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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news at 6:00. a burned body in worcester. the investigation under way right now. >> and the new investigation of the deadly crash and the mounting attorney. plus, sports teams paid for patriotic tributes. this morning, we know how much they made off the honors. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: it is 6:00. good morning to you. great to have you with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it is thursday, november 5th.
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i hear someone sneezing out there. >> that's robi. >> it's warm enough to have allergies, it feels like it. >> god bless me. >> here's the thing, we are starting off the month on such a high note. we start out with the average high this time of the year in the afternoon. the dew point has crept up a little bit as well. if you are sensitive to the humidity levels a little bit, you'll notice it will be systemy today and tomorrow. southwest wind 10 miles per hour right now. 38 towards nashua but 50s for a lot of us. patchy dense fog advisory south coast bristol and plymouth county. you can see it here in the shading. a little fog and low clouds have expanded across parts of southern new england. once the sun comes up in 21 minutes from now officially at 6:22, that will help burn off the fog.
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68 by lunch hour with the clouds along the south coast and isolated shower, the cape and islands. traffic and weather together. robi, did you get that nose cleaned up? >> yeah. it blew my traffic report right out of my hand. the crash is down at braintree 128 southbound at the braintree split. the left lane is blocked there. seeing a backup from the split. the expressway itself is a slow crawl from the split up to columbia road. 24 north a struggle up to 128. 128 as well. 93 southbound, a couple of slow pockets in the methuen and wilmington stretches. route 3 south heavy and slow a. we'll begin with breaking news right now. there is a report of a body car.
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>> nicole, what do we know? >> reporter: i can tell you not many residents really know what has happened near their homes. many of them driving by asking what's going on. you can see just over my shoulder here a worcester police officer is still manning this stretch of swan avenue. outlook. we'll go ahead and get you to some video from overnight. i can tell you right now, according to the worcester telegram, a firefighter came upon a burned out vehicle on swan avenue. a closer look revealed that it appeared to be a poddy inside of the vehicle. residents on this end of outlook and swan are shocked at the site of the police presence. let's listen. >> reporter: it is surprising, yeah. i don't think you ever expect that sort of thing to happen, you know, right up the street. we've lived here for six years and never had any issues. really, nothing has happened here. >> reporter: taking another
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live look here at the corner of swan and outlook. i can tell you at the other end of swan avenue it is also blocked off there as well. i can tell you we're right near an apartment complex. not many people here seem to know what's going on, either. i have a call out to worcester police. hopefully at some point we should get more information as to this ongoing investigation. we're live in worcester. morning. it is 6:04 right now. we're following breaking news in maine this morning where authorities say a man shot and killed three people inside of a home last night. then he killed himself. the victims are two women and a man. it happened in oakland, maine, which is north of augusta. a 4-year-old girl, who is the daughter of two of the victims was inside of the home at the time. she was not hurt. the gunman is identified as a 42-year-old male. a nearby college was placed on lockdown. that has since been lifted. we're following developing news in new york this morning.
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a small plane crashes in the queens. crews recovered one body from the wreckage. the plane is a two seater but it's unclear if anybody else was on board. the plane was headed from philadelphia to portsmouth. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. also developing, u.s. and british intelligence officials say an isis bomb likely brought down that russian plane that crashed in egypt. this morning, some flights in egypt are suspended as a precaution. bree sison is here. she's been following the latest developments. 224 people died when the airliner crashed last weekend. a u.s. official tells cbs news that a youtube video surfaced wednesday, and it appears to show the moment the plane took off as well as later the moment when it began tumbling to the ground. according to the official, the person recording the video seemed to know that something was about to happen. the british government says the bomb caused this.
