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tv   WBTV News 3 at 6AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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average speed, 68 68-miles-per-hour. belmont, 485 in the green, most of the majors in charlotte looking good. we have seen slow downs wt harris and albermarle, also seeing back-ups building down around the arboretum area. north 77 out of rock hill running in the green, current drive time for rock hill in the center city, 21 minutes, average speed of 66-miles-per-hour. here is the live look, this is i-77 coming off the john belk on 77, no problems to speak of. that is a check of morning commute. christine, over to you. ful. >> christine: terror in brussels, isis claiming responsibility for the attacks in belgium. more than 30 people killed, 250 others hurt including americans.
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set off at brussels international airport a short time later, another explosion at a subbed wayway station. the manhunt has ended for the person connected to the attacks. >> john: kristen miranda has the details. >> kristen: this information, this photo and information, these two guy also on the left here, those are the two men that were identified overnight and we will get back to them in a second. but this is the person we want to talk about right now, the focus of the breaking news alert. brussels bomb suspect najim laachraoui was arrested in brussels a short time ago. we are waiting to get more details about that arrest, if was taken in culls told dee custody alive.
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during the terror attack on the brussels airport. 30 people killed yesterday in brussels. if several reporters in the brussels areas say the two bombers on the left are khalid and brahim bakraoui. they were killed in the attacks, suicide bombers, they can be seen on the surveillance video dressed in black, pushing the luggage carts. carts. they were known to police because of their association with organized crime, but were not known to police for any acts of terrorism. the officials in belgium are saying that khalid, one. brothers, used a false name to rent a house in bell yam belgium, that was the house raided, the finger prints led to the arrest of
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i'll get new developments. >> john: belgium investigators say the explosives were filled with nails and you can see only this x-ray, this nail embedded inned a victim. they showed reporters what the shot rap fell in looked like. the bombs are filled with nails and projectiles to causes a much death and destruction as possible. two friends from hunter alsoville were 100 feet away from one of the explosions a the brussels airport. annal schaeffer and tanner dorman were on their way home, they were not hurt but that easing the fears of her dad. >> i'm angry but i feel like we should be doing a little more than what we're doing, than just try to take out the people who doing it. >> the two friends didn't feel comfortable staying in brussels last night. they are going to fag lie out to germany in thefly out togermany in the coming days.
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coverage only air, on our website and social media. >> christine: police are investigating two possible burglaries at local gun stores, one happened at a gun shop in west charlotte, the the other at a gun outlet and pawn shop north of uptown charlotte. mark davenport has been at both of those scenes this morning, live apartment the scene at north tryon street. mark, what are police telling you? >> reporter: christine, i was told this shop, a gun outlet, attempted burglary here this morning. and i was talking to the owner of the shop here a while ago, t he said they tried to break in the back door of the shop. i went around back a bit ago before police left the scene, show you some of the pictures i took on twitter. i sent out three pictureses this morning, my twitter handle, that first picture the front bumper of a jeep cherokee, that was the car they were ramming in the back door of the gun outlet this morning trying to get in the
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it was still here on scene when cmpd showed up. nothing was stolen inside but you see on the other picture we were showing you a second ago all the rust in the grass, they tried so many times, there is a decent hill, to slam in the back door. this isn't the only incident overnight at a place that sells guns. another incident on wilkinson boulevard, that was the first place that i went this morning. hyatt gunshot. same deal, cmpd told me they are similar incidents. they found a stolen car behind the hyatt gun shop, it was rammed in the back of the building. however they didn't ram the back of hyatt gunshot, they rammed the back of the family dollar and cut a gas line. so charlotte fire had to repair that are gas line. seeing video of that right now, but we were also told from hyatt gun shop, no guns were stolen. two attempted burglaries and we know at this point nothing was
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we will follow the story for you and bring the latest information action we get more from cmpd later this afternoon. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: 6:06, police have not identified the man killed in a shooting in northwest charlotte. it happened before 9:00 last night on west ridge drive not far from freedom drive. officers were responding to an assault with a deadly weapon call, found a man shot. that man was pronounced dead on the scene. there is no word if any arrests have been made. >> christine: breaking overnight, fire destroying a building in lincolnton, the seen onscene on bill lynch road, took five fire departments and 457 minuteses to get the fire under control. the owner slept through the whole thing. he usings theuses the burling the building for storage. al fire forced a family of
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this was accidental due to crack earlier. this was the scene on king morning. they got the flames under control in 12 minutes and no one was hurt. statement lawmakers will return to raleigh for a special legislative session, they will take action on the charlotte's non-discrimination order nance. wbtv obtained a draft of the bill lawmakers will consider and goes beyond the controversial bathroom clause which allows transgender people to use the bathroom with alcohol where which they identify. t. >> christine: a school bond referendum aimed at easing overcrowding in lancaster county schools has been approved. more than 74% of voters supported the measure during yesterday's special election. bond will provide money to build a new high school and elementary school in indian land and
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means higher taxes for residents in lancaster county. for every $100,000 home and $25,000 car, taxes will go up by about $85al year. $85 a year. still plenty plenty many t ahead. >> john: a live look at cameras.
