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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 6, 2015 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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right now at 4:30, the latest for the search of the missing crew of the cargo ship that went down in hurricane joaquin with who massachusetts residents on board. >> withdrawing the nomination for a government position. >> plus, two fantasy sports sites on the defensive. the new allegations and actions they are taking. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: it is 4:30 right now. good morning to you. i'm kathryn hauser.
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a sunny, fall day on the way. it's still chilly out there this morning. >> we're actually in the 30s in some of the suburbs. look at this 35 degrees in norwood right now, but it's 50 in the city of boston. same with plymouth. we've dipped into the upper 30s in orangeburg. we have a little bit of patchy fog. we've got a couple of clouds on the cape. we're in for a nice, fall day after the morning chill in the air. so kids definitely want the fall jacket here as you head out the door. same for your rush hour. sunrise coming up at 6:46. we'll be normal for this time of the year, lunchtime. sunshine and clouds mixed in. the biggest thing at the coastline, the wind won't be as strong out of the north- northwest. pretty pleasant, 66 for the ride home with the sunset at 6:16.
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we'll talk about that later in this half hour. new this morning, a home in marlboro damaged as flames broke out near broad street. it reportedly started in the kitchen. no word on if there were injuries. an historic home on the cape it damaged in a crash. the driver of a pickup truck lost control and crashed into the home on main street last night. the home dates back to the 1800s. the woman who was driving is not hurt. so far, no charges have been filed. hope now turning to fear for two mass maritime graduates. they are among 32 crew members lost at sea when their cargo ship went down. search crews have recovered one gody. >> one of the missing men from massachusetts was expecting twins.
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look at the search operation. >> reporter: four days. the coast guard now says the ship sank. >> you are talking 140 mile-per- hour winds, seas upwards of 50 feet, visibility at zero. those are challenging conditions to survive in. >> reporter: 33 crew members were aboard the 790-foot ship when it lost power as hurricane joaquin churned thursday. 28 are americans. two are from massachusetts. jeffrey mathias and keith griffin are both graduates of mass maritime academy. >> keith was never afraid of everything. he may not have trusted anyone, but he was not afraid. he's still not afraid. >> reporter: the winthrop high schooler is expecting twins and by all accounts is a fighter. >> in my heart, i believe if anything, we'll see keith because he does think
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>> reporter: roger and susan willis know the emergency thighis family well. they run bog hollow farm where the 42-year-old marine engineer is raising three children with his wife. >> doing a lot of wonderful work in the community of kingston. i'm without words. >> reporter: on sunday, one of the lifeboats was found badly damaged. still thousands of miles away, hope abounds. >> they'll make it. >> reporter: the outlook, however, is bleak. the coast guard did recover one body in a survival suit belonging to the ship on sunday and says the ship itself is 3 miles underwater. in buzzards bay, julie loncich, wbz news. the former head of the nbta is withdrawing her nomination because of family reasons. president obama nominated scott in july. she had criticism about the
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over the winter and cancellations. lawyers for aaron hernandez will be back in court today asking for the double murder charges against the former patriots player to be dropped. prosecutors say he killed two people in the south end after an altercation at a club in the theater district in 2012. hernandez's attorneys say there is not enough evidence. a pilot had a mid-air emergency and the co-pilot landed safely. >> reporter: 57-year-old michael johnston of utah was at the controls of that american airlines flight from phoenix to boston when his family believes he suffered a heart attack. >> a medical emergency. the captain is incapacitated. >> reporter: that's the co- pilot there. passengers are commending him for staying calm and working with air traffic control to get
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the more than 150 people on board safely to the ground in syracuse, new york. a replacement crew came on board and flew the crew to logan four hours late. the pilot here, you can see pictures of his family, say johnston had 25 years' experience but a history of heart troubles including a by pass in 2006. in the days and weeks before the flight, johnston was feeling good. >> as far as we knew, he felt fine. as far as i knew, he was doing great. he spent the last couple of weeks working on losing weight. had lost about ten pounds and said "i feel better than i've felt in a long time." >> reporter: since his double by pass surgery a couple of years ago, he was required to get a complete physical every six months to ensure he was well enough to fly. this historic flooding in