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>> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: at least part of that conclusion is based on this recording. isis affiliate in the sinai peninsula daring that they did not take the plane down. u.s. officials also say tonight that intercepted communications by the terror group indicate they were behind the attack. >> this is a very troubling development that they've been able to get into a russian passenger jet. >> reporter: wbz security expert ed davis says this attack could be retaliation against russian air strikes in syria. >> there will be ramifications to this. the russian government will have to respond. >> reporter: u.s. and russian officials meantime are stressing it's still too early to rule on a cause. the plane's black boxes say the cockpit voice recorder was damaged and it will take weeks to recover the data. cnn reports new intelligence
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suggests someone at the airport in egypt put that bomb on the plane. the fallout has begun. the head of the airport has been replaced and several thousand british tourists are stranded. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much for the update this morning. right now, boston sports teams paid big money for patriotic tributes at games. a new congressional report revealing how much our local teams profited from this. the new england patriots were paid $700,000 from the defense department for recognizing army national guard soldiers at home games. that was the second highest amount paid to any sports team. the bruins go the 280,000. the celtics 195,000 and the red sox received $100,000. all of that money for gestures to our troops. the report released by john mccain and jeff blake slammed the practice they call paid patriotism. >> when you soo he activities like this -- when you see
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people assume when they go to games are paid for out of the goodness of their heart by the owners and their teams then to find out the taxpayers are paying for it, it cheapens a lot. >> a new defense spending bill would prohibit the so-called paid patriotism. the pentagon spent $53 million on deals with sports teams. the 0 report did find most of the money was for legitimate recruiting marketing. jury selection resumes in the trial of a danvers team accused of murdering his math teacher. a judge ruled yesterday that stand trial. the trial was put on hold so the 16-year-old could have a mental health evaluation. sun glare may to be blame for a deadly accident in boston. a driver hits two women in a intersection. one of the victims has died. on this.
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good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris. drivers in this area say sun glare is stintly a problem for them, and that's what this woman says happened to her yesterday. she says she couldn't see, and that's what caused her to hit the two women crossing tremont street yesterday afternoon. if you live in this area or you were driving through the south end, you know this caused a huge hangup. they shut down about four blocks for as many hours while they investigated what happened. we know two elderly women were crossing the street near westbrook line avenue. they were in the pedestrian crosswalk when they were hit by a woman in a nissan verano who says she couldn't see them because the sun was directly into her eyes. people who were standing by say it's obvious this was an accident because of how distraught the driver was. >> i came out and i saw the car
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she was shaking and crying and. >> she was crying that she can't see because the sun was in her face. >> reporter: that driver did fully cooperate with police and no charges have been filed to this point. 6:10 right now. developers who want to build a $677 million casino at the brockton fairgrounds will present their plan to state regulators today. they will bring in 4 million visitors and state regulators believe it will become saturated with the casino in taunton. the gaming commission is expected to offer advice on how to regulate the fantasy sports industry. it is 6:10 on your thursday morning. coming up, mounting pressure to cancel donald trump on "saturday night live" this weekend. >> plus, the backlash over snl
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promos that were released. >> plus, the massachusetts driver whose car was impaled by a huge piece of wood. >> the mbta taking on winters. the new equipment they have to fight snow headed our way. good morning, danielle. >> snow? we're talking snow with temperatures in the 70s the next couple of days? when does the cool air come back in 60s on saturday, 50s on sunday. we'll take you through the hour by hour time line as we take a live look at the city of boston this morning. some low clouds lifting. sunshine is on the way.
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welcome back. it is 6:14 right now. the mbta says it has a plan to avoid another winter like last year. the t showed off its new arsenal of snow moving equipment. it can be equipped with a snowplow or snow blower. unlike last winter when the national guard was called in, the t expects to have all hands on deck before any snow falls. >> people will be here before it snows. people will be put into position before the snow starts so that they won't be traveling from home when it's snowing. >> the t is developing --
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new equipment to fight whatever snow winter might bring this year. >> let's just put that aside for a moment and enjoy what we've got going on weather- wise. >> 70s. >> this week has been so nice. here is a live look at the city of boston right now. it's going to be another good day. we're getting spoiled. there's been a touch of fog burning off this morning. the temperature in boston right now is 55 degrees. that's the normal high temperature this time of the year. plymouth, new hampshire is 32. coldest to the north and coldest and 50s to most of us as you are stepping up this morning. upper 50s from marshfield and plymouth. touch of fog is locally dense so just be aware of that. quarter mile visibility in
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patchy fog in the south shore, cape and islands as well. the sun is officially up and will mix with the atmosphere a little bit. the clouds will lift, sun breaks out. we're in for another warm day today. rain and snow. there's that snow, right? in north dakota right now and also colorado. this area of low pressure, this front will bring us the threat for a shower but obviously, we're on the warmer sid. the humidity is going up and you will notice that if you are sensitive to that stuff. here's the map tomorrow. a couple of showers mainly on the cape and islands. the sun breaks out in the breaks of sun. overall. where we do get breaks, it's tomorrow. north and west, the front's
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still nearby but the moisture is out of the ocean. cooler air gradually by sunday when the crisp classic fall air highs today lower 70s. we won't be near records. the records in boston are 79. look at the overnight lows. 55 to 60 overnight tonight. talk about warm. the clouds and a threat nor shower along the south coast 70 to 75 tomorrow. if we can hit 70 in worcester, that would tie a record. if we hit 74 in boston that would beat the record. we'll be in the 60s along the south coast. saturday, we start to cool down. mostly sunny, 52 on sunday and a nice start to next week's seasonable 56 on monday. 60 on tuesday, though, with the chance of showers tuesday night into the early part of wednesday. traffic and weather together. big trouble spots, robi.
