated to scattered showers. -- lost audio. palm sunday today as well. we'll show you future cast and have a look at the rest of the week in a couple minutes. >> sounds good. >> cuba is getting ready for a historic visit from president obama later today and the trip comes after a breakthrough between havana and washington and including the easing of travel restrictions. it's been a long wait but cuba is getting ready to welcome a u.s. president. >> after 50 years of isolation from america cubans are ill late the relations with the u.s. have improved to where an american president is visiting for the first time in '88 years -- elated. he drove tourists earning more in an hour than he would have earned in a month as an
6:33 am
he hopes to drive more americans. >> i'm only 21 years old he said. i never thought a u.s. president would visit cuba. i hope relations improve between the u.s. and cuba and that the economic situation gets better. that's what cuba really needs. >> while the u.s. economic embargo is still in place obama has dulled the sanctions sharpest teeth. it's not clear if the cuban authorities will allow the change. this family sing happy birthday to their grandfather israel who is 83 and lives in florida. she's grateful with wi-fi that the government has reopened. president obama has vowed for more access. >> i'm hoping for a little more flexibility now she says. maybe be to visit our family. it's been 60 years since we've
6:34 am
now we can see them on the tablet or cell phone. the separation has been too long. some cubans are looking to mark the historic occasion by engaging in capitalism. i think it's a gesture something history she says. his visit -- visit is historic. oh bm may in cuba. people will take this keep sake this is one step in building trust for two decades were on opposite sides of the cold war. many have waited their whole lives for this moment. they told us about the new beginning with america. it was time. patrick ott havana. >> president obama will make the first presidential visit to the island nation in 90 years.
6:35 am
will attend sight seeing and attend a baseball game. >> people in arizona, utah and idaho head to the polls tuesday. presidential candidates are campaigning out west. donald trump had a hardline on immigration and vowed to stop illegal immigration. on the other side democratic contender bernie sanders campaigned in the u.s. mexico border. front runner hillary clinton plans rallies in arizona tomorrow. >> the top suspect in last year's paris attacks starting a legal fight in his extradition from belgium to france. the french president and the victims of the murders wants him in france.
6:36 am
away and he was pushed into a police car. -- lost audio. >> guns fired and next sploigs shins and after 10 minutes we saw a man who had been wound understand the leg -- explosions. throughout the night forensic teams were searching the apartment collecting vital evidence. >> investigators believe the man was the driver of the car that carried terrorists to locations in paris last november where 130 people were killed in the massacre. many -- most of the other attackers were shot dead or blew themselves up. in the chaos he slipped away calling on friends to pick him up to take him back to belgium crossing the border undetected. he disappeared and became the key target of an international manhunt until yesterday. police got an unexpected break when they discovered his fingerprints in another raid earlier this week. federal prosecutors said that
6:37 am
check to close a few doors as he described it take a few d.n.a. samples dr. houserch. little did they know it would lead to a capture of europe's most wanted -- house, search. >> how about this we have a new image here of the thrill ride in los angeles. yeah. that looks pretty wild there. according to the l.a. times a glass slide will jut out 1,000 feet above the ground from a sky scraper. yesterday a hell couldn't tr brought the sky slide to the 69th floor -- helicopter. it's going open on june 25th. i think i would be too afraid do that one. >> late winter storm turned rads in minnesota into ice rinks. they're still getting hit with winter weather. there were two 100 crashes in the state early yesterday morning during this eight hour period. the minnesota state says 27
6:38 am
crashes included dozens of vehicles spinning out. more snow is expected this week. >> can you believe spring is here lyndsay? >> i cannot. >> it began at 12:30 eastern. that's the exact moment of the vernal equinox when the sun's race are directly shining ahead of the equate tore. a snowstorm could hit the tonight. >> interesting. >> you can see during some of the games yesterday if you were watching they showed outside shots and it was snowing. i think some was in iowa i think. ok. >> so it was in those areas. >> that's funny because here we had 80s this month. >> oh my gosh. the past weekend has been in the 70s and 80s.
