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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hour-and-a-half, once the sun comes up, we go up quickly, in the upper 60s, don't judge the day by what you see right now. 62 lunch time, 68 this afternoon. seven day planner around the corner, christine, back to you. >> christine: back to breaking news if you're a commuter listen up, a crash in northwest charlotte leaves one person dead on brookshire boulevard and i-485 at 3:00 this morning. wbtv was first to report the crash on twitter, the outbound lanes of brookshire boulevard remain closed at this time. ashton pellom has been live at that scene bringing us updates throughout the morning. so ashton, have you been given a time frame on when the road will reopen? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. investigators out here tell me this portion of brookshire boulevard will be closed for the better half of the morning commute, probably around 7:30 until 8:00 as they investigate this fatal wreck that happened earlier this morning. i'm quickly going to step out of
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still very much so an active scene out here. i'll zoom in now that we have a little bit more light out here we can get a better look at the damage that was really done out here this morning. you can see right there that is the car involved in this wreck. investigators out here on scene tell me the driver from what it appears to be a nissan maxima, as i zoom out, rear-ended the back of the dump truck, that driver of that nissan, the passenger car died on the scene. take you to video i shot when i first got out here on the scene. this happened just before 3:00 this morning, again, the driver of the car was traveling in the northbound of brookshire boulevard here and then rear-ended that dump truck that you just saw in the video. the police haven't released identity of the driver just yet. right now we'll toss it over to blocked. chris chris over in the traffic center, what can you tell us? >> chris: i can tell you if
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northbound on brookshire up to 485 you can get on the inner loop but you're not going to be able to make your way from brookshire and get on the outer loop of 485 this morning. so just keep that in mind. the northbound lanes are closed down. if you're heading inbound from the city of charlotte, looks good right now. if you're coming north on 16, pleasant grove road, old plank, belhaven would get you back up to mount holly-huntersville road, rozzelles ferry, turn you around so you can get back on the outer loop of 485 or avoid the area if you can at all costs because it is easier to work around 485. the charlotte commute, major interstates still running in the green, 485, 77, 85 look okay. new accident on beaties ford road at tate street, right above oak lawn.
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traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: now we're following another big breaking news story internationally, you will hear more about this today. explosionsexplosions at several locations in belgium. this is a live look at brussels international airport where two explosions happened this morning. brody o'connell has been following this story all morning. in the alert center with the very latest. >> brody: tragedy in brussels. officials calling this a coordinated terrorist attack. 13 people reported dead right now, dozens of others injured. these are live pictures from the airport, which was the main target of the attack. there was a second location also that was attacked, that was a train station, a metro station, where a blast went off. we have video also we got from cbs right now we can show you, give you a better understanding of what the chaos was like in the moments after this blast that happened around 8:00 a.m. local time in brussels.
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speed, three total explosions,ing two different scenes, terror level has been boosted to the maximum level in the wake of the attack here for belgium. all flights cancelled at in the airport. i got word the president of france is calling an emergency meeting, eu personnel is apparently eu offices near the train station where there was a bomb that went off. those office also have been shut down, workers are being advised to stay home. give perspective on this here, explosion happened days after the prime suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels on friday. so days ago that happened. certainly something they are looking into now that this is being called a terrorist attack. a lot of developments here, we'll keep following throughout the hour, john and christine, that is the very latest from the the alert center, back to you. >> john: brody, thank you. north carolina lawmakers will return to raleigh for a special session tomorrow. they are set to discussion
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non-discrimination ordinance. gives extra protections of the lgbt community. many aren't happy with part of the ordinance that i allows transgender people to use the bathroom with which they identify. mark davenport is on your side with what lawmakers plan to do. >> reporter: both sides of the debate are vocal and both sides are not backing down. just weeks ago charlotte city council voted to pass the ordinance. at the core of the debate, transgendered people can use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. >> put people at risk and created great uncertainty and great concern and consternation. >> we have a mix up of priorities in raleigh and time for that to change. >> reporter: we'll follow the story for you battle over the bathroom bill, all the latest
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online at reporting outside charlotte, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: police investigating ainvestigating a deadly crash involving on motorcyclist. that person was taken to the hospital and later died. not one else was hurt. police believe they were speeding. >> john: a 10-year-old the second person to die in a crash in union county. this was the aftermath on old pageland monroe road yesterday. richard moss crossed the center line and hit an suv head-on. moss died in the crash. am 10-year-old in the suv was taken to the hospital, where they later died. two other girls in the car have broken bones, they will be all right. the driver of the suv was their mom's boyfriend, he also survived. >> christine: plenty ahead live on wbtv news this morning. >> john: dozens gather to stage a die-in at duke energy's headquarters.