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south of the city now. to the north, a crash at 93 southbound at woburn. the left lane is blocked. we're seeing a stop and go backup to concord street. to the south, 128 southbound at the split. the backup is at the logan express. also looks like 95 southbound is bumper to bumper neponset street up to 128. it's 6:18 right now on your thursday morning. another accident on a dangerous stretch of road in oxford. three people were sent to the hospital on yesterday's crash on route 20. it happened about a half mile from where a mother and her last week. in response, flashing speed limit signs have been placed. on sunday, crews install a guardrail to prevent cars from crossing over the center line. a driver is doing okay. after a 4 by 4 impaled the windshield. it happened as state police
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believe the wood fell off another vehicle and was sent flying when a truck ran over it. over to campaign 2016, carlie fiorina will be the next presidential hopeful to make her way to new hampshire's capital today. she is expected to file paperwork at noon to get her name on the ballot. also campaigning today in the granite state, ohio governor january kasich will visit portsmouth, durham, londonderry today. he's going to file his paperwork in concord tomorrow. chris christie will spend the next three days in new hampshire. he'll be in bedford, nashua, and sommersworth. some. >> donald trump's lead may be in trouble. both trump and ben carson are
6:18 am
rubio's numbers are going up. todayed trump campaign will begin reading radio ads. nbc released promotional videos for this weekend's "saturday night live" that trump will be hosting including three that were not supposed to air and one candidate is already firing back. >> so let me just say this. ben carson a complete and total loser. >> i discovered when i was in grade school that those tactics really are for grade school. i've gone far beyond that now. >> nbc has been criticized for inviting trump to host snl. much of it comes from hispanic groups. that's back in june when he referred to illegal immigrants as criminals and rapists. it is 6:20 right now. coming up on wbz this morning, a police officer's family now >> the new investigation under
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way after it was revealed that officer's deaths with an elaborate suicide. >> it's the end of the road for city sports. the boston company going out of business. how long will you have to scoop
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for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p stop&shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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welcome back. we all know it's expensive to live in massachusetts. >> yep money jon keller explains that contrary to popular opinion, taxes are not the reason why. >> good morning. >> reporter: "the globe" ran an interesting article about the tax burden in massachusetts with a provocative headline "tax- "tax-ach ussutts is alive." we sit back in the middle of
6:22 am
just as critics have used the tax-achussetts long after it's become a half truth, proponents will surely latch on to the globe headline to help make their case. that is a half truth as well. taxes are just a part of the overall cost of living. throw in some of the nation's highest housing, energy and health care costs. add the cost of groceries and transportation and factor in a host of other expenses and massachusetts in the most recent rankings i could find has the eighth highest cost of living in the country, 5% over the national average. this is the true measure of how expensive it is to live here. not the overall taxation level. don't forget, stagnant wages. this is not to say our taxes should or will never go up again. you know they will. even our antitax governor only
6:23 am
says he wants to hold the line for now. any honest discussion of whether or not to add to that burden ought to start with the acknowledgement of what it really costs to live here in our little corner of paradise. share your take on this with me at or via twitter @keller at large. the end is near for city sports. the boston-based company will start a going out of business steal on friday and soon after shut its doors in all 26 stores for good. city sports opened its doors on massachusetts avenue in 1983. lots more still ahead including a word of warning before you write a bad review online. >> it might cost you big time financially. now lawmakers are getting involved. it's our "daily talker." >> plus, new details on this attack on an uber driver. what the passenger who's facing