6:39 am
of getting colder tomorrow. >> yes. so right with the start of the spring on the calendar we're seeing our coldest temperatures of the month tonight and into tomorrow. so average high for the date is 64 and yesterday we were in the mid to upper 60s. now you probably noticed it felt cool yesterday because everything is all relative right? it had been warm all month 70s and 80s and suddenly we were in the 60s yesterday. it felt cool but it was above average. today we'll be in low 50s. sun up 7:26. north of the city a lot of spots closer to 43. thirty-seven in boone. here's how it shapes up hour by hour. through the 8:00 o'clock time stamp most of news the low 40s. upper 40s by 12 noon. low 50s by 4:00 o'clock which will be around our high of the day. a lot of you outside the city won't make it into the upper 40s. our shower chances scattered
6:40 am
afternoon and then we'll have light rain actually that moves through tonight. we'll have more on how long now that we have turned colder how long that will last in the week. all part of your seven day first alert forecast brody. >> let's talk sports. march madness in full effect. yale took on duke. unfortunately for yale duke survived and beat the bull dogs 71 to 64. brandon led yale with 22 points but for duke advances. north carolina also going back to the sweet 16. the top seated tarheels and friars were playing a pretty tight game before north carolina pulled away. tarheels got the win in front of
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how about this? they were playing at north carolina state only 30 minutes away from chapel hill. so not too bad. it helps them feel right at home. >> coming up after the break we're going to have a couple special guests in studio here. giving back to a local
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welcome back. dine in this restaurant and you can give back to help victims of domestic abuse. this morning we're joined by guests to talk about this great partnership. thanks so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you for inviting us here. >> really nice. ashley, first of all talk to me about turning point what it is and what you do. >> turning point is a victims agency. we work with victims of sexual assault domestic violence and child abuse. >> and your doors are open to everyone there. this morning what we're highlight something an upcoming event and chance to eat great food. your chance to help support the organization. so this will be your fourth year
6:46 am
>> exactly. we've done it three years previously. we've raised $11,000 in the past. >> how can folks help be bart of this? >> we'll be open wednesday from 11-7 and you just need to come in and have a great food and 100 percent of the proceeds go directly back to this group. >> that's awesome. >> your chips are probably the most addictive thing possible. >> absolutely. >> what made you want to partner with them? how did this come about? >> well we're in -- when we have people come in the restaurant our goal really is to make their day a little bit better. as a business owner i also live in union county. i want to do something extra within the community that i live in and so i started looking around found turning point and it was a perfect match for me. you know we're trying to make
6:47 am
their trying to make somebody's day safer. it's important. >> it's as you stop see a business reach out and partner with such an important organization like turning point. tell me about the people you work with. what kind of services are you providing them? is this a place they stay overnight? is this in and out sessions or how are you working with them and helping them? >> -- lost audio. >> monroe. we're available 24/7 of course. anytime somebody finds themselves in an abusive situation and need to escape we're open and ready to serve them. we have sexual assault program. we have staff and volunteers to respond 24/7 to the hospital to the crisis line. and then our tree house children's advocacy center works with kids who have been physically sexually abused. >> privacy is so important when they deal with these issues. do you guys go to any great
6:48 am
can reach out confidentially privately and you take measures for folks who may be in a touch situation they can reach out to you confidentially? >> yes absolutely. everything is confidential so we can't reveal names or anything about them. we just take it to heart and welcome them. >> any words to encouragement of anyone trying to get out of a tough abusive situation? what is the first step to get help? >> i would like to encourage people to call or crisis line. and they can call that 24/7. it doesn't matter what day or time of day. >> well it's a great great cause. and it certainly you guys are doing awesome work. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> really appreciate it. >> if you see a business owner to step in give us the run down when and where it is this wednesday but the hours. >> we're going to be open at 11. it will be until 7:00 o'clock
6:49 am
we're located in the target shopping center. we're on 74 in monroe. >> we have the address on the screen so folks can see it. go out and help support an absolutely great cause there on wednesday. >> good excuse to eat some good food. let's check in with weather. lyndsay tapases is standing by. >> coming up opportunity minutes to 7:00 o'clock on this first day of spring on palm sunday. good sunday morning to you. sunrise will be 7:30. live look from our tower cam. forty-three in charlotte. so yeah it's a much cooler start compared to yesterday morning if you were out around the same time this morning's temperatures are 15 degrees cooler. so we're waking up to these numbers north of the city that are in the upper 30s and low 40s. thirty-six in boone right now. we'll take you through future cast. temperatures if you've got church plans for palm sunday or later on brunch here's what it looks like.
6:50 am
to 46. we're going to keep things chilly in the afternoon. 1:00 p.m. 49 and highs will just barely get into the 50s in charlotte area northwest of the city you probably don't get out of the 40s for highs today and lows tonight will fall into the 40s this is going to be the coldest night that we've had in two weeks time. 6:00 a.m. monday morning mid-30s. while our initial overnight low should stay above freeze anything charlotte about 35. northwest of there again you could get close or below that freezing mark. so there has been a freeze warning issued in the bright blue. a freeze watch in the more purple blue shaded color. -- lost audio. again season growers may be impacted by that although we're not completely well on our way as far as the growing season is concerned. anything that has gotten an early start it has been so warm
6:51 am
as far as rain chances they to get back here later on this afternoon. so this is last night's rain that came through yesterday but upstream we've still got the upper level low and upper level part of this system which is bringing rain and snow showers through the midwest. so that swings through the carolinas today and tonight. that brings with it another shower chance and reinforcing shot of cooler air for tonight and tomorrow. so that's why temperatures tonight will be colder than last night and today will be cooler than yesterday. as far as future cast is concerned the morning hours aren't overly wet and even as we head through the afternoon everything is isolated scattered. you could have wet snow flakes in the mountains with that doled ter -- colder air working it's way in. it does look like tonight a final push of rain comes in. foothills by 6:00 o'clock. by the time we're talking into the piedmont eight, nine and 10 before that clears out and leaves us with sunshine returning for monday.
6:52 am
low 50s as we do head into tomorrow. we're in the mid-50s. and then we've got 60s and 70s returning as we dry out through the mid to later part of in next week. hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to stretch your dollar this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. charlotte, in head-to-head shopping, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $15.47... that's 11% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices and get big savings.
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brooke: hey everybody, this is chicken soup for the soul's hidden heroes. and the cameras are rolling. this is a different kind of hidden camera experience. we're on the lookout for everyday people who show courage and kindness to total strangers. they know how to do the right thing. what they don't know is that we're about to share their stories with the world. on today's episode... can we take a selfie? who will step in when these teen sitters get distracted? teen: we're watching her. woman: not anymore. brooke: then just roll with it. who will help this struggling mom-to-be when her bag keeps breaking? woman: oh my gosh, oh my gosh. brooke: and it's storytime. but what happens when the storyteller steps away? hansel: i'll be right back. male 1: it's a secret. i'm watching every move you make.


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