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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bob tonight says such a probe may not bear a lot of fruit. >> at the end of last week's charlotte city council meeting, john autrey suggested the city attorney begin a probe regarding leaks of confidential documents u i can this couple to instruct the city attorney to investigate how this leak occurred. >> the leak autrey speaks of is his memo obtained by wbtv. it was delivered by city manager ron carlee to firefighter marty pucket days before pucket, the unpaid intern of representative claire fallon sent a memo calling for the dismissal of his boss fire chief john hannon. carlee in the document called pucket's behavior unacceptable and says it must cease. and city attorney bob haggerman says his hands will be tied tied in
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>> i do not have the capacity or the ability to put people under oath or to subpoena any information or documents. >> when it comes to the affairs will local government how much does the public have a right it know? >> we need to think about the rights of privacy and protection. >> dr. freeman is the dean of knight school of communications at keeps university. and transparency maybe an issue he says not all documents are fair game. >> the hr divisions of most of the institutions city or county are bound to state statutes that protect those personnel records for very specific reasons to protect their personnel. >> councilmembers plan to move forward with their inquiry. >> it is also very focused in the scope of who did receive that memo. and where it was originated. so i think there is a way to move this. >> while councilmembers have
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center tonight they are here for a zoning ordinance to talk about his episode it will show up on the agenda as an item next monday night when they have their regular business meeting. live at the government center, steve crump wbtv on your side. >> thank you. we have placed more information and related stories on >> take a look at these temperatures. many of us will go under freezing maybe colder in the mountains and foothills. hard to believe that we were in the 80s and close to 90 a few days ago. chief meterologist, eric thomas is in the first alert weather center. eric, a dramatic change? >> maureen, and for anybody out there with the short memory let's refresh that for you. over the past seven days this is what she was talking about. a high of 86 not far from 90 on wednesday and then the swan dive 70 to 47 the low on sunday. and we rebounded our high today
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but overnight tonight look out. we are going to get cold. maureen showed you the numbers down to 32 at freezing. whether you are in the frost advisory or the freeze warning does not matter if you are worried about protecting your plants because the effect is the same. and it's dangerous. we want to alert you to that. the cold air wrapping around the area of high pressure. out the door, 56 your hd towercam. the rest of the area in the 50s. low 40s around the high country and here we go. 47 at 9:00 p.m. 45 through 11:00 p.m. and on our way down to freezing overnight. much more coming up. stay tuned your first alert forecast. >> new at 6:00 four alleged ms13 gang members are getting ready to stand trial. a federal judge confirmed that jury selection will begin april 4th. investigators say mcgill killed a man in december of 2013 in mecklenberg county.
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attempted murder and conspiracy charges. you willcharges. and william gavita is facing rico conspiracy charges and the trial should last one week. a total of 37 gang members were indicted on racketeering and conspiracy charges. a distracted driver led to a deadly crash. richard lewis moss went across the center line and hit a van near rock rest elementary school in monroe. an adult and three children were inside the van. a young boy flown to the hospital. the highway patrol says he is in critical condition. authorities have not released the names of those involved. >> the clover school board will add cameras after parents contacted wbtv. last month, we told you about allegations of abuse against a child with autism at larn elementary. the school held a meeting for
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ayou lowed inside now there will be a public discussion and we will be at the meeting and let you know what happened tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> new at 6:00 p.m., two more mecklenberg county lawmakers are jumping into the race are not 12th district. tricia kauffman and rodney moore filed the paperwork. they will both look to takeover for representative alma adams. they filed while the state awaits word on whether the panel of federal judges will uphold or throw out districts drawn last month. >> a protest against duke energy today. a die-in was held in front of duke's headquarters in uptown. the folks upset with the company and governor mccrory saying the governor helped duke on coal ash issues. mccrory did work for the company for 29 years. they deny there were any favors. meantime several people in rowan county and gaston county tell us they were left high and dry. couple of weeks ago, state
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drink advisory but residents do not trust it and want answers. christian flores is live for us. and christian, they are hoping to get answers soon? >> yes, that is correct. and this is normally a quiet belmont neighborhood but with one of duke energy's plants just beyond everyone's backyards they are going to make sure they have their voices heard tomorrow. that is when the north carolina department of environmental quality will hold a public hearing after spending the past year avoiding contaminated water, neighbors are going to the hearing with one goal. get the coal ash out as soon as possible. >> no one should have to fear the water. no one should have to fight for safe water. >> that is what neighbors near duke energy's allen steam station say it's come down to. tuesday state officials will have a public hearing to determine if the coal ash is high-risk or low risk. if marked aas high-risk duke