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breaking news right now at 6:30. worcester police on the scene of what appears to be a burned body in a car. >> that discovery comes a day after police in bridgewater found the body of a woman burned and left on train tracks. >> and rallying against hate. the new message of tolerance at a burlington mosque. welcome back. it is 6:30. i'm chris mckin. >> i'm kathryn haase -- i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser on this thursday or little friday as we
6:28 am
>> all eyes are on the weekend. >> yes. >> today and tomorrow. >> but the classic fall weather will come back, and a lot of people won't like that. >> i'm getting ahead of myself. >> that's okay. know, little friday. look at this shot right now. there's been a touch of clouds and low fog to burn off. it is 55 in the city right now. that's our normal high temperature this time of the year. mild start, middle to upper 50s here from norwood back down to plymouth. it's cooler north and west of town. 39 in portsmouth right now. most of us prosecute warmer than we were at this time yesterday. you can see on the satellite there some of the low clouds. patchy fog is locally dense. lift the low clouds. temperatures rising through the 50s into the 60s quickly midday lunch, 70 degrees. get outside and enjoy it. the southwest breeze 7 to 14 miles per hour. we'll be in the 60s along the
6:29 am
south coast. an isolated shower cape and islands, south coast, bristol plymouth county isolated. everyone else is dry. still in the mid-60s with the sunset at 4:33. we'll take you out through the weekend coming up. we want to get you on the roads, though. traffic and weather together. getting busy. >> we have two more accidents south of the city to tell you about. the latest crash is in weymouth. route 3 northbound at route 18. the car's in the median now and an accident in norwood just after neponset street the center lane blocked there. we had an earlier accident in braintree. let's check the north with a live look over route 1 in saugus. route 1 southbound has bumper to bum amer pockets in the lynnfield and pea poddy stretches. you are jammed stoneham to boston. route 3 south you hang up between 110 and treble cove road. breaking news this morning. there is a report of a body found inside of a burned out
6:30 am
car in worcester. >> this is still a very active investigation right now. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris and kathryn. we're slowly getting a better glimpse as the daylight comes up, but still nothing more than the worcester police car that's blocking off this intersection of outlook drive and swan avenue. i want to get you to some video from overnight. scene. what i can tell you right now according to the worcester telegram, firefighters came upon a vehicle that was burned and after extinguishing that vehicle, they say they saw what believed to be a body inside. now at this hour, we do know that both police and fire are investigating this situation, taking another live look here at the corner of outlook drive and swab drive. i can tell you the entire stretch of swan drive is blocked off this morning. residents here in this neighborhood are quite shocked
6:31 am
at the presence of any type of police activity here. they say it's certainly uncommon. we've got several calls out to police trying to get more information on this situation. hopefully, we will learn more as the morning progresses. we're live in worcester, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. that discovery in worcester as she was mentioning comes just a day after another burned body was found in bridgewater. there, a woman was bound and left along train tracks. this morning, police are asking for your help figuring out who she is and who did this. late tuesday night, a bridgewater resident saw an suv on the train tracks near oak and crapo streets. she called 911, and when police arrived, they found a body still burning. the unidentified woman's hands and feet were tied. investigators believed she was killed somewhere else and dumped on the tracks. everyone's very shooken up. it's troubling because like i said, as many people who lived here for 40, 50 years or more, they are just not used to
6:32 am
something like this being a possibility. >> that is so scary. that really is scary. >> reporter: police do not believe the killing was random. this hateful graffiti now covered one messages of love and support. over the weekend, vandals spray painted usa on this mosque in burlington and threw eggs at the islamic center. supporters wrote positive messages of love and acceptance. they say this represents what burlington really is. >> we believe that part of what makes burlington such a wonderful town is its religious and cultural diversity. >> we put the sign and say we are americans. this is our land. you know, you don't need to ask us questions who we are. >> two burlington teenagers have admitted to the vandalism and are facing charges now. a passenger caught on camera attacking an uber driver in california is now apologizing. 32-year-old benjamin golden says he's extremely remorseful.