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concerns about the coal ash ponds in gaston county. before we go to break, a quick check of the first alert weather and temperature-wise, it is cold this morning, you need a jacket, 5:degrees in charlotte, 35 up in boone. freezing in statesville, 32. shelby 32 freezing, so does lancaster, traffic-wise, a live look at i-77 at clanton, things are moving very smoothly. we'll keep you posted on the traffic and weather because you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and
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morning. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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thank you for starting your day with wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 11 minutes after 6:00. several new stories you need to
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in a few minutes at 6:32, wbtv's security expert, karl de la guerra is going to be live on the phone with us this morning giving us more insight in the terror attacks in brussels. a young girl with seven tumors in her brain is now cancer-free, at 6:44, we hear from her father about the breakthrough treatment used to help heal her. >> john: north carolina's environmental agency will host a meeting on the proposed risk classifications for the coal ash pond at duke energy's allen steam station in gaston county. the meeting is set for tonight at 6:00 at gaston college dallas campus. officials want to the hear what neighbors think of the proposal to list the two coal ash ponds as low risk sites. the final risk classifications will help determine a time line for closing duke's energy 33 coal ash ponds state-wide. low risk ponds wouldn't be closed until 2029. last night protesters
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building for a die-in. they pretended to drink coal ash kool-aid and laid down on the streets. many upset they were told they could go back to drinking warmer water after being told a year it wasn't safe. >> christine: a man accused of robbing a bank in south charlotte will take a plea deal today. a hearing is set for 9:30 for ronald hargett, charge with robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. three others were arrested and charged in connection to the same incident. >> john: a crime alert, police are asking for your help finding a man who robbedded a bank in monroe. look at these surveillance photos. police say this man robbed the first citizens bank on west boulevard yesterday morning. investigators say he has a small cross tattooed between his eyes. if you recognize the man, taking a good look, if you recognize him or know where he is, call police.
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lincoln county accused of shooting a woman during a domestic dispute. he's due in court today for that. 34-year-old ronny whitworth shot a woman. he faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill. seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. conklin. >> al: john, we've been warning you since last week we would have a couple cold nights and this is one of them. we have the freeze warning in effect, frost advisory east of town runs until 9:00. in the mountains, no warnings, no watches. the growing season hasn't started there, the national weather service doesn't issue warnings or watches until that begins. hopefully you'll avoid the frost up there. this is king street in boone
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growing season gets going, that is the last thing you want is frost. a nice day, in the high country getting back to 55, unlike yesterday, the wind will come down, won't be so noticeable. here in charlotte, 35 degrees is what i'm forecasting at the bus stop, so a cold start, you'll need the jacket by by the afternoon chances are you won't. we're getting back to 68, fairly seasonal, so nice turn around, a warming trend between now and monday, i see two bouts of rain, one will impact the holiday weekend. 6:14, let's get in there ft. first alert traffic center with chris, update opt what happened is happening. >> chris: traffic brought to you by first alert first alert. this is an accident scene involving a fatality. brookshire boulevard outbound to
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lanes are closed down there for that accident investigation. now, if you're inbound the traffic is going to be slow but you are able to make your way in toward center city charlotte. if you're looking for alternates heading northbound that would be pleasant grove road over to belhaven and up to rozzelles ferry or mount holly-huntersville road, probably the easiest ways to work around that accident scene. still seeing a lot of green this morning. but some slow downs building around the arboretum area and on providence road and independence boulevard, albermarle as well. up to our north, this is a new accident on beaties ford, with injuries at tate street, just to the north of oak lawn. that is a check of the morning commute. guys, back to you. >> christine: we are continuing to watch this developing breaking story out of brussels this morning. >> john: we want to give you a live look at brussels international airport, where explosions left several people dead. right now listening to a news conference there, some officials there in belgium talking about
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is being done in regard to this. belgium raised the terror alert level, so tune in to cbs this morning at 7:00 for complete coverage, charlie d'agata is in brussels, working on getting you more information. >> christine: next here, the director of a major tennis tournament facing criticism for comments mailed about women tennis players.
