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tv   WBTV News 3 at 11PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we can give you the news they are giving us. this has around 9:00 tonight. live pictures here. and alsex there in front of the camera. i don't know if can you hear me, let's look at the tape. they are on the scene. this was not a random act of violence. they were called out and found a man in the street with wounds and the medic pronounced that person dead on the scene. and it is just getting underway. and you saw alex there he is trying to get information, we'll pass it along to you. >> belgium is reeling. terrorists flaunt attacks on an airport and subway. explosives shooting nails and dozens are dead, hundreds are hurt. >> right now a manhunt for one
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not close. this is a remind they're the world must unite, hubs on alert as people all over the world stand together in memory of those hurt and killed. >> isis is claiming responsibility for the attack in brusselss, 30 people are dead but that could climb, we're on your side with the impact on people here in the carolinas. we go to brussels with information on the manhunt. >> reporter: i'm in front of the eu headquarters and the station that came under attack. this evening it is closed as can you imagine, the mood here, people are tense and on edge, police officers and military troops here and a manhunt is underway for an attacker.
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and picked himself off the floor after an explosion tore through the terminal. it was a powerful blast that blue out the windows and a -- blew out the windows. and two people covered in blood. >> a security camera captured this photo of three men that the prosecutors are behind the attacks. investigators believe the two men in black blew themselves up wearing a glove to hide the det mador. an issue was issued for the third suspect. another explosion rocked the station. the hunt for those responsible led police to a brussels apartment where they found a device with nails, chemical products and islamic state flag. speaking in cuba, the president condemned the attacks, we must
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nationality or race or faith, they come days after authorities are on high alert. a suspect in the attacks. and eiffel to youer was lit in the colors of belgian flag. and people will remember the victims in a moment of silence. back to you. we know some of the victims are americans. three missionaries from utah who were hurt along with a service member and his family. the investigators say the explosives in the attack were filled with nails. you can see that nail in one bystander. and reporters were shown what it looked like after it was removed. so-called spike bombs are filled with nails and other projectiles.
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cities on alert. places like los angeles, chicago, atlanta, new york and boston tightening security at airports and on public transportation. there were officer officers called into o'hare airport keeping a very close eye on passenger security there. investigators were not making any chancesle fog the attacks, this flight to orlandos was directed away from the terminal and searched. people did not know the attacks happened. they did not find any problem with the plane or passengers. and a heightened state of security and the start of spring travel. if you are traveling in the next couple of weeks security in place there. right now investigators say there are no threats in charlotte but they are working with the f.b.i. to monitor things. two people from huntersville who saw the attack in brussels are
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anna shaver and tanner dorman were getting ready to fly back before the bombs exploded. before alex giles moved to the breaking news he talked to one of their parents tonight all new at 11. >> reporter: it is a spring break vacation they will never forget, anna and tan were at the airport ready to leave brussels before the terror attacks happen ed 100 feet away. it is something that he never -- shaver's father did not think about. >> i thought she would be okay. she did it so many times, it is old hat but things sneak up on you. >> in the case the explosion was what had snuck up on them, dozens killed, hundreds injured. the friends are unscathed. >> when we heard from her they were okay and scared. i was worried about that. >> it took time to realize what had happened.
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>> i think i started thinking how close we came to losing her. >> but they are safe and sound, now planning a new way to get home while this father hopes those responsible are brought to justice. >> i'm angry but we should be doing more than we are doing than take out the people doing this. >> we're glad they are safe tonight. the two friends didn't feel comfortable daying in brussels. they will try to fly out of germany and start their trek back. >> week from now the fort mill will play a concert in france of local veterans. and coleen harry talked with them about the concerns of terrorism as they prepare for that trip all new at 11. >> reporter: the music is somber as the location where it will be played. >> memorable. >> the high school band members
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france where in 1944, american and british troops stormed the beaches in a battle to free nazi occupied france. >> we want them to understand how things were in the world in the '40s. how this invasion on june 6th was a pivotal time in history, today the world is precarious. >> what happened in europe is awful. our heart goes out to the families and always of course but i don't think it should cause a problem with the trip. >> you have to be aware of the concerns of others the company we're traveling with, they have agents all over ensuring our safety. >> there is not a safer time for to us go. you know the airport will be on high alert. this time it is terrorism, isis that has the world looking over the collective shoulder. the students are heading to honor a generation who fought an enemy front and center.