6:33 am
he has been fired from his job and facing criminal charges. the driver is suing him. video of the assault that you are looking at, is t.'s brutal here, went viral on youtube. now to a story we've been firing for months. case not closed. the family of an illinois police officer is now part of a committing suicide. let's check in with bree sison who's been following the developments as the new secrets begin surfacing. bree? >> reporter: 6500 pages of text charles joseph gliniewicz, 40,000 of his e-mails and thousands of pages of his financial records point to years of embezzling money and two other people schemed with him. seen here, the lieutenant's widow and one of his four sons are under investigation public funds. a village audit was about to reveal tens of thousands of explorers program that
6:34 am
he spent it they say, on travel, mortgage payments and adult web sites. on september 1st, hundreds of police officers searched for three alleged cop killers. they discovered a pepper spray can, open baton, and a lieutenant shot by his own weapon. the media pounced on investigators for their handling of this case. >> reporter: you need to answer the question. >> i'll answer the question if you give me a chance. >> then please do it honestly because we've been misled this whole time. >> we completely believed, and mislead the public. we believed from day one that this was a homicide. >> reporter: the korber in ruled the death a suicide and now signs around fox lake, illinois, that parades the officer have been taken down or disgust. the 100 club is an organization that provides money to the families of fallen police
6:35 am
$15,000 it received. kathryn, back to you. sun glare may be to blame for a deadly crash. a driver hit two women in a crosswalk in a busy intersection. susie steimle is live for us in the south end with more. >> good morning, kathryn. people that we spoke with yesterday say this driver was visibly shaken up, krieg as she talked to police about hitting two elderly women in a crosswalk here on tremont street yesterday afternoon. if you were in this area, you know it was shut down nor four hours while police continued their investigation into exactly what happened. we do know it was two elderly women who were on tremont street crossing yesterday afternoon when they were hit by a woman in a nissan verano. one died from her injuries. the other is in serious conditions. the woman diving the car
6:36 am
was the sun in her eyes. it was impossible for her to see. it's been a problem in this area. >> every time you drive down this street, you can't see. the sun, it's hard to see anyway, so you can't see the people. >> she said the sun in her face. that's true. you can't see. every time, like, you come through here, you see the same thing. >> reporter: at this point, the driver is not facing any charges. susie steimle, wbz this morning. turning to our "daily talker." you can find an online review for just about everything but if you post something negative, you could have to pay up. >> now some lawmakers are trying to thank. >> reporter: if you get bad customer service, you should be able to write a bad review, right? well, check the fine print first because a company can
6:37 am
thanks to one crusading consumer, our leaders in that. jen palmer of oregon and her husband weren't satisfied with the service from they wrote a critical review. clear gear sent an e-mail saying if she didn't remove it within 72 hours, she would be fined within 7200. what the palmers didn't know is they have a nondisparagement clause for some businesses. clear gear says it's ought way publishings. a new york hotel tells guests a $500. jen refused to remove the review, refused to pay the fine
6:38 am
that ruined her credit for years. you have to read the fine print. sue on facebook writes "unfortunately, there are too many quacks out there who give bad reviews to blackmail businesses into getting free stuff." there's another look at that. that's interesting. andrea on facebook says "if we are not allow to the tell the truth about experiences we have, what is the point of having a reviews section some i'll bet most of you did not know about this fine printp i did not know about it. you can still comment. let us know what you think. chris, kathryn? just ahead, sports teams making money off a patriotic tribute. >> this morning, we learned how much posten teams raked in from these events.
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regardless of who you wanted to win the world series, you can score a free breakfast today. taco bell is giving away free crunch wraps until 10:00 a.m. they are making good on a promise. >> take it away, danielle. we've got to go get breakfast. >> you guys are hungry. we'll see you. you've got two minutes and 30 seconds to grab breakfast and get back. good morning. a mild start to the day for many of us.