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responding to that >> john: 20 minutes after 6:00, a live look at the charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, crisp, clear morning out there this morning. we've got 35 degrees in charlotte. right now we want to go over to brody o'connell live in the alert center with an updated
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this is bad. >> brody: from bad to worse. coordinated terror attacks. there were two targets, the airport where the explosions went off first and reports of explosions over at a subway station. cnn reporting the death toll stands at 23. what you're seeing the police presence at the airport. as you can imagine, serious convoys rolling out there all across brussels, the city is on lockdown. 10 killed at a subway station, 13 killed at the airport, the blast that went off after 8:00 a.m. local time. as you can imagine, serious concern throughout brussels right now. i think that is an under-statement. the city is on lockdown. i saw this as well u.s. embassy issued an official statement the u.s. embassy in brussels and i'll he read it in part, because of the attacks the u.s. embassy recommends sheltering in place and avoiding all public transportation, we will update with further information when available.
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level rating of four, highest level they go, avoiding public transportation recommended but won't be hard to do the subway station shut down and airport is shut down as well. john and christine, a tragic situation, we'll follow this for you all morning long, back to you. >> christine: we'll talk to our security expert at 6:30. the head of a major u.s. tennis tournament has now resigned after controversial comments he made about women. raymond moore, the tournament directordirector says women players ride on the coat tails of the men and male players carried the sport. the remarks were criticized by many including serena williams and women's tennis association. >> john: the charlotte hornets in the thick of the playoff battle hosting the spurs.
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seven points in the first quarter, down 30-7, 23 point deficit. jeremy lin, had 15 of 29 points in the final quarter, charlotte comes back and beats the spurs, 91-88. a major victory for them. next up, a trip to brooklyn, they play them tonight. >> christine: great win for the hornets. >> al: that is a big win over a team like the spurs, that is awesome. weather-wise, first off look back at temperatures, that cloud cover keeping us so cold on sunday, only 47 degrees, we rebounded by 10, 12 degrees yesterday, we'll do the same today, getting up in the 60s. this is our carowinds cam on choate circle on the meck-york line, you see traffic picking up there. chris will be along in a moment to give us an update what is happening on the roads. current conditions in charlotte right now, just above the freezing mark at 35, we've been lower this morning, down to 34 and likely to drop more under clear conditions and calm
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the sun doesn't come up for another hour or so. usuallile we're coldest just before sun-up. 29 morgan-on-to,ton, 29 salisbury, albermarle. a cold start, better finish, less wind in the mountains today, 58 degrees around boone, 10 degrees milder than that. mid to upper 60s from lenoir, morgan-on-to, plenty of sunshine all day long, likewise charlotte, mooresville, gastonia, 68 in monroe and 67 in albermarle. we go south, mid to upper 60s to almost 70 from pageland and cheraw to lancaster. tonight, not as chilly, in the 40s. it will be cool, not cold, then tomorrow afternoon, look at this, rebounded nicely, even in the high country, well in the 60s, rest of of us well in the 70s. i don't have rain in the forecast but what else is new, we haven't had rain for quite some time of any consequence. going forward, our rain chances will go up a little bit and
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for both the month and year of 2.5 inch also. inches with high pressure over us with he won't have rain today or tomorrow. heading toward thursday, this frontal system moves in, late thursday in early friday our rain chances go up, and then another round of rain is likely to come in late in the easter weekend, will bring us showers, potentially going in monday. the seven day forecast, no rain today, sunshine, 68. 42 tomorrow, 75 thursday, best chance of rain thursday night in early friday morning. saturday's dry, easter sunrise is dry, not the the afternoon. probably not monday, either. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here's chris, first alert traffic. chris: al, thank you, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're still looking at problems up on brookshire boulevard, outbound away from center city charlotte. after a fatal accident, right near 485, if you're coming northbound on brookshire, you can make your way on to the inner loop of 485 but not going
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the outer loop and we've seen fairly significant delays heading northbound. little easier going south toward the city, coming north on 16, pleasant grove road over to belhaven and up to rozzelles ferry or mount holly-huntersville road, those are the best alternates around the fatal accident scene. 485 running in the green right now. seeing a few slow downs here on down to our south, south of 85 coming in toward berry hill and then looking in p to north of charlotte, an accident at beaties ford at tate, power lines are down on beaties ford at tate street, you will find delays along there. that is a check of traffic. >> christine: today, president obama continuing his historic trip to cuba. >> john: we have a look ahead to the schedule that includes a little history on the baseball diamond. you're watching wbtv news