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the threat isn't over yet. water is slowly being released from dams in the area over fears they could break. 500 roads and bridges are shut down and cemeteries have been uprooted with caskets floating downstream. residents are being reminded to stay off the streets. president obama has signed a declaration allowing for disaster aid to immediately help those in need. >> bridgewater state university is holding a lockdown drill today. the enterprise reports university police will also be testing the school's emergency communication systems. the drill was planned before the oregon shooting and is the first time the lockdown system will be tested. the drill starts this morning at 10:00 a.m. new details about a possible motive in the campus shooting in oregon. a law enforcement official says the 26-year-old man who gunned down nine people left a manifesto ranting about not having a girlfriend and complaining that other people
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some students, teachers and staff at umpqua community college went back to school for counseling yesterday. classes there all week have been canceled. president obama will travel to oregon on friday to meet privately with the families of the victims. hillary clinton making an emotional appeal for tougher gun control laws as she campaigned in new hampshire. she held a town hall meeting in manchester yesterday vowing to expand background checks and tighten regulations on people and businesses that buy and sell guns. now. >> this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries, knows no limits of any kind. how many people have to die before we actually act, before we come together as a nation? [ applause ] >> here's a closer look at where some of the other
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candidates stand on the issue. bernie sanders supports banning assault weapons and closing the gun show loophole. carly fiorina opposes the ban. donald trump doesn't want any more limits on guns and says he says all legislation should focus on mental health. this may make you mad if you play fantasy sports online. boston-based draft kings and rivalling sites fan duel are defending their sites against allegations against inside information. a draftkings employee admitted to inadvertently releasing sensitive data that might have helped some players. the same day that employee won $350 at the rival fan duel site. the two companies have temporarily banned employees from playing at any other site. coming up, getting out of parking tickets in boston. >> yeah, the days and times you are most likely to get ticketed plus the streets to avoid.
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more than a million boxes of cereal recalled that could make people sick. >> and an man control is warning people about a wild creature.
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welcome back at 4:42 on a tuesday morning. general mills is pulling more than 2 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios because they are mislabeled as gluten free. people with celiac disease cannot digest wheat flour. for more, head over to our web site, angry airline workers go after company executives. >> plus, the big reveal from microsoft today. jill wagner has this morning's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. microsoft's holding a big product launch today in new york city. experts are predicting a new windows powered phone will be announced with sharper cameras and faster processors. it's also rumored microsoft
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air france employees stormed a meeting in paris. executives fled from the building. workers ripped off some of their shirts as they fled. two managers had to climb over fences to escape. the airline is restructuring including 2,000 lawoffs. seven of donald trump's hotels have been hacked. they gained access to the payment systems for more than a year. customers' credit and death card numbers may have been stolen including -- credit and debit card numbers may have been stoling including the >> good to know. thank you very much, jill. weather. it sounds like it will be a perfect fall day. yesterday. tomorrow is better than today >> no.
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so a chilly start in the morning, right? then we rebound nicely by this afternoon. current temperatures right now, 50 in boston. the wind is light out of the northwest right now, 5 miles per hour. that's one of the biggest differences especially at the coastline today you'll notice. the wind will be much lighter than the persistent onshore flow for several days. we may drop a couple more degrees from 7:00 a.m. 60s by 11:00 a.m. and mid-06s for your lunch hour with just a few clouds mixing in at times. notice we are 39 in nashua right now. so it depends on where you are. there are chilly pockets as you are waking up. 37 in keene. 50s on the cape and island. satellite and radar's quiet, though. we've got a couple of scattered clouds. there is a touch of fog and it's locally dance in the connecticut river valley. there are those bands of moisture spinning down near the carolinas. thankfully not as heavy.
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there is joaquin going to continue to move out toward sea. for us, that means a really nice stretch the next couple of days. milder than yesterday. 65 to 70 this afternoon. tomorrow, we start with sunshine. we'll get a few building clouds. there's a cold front coming in but not a lot of moisture with it. tomorrow we come up around 70. as the front comes in, it brings in a reinforcing shot of cooler air for thursday. bright sunshine thursday. looks gorgeous but will be a cooler feel with highs topping out in the lower 60s on thursday afternoon. then moisture does approach but it looks like any showers wouldn't arrive until late in the day like friday evening. 67 for a high in boston today. 67 in rock port this will end up being an above average day. 70 in bedford and lawrence.
