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tv   WBTV News 3 at 4PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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it's believed two men staged the suicide bombings and a third fled. president obama addressed the attacks during his trip to cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> belgium prime minister says the country will tighten security at its borders and declared three days of national mourning after what he says were probably the most tragic attacks the country has seen in peacetime. >> the u.s. department of homeland security says there is no specific credible threat here at home but airports are ramped up security. travelers at charlotte douglas international airport tell wbtv they are being extra careful and mindful of their surroundings as they wait for their flights. that is where we find our christian flores he joins us now live.
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you? >> reporter: yes, bring ka, travelers heard about the attacks in brussels this morning they thought twice about coming to the airport. but after seeing the security they feel safer than they normally do. travel is taking longer to get through security they are seeing more canine units and passengers waiting they are building inning officers are can advantages the airports in pairs. but police officers and tsa agents are not the only ones keeping watch. travelers and people in the airport are being extra vigilant. >> someone left a laptop over in one of the chairs. and we just alerted them to pick it up because we did not want to touch it. they came and got it. >> think being brussels check it out and see what it is. >> yes, certainly everyone is on high aearth will. tonight, i talk with a traveler who is supposed to fly through brussels.
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douglas international airport christian flores, wbtv on your side. >> all right see you at 5:30. >> we want to hear from wbtv security expert carl dela gar ra he is following the news in brussels. appreciate your time. >> good afternoon. >> what sets these attacks apart >> these attacks here are very unique especially in the sense of how they were carried out with there being an 80-minute separation between the first attack and the second attack. that is something we have not seen before. >> also, there is a photo now that is out there, carl, and put it up on the screen. there's three men and two are wearing a glove on their left hand what does that tell us? >> everyone within the security community is certain that that black glove has to do with some sort of a detonation system. whether it is meant to hold down
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card is the device or whether wires are inside the glove itself. not certain at the moment but certain it has something to do with detonating the device itself. >> does this attack come as a surprise? >> no, it didn't. it came four days after the significant arrest in belgium of a key layer in the paris -- player in the paris attacks. what this is is a lesson to cities in the world that when a terror cell is operating in the city as we have known that one has been operating in brussels for a couple years that cell plans attacks like this. they knew it was coming it was just a matter of how you are able to stop it quick enough. >> carl appreciate you jumping on the telephone. our wbtv security expert. appreciate it as always. the french ambassador was in
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affairs council of charlotte. michael clark will tell us why the emwas 0 door is not -- why the ambassador was not surprised either by the attacks in brussels. >> to the alert center and alex giles has a story about a charlotte-mecklenburg student and a robbery? >> yes, dedrick russell was at the press conference. and police were talking about an armed robbery involving a juvenile suspect that and had today. and it involved students from west meck high school and a scuffle happened off of tuckaseegee road. and they will be pressing charges against one of the juveniles. they are trying to work with cms and the neighborhood to prevent things like this from happening. much more at 5:00 with dedrick. >> thank you. >> first at 4:00 a day in court for the woman charged in a triple homicide in gaston county. crystal gambino's case will go to a grand jury hearing. she is charged with killing her
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all three victims were found naked and shot to death at the gambino's home. it appears the victims met on-line. >> former toronto mayor rob ford has died after 18 months of treatment for aggressive cancer. his tenure of canada's largest city marred by drug use. he was repeatedly videotaped and photographed while intoxicated in public and statements and actions became fodder for comedians he was 46. >> councilmembers in chester county are asking the department of transportation to investigate a dangerous part of highway 9 and many call it dead man's curve saying the speed limit is too high. two people including a volunteer firefighters were killed two weeks ago in a crash involving a logging truck. the county wants to hear the results of a dot study before coming up with a possible fix. >> i've moved over to first
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meteorologist leigh brock and the warmup continues. >> it does. here is something interesting. saturday it was in the 70s. sunday 40s. yesterday the 50s. and you think what in the world is average? this is. today is average. it's 66 right now your average high is 65. this is what we should be seeing. we have been all over the map the thermometer for the past couple of weeks. and this is typical march weather for this time of year. temperatures in the mid-60s now. 64 in statesville and 65 in albemarle and 65 in gastonia and 66 in lancaster. nice temperatures all things considered and warmer than yesterday. it was chilly sunday. and we add 10 to yesterday. and we have added 10 from yesterday to today in a lot of places. yeah, we are making our way back and it is a gorgeous day outside and a lot of sunshine from your camera.