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we'll be right back. >> christine: breaking news at 6:30, if you're just waking up, live pictures the outbound lanes of brookshire boulevard closed after this deadly crash. this is what the scene has looked like for hours. chris larson will track how it affects your morning commute. we are getting new details when the road will reopen. >> john: explosions in brussels leave more than a dozen dead. we're watching live pictureses from belgium, gathering the latest developments in the alert center. and we'll be joined live by our wbtv's security analyst to talk about the attacks. >> christine: this is a live look at a polling place in lancaster county, voters are going to be heading to polls like this one in half an hour to
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bond referendum aimed at easing overcrowding. >> john: thanks for watching wbtv news this morning on tuesday, march 22nd, i'm john carter. >> christine: good morning, thanks for watching i'm christine sperow. get you caught up on the forecast to start this half hour. let's go to meteorologist al conklin with the most accurate look. >> al: sun will be up in an hour or so. plenty of i of it in the forecast. we have 30s and 20s, hd tower cam, the traffic is picking up now on 77 and belk freeway, clear skies, with calm conditions, that allowed the numbers to fall. 30 in wadesboro, 29 albermarle, salisbury, 30 morganton, 35 at charlotte, at freeing lancaster, rock hill, at freezing. plenty of sunshine, should get up to just about 68 degrees in our afternoon forecast for today. a much-improved forecast down the road. as far as warming goes, chris, we go up, up, but rain chances
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that especially going in the weekend. seven day planner in a moment. >> chris: i'll take the rain and warmer temperatures. >> al: nice trade-off. >> chris: we have problems on brookshire boulevard outbound following breaking news with a fatal accident earlier this morning during the overnight hours. take a live look at the scene now, there you can see the car involved in the fatality, now being put up on the back of that tow truck. crews are out there working on the street to get that cleaned up. but they tell us it may be 7:30 to 8:00 before this investigation has wrapped up and all of brookshire is once again reopened. let's go to our mapping system because we are now seeing delays in both directions. it is northbound on 16 where the lanes are blocked off. you need an alternate there. we have gawker delays, that is going to slow down the morning commute. if you're northbound it would be pleasant grove road, belhaven up
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rozzelles ferry to work around the scene. a quick look at overall commute, 485 looks good, 77 okay, but we did have an earlier accident, university city boulevard at north tryon. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: thanks, chris. john: more than a dozen dead, dozens more hurt following explosions at two transportation >> christine: brody o'connell has been getting details, brody, what is the latest people should know at this hour? >> brody: coordinated attacks, first a bombing at an airport in brussels. we know that 13 people were killed at that airport and more than an hour later, a blast was heard at a subway station in brussels, ten people reported dead. this is the outside of the airport you're seeing right here, it was clear from the
6:33 am
windows were blown out. believed this is a suicide bomb attack. these are pass passengers leaving the airport. france is reinforced security at all train stations and airports. also the president of france holding an emergency meeting right now. terror level at a maximum level right now in belgium, all flights shut down there in brussels right now. a couple things i want to pass along, delta airlines released a statement apparently there was a flight, dl-80 from atlanta to brussels, the plane landed safely at an airport, parked remotely from what i understand it was diverted to amsterdam after this happened. so certainly people monitoring the situation. a tragic state of affairs, too coordinated attacks. not seeing anybody that claimed responsibility, something we will look into. john and christine, back to you. >> john: thanks, brody, we want
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breaking news, security expert karl de la guerra is joining us live by phone to give us insight in what is happening. good morning, karl, thank you for joining us. >> good morning, john. >> let me ask you, we were talking off camera, what is the most significant thing you're taking away from what happened in belgium? >> well, john, one. most unique things we're seeing about coordinated attacks is acan takes occurred 80 minutes apart from each other, that is not something we're seeing in the previous jihadi attacks in europe. this is significant in the sense that it says the terrorists made the first attack and waited. waited to see how the police and fire, first responders responded, selected their targets and struck at that time. >> with the airport now closed down and that other terminal closed down now, karl, what would you say u.s. security
6:35 am
behind closed doors? >> all of europe and u.s. are in a state of concern after what is going on right now. assessments and analysis are being -- we're standing by our friends in europe, trying to assess what the situation is. as was said before, brody said no one claimed responsibility for the attack yet. but it is very uncanny this attack would occur four days after a key terror suspect was arrested in brussels. >> what do you think this is going to have impact wise on travel? not only out of brussels but all of belgium? >> well, with brussels being a hub like it is, it is going to impact not only the airlines but also impact across european train that goes through there. i understood a few minutes ago that the french-belgium border is shut down and everyone in the city of brussels is being asked