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minutes you're planning your day with wbtv news this morning.
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all-new stories you need to stick around for in the 6:30 half hour, at 6:34, an american teen injured in the brussels terror attacks. this morning his family tells us this isn't the first time he has seen an attack up close and personal. plus, the f.b.i. gives an update on unlock a terrorist iphone. at 6:42 how long it will be if we know they will continue to push apple for a back door. >> christine: president obama is in argentina where he will meet with that country's president today. he is wrapping up his visit to the cuba yesterday, he and raul castro watched from the stands as the tampa bay rays took on the cuban national team. the shared past time is a symbol of the two countries renewing diplomatic tie. >> when you find common ground
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that may be murky. >> people worried about cole ash in the drinking water are demanding duke clean up coal ash pits immediately. people living near the allen steam station spoke about the the plan to list the pit as low risk. >> the clean-up and closure should occur as soon as possible. >> my water was unsafe today, yesterday, and a year ago. nothing has changed but the state's willingness to protect us. >> duke energy says the drinking water in the area is safe. the state will revisit the risk classification this summer. if it remains a low risk site, won't have to be closed closed until 2029. 14 minutes after 6:00. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is meteorologist al conklin. al: big area of high pressure
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weather now shifting offshore, that means return flow out of the south and warmer condition also for us. 40s on sunday, to be day well up in the 70s. i tell you what, with the dry air and warm weather, june juniper, pollen, we need rain to clear it out. king street in boone from, hard to believe they had snow up there sunday evening, south wind at 10 to 12-miles-per-hour. here in the charlotte area, look for plenty of sunshine, 52 this morning, 71 at lunch time and late this afternoon, 77 degrees. again, as far as rain goes or in this case lack thereof, less than half inch during the entire month of march here in charlotte, we need some. i see two opportunities, seven day planner in five minutes so stick around. right now check in with chris,
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>> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. we're keeping our eye a traffic cameras across the charlotte area and the piedmont of the carolinas, watching for anything that might slow down your wednesday morning commute. 277, john belk running in the green, overall major interstates continue to flow nicely, we're seeing slow downs, however, along providence road inbound from fairview and sardis on in toward charlotte. also heavier traffic in and around the arboretum area, highway 51 there and providence road. drive times, matthews to center city, 12 minutes, 53 miles an hour. from the arboretum inbound on providence, 18 minute commute right now and concord to center city, 18 minutes at 67 miles an hour. that is a check of the first alert traffic. christine, over to you. >> christine: the terror attacks in brussels revealing security gaps at airport. >> john: on "cbs this morning" at 7:00, a look at areas before
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>> christine: next at 6:00 on wbtv, a major sporting event set to return to charlotte this summer and there is talk of another major sporting event that could be headed to
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have the details coming up. >> john: 20 minutes afters 6:00. a live look at charlotte skyline from scott clark nissan honda hd tower cam, gorgeous start to the day, 52 degrees in charlotte. right now get over to kristen miranda who is live in the alert center with new details on another big endorsement in campaign 2016. >> kristen: this coming in a short time ago, ted cruz just tweeted four minutes ago honor oned to earn support of governor jeb bush, that is the news this morning from the cruz campaign. former republican presidential candidate jeb bush will endorse
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he calls cruz a consistent, principled conservative. cruz is in new york city won the presidential caucuses in utah yesterday. bush dropped out a month ago. politico got ahold of the announcement, i haven't haded a chance to look at this on the website yet, but according to them the party and country must must overcomedyovercome the divisiveness donald trump has brought. >> christine: the hornets looking to continue their success. jeremy lin scored 21 points, batum led the hornets with 23 points.
