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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news at 11:00, a botched armed robbery. two people stabbed at a convenience store in boston. >> let's get right to jim smith who is live in roxbury with the breaking details. jim? >> reporter: this is a developing story here in west roxbury at 242 grove street, the corner of grove and washington street. let me show you right now what is happening with boston police investigators as they look into this botched robbery is what it was. you see the police investigators, homicide investigators and other crime scene technicians her at the scene of this robbery at la familia grocery. we understand one victim was
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what we're told right now is they have been transported to the hospital with non-i life- threatening injuries. it is unclear if they stabbed one another or what happened, but our best information is this was a robbery attempt. if you look at the store now, you can see the police investigators outside the store and inside as well looking to gather clues. this is a very active business district here t again at the corner of grove and washington street. you can see some of the investigators now, some of them with protective clothing over their shoes getting any evidence that they can. once again, the information we have right now is that the suspect was stabbed and the victim was stapped, but the encouraging news is life- threatening -- non-life- threatening injuries at this point. so that is good news, certainly for the victim and for the suspect as they begin this investigation. they will certainly be questioning that suspect. so we'll stay on it and let you know what happens.
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live in roxbury, jim smith, wbz news. back to you. >> thank you. more breaking news tonight, a massive fire in oxford triggering fear about nearby toxic chemicals. the crews are still ton scene right now. most importantly, they want to make sure that fire is out. cait merrill is live with the latest. cait? >> reporter: there was real concern at this scene about hazardous materials nearby. take a look. still a very active scene. they continue to monitor the air tonight. but for a few hours, it was truly a frightening scene. >> heavy black smoke, very intense fire. a very quick moving fire as well. >> reporter: the fire in oxford was intense and it was growing fast. the small wood refurbishing company was completely engulfed. >> upon my arrival, the fire was actually through the roof. we had multiple explosions going on. we haven't figured out what caused that. we did back off a lot of our resources initially because the walls are already starting to collapse ton structure.
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>> reporter: the worry was what building. >> the previous occupant of the building was a chemical plant that used to make little plastic pellets. >> and next door is an asbestos removal company so there were concerns it would spread there. the air was monitored and then there was the problem of getting water to the scene. >> we're out at the water district here. it was very -- the initial problem was getting water on the fire. we are drafting water out of the pond just down the road from us. >> reporter: 10 tanker trucks filled with water to knock down the flames, but one hours the fire was contained and under control. a tough challenge that needed every fire crew from southern worcester county to step up and pitch in. >> the community was challenged tonight, and i think they did a great job being not in the water district, that they were able to establish a water supply. >> reporter: i did speak with an employee of the company
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tonight and she was understandably very upset but said they are just happy that no one was hurt. the small company, about 10 employees. as for the investigation, the officials are not saying think fire is suspicious or not, but they do want the public's help. live in oxford tonight, cait merrill, wbz news. lisa? >> thank you. new at 11:00, swastikas in deadham. five of the nazi symbols were found spray painted in several neighborhoods this morning, including one near the commuter station. the police are telling us they don't believe that any one person or family was the target, but they say this is intolerable and anyone with information should call the deadham police. now to developing news. tonight the coast guard announcing it has stopped looking for the crew of a cargo ship that went down in hurricane joaquin. among the missing, two massachusetts men. and we are live in kingston tonight where there was an emotional vigil. julie? >> especially tough because tonight we learned he was
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actually scheduled to return home today. >> i want the families to really know how committed we were to finding their loved ones. >> reporter: lost forever at sea. at sun set, the coast guard ended its search for the remaining 32 crew members, among them keith griffin and jeff matthias. [ music ] >> you can close your eyes. >> reporter: the grief is palpable. >> the name of that boat was love. >> and i just can't believe that something like this has happened to jeffrey. >> he had a bright future ahead of him. i think he got dealt a bad hand. >> reporter: he spent most of his life at sea, but the father of three loved the farm, his family's cran bury farm. >> great husband, father. the kids loved him and he was looking forward to coming home today. >> it is heartbreaking. it really is heartbreaking.