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temperatures going from the mid-60s to the mid-50s by 9:00 p.m. and talk about a bigger warm-up and that is coming up in a little bit. tonya has traffic. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check in on i-85 highway 29 and 49 a nice traffic flow in this area. and we have problems at w.t. harris and mccullough drive and congestion is starting to build on w.t. harris. busy area this time of day. a mile of stop-and-go traffic. and at university city boulevard an accident westbound right by w.t. harris approaching 485. of course, one alternate route to get around this would possibly be to hop on old concorde road and accident an mccullough drive is a great alternate route for this. back to you. >> $200 for a painting a modest amount in the art world. >> but it is a lot if you are a dog.
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folks have some questions about my spicy, freshly-prepared world-famous zinger sandwich. like, "is it freshly-prepared?" yes. "is the freshly-prepared zinger sandwich available in a $5 fill up?" if you have five dollars, yes. what a great limited time deal!
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>> a new york dog is channeling his picasso. >> a three-year-old lab gold especially mix and a service dog dropout and he selects his colors from nontoxic paints and with the brush attached to the roll his owner rotates the canvas from side to side. work sell for $50 and now he has pieces priced for $200 and all the proceeds go to canine common pannians for independence. good cause there. $200 a pop. crank out a few in a day. >> makes me want to see what i can do.
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>> i'm sure you could ham that [laughter] -- handle that [laughter] >> i will not quit my day job. still to come here on first at 4:00 we told you about the south carolina officer shot and killed and the family he left behind. >> now another widow of an officer uses her pain to give back. how she is reaching out coming up next. >> and talking about milder temperatures today we have added on 10 yesterday and 10
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temperatures get >> first at 4:00, the wife of a fallen police officer is turning her own tragedy into support for the family of officer allen jacobs in greenville, south carolina. jacobs gunned down last week. a celebrated iraq war veteran was the father of two children and the wife is expecting the third child. she lost her husband last september and started the nonprofit campaign called heros in blue and setup a "gofundme" page account for jacobs family because the support can help ease your mind during the grieving process. >> i hope that officer jacobs wife that she knows we are supporting her. i feel grateful that i have the capacity and the support system that allows me to make some sort of purpose out of this tragedy. >> the page has raised more than $100,000.
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of brussels belgium the site of the terrorist attacks and relieved families in the state of florida. alex giles is in the alert center interest this video on the national wires. this is a flight from brussels took off before the explosions happened jet air flight 217 landed safely in orlando and the heavy police presence those on the flight were escorted to a bus and they had the plane land away from the terminal and they took them to the terminal and that plane will stop in miami, florida before heading back to another airport in brussels. good to see the folks are safe. back to you. >> safety precautions taken everywhere. a crash took down a power pole. a woman was driving inbound on beatties ford road when she crashed. no word what caused her to slam into that pole. let's update the afternoon commute. looking like we are seeing
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the first alert traffic center. >> thank you. your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as you mentioned that backup is at the john belk freeway, i-77. typically at wilkinson boulevard and west boulevard. and again there was a problem at 77 south at remount. i believe that cleared out. and third street and davidson and another accident by third and caldwell. these accidents right on one another creating congestion. in addition to that we have an accident at kennelworth avenue near morehead and repairs at martin luther king, jr. boulevard by caldwell. a lot of activity right in center city happening at the moment. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. you can see behind us here the hd towercam not a cloud in the sky. >> and right about where we should be for march. >> for once. we have an average high temperature. but it feels so much better than the past couple of days.
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gets warmerment and here is what it looks like right now. temperatures in the 60s and lots of sunshine for everyone of you. here is our hd towercam, looking good, dry feeling fis again today. you can get back outside and maybe you have been shy about that because it has been cool. but we made a rebound a comeback. mid-60s. 62 in hickory. 66 in monroe. and 64 in shelby. and the wind we have not had a strong wind and it does make it feel a little bit cooler than it it is. we have winds from 5-15-miles-per-hour. so, not a terribly strong wind but just enough to keep things mixed up and keeping our temperature feeling a tad cooler. here is the thing that wind you have is coming out of the south, southwest. so it is a warm direction it's pulling in more warm air.