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friday night. >> john: the x games hosted by espn, charlotte was in the running for the event a few years ago lost out to austin. espn confirms it is in preliminary discussions with the speedway. other cities vying for it are portland, minneapolis and seattle. last year it boosted austin $100 million. soccer clubs are headed to charlotte. this july, bayern-munich taking on intermilan at bank of america stadium. this is the third year charlotte is hosting such a match. first two games drew 60,000 fan fans. terrific. let's hope we get the x games. >> al: that would be a huge steal. out there this morning, not all that cold, temperatures, yesterday morning we were down near freezing, 33 in charlotte,
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our temperatures are heading up, will hold in the 70s for a while to come, we dug ourselves out of a hole, overcast and wet on sunday during the evening, in the 40s and 50s, and 60s, now 70s. they will stick around for a while to come, i see us above average for the next week, nights are not going to be all that cold, before a lot of you start thinking about the the planning stuff, especially with the gardens going, we still may get cold weather in the next week or so. i would not get the garden going yet. there are indications down the road the first week in april could be chilly at night, let's hold off. high pressure, that is keeping warm conditions our way now the high is built to the east of us, our temperatures coming up. this was the moon rise from mcadenville from steve rankin, there is the moon setting in the university city area from scott clark nissan honda camera,
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sun will be up in an hour. plenty of it today. current conditions now at 52, clear skies in charlotte, a breeze out of the southwest, some gusts, they will be with us through the day. there are cool pockets, 33 in boone, 41 albermarle, rest of us are in the upper 40s to low 50s. as we go through the day, plenty of sunshine, most of us in the 70s, jefferson, the mountains, 68, everybody else in the 70s, lancaster and rock hill could be pushing 80. high pressure building offshore, dry and sunny today, this frontal system moves closer to us tomorrow but during the day we're dry until late in the day, showers and thundershowers followed by high pressure that will build in for thursday or rather friday night into saturday. then rain chances go back up again sunday into monday. mostly i think sunday will be rain-free until late in the day. 77 today, 51 tonight, late showers and storms tomorrow, they end early, pre-dawn friday. friday, dry as well saturday, but late sunday into monday,
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temperatures remain warm. let's check in with c cis, first alert traffic. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> chris: first alert traffic is sponsored this morning by toyota of north charlotte. keeping an eye here on your wednesday morning commute, as we head closer in the rush hour, overall charlotte traffic pattern in the green, 485, 77, 85 looking okay. we have a problem here down in the southpark area along fairview road. zoom in here, this is over by southpark mall and barclay downs, partial road blockage at 6035 fairview in front of the wells-fargo, you will find delays over toward 77. quick live look i-77 northbound at the rest area, volume picking up as well as inbound and outbound traffic heading in south carolina. that is a check of the morning commute, christine, over to you. >> christine: chris, thank you. several more state also have cast ballots in campaign 2016. >> john: we have the results of
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primaries, you're watching wbtv
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it is 6:25, we'll be right back. >> christine: next at 6:30 new details emerging in the terror attacks in brussels. kristen miranda in the alert center getting details first as things continue to develop at this hour, including the arrest of a third suspect. >> john: all new in this half hour, learning more about the victims, this wasn't the first terror attack for one american injured. >> christine: looking ahead to the special session in the north carolina legislature, lawmakers returning to work to take action against charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. >> john: good morning, thanks for watching wbtv news this morning, now 6:30, i'm john carter. >> christine: i'm christine sperow.
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weather, here is meteorologist al conklin with the most accurate look at our warm-up. >> al: out there this morning, we have mild conditions, early on, mostly clear skies, temperatures mostly in the upper 40s to low 50s, not bad considering close to freezing the last couple mornings, carowinds cam looking on choate circle in good shape, clear skies, and dry conditions. here in charlotte, 52, like wise gastonia, 48 in monroe, good morning shelby, 48, hickory, colder around boone, 33, 52 in salisbury. plenty of sunshine, but plenty of pollen. allergy forecast is through the roof, will remain that way a couple more days, chris, we need a couple rounds of rain. i see two coming our way, one not all that i am important. take, one more important, i'll break down the timing. >> chris: seeing the layer on top of the hood. >> al: pine is through the roof. if you can see it you don't breathe it.