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honor the people who sacrificed their lives and fought for our freedom. >> 28 men from fort mill died during world war ii. some were brought home, some are buried in normandy, that's where they will perform to honor those killed in the war. and they're traveling during the new war. >> there is always going to be a group of people that are filled with hate that's how they get things done. violence and hate. and nazi, isis. >> coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> wbtv is committed to bringing you coverage of the attacks in brussels on the air and we will update you as this develops. back to the breaking us news in charlotte a killing. alex giles is on the scene he is live and can tell us the latest. what do you have, alex. >> reporter: we don't know much about the situation right now. ky tell you they have a large
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this is the 45 luns hun block of west bridge drive, it is two minutes from freedom drive. we know that he responded to a call a man had been shot. he had wounds he is dead starts right now we don't know who the suspects or the victim is. and we're going to stay out here and get more information and bring it to you as soon as we get na -- that information. >> thank you, alex. new at 11 a big day in raleigh the general assembly goes into special session to take on the non-discrimination ordinance. we have obtained a draft of the bill. it is beyond the controversy bathroom issue. and the ordinance would allow transgender pooh emto use the bathroom of the defender in which they identify. and bathroom use will be
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your birth certificate. it defines which groups are protected when it comes to employment, age, sex, race, color, national origin. handicaps are included. sexual or yen tapes is not. lastly the bill would keep governments from enacting pay starts if it passes. cities could not set their own wage. there have been a lot of outspoken voices on the ordinance. and few people agree they should override it. the policy polling said 25% of voters think the state stalled quash -- should quash the ordinance. many believe charlotte should pass the laws without interference from the state. we are on your side tracking another warm up. time to talk about weather. it feels good. >> a beautiful day, hopefully more tomorrow.
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>> eric thomas is watching it. >> in the 40s and the 50s today the 60s. two opportunities for rain over easter holiday weekend. how to plan around that coming up in the forecast. >> the center of controversy, taking the complaints to the state. charlotte is considered to host the x games, the impact it could bring to the area. peace in chaos. the moments arising in belgium
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the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of belgium in solidarity. paris was hit seven months ago by bombers. here in charlotte, the duke energy building lit up the colors for the flags of belgium. people around the world are trying to show their support. stillness at a game in cuba against tampa bay. thousands paused for a moment of silence before the game started. the president faced criticism for attending and despite the terror attacks. the president said terrorism tries to disrupt people's every
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let that happen. and we will post updates on wbtv and in our facebook and twitter pages. and neighbors worried about coal ash near the home demanding that duke clean up the basins. and the allen steam station was high risk but that recently changed. it is now considered a low to intermeetit -- intermediate risk. and sarah blake-morgan talked with people who are fed up and the response from duke energy. >> reporter: this plant is continuing to be the center of a lot of questions and controversy here in gaston county. and the company said the water is safe to drink. people that live here don't want it, do you want your family living beside the dump. >> frustration.