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and the high pressure system is offshore. it's just out of reach but we have clockwise flow around the high pressure system. here comes the wind out of the south and the gulf of mexico. notice how many areas are seeing the warm temperatures. you have to go up into canada to find the cool temperatures now. that flow will continue for a couple of days. and here is what it looks like as far as high pressure is concerned when it comes to clouds. high pressure means sinking air. and we do not have rising air so we have no clouds and no rain. it's gorgeous in the carolinas and up into virginia, west virginia through the deep south we are all basking in the sunshine. and temperature-wise tomorrow, we start out much milder. of us were close to freezing this morning. not tomorrow. start out in the mid-40s. and your afternoon high will be
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and the numbers for the morning time low 42 and it warms up 8:00 a.m. mid-40s. and 76 on wednesday. 75 on thursday. slight chance of a shower late thursday into friday morning and the rain chance moves out. and friday, saturday 70s. easter sunday your high temperature 68 . there is your forecast back over to you. >> thank you. what was meant to be just a game for kids turned deadly. a challenge shows children and teens choking themselves until they pass out. we are on your side why one family wants you to watch what your child is doing on-line. >> and the story of figure skater tonya harding is coming to the big screen.
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it is next in [ ] >> welcome back time for the "daily detour." two minutes on the clock here we go. >> school may be out this week for malia obama. she is acting as a traps later whileth cuba for her father's trip. this recent official white house photo shows obama and malia having a laugh with the chef and the caption the president and malia have a laugh as she translates for her dad. not a bad gig for a high school student.
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doing that. >> the story of championship figure skater tonya harding is coming to the big screen. margo robbie is set to play her in i tanya. they look a little bit alike. harding reputation was ruined in 1994 after her then husband and one of her bodyguards hired to break nancy kerrigans legs. no word when production will begin. >> is taylor swift more popular than music television? according to data her bad blood pulled in 18 million views in seven days the only show able to surpass that number cbs's, ncis, los angeles. >> in seven days? >> everything she touches right now turns to gold.
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>> and you might need a piece of gold to buy this. do you have a spare $35 million? a blue diamond ring could be yours. sotheby's announcing the ring that belonged to shirley temple, the cushion cut stone was a gift of her father in 19400. and the ring will be auctioned off and estimate to do will fetch between 25-35 million dollars. >> unbelievable. >> pretty ring. a lot of money. >> taylor swift maybe? the rest of us? >> we have to keep it moving. more news ahead a deal to buy a cellphone leads to a shooting inside a north carolina mcdonald's. >> we will hear from an employee
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fast food restaurant. this afternoon the french ambassador shares his views on fighting terrorism. welcome back to first at 4:00 i'm jamie boll. >> i'm brigida mack. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. of course we will get to what the ambassador had to say. >> and to the alert center new
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brussels and alex giles is live with that. >> we know the search is still on for one of the suspects in those ak tacks. this -- attacks. this video shows officials going through a neighborhood and during a raid in the neighborhood they found a nail bomb, chemicals and isis flag in one of the homes. you see the crews taping off the streets in belgium getting ready to go through one of the homes. they found a nail bomb, chemicals and isis flag in one of the homes. that is in brussels, belgium. more information tipping to come down and worldwide on the wires. this video just in from belgium. back to you. >> we are following it. alex giles in the alert center, thank you. >> reaction coming in from around the world after the attacks in belgium. in charlotte the french ambassador spoke to the world affairs couple of charlotte. michael clark was there and
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michael, why was the ambassador saying he was not surprised about today's attacks? >> well, the ambassador believes there are future attacks that are imminent and told a charlotte lunch crowd this is a long-term fight against terrorism and one that highlights the importance of being allies with countries like america. and the explosions in brussels, 120 people died in the paris attacks. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks in brussels. he says thousands of young europeans are able to travel to syria and back and europe is the front line for the war on terror and international leaders are trying to battle the terrorist cells trying to radicalize young people and something that we have also seen here in the united states. >> we have thousands of youth in europe who are attracted by
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so we have to work with the muslim authorities and political authorities to fight against this radicalization. >> today he talked about the importance of not letting fear get in the way of a daily routine and talked about people in france wanting to secure borders and that may not be the best idea. why he said that is coming up tonight at 6:00. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> see you then thank you. >> the terrorist attacks in brussels come days before the peek of spring travel. airport officials at charlotte douglas international airport say they are expecting to be busier than normal. wbtv's brody o'connell is on your side with information to help you stay safe and travel smart. >> charlotte douglas international airport is a busy airport and saw 45 million travelers last year alone. now with the busy spring season upon us coupled with the terrorist attacks in brussels, airport officials say security


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