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making you sneeze. >> chris: i'm sneezing all the time. >> al: you are. >> chris: traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. a live look here on i-77, out near the rest area, arrowood, volume of traffic picking up heading inbound toward center city, outbound as well in south carolina. overall mapping system still quite a bit of green here, 485, 77, 85 look okay. we have a road blockage on fairview in the southpark area, just beyond barclay downs, before you get up to park road. a section there at 6035 fairview, one lane blocked in front of the wells-fargo, expect you may find a few delays toward park road or on to 77. matthews to center city, 14 minutes, 46 miles an hour. providence road from the arboretum area, 17 minute come commute. concord to center city, 17 minutes, average speed, 68-miles-per-hour. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: it is now 6:31,
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developments on the terror attacks in brussels. >> christine: kristen miranda first broke in the last half hour the arrest of the third suspect involved in the acan takes. what else are you learning on this development? >> kristen: we have new information about that third suspect, i want to see if i can get the picture for you, these are the three men we have talked about all morning long. this man on the right side here, this is najim laachraoui. he's the man that according to several reports was arrested today. he is known again according to several reports to be on top isis bomb maker. this is also a man, according to some things every read, that was traveling with paris bombing suspects salah abdeslam in september. abdeslam is now in custody for the paris bombings. the only surviving key suspect
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other men, the two other men identified overnight believed to have blown themselves up in the attacks. the third suspect, 24 years old. we're learning more details about him today, as soon as i learn more i'll bring it to you. >> christine: the u.s. state department issuing a travel alert for all of europe. warning u.s. citizens to be vigilant in public places and when using mass transportation. back here in the united states, authoritying are on high alert, increased security can be found at major transit hubs including airports and train stations. top officials warn. risk of copy cat attacks but so far, there are no specific credible threats against the united states. u.s. investigators weren't taking any chances in the hours following the attacks. this flight from brussels to orlando was directed away from the terminal and searched. people on board didn't know the attacks happened when they landed. many of them just happy to be
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>> could have been something like missed a ticket or my bag needed to get checked and could have been in that situation. i felt blessed to be back. >> nothing dangerous was found on the plane. >> john: attacks became a hot topic in campaign 2016 with the presidential candidates condemning terrorism. ted cruz giving condolences total victims. hillary clinton said we must continually learn and get aced who of hof she called thugs to prevent an attack like the one in brussels from happening in the u.s. donald trump posting a tweet my heart and prayers go out to all of the victims of the terrible brussels tragedy, this madness must be stopped and i will stop it. all new, we're learning more about the american victims of the brussels attacks. carolyn moore with her daughter stephanie when the bombs exploded at the airport. stephanie is now missing. the injured include three mormon
6:34 am
richard, joseph and mason wells. this is not the first time the family has been at the center of a terror attack. mason and his father were a block away from the boston marathon bombing. >> two is enough for a lifetime now, i'm just -- i'm dumb founded to be honest. all i can hope the boston experience gave mason peace, i know he was in the terminal or right there when the blast happened and i am was it was chaotic. >> wells was two hours from the paris attacks last november. stay with wbtv for the most complete continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels on air and on our website and also we post newses on social media. >> john: 6:35, the north carolina legislature will return to work today for a special session. lawmakerses are expected to take action against charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance.
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more about the bill they are going to consider. >> reporter: this bill goes beyond the clawless allowing transgender people to use the bathroom with alcohol they which they identified with. bathroom use will be determined by the gender on burr birth certificate. peopleon birth certificate. the bill would prevent cities from setting their own minimum wage. state lawmakers and local officials differ. >> you invalidate criminal trespass ordinance also, invalidate indecent expo sure, you can't have that. >> focusedded on inclusive and welcoming in the way that charleston, atlanta, and orlando
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want to be competitive. >> reporter: mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: ing this have been outspoken voices on the non-discrimination ordinance, a new poll reveals very few north carolinaians agree the general assembly should override it. latest public policy polling has just released, says only 25% of voters think the state should quash the ordinance. 51 maries think charlotte51% think charlotte should be able to pass their own laws. >> steve crump will bring us special coverage. more voting results are in from campaign 2016, the front runtiers force each party inch closer to the nomination donald trump and hillary clinton won the arizona primary. ted cruz wonted cruz won in utah.