6:36 am
for some reason my contacts in brussels are telling me at in the hour that police do suspect there might be further attacks as the day goes on. >> karl, i know there had been some talk that the terrorists might seek revenge because of the arrest, but are you surprised or do you think -- should there have been more forewarning about this? is there any significance it happened to happen and no one seemed to be able to do anything about in the it? >> it didn't surprise anyone. there has been a known terror cell operating in brussels a couple years now. this is a lesson in what they do. whether a cell is activated in a city they begin to make plans. they begin to plan attacks and plot attacks. this is attack coming to
6:37 am
repertory bugs forretributoin. >> karl de la guerra, security expert, we appreciate your insight, fascinating details about what is going on and we'll have much more on the website, and check inning on that and we'll have more. >> christine: looking ahead at 6:37, voters in vote voters in lancaster county will decide whether to approve a school bond referendum that would increase taxes. mark davenport is live at one of those polling places in indian land this morning. mark, this bond would have a big impact on students in that community, right? tell us how. >> reporter: christine, it will be a huge impact on students here, if it does pass. what it will do is relieve overcrowding in lancaster county schools. i'm at a polling place, the rec center south of indian lanan
6:38 am
frompolls will beopen from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. it is $199 million. if approved it with i will go to new elementary school and new high school in indian land. three existing elementary schools will go from kindergarten to fourth grade, middle school would be split. fifth and sixth graders at indian land middle, seventh and eighth graders at the high school. money being allocated for infrastructure, safety and technology in surrounding areas. we spoke to parents they were telling us about at what they would be doing for the bond and what they think it will help in the community. >> there is certainly a huge growth happening here, and it children -- >> i hope the money won't be wasted. >> reporter: now quickly i want to tell you voters does pass this today, it will include a
6:39 am
$25,000 car, taxes go up $85 am year. mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> christine: let's give folks at home a live look at the commute this morning, volume picking up at i-77 at clanton road exit. just watch for a little more congestion as we go in the morning hours. we'll help you get around all the problem spots and tell you about them first on wbtv. now here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: out there this morning, a gorgeous sunrise down on the outer banks. they have clear skies, i've been watching this camera pan and as they pan off toward the left, the sun is up and really pretty. here the sun will be up in 45 minutes or so, we have a good deal of it in the forecast. numale fishes forecast, fishing forecast, that is
6:40 am
fish from lake norman using a stick and string. a straight-a student and our big catch of the day today. our temperatures are headed up if you're not a fan of the chilly stuff, stick around, we also have rain chances on the way, i'll have the details until a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: a drug used for skin cancer helps a young girl battle brain cancer. the first of its kind treatment and hear from her father. >> john: a look at what is coming up tonight on cbs and
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19 minutes before 7:00. bringing you the latest updates live from the alert center, thanks for choosing wbtv news this morning.
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president obama will address the cuban people and sits down with dissidents on the third and final day of his historic visit to the island nation. monday the president met with raul castro and pressed him to improve human rights. later today the president will attend a baseball game between cuba's national team and tampa bay rays. the first time a major league team has played there since 199 #19991999. >> christine: a young girl remains cancer-free three years after treatment. just before her fifth birthday, diagnosedded with brain cancer, seven tumors in her brain. doctors removed one and chemo did not stop it from growing. doctors took a closer look at the tumor they removed, they found it had a mutation also found in some skin cancer patients, for whom there is a highly successful drug. the only catch, no child had
6:45 am
>> it was scary, actually. we want nothing but the best for our kids and we want new, we want cutting edge, but also really tough decision to be the first. >> well, her parents decided to put her on the treatment, eight weeks later she was tumor-free. allison lives a happy, healthy life, will be an art teacher whether shewhen she grows up. incredible breakthrough for that little girl. >> john: 6:45, cold out there this morning. >> al: i hope nobody is surprise about this. we have talked about it for the last five days, we will shake off the chill and got a nice day on the way. just a little bit of high clouds early this morning. lake norman cam from the, pretty sunrise, no ripple on the water, it is calm. here is the seven day forecast, get right to it for you lots of sunshine the next couple days with nice warming trend. first off today, 68 degrees in charlotte.