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look at the temperatures in taunton. 60 right now. 38 in nashua. there are some 30s on the map. 31 in plymouth, new hampshire. 59 in new bedford. we've had a little bit of patchy fog low clouds that burn off here. with the sunshine and southwest breeze, sun comes out and temperatures warm through the 60s through the lower 70s this afternoon. it's going to be quite pleasant. the fog is through the next hour, hour and a half or so. to lawrence. morning. other than that, once the fog shining. it will mix with a couple of clouds at times today. i am tracking a couple of showers. notice here in eastern pennsylvania, some of these will mother north-northeast and may impact the cape and islands
6:42 am
so hour by hour, a little stubborn but you should stay dry. afternoon. the record warm temperatures are within reach. there may be a brief passing shower in the evening. that's the leading edge of the weekend. we'll start with clouds early on saturday. the day you'll really feel the difference is on sunday. 51 degrees, sunny, cool, crisp air falling into the mid- 40s by the end of the game. even though it is a 1:00 p.m. kickoff, don't forget the afternoon. highs today, south-southwest wind. look at this 71 in boston. 73 in nashua this afternoon. upper 60s to low0s from keene to jaffrey to the city of
6:43 am
worcester. 70 to 73 from plymouth to taunton and norwood. 60s on the cape and islands. overnight tonight, cloudy and mild. 59 degrees overnight tonight south coast. it warms within reach with a gusty southwest breeze. the cooler air gradually works in. next week. pretty seasonal, too. traffic and weather together. >> danielle, there are plenty of slowdowns both north and south of the city. from the north, a crash in woburn at 93 south at 128. that's created a bumper to bumper backup. also you can see 93 southbound is jammed from stoneham to boston. route 3 south looks like it's crawling between 110 and treble cove road. let's check the south. the expressway north is now up to columbia road. 95 north has been a trouble spot all morning.
6:44 am
chris, kathryn? 6:47 right now. morning. one person has died in a small plane crash. the plane was registered in new hampshire. >> crews recovered one body in the wreckage in the water off queens, new york. dive crews searched the water overnight. the plane is a two seater. russia's dismissing claims from the u.s. and british intelligence that a passenger jet was brought down by a bomb. the russian government insists it's investigating all possible theories in the crash of the airbus 320 that killed all 224 people on board. still, some flights in egypt are suspended as a precaution. there is a report of a body found inside of a burned out car in worcester. firefighters were called out to swan avenue to extinguish a car fire last night. they discovered what appeared to be a body inside. police are on the scene right now investigating.
6:45 am
these men and women are doing who are serving our country at sports games all over our country are important, but some are calling them paid patriotism. a new report finds the new england patriots with are paid $700,000 from the defense department for recognizing army national guard soldiers at home games. that was the second highest amount paid to any sports team. the bruins got $280,000. the celtics 195,000 and the red sox received $100,000. >> we should point out that goes across the country to teams all over the place. >> right. ahead, an incredible shot during last night's celtics game. >> it doesn't count. you've got to see it to believe it. >> new research comparing breast cancer with form --
6:46 am
welcome back. on the healthwatch, breast milk is still great for babies, but new research will be presented today that finds children who are breast fed are just as likely to develop asthma, eczema and food allergies as though who are fed formula. the study found 200 people and found no difference between those who ate breast milk and those who ate formula. the final "hunger games"
6:47 am
movie, the last installment in the series premiered yesterday. it opens in the u.s. november 20th. luke bryan is once again entertainer of the year but the rewards belonged to chris stapleton who won for new artist and album of the year. miranda lambert won fee maim vocalist of the year for the sixth time. hitting the road and a crazy moment for the end of the first half. crowder inbounding the ball behind his own basket, heaves it downcoral and look at this. -- downcourt, and look at this. it goes in. what a shot. he was out of bounds so it didn't count. final seconds ticking down in the fourth. avery bradley tosses up the three pointer. it misses. celtics lose. christmas arriving in boston today. we have the scoop on this year's faneuil hall tree-
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there are over 15,000 ways to take your coffee at dunkin'. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. it is 6:56. time for a closer look at 7:00. >> we check in now with gayle good morning, gayle. >> good morning. we'll talk with cia insider
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could have bombed the russian plane and the ceo of slack is trying to make e-mail a thing of the past. morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. the weather may be unseasonably warm but winter and christmas is on the way. >> here's proof. the faneuil hall christmas tree afternoon. tree. almost 80 feet tall. it will go straight through the new year with 30,000 sparkling lights thanks to the faneuil hall marketplace merchants association. wbz is proud to bring you the city's first prelighting of the season. the blue man group, keith lockhart and many more will help light up boston. join us saturday november 21st at 7:00 p.m. mark your calendars for our sister station my tv 38. a beautiful real tree. >> a real tree.
6:51 am
>> we're giving chris a hard time about the fake tree but your tree is beautiful. >> like my mom always said when we were kids, we're allergic to pine needles on the floor. >> it is a vacuum battle when you have the real tree. 70s again this afternoon. the records under the upper there. tomorrow it's in reach. the cooler, fall air comes back. crisp air for sunday. perfect for the pats at gillette. >> "cbs this morning" is up next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for
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