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coal ash by 2019. and amy brown will make her voice heard at the hearing. >> we did not create this problem and they are the ones who put it there. duke energy should have to clean it up. > the state told neighbors to avoid using their water a year ago. after finding carcinogens in the wells and used bottled water. duke energy insisted the coal ash is the no the cause for the contamination. >> science and fact demonstrates coal ash basins are not impacting the neighbors' wells and the water is as safe as the municipal supplies across the nation. >> duke energy provided the bottled water for the past year. >> research needed to be done and we wanted them to have peace of mind while that study was done. >> wayne lives close to duke's plant with his daughter and grandson and plans on going to the hearing to get answers from the state. >> we don't know what to say. don't know what to do. don't know what to drink. >> the state told neighbors the
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anymore on friday, neighbor also not take the chance. >> we are still scared. i mean, i have a newborn seven weeks old. >> now, neighbors have used that bottled water to drink, cook and bathe. but after the hearing they hope that changes soon. christian flores, wbtv on your side. >> thank you. originally 330 water wells were ruled to be contaminated and we checked with the state why the advisory was lifted. health director says officials were too conservative with the first reading. tomorrow's meeting will be at gaston college's myers center auditorium at 6. >> police are searching for a man who robbed a gas station in south charlotte just before 4:30 this morning at this kangaroo express on park road at woodlawn. police say a man with a knife or screwdriver went into the store and stole money. nobody was hurt.
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call crimestoppers... next changes could be coming to a popular area in southpark that would replace part of this church. >> and your taxes could be going up if a $199 million bond referendum is passed. we are on your side investigating where the money is going. first here is eric. >> thank you. we want to alert everyone that if you have sensitive plants outside this is your chance to bring them in. we have a freeze warning for the immediate charlotte area and frost advisories to the east. with that your seven-day first-alert forecast coming up. temperatures will be rebounding. >> and new on primetime... >> sweet jesus. >> we are hearing from the north carolina surgeon who happened upon this crash involving a school bus with indiana basketball players at 7:00 p.m.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... i'm molly grantham. a cornelius officer survives being shot in the line of duty. tonight he is set to receive an honor with three officers who
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and what made them jump into action coming up for you on wbtv news at 11:00. >> see you then. new information on a shooting that left one person dead. police tell us they know who killed columbus simmons. concorde police said they arrested this man brian ward. investigators believe he shot into a large crowd on griffin circle last week. ward is charged with second degree murder and is jailed under no bond. >> charlotte city council set to vote on a plan that would bring changes to southpark involving sharon united methodist church. kline is working with the church on a plan to replace it it with 490 apartments, hotel and office space. the site would include a 750-seat facility for the church. >> your taxes could be going up. if neighbors in lancaster county
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the money will help a growing school district and offer a new way to educate students. wbtv's education reporter dedrick russell is live in indian land to breakdown how that money will be spent and dedrick, what are people saying about this vote? >> well, maureen, some people say yes to the bonds and others tell me they will vote no to the bonds. they do not like the thought of their taxes going up and they believe too much money is staying right here in indian land. you will see the halls tacked with students. >> there is a huge growth happening and it doesn't seem all the children will sit. >> not only will it tackle overcrowding but could boost economic development. >> we need to show industries interested in lancaster that the citizens are committed to our educational process.
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pay for new elementary school and a new high school in indian land but not all of the money will stay in indian land. >> when you look at the bond, you will see that for buford, aj and central lancaster we are addressing some very specific needs related to safety, infrastructure, and technology. >> here is how the bond will impact your taxes. for every $100,000 home and $25,000 car your taxes will go up by $85 a year. opponents do not like that while others say it is ok. >> have to go up anyway. put it to something useful. >> i hope the money is not wasted. >> the bond will allow a new way to handle growth and if approved three indian land elementary schools will go to k-4 and the middle school will be for 5 and 6 grader and the high school for
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will be for 9 up. educators and parents believe this concept will pay off. >> when you start looking at fifth grade and 6 grade they are so similar together that will be always an advantage. >> i think that could be beneficial because it gives them time to kind of grow. >> if approved new schools in inland could be up and running in a few years. there is no organized movement to defeat this bond referendum. the last time a bond was passed in lancaster county for schools was back in 1999. by the way polls open tomorrow 7:00 a.m. dedrick russell wbtv on your side. >> all right thank you. tonya rivens is keeping an eye on the commute. how do things look? >> congested. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank.