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never remember his father. [ music ] >> reporter: matthias' widow, now held up by a family so many here cherish. [ music ] >> i know that everyone is grieving with them and everyone wants to kind of reach out and do whatever they can knowing there is not much they can do. >> reporter: tonight president obama offered his condolences reminding americans if it weren't for merchant marines, we wouldn't have most of the products and goods that are still delivered by sea. in kingston, julie lone check, wbz news. the search has shifted to the cargo's ship's data recorder which brings us to the number, 15,000, that is how many people under the water the located. the recorder has battery life of 30 days after it hits water. today a high school football player is suspended and could face charges for locker room. as jim smith shows us, there
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could be a bigger lesson in all of this for teenagers and parents. >> reporter: win thereon parents arrive for an open house at the high school, the event previously scheduled, but coming at a difficult time for the football program a player is in big trouble, suspended after he allegedly videotaped a teammate changing in the locker room. >> we will not tolerate or condone this type of behavior, and, therefore, we feel that at this time it is best for us to suspend this activity going forward this weekend. >> reporter: the video may have also been circulated to others, and now friday's game with gloucester has been canceled and the varsity program suspended. the students are quick to react. >> i think you have to be careful with what you do, no matter really where it is, you know, even if you're in a locker room or something. >> reporter: a marketing professor and agency president who is also an exert on social media says the landscape for high schoolers these days totally different. >> the penetration of smart phones even in high school is
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one in two students are walking around with either on android phone or iphone that has the ability to snap foe to toes and record video that can get some kids into trouble. >> reporter: the winthrop police are also investigating. for now there is no word of any arrests. >> the school department as well as the police department worked diligently and in a cooperative man tore make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and they know there are prices to pay. >> reporter: so once again, friday's game against glues ser off, and the immediate future of the winthrop high school football program is uncertain pending the investigation. in winthrop, jim smith, wbz news. jury selection continues in the morning of the murder trial of a teenager accused of killing his math teacher. he was 14 when the prosecutors say he raped and murdered 24- danvers high school. nearly half of the process specktive jurors were excused today on day one. his attorneys have hinted that defense.
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amtrak's vermonter is back on track. the service returns tomorrow for the first time since monday's derailment. two cars slid down an embankment when a rock slide hit the train near montpelier. seven people were hurt. >> scratch tickets an fantasy sports. the mass lottery kicking around the idea of jump ing into that booming business. the treasure, deb goldberg, says the fantasy sites generate millions and she wants the learn more about how they compete with the lottery. this all comes as boston-based draft kings facing extra scrutiny over possible insider trading. right now the attorney general is investigating whether draft kings' employees rigged the system. coming up, the billboards turning heads on the road. >> is there an upside to this upside down advertisement? >> plus, the super hero send off for a boy who spent more than a year battling a virus that left him paralyzed. if you thought sexism in sports was down for the count, better think again. how one team brought out the worst tonight.
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after a warm afternoon today, a cooler forecast, and plus, more stormy weather for friday and a look at thought weekend when we come back. remember last went summer. >> ice dams overtook the complete house. >> local families still fighting their insurance companies. >> are we talking dozens? >> thousand. >> why can't they get the money they need? >> you're sitting here watching >> exactly. >> the eye team, just minutes away here on wbz. of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining
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some massachusetts families still can't live in their homes winter. so what is holding up retear ? the eye team investigation all homeowners can learn from. a great moment today at the francis can hospital for children as a young hero finally went home. >> that is christian caruso dressed in a spiderman outfit getting a great send off on his
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way home after 13 long months in the hospital. he spent much of that time on a ventilator unable to speak, barely able to move. it all happened after a cold. it was a rare condition that caused his spinal cord to swell. now he is walking out of francis can on his own two feet. >> and i feel better. >> i can't even begin to imagine what this means for him and what he can accomplish. >> it is amazing that a place like this exists and it is amazing that there are people in the world like the people who work here. >> christian turns 4 next week. he now has a new sister by the way, born at the hospital. we wish him the best and his family the best. >> great seeing him walk out. you may do a double take when you see some new billboards and that is the whole point. prime motor group wanted these upside down so they'd catch your attention. the critics say they're distracting and could be dangerous. the critics say they definitely get your attention. >> i think i just hurt my neck on that there. did you hear it crack? >> that's what that was!