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delegates short of the more than 1200 needed forward the republican nomination. cruz is 300 delegates behind with john kasich well behind in third. clinton is also 500 short of the more than 2300 she needs. sanders is well behind that. a live look at the commute at 6:38, things are slowing already at the arrowood road exit on i-77, the northbound traffic, you see moving away from us there. slowly creeping by even southbound traffic looking slow, just know, congestion is picking up out there, give yourself extra time during the morning commute. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: out there this morning, christine, be a brighter sky already as we look off toward the east, sun will be up in 40 minutes. plenty of it in the forecast. lake norman cam from the v, a ripple out there, we
6:38 am
numale fishing forecast, high of 77. melinda sent in a picture of her son kendall and madeline, they teamed up to catch bass on high rock. they love to fish together and spend outdoors. you're our big catch of the day today. sunrise at 7:23, should be about 65 this time of the year year, headed for 77 this afternoon. any cool weather down the roaded? what about rain? got it in the forecast, in the seven day planner, i'll have it in the a couple minutes. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> john: next on wbtv news this morning -- >> christine: the f.b.i. is trying a new methamphetamined on to unlock the phone of the san bernardino attack. how long it will tall to find out if it works. >> john: new guidelines top test children for zika. first, here is a look at what is coming up tonight on cbs and
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21 minutes before 7:00. on your side right now, you're watching wbtv news this morning. >> christine: all new in this half hour, it will take at least two weeks for the f.b.i. to learn whether it can unlock the iphone of the san bernardino attacker with apple's help or without it, i should say. the f.b.i. is trying an alternate method to unlock the phone. the f.b.i. says it is testing the method first to avoid deleting data on the phone. the f.b.i. previously asked a judge to force apple to create a back door to unlock the phone. apple said creating that back door would create security issues force all users.
6:43 am
and drug administration requires new warning labels for painkillers. the most serious labels to opiod medications. black box warning will be required on immediate release formulations. among the most commonly prescribed drug in the u.s. more than 40 americans die each day from prescription opiod overdoses. a new report should help pediatricians deal with the zika virus, ways to prevent, diagnose and treat children with the virus. it should be suspectedded if a child traveled to an affected area and has two symptoms including fever, rash, joint pain or pink eye. now 6:44.
6:44 am
many. >> al: that is a worm moon. >> john: get some night crawlers. >> al: pender county, topsail beach, good looking shot from surfchex. high pressure is dominating us keeping us on the warm side. back to the west, northerly breezes, now moved to the east. we're on the backside. will keep us nice and warm, temperatures in the 70s. to the day, plenty of sunshine, one thing i'm concerned about with the wind and low humidity there could be a brush fire danger this afternoon, let's keep that in mind. charlotte, 77, jefferson in the mountains, 68, morganton, upper 70s, lancaster, now we start with sunshine tomorrow but i've
6:45 am
as we go in the afternoon hours tomorrow. what will happen is a frontal system will move in and i think the best chance for rain is during the afternoon hours, late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow while most of us are sleeping. high pressure today, that moves offshore. we start with sunshine tomorrow, we see the showers already at 8:00 in the morning coming across the ohio and tennessee valley, then they move in our part of the carolinas, by friday morning they are pushing total east of us and drying out so high pressure comes in, it is probably like 80% chance of rain with either side dry. saturday looks like it will be dry, sunny skies, now sunday we start with temperatures close to 50, a mild start to the day, if you will be out for easter sunrise, sunrise is at 7:16 in the charlotte area. i think we will be okay early in the day, later in the day we get in the shower chance,ing so very
6:46 am
near 50, wind up at 72 during the afternoon hours and as we go in next week, start with rain, end with sunshine back on tuesday. that is the forecast, in good shame, lots of sunshine coming our way, 6:46, check in with chris. >> chris: first alert traffic sponsored by toyota of north charlotte. injury accident to talk to you about, wednesday morning, this is north sharon amity at 5625 just down to the south of milton road before you make your way up to wt harris. ful north sharon amity to wt harris is part of the morning plan, you mind find a few delays delays. volume picking up, southbound coming toward you, northbound going away, volume thick here at 6:47. overall commute, 485 looks good. 77, 85 in the green. we have slow downs on independence expressway down toward the arboretum, and as we
6:47 am
beginning to see delays from davidson to huntersville on southbound 77. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. >> christine: 6:48, kristen miranda watching the live ctures coming in the newsroom in the alert center doing that and has details on victims of the brussels attacks and how they are being remembered. >> kristen: in various ways, this is the website of state television in brussels, i did a quick translation, to let you know in about 10, 12 minutes a moment of silence held in various spots in brussels to remember the victims, that being held at noon today, they are five hours ahead of us, just before noon there now. holding that, moment of silence for all the victim also for the tragedy and we will be with you on bounce starting at 7:00, so hopefully bring you maybe live pictures from that.