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grading their homework. >> it. >> i'm glad to keep my lights on. i'm glad. >> you know what i can do without my lights. >> the department of quality holding this meeting and for input on lagoons and classified low to intermediate risk. news that has not been welcomed by residents here, the clean up and closure should occur as soon as possible. >> it will consider the risk classification this summer but if it is low to independenter mediate they could wait until 2029 to close the basins here. >> it is unique and requires a specific closure option for that basin. >> many in the area have been living off bottled water for a year. they believe the wells are con contaminated and caused a slew of health problems. duke is saying the water is
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>> my water was unsafe today, yesterday and a year ago. and nothing has changed. >> this is the 11th 164 meetings scheduled around the state. there was a similar meeting like this in rowan county. from gaston county. >> 200 neighbors from the dukeville area gathered at for that meeting. they live near the buck steam station. they voiced their concerns and heard from duke. elected officials were there. p campaign 2016 tonight voters in three western states are weighing in on the presidential race, the contests are in arizona and utah where the majority take all. i'd idaho voters and for the democrats. they are being counted. trump and hillary clinton are leading arizona. we have been monitoring the ul results. we'll update you on the races as
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>> new at 11, the transit system is looking to raise the cost of taking public transportation, they there are options they are taking. they want to hear from you. there will be a hearing on the changes tomorrow at the charlotte mecklenburg center at 5:30ment you need to sign up to speak. it has to raise rates to off set a budget short fall. whatever price change is decided on it will take effect july 1 of this year. you cannot tell but it has been beautiful. can you see a live picture but not how it feels out there. >> and stepping up. not bad. eric thomas is in the weather center. eric? >> yes, if you like mild weather the news has been good. the snap did not last long. high pressure is build over the southeast portion and bringing
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back in the eastern half of the us and back in the carolinas, this is the weather map. high pressure is drifting off. and and will be 47 degrees in charlotte. a couple and down into the 40s. and and 48 in the boone area. in the forecast not as cool, 47 degrees. overall, yes, this continues. we'll tack on another. and let's get back to the map. and streaming into the southeast. not a big hurry over the carolinas. you will see the snow storm out in the midwest.
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wednesday. and are you in great shape. that's the high. and late in the afternoon. and in the mountains. mid-to-upper 60s. the one theme you will see a lot of sunshine there as we bring you down through the foot ill hads. you're in the low to mid70sment we bring knew the 70s across the piedmont and sand hills. >> a nice day the mid-to-upper 70s. if you are trying to dodge rain this is what i'll show you. and you see and the rain starts working into the picture. most of the rain and we start
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and i know easter sunday. and sunrise services. we work back into the 70s by next week. that's the way it is here. molly and jamie. new at 11, charlotte motor speedway being considered to host the x games t is an extreme sport competition that involves moto cross, skateboarding. bmx bikes. charlotte was in the run but lost ought to austin, texas. espn confirms that they are in preliminary discussions with the speedway. other cities vying include portland, seattle, minneapolis. the event would bring big money to the area. last year it boosted austin $100 million. >> we'll see what happens. they have the facility for it. >> yes. >> hornets in action for that
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all about the basketball. what do you get after pulling off the second biggest come back and the hornets a win and the best in the nba staying
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against one of the worst. jeremy lin picked up where he left off last night. charlotte had a purpose. the first half lead. thanks to a move by walker. he scored 14. and brooklyn they wanted to play spoiler. they made a tight game close. looking to play spoiler. but the hornets were able to survive. >> and passing and he had 23 points. hornets win it. to improve the record. and tied for 4th place with boston and atlanta. and miami with the 11 to go for the hornets in the regular season. charlotte at detroit and milwaukee saturday. 16 teams are left. one has to win four straight and be drown crowned the ncaa champion. dukes winner was out in california. ready to tank on oregon the
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and ducks get the home court at advantage. 15th sweet 16 appearance. that's the most in the nation. it is the second and late night thursday. practice day is in anaheim. tar heels the number one seed. and they take on philadelphia for their friday late night matchup against indiana. there will be a big sendoff tomorrow. if you think the hoosiers win against donald trump and going back to back against the programs could signal the return of indiana. tar heels are a target. practice on thursday afternoon. >> we are feeling the pressure, we want to make it to the final four. that's two of the goals to win it and acc championship. what very a few more to go. we want to make it to the final four.
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we want to do that and win it all. >> there is pressure. we have you covered this week with sweet 16 action. thursday tip off at 7 here on wbtv. villa know shah and friday at 7:00. virginia, iowa state followed by
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we're back after and it has been declared that hillary clinton won arizona for the democrats which is not winner take all for the democrats but donald trump won arizona for the republicans that is winner take all in arizona
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in item hoe and utah they are counting. it could be a long night.
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see you tomorrow. >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thanks, everybody! ( cheers and applause )
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welcome to "the late show," everybody. thanks so much. welcome to "the late show," everybody.


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