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boy, the weather has been, at least today, perfect. >> and eric has -- found a perfect place to go earlier today. >> wilson farm there there in lexington which is one of the best. you have to love the local farms. just a great harvest and a good time to head out there. thank force the hospitality out there at wilson. the sun went dunn and the aurora came out. mostly in northern new england. i don't think we'll see much in southern new england. this picture in york, maine a great picture this evening. not as cold as the last couple of nights. we're mainly holding out in the 50s. so tomorrow morning, in the as chilly as these last couple. when you come home from school later on in txcn or work, it won't be as warm as we saw today. we'll stay in the low 60s is. a more cool and crisp feel to the air. hour by hour, temperatures falling back through the 3050s. tomorrow, hoovering right around 60 degrees a couple of towns may not even top 60 degrees throughout the day. so a good 10 degrees cooler
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from what we saw out there this afternoon. still under brilliant blue skies. convenient with the cooler air temperatures. so going for a high of 62 in boston. afterly, -- jaffrey a high of 58, so fall is in full control. our next weather maker is a front. it is a comma head here across parts of northern minnesota. it arrives hoar on friday. friday is by far the most active day of our forecast. increasing showers. the front will be moving in from the west. we could see a couple of downpours into the afternoon and evening and maybe a couple of claps of thunder. i think the main concern here is the wide spread heavy rainfall. it is going to be for the winds that accompany a lot of the showers and downpours. a lot of wind energy in the atmosphere on friday. in terms of gusts, i think they will pick up out of south and turn southwestly as we head through the afternoon. and we're looking at a range of about 20 to 45 miles per hour. it is one of the days where as soon as they pick up the trash in the morning, you might want to pick up the cans or they
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time you head home from work. so any outdoor plans, plan for some weather that could have an impact for any tents that might be set up. in terms of columbus day weekend, it is offshore by saturday. the coolest start to the weekend, but look at the sun, all the way across. it is a huge outdoor weekend. the weather looks really cooperative. we're into the 70s again. if you're heading toward the white mountains, it is going to be a cool weekend. 50s for highs on saturday and sunday and 20s at night. here is your accuweather seven- day, and basically the good times keep on rolling. once we get through friday, it is more sunshine. it is generally seasonal temperatures. a chilly night. the one thing we're going to watch out for saturday night, it could be our first wide spread frost of the season. for all of the gardeners and plants out there, we'll keep an eye on that. >> the look ahead to the wintertime, what is the forecast? >> so it is not as brutal. if you look at the graphic -- >> record snow, record cold.
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i think it is not going to be as deeply or persistently cold, and our outlook is on november 14th. we'll have our winter weather special. >> outstanding. >> thank you. speaking of, for most of us last winter it is just a bad memory and for thousands of massachusetts residents, it was nightmare. >> and the eye team found some people who still can't live in their homes bus of damage and they say the insurance companies are not helping enough. we take a closer look tonight. >> reporter: the ice dams on this house should be a distant memory. >> we had basically the water that came in in every room coming through the windows, the ceilings, running down the walls, it just came in everywhere. >> reporter: instead she finds herself still living in a mobile home in her driveway watching her house rot. >> it has just been stalled. >> reporter: eight months after the family filed their claim with the insurance company, she is still fighting them over water damage to floors and mold in the attic that she says
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developed because the remediation company left it soaking wet. >> i think i'm on adjuster number seven right now. >> reporter: wbz was there in september as the workers finally began tearing down her walls. and in sharon, he is hoping to get out of his trailer and back into his home this month. the initial estimate on fish's home was for $100,000. his insurance company, united property and casualty, offered him $60,000. >> i have been actually paying a little bit out of my own pocket trying to get it done. >> reporter: there are no hard numbers on how many unresolved claims there are statewide. the public adjuster estimate as lot where we talking dozens -- >> thousands. thousands of claims. >> reporter: he is still working on more than 60. are there still going to be people who still can't live in their home as we start winter again? >> yes, unfortunately. >> reporter: a mountain of claims poured in as people chipped the ice off of their roofs and discovered the mess left behind. according to the first wave of adjusters, many of them from
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much warmer climates, and some failed to document the full damage. >> people can't get the work done for what they estimated it. >> reporter: the state's biggest insurance companies say they have done their best, arbella tells wbz they have closed 87% of their thousands of winter claims. and another says they have settled 97% and liberty mutual group tells us they're at more than 99%. >> and it is moved. >> reporter: an insurance agent from wellesley agrees most customers were compensated fairly. he says the best way the avoid the hassle is to read your coverage's fine print and prepare your home now. >> and reinsulate, re-evaluate your -- the water shield protection of your house, and reventilate. >> reporter: but for people here, it is small comfort. she just hoping to have this resolved before getting dumped on again. >> this is just like a catastrophic thing that happened to this house. we're not asking for anything special. just put my house back the way it was that is it. >> reporter: the division of
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insurance has received 21 complaints related to winter weather. the a.g.'s office also has dozens. u. p.c., who is handling fish's claim, didn't return our call, but the other insurance companies we reached out to says they did their very best for clients under unprecedented circumstances. for the eye team, wbz news. coming up, this was a rare sight, coach belichick actually smiling. question ear going to show you what snapped him into a good mood. >> plus some smaller football players showed off big moves. it will have you smiling, and it had nothing to do with the
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the mighty mites busting a move on the gridiron. the kids were invited to run some plays at halftime during the milford high school varsity game, but they surprised everyone dancing the whip, the nae nae coming over the speakers. the coach played it ahead of time and the crowd definitely loved it. i can see the patriots working >> absolutely. like you think they're serious and they just start dancing on the field. the coverage doesn't know what to do. >> can you imagine brady dancing? >> sure. >> they don't need pick plays. >> no tony romo, no dez bryant and no problem, right? wrong, say coach belichick.