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islands and the lower 60s for us today. overnight tonight, 52 in boston. mid-40s in the cooler suburbs. look at that 70 to 73 for a lot of us in metro west and including the city of boston. thursday still looks nice. bright sunshine but will be cooler. friday we get building clouds with some evening tour showers that may last into very early on saturday. otherwise, the weekend's looking good. the pick right now looks to be in the 60s and0s on sunday. >> can't complain about that at all on this early morning, danielle. no one likes getting a parking ticket. >> but there are tricks to avoid them in boston. according to a parking study, most tickets are written downtown on streets with meters. times of day matter. the fewest tickets are given out before dawn. the most lunchtime, tuesday through friday. the streets that see the most parking tickets, beacon and
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charles street in beacon hill and newbury street. >> save that script so you remember where not to go. new this morning, a woman from suffolk county is the seventh person to be diagnosed with the west nile virus in massachusetts. county and likely contracted the virus in the area. two people in massachusetts have died from west nile virus this year. keyon mcdonald, the 4- year-old from ireland with a we first told you about his story back in august. he came to boston hoping to get a double lung transplant but boston children's hospital couldn't do it. his family posted this on facebook, his mother, father he died. "our little boy is with the angels now. he fought so hard. heaven is lucky to have him. it is 4:48 right now. an unwelcomed visitor is prowling the streets of
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several residents have reported seeing a coyote on sear street. animal control is warning people to keep their pets indoors and cover their trash cans because that coyote looks like he's the last at the dinner table. that's a good sized coyote. the investigation into an amtrak accident in vermont. >> ahead, what officials are focusing on and the latest on potential injuries. >> plus, the mbta hoping to improve your commute by making scheduling changes. >> and as we head to break, here is a look at your foliage report.
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it is 4:52 and checking top stories. the coast guard continues to search for survivors after an unidentified person was found in a survival suit. crews found a badly damaged lifeboat. the ship's captain planned to by pass the hurricane but a
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mechanical failure left the boat adrift. two massachusetts natives are among the 33 people on board. president obama has juan beverly scott's nomination for the mbta. she asked to be taken out of consideration because of family obligations. a former new hampshire teacher is facing charges of sexually assaulting a student and making child porn. 30-year-old donna levesque was arrested last week but the alleged incidents took place in 2013 and 2014 when levesque was a teacher and coach. investigators say the assaults took place off campus. falling rocks in vermont take out an amtrak train. at least seven people hurt as the cars came off the rails. the latest on what vermont's nature.
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this was a pure accident but it will be up to the ntsb to make that final determination in the coming days. closed. amtrak plans to bus passengers from springfield. yesterday morning, the train was heading to washington with 98 passenger and 4 crew members on board. near montpelier where the wreck happened, several inches of rain fell last week that could have triggered a rock slide. >> we swerved to the left and sevenned to the right and we're all going, uh-oh. soon it just stopped. we were very lucky that it stopped like that because we were all going, "are you okay?" we were asking each other. other than that, we were lucky. >> one of the seven was air lifted to a hospital. the six others went to local hospitals for things like neck,
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back, and shoulder pain. we know at least four people were released by last night. state officials said a freight train passed over those tracks sunday night with no problems. the track where monday's crash occurred was part of a recent $220 million upgrade, but officials say technology that detects whether or not a slide happens before a train goes through was not available. kathryn, back to you. >> thank you very much, bree, for the update. a company that transports wheelchair patients to medical appointments is accused of defrauding the state for more than $16 million. bump says rightway could not produce the required forms for even one patient. the company denies the accusations and the state has terminated its contract. the attorney general is investigating. in other news, the mbta is launching a new scheduling plan aimed at fixing commuter rail problems. according to "the globe," the t
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hopes the new system-wide schedules will cut down on delays and inconveniences for riders. there won't be a drastic change in departure times but rather more time built in to account for unexpected emergencies or weather conditions. the new schedules will be posted by the end of the month and go into effect november 30th. tewksbury police are searching for a suspect who robbed a market basket. the heavy set man in the baseball hat did not show a weapon when he demanded cash at the store in stadium plaza around lunchtime but got away on a bike. police searched the woods nearby but couldn't find the suspect. the same man could be connected to a robbery later in the day inside of a chelmsford stop & shop bank. changes coming up in mcdonald's up next. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked tre and beverages,
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. . >> beginning today, mcdonald's will be making egg mcmuffins and pancakes all day and all night. >> mickey d's rolling out the all-day breakfast menu at 14,000 restaurants. they say it's been the number one request from customers and hope all day breakfast will member with slumping sales. >> we'll see.
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>> i used to go in and ask for
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