6:46 am
if you're up around lincolnton area i expect you get to 66, albermarle, good morning, 67, rock hill, approaching 70, statesville, 66, all with tons of sunshine. you notice i do have a up could of storm system also we will be tracking first off the first one moves in we think thursday. lots of sunshine, reason for that, high pressure will be over us. stop this tomorrow morning at 8:00, high building offshore. plenty of sunshine, a breezier, warm earlwarmer afternoon. this system moves in thursday evening will bring us a chance of showers and thundershowers. will end early on friday. most of good friday will be fine. notice we only have a 20% chance of rain here, the greater chance is probably while we're sleeping thursday night, likely goes to 50, 60% chance of rain, dry friday afternoon, saturday, and most of sunday until late in the day. confusion in the models about just how much rain we get and
6:47 am
sun-up at 7:16 here in charlotte, i think we will be dry for sunrise sunday, other than that, it looks like we have to deal with rain from sunday into monday. our temperatures will come down a little bit, the next several days look great. lots of sunshine, warmer conditions, with highs improving big time. forget the 40s and 50s of the last couple days, 60s and 70s. it is 6:47, check in with chris, he has an update on a lot happening on the roads, first alert traffic. >> first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we'll start were this fatal accident on brookshire boulevard, outbound lanes north on brookshire still closed down up to 485 as that accident investigation continues this morning. let's go ahead and widen out and show you alternates you might want to think about you'll have a hard time finding your way up to mount holly-huntersville road. the best alternates are pleasant grove road, over to belhaven and
6:48 am
rozzelles ferry. no problems heading toward the city but minor commute delays there. also an accident with injuries earlier on beaties ford road, that took down power lines, a portion of beaties ford rode, road blocked off as they begin to make repairs. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: thank you, chris. 6:48, brody o'connell continuing follow the breaking news in belgium, still very fluid on what is happening there, he's in the alert center, combing for new details. >> brody: right now, behind me what you're seeing is a live press conference being held in belgium. this is the prime minister who is addressing the situation there. he made a statement not long ago the associated press tweeted out saying that we know there are many dead and many injured. one of the statementses that he made there. also he said that lam what we feared
6:49 am
blind attacks. david cameron prime minister of the uk saying i'm shocked and concerned about the events in brussels. we will do everything we can to help. immediate reaction from world leader also. the prime minister of australia also expressing his condolences saying deeply concerned by the attacks in brussels. australia untilesns thoughts prayers insurance solidarity with the people of belgium. >> i've not seen anything released from president obama but we will expect that in the day ahead. it is a tough situation, 23 people have been killed inle two different attacks. count on many wbtv for complete coverage throughout the day. stick around we'll be right
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>> john: 6:53, staying on top of breaking news out of northwest charlotte. >> christine: a deadly wreck shut down the outbound lanes of brookshire near 485. ashton pellom is live at the scene with more details. ashton? >> reporter: hey, good morning, christine. within the past couple minutes we got an update from cmpd from the crash that is right over my shoulder. police tell me the driver of the nissan maxima slammed in the back of a dump truck here on brookshire -- one second. the victim of the crash was speeding excessively and alcohol was involved in this crash. the driver of a nissan maxima crashing in a back of a dump truck. both of the northbound lanes on brookshire boulevard between the inner and outer loop of 485 are still closed right now. right now i'll toss it to chris
6:54 am
you alternate routes. >> chris: a mess out there, first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. northbound brookshire which is closed down heading up to 485. and we have southbound delays onlookers seeing the scene being delayed. looking for alternates coming north on 16, that is pleasant grove road over to belle belle to belhaven over to rozzelles ferry. >> al: this is scott clark's toyota in stallings we're looking at. you can see a gorgeous morning out there, but certainly chilly, we were down to 33 degrees this morning in charlotte for a low, now at 35, below freezing, wadesboro up to albermarle and salisbury, 30 in shelby, 34 right now in gastonia. for this afternoon, really a nice afternoon, much milder up to 68 degrees, sunshine and seasonable, that is a little
6:55 am
we will continue that trend. not as cold tonight, 42, 76 tomorrow, late thundershowers thursday, early shower friday, otherwise dry, the weekend unseptemberred especially late in the weekend. unsettled. plenty of sunshine, great looking morning. back over to you. >> christine: thanks, brody, thanks, al, brody is on set with us with three big stories we need to watch. >> brody: devastating morning for the people of belgium, and brussels specifically. 23 people were killed in brussels in coordinated terror acan takes. one at an airport, one at a train station, cnn reporting 23 did, dozens others injured. the terror threat lifted to the maximum level, they are not alone in raising security. france reinforced security at metro stations, bus lines and also the airports in france as well, obviously, direct response
6:56 am
human life, seeing horrendous attack. >> christine: much more or this on "cbs this morning," that is about to sign on in a couple minutes. we'll cover this over on bounce tv, we'll switch there in
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