11:23 pm
the coach couldn't say enough tabata dallas cowboys even they're missing key players heading into sunday's match-up in dallas. and tom brady and company were back on the practice field down in foxborough. the patriots have had a wacky schedule to start the season. they opened on a thursday night another 10 days. week three was a normal schedule, but that was follow tabid bye week. normalcy. >> we haven't had many normal weeks yet. i think it starts getting into a normal feel because we have had a lot of long weeks, and then when you throw the preseason games in there, a lot of night games and weird weeks for those. so so much is just getting into kind of a normal flow. it is football season and i think, you know, it is good to kind of be in that. >> meanwhile, bill belichick has said before he doesn't spend muff time on line. it is not his thing. back in may of last year, belichick attempted to reference social media sites facebook and instagram.
11:24 pm
>> my face, your face, instay at&t face so talk to whoever you want that does that stuff, i don't know. >> my face, your face, instant face, clearly he doesn't care. [ and this morning he had another one references the app snap chat when responderring to a reporter's question. >> are you on snap face there? snap face there? what are you talking about? [ laughter ] >> oh, i love how he always uses the word face mix face, your face, instant face and now snap face. he is one of a kind b sure to watch belichick go one-on-one and work the telestrator friday night at 7:00 on wbz. and then on sunday, wbz starts you off with "patriots' game day" at 11:30. the kick-off is at 4:25 and it will be followed with the fourth quarter post-game show. and thursday night is also your home for football. the texans host the colts. kick-off is at 8:25.
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game between the cubs and the pirates, pittsburgh, top of the third. already 1-0 cubbies when it is his second homer of the night over information right. it is 3-0 chicago. move to the top of the seventh. cubs' pitcher jake air letta and after he hit two batters, he gets plunked and that empties the benches. cooler heads prevail except for rodriguez. he was tossed from the gym and in. check it out. bucket. meanwhile, arrieta just plain dominant a complete game shut- out, allowing just four hits. he struck out 11. the cubs win it 4-0. they'll face st. louis in the nlds. >> and finally drop the puck. yes, tomorrow night the bruins open the regular season against the winnipeg jets at the garden. i cannot wait for that we'll be right back. stay with us. closed captioning is brought to you by xfinity. the future of awesome brings
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130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going
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[ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. if you watched last night's baseball playoff game, perhaps you noticed something different. jessica mendoza of, a female commentator, joining the guys in the broadcast booth, a first, but no big deal, right? not for everyone. a sign of how sexism just keeps on hanging on. >> is that something that they're kind of living and dieing with heading into this game? >> it is. it is a team. >> reporter: oh, the horror! a woman doing baseball playoff color for the first time ever and on social media there was outrage. why do i turn on baseball and hear a woman's voice in the broadcast booth?
11:30 pm
we watch sports to get away from women tweeted one typical critic. and not even an expert woman like mendoza, a former college star and olympian. >> it doesn't make any sense to me, maybe because i'm married with three daughters. >> reporter: at tonight's annals bells of the brawl fundraiser for breast cancer research, the mendoza backlash left the event co-founders baffled. >> sometimes people aren't ready, but i just think that girls can do whatever they want to do and they'll ---they'll show you tonight. >> and the fighters agreed. >> those people who said they watch baseball to get away from women, they must be hanging out with some really awful women. >> or perhaps if they keep at all. >> i think maybe you're right. it just brings more people into the sport, right? more people, more sports fans may be able to relate to the sport. the commentator know what is she or he is talking about, what more do you want? >> exactly.
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