6:48 am
seconds ago showed a memorial that continues to grow in belgium. sole this is asback to you. >> john: after the break, another live report on breaking news of attempted burglaries at gun shops in charlotte. >> christine: when we switch over to bounce tv, joined live in the studio by the folks from high gravity adventures with spring in the air, to tells us about their playground you need to check off your adventure bucket list. that and more from 7:00 to 9:00 on bounce tv. here is where to find bounce based on your cable provider or live stream the newscast at we'll be right back. coming up, we report from belgium on the search for remaining terror suspect and u.s. transportation hubses on heightened security here. gop presidential candidate ted cruz joins us, more real
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>> john: 6:53, following breaking news here in charlotte. police are investigating attempted burglaries at two gun stores this morning. >> christine: mark davenport has the details. >> reporter: christine, two different shops here in charlotte, two very similar stories. this is one of them off north tryon, a gun outlet, earlier this morning the owner said a jeep cherokee tried to ram the back door of this shop. they tried to get inside to steal guns. they weren't successful. when cmpd got on the scene they found the cherokee here, towed it away. they are investigating what happened at the gun shop.
6:53 am
boulevard in west charlotte, this is video from wilkinson boulevard. a stolen car rammed in the back of hyatt guns off the boulevard and police are now investigating that as well. that vehicle when it was rammed in the building also ruptured a gas line, charlotte fire came out for that. i spoke to the owner, he said nothing was stolen in the store as well. at this point in time police are investigating the two attempted burglaries, all the updates on this afternoon. reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: now 6:54, you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news this morning. here is al conklin. >> al: not as cold as yesterday morning, lake norman came from, sun will be up inle a fewin afew minutes. 39 morganton, 48 hickory, 48 monroe and 45 in lancaster.
6:54 am
charlotte up to 71 at lunch time and 77 late this afternoon, should be a mostly sunny day, very nice one. warm temperatures will continue for a while but a couple of opportunities force rain. one comes in late tomorrow and ends early friday, another one late on sunday goes in monday. otherwise, we should be dry and very warm for the foreseeable future with temperatures in the 70s. sun will be up at 7:23, lots of it in the forecast today. here is chris, update, first alert traffic. >> chris: a roll over accident on poplar tent road, take a look just south of highway 73 and north of huntersville-concord road. traveling poplar tent toward 73, expect you will see emergency crews on the way to the scene. i-77, clanton road, volume picking up through center city and slow downs beginning to increase, 77 southbound through center city and northbound from 485 up toward tyvola road. that is a check of traffic, christine.
6:55 am
with three big stories we need to watch. >> kristen: following the developments out of brussels, we just learned heightened security in brussels postponed hearing for the paris attack suspect, salah abdeslam. that is on hold. >> jeb bush endorsing ted cruz in the race for the republican presidential nomination. >> christine: a dog in new york is getting ability of a bit of a reputation reputation. >> john: a three-year-old black lab paints by following his human's command uses as brush made out of duct tape he holds in his mouth. >> kristen: takinggall money goes to animal charities. >> christine: "cbs this morning"
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we're switching captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the heart of the european union today is rocked to its core. right now a manhunt is under way for the bombmaker suspected in the brussels and paris terror attacks. >> yesterday's bombing killed more than 30 people and injured more than 200. we share the stories of several american survivors. >> police in the u.s. step up security at so-called soft targets. we will talk with nypd
7:00 am
deputy commissioner john miller. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. it is believed that the third man, the one that didn't die, who has been on the run since yesterday morning, has now been arrested. >> a potential breakthrough in the belgian terror investigates. >> raids yielded what is a bomb making factor. >> it is remain closed as the forensic teams go through the wreckage looking for throughs. >> people realize just now vulnerable the transport network remains. >> the site is becoming all too familiar to these individual. another terror attack and another city in shock. >> the u.s. presidential race, bernie sanders and ted cruz won utah. >> donald trump and hillary clinton score big wins in arizona. >> what we saw happen in


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