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lowell mcadenville an accident. wilkinson boulevard is a great alternate route. but notice the backup towards 485 in mecklenberg county. a lot of stop-and-go traffic. and also i-77 north and southbound congested an accident at i-77 and a medical emergency and an accident at tyvola and south tryon. notice the stop-and-go traffic at i-77 and tyvola road on the dot camera. safe travels back to you. >> right now to alex giles with an update on a bad accident in union county. what can you tell us. >> we knew that this was bad and somebody passed way and a 10-year-old child passed away in this accident. again this is union county old make land and monroe road near east village drive it happened this morning and we have gotten confirmation that a 10-year-old has died in this accident. we wanted to pass that along. not good news. back to you. >> all right certainly sad and our thoughts are with the
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>> no question about it. let's talk weather. sunshine today was nice. did not warm things up not what we have seen in the past week. >> strange to step outside and see the sunshine and go wait. >> over to chief meterologist, eric thomas tracking it all in the first alert weather center. >> and in case you tuned in late we want to alert everybody that we will be close to freezing overnight tonight. so the freeze warning in effect for the foothills and also the piedmont here all the way into charlotte as we could hit 32. get the plants inside and cover them. no, not for the mountains and that is because the growing season is not underway yet there. and the frost advisory talking about plants it means the same thing. and that is unhealthy for them as well. again, everybody outside of the mountains. 56 . look at this. i mean not a cloud in the sky. your weather net metro school in the uptown area not going to have problems seeing that sunset tonight. beyond that then steady.
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the piedmont of north and south carolina up through 40 in the foothills and low 40s. yeah you you will be cold in the mountains. i suppose be glad you do not have the plants around your house yet. i hope you don't. by 11:00 p.m. low and mid-40s in the piedmont. heading toward freezing in the high country. you will probably dip into the 20s briefly up there as we briefly get to freezing here just before the sun comes up. so the clear skies cold conditions in the high country about 31 . for our part, we will call it 36 through about the 8:00 a.m. hour. beyoyo that i will show you the map. is there anything heading our way? active storm track off to the north but that is sunny, sunny as we take you through tomorrow and the allergens will be high through the next couple of days. no relief for you. into the high country at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, upper 50s there. now suddenly back into the mid-60s in the foothills and wall to wall sunshine for everybody.
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piedmont and into the upstate of south carolina and upper 60s hits 70 that way. and the rest of your seven-day first-alert forecast then, a sunny day wednesday. moisture tries to get in here thursday. and also into friday. showers your better bet friday and a break saturday and perhaps showers sunday. and again a better chance on monday. perhaps we can preserve that weekend.
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news and sports is coming right 13 games left in the regular season. nothing certain headed down the stretch and cannot handle business against denver but they got get a shot against san antonio. and the hornets are three-and-a-half out of 9th place and they have to finish strong highlights at. happenedful of hornets players have their college players alive. williams. and the heels play philadelphia taking on indiana. and there are no duke representatives. and taking on the number one seed oregon and here is the
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cbs... in case you missed it, the monroe red hawks were handed out in a special ceremony and including community members they stepped up to help pay for the
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and congratulatio break news about a controversial order naps here in charlotte. >> we learned the general assembly is calling a special session to talk about this. we have heard about this and know that special session is happening it will take place this week it will be on wednesday. and they announced senate and house leaders have a majority three fifths vote to talk about this topic. it's happening later this week. more coming up on primetime and wbtv news at 11:00. >> that nondiscrimination ordinance city council passed.
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mo >> this is a new day. un nuevo dia . >> pelley: and an historic day, a first meeting between u.s. and cuban presidents in havana in nearly 90 years. also tonight, new electronic gear shifts are blamed for more than 100 accidents. the little-known law that is taking this six-year-old away from the only family she's ever known.
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comply with the order, and we'll be waiting here for them to come take her. >> pelley: and the untold story behind one of the most famous stories of all time. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: few americans thought they would live to see this day. an american president meeting with a communist president named castro in havana. 55 years after eight u.s. aircraft bombed the bay of pigs in an attempt to overthrow the castro dictatorship, air force one flew the last mission of the coal war with russia. once the world held its breath over cuba. president obama arrived in a country still waiting to exhale. margaret brennan is in havana. >> reporter: it was a striking image, president obama in havana's revolution square with


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