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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news. a renewed search in a man's murder. the one thing bringing the fbi to a quiet neighborhood. >> and a car fire turns into a disturbing discovery. the investigation underway after a body is found in a burned-out car. >> and patriot rich profits. a stunning new report finds professional teams making money off of those game time soldier salutes. just how much? we have the details. >> and the warmth continues, catherine, into the 70s. we'll do it again tomorrow when comeback.
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news now at noon. the search for a murderer in manchester now growing. today, the fbi is on the scene. good afternoon, i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm catherine houser. denise robert was killed in august while taking a sunday walk through a quiet neighborhood. susie is live in manchester with more on the new enhanced -- enhanced search. hi, susie. >> hi, catherine and chris. the fbi started the search here and you can see these lawns behind me. they closed another street. this is ray street and that is where denise roberts' body was found about two months ago. y that searching for evidence in a case where a little has surfaced. manchester police closed down a portion of campter street to let the fbi continue a homicide investigation thursday. this is right near where 62- year-old denise robert was shot on august 30th during her routine sunday night walk. >> she is a very nice lady.
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known denise robert for 35 years and she sold him advertisements in the local paper. he watched from the street as investigators turned nearby lawns into grids, flagging for evidence and occasionally digging into police's -- people's yards. >> and obviously, they're out here look for something. >> reporter: despite the large fbi presence, there are no new answers from law enforcement. most people in manchester said they're ready for the case to close and for life to return to normal. >> and hopefully they find something and get out of here. >> yeah. >> and this is a quiet neighborhood. and we would like to keep it that way if we can. >> reporter: out here live, you can see members of the fbi evidence team searching with a metal detector. it has been determined that denise roberts was killed with a single gunshot wound to the head. as far as people that police are looking for, they mentioned they're looking for a man in his 20s or 30s seen leaving in
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>> and that is an active scene there. developing now at noon, a gruesome discovery in wooster. authorities called to a car fire. once the flames were out, they found the body. nicole jake onons -- jacobs is live with more on this investigation. good afternoon, nicole. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, catherine. this is an extremely remote and wooded area. you can see the vehicle in question here is still on the scene and this investigation is ongoing. the autumn scene somewhat majestic until's closer look revealed this. a vehicle charred almost beyond >> massive, you know. i am glad my grandchildren are not around. >> reporter: ita a long -- along swan avenue, remote, quiet, and off the beaten path. >> and it leads to the airplane. wednesday night. authorities responded to the call of a vehicle fire. they put out the flames and noticed more, they say. when appeared to be human remains. >> and i don't think you ever
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expect that sort of thing to happen, you know, right up the street. >> reporter: unexpected and unusual, according to residents. this area is known for dumping odd items. >> and there have been burned- out vehicles there before and there is some remains of burned- out vehicles there. into mid-day thursday, investigators remain and so do definitely scary. >> reporter: how did the vehicle get here? who is responsible and who may have been found dead inside? taking a live look here on swan avenue, you can see the charred vehicle still here on the scene and this is where authorities say the body was found inside. of course, the investigation is ongoing. anyone with information surged to contact police. jacobs, wbz news. appreciate it. an investigation underway
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the water off of breezy point, queens. in quincy, new york. that plane was registered in new hampshire and flying from philadelphia to portsmouth last night. one body was recovered from the wreckage. the plane is a two-seater and it's unclear if anyone else is on board. and what a nice day we're having out there and looking live new over the public gardens. get out and enjoy it if you can. >> and we stepped outside on the weather deck at the station for a couple of thanksgivings. -- seconds. >> uh-huh. >> and that felt amaze. >> yeah. >> and that isp sheep is strong, too and beautiful. and soak it up, take it in. we're up two degrees as of the last hour. 74 degrees in the city of boston right now. 74. what month are we in? feels more like the beginning of september. the dew points in the 50s and even that cent up. if you're sensitive to the humidity levels, you will notice that as well.
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miles an hour and that is here as well with that breeze wind and worcester at 70 degrees. 75 and 60s from concord, new hampshire, to plymouth. 74 in beverly. lower 70s from marshfield to plymouth and in the 60s on cape cod and still pleasant. a mix of clouds as well. a couple of showers and they're isolated back through connecticut and rhode island. and this is to the east here. can't rule out a stray shower but most of us will be dry and temperatures gradually cruise through the 60s for the ride home. pretty quiet evening. the sunset at 4:33. overnight tonight, our temperatures are warmer than what they are this time of the year in the afternoon. and we drop back to 59. cloudy and mild, a chance of the shower and south of the mass pike and record warmth within reach tomorrow. i will let you know when that
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chilly, dry, crisp fall air comes into mix. >> thank you very much. paid patriotism. sports teams across the country profiting from their true tributes. a new congressional report reveals the defense department spent millions of dollars to recognize troops at professional sport games. in new england, the patriots were paid $700,000 for showcasing army national guard soldiers at home games. that was the second highest amount paid to any pro sports teams and the bruins got paid 280,000. the celtics, 195,000 the red sox received 100,000. lawmaker are slamming the practice. >> and when you see activities like this that people assume when they go to games are paid forever out of the goodness of their heart and to find out the taxpayer is paying for it, it cheapens a lot. >> and for their part, the red sox say the money they receive side for marketing and advertising of the national
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guard and not for pregame ceremonies or military honors during the game. and a new defense spending bill would prohibit the so-called paid patriotism. two women were hit on tremont street in a crosswalk on wednesday afternoon. one died at the hospital from her injuries. and at last check, the other was listed in serious condition. and bystanders said the drivers stopped at the scene and was visibly upset. >> and came out and saw them. and they were shaking and, you know, i gave them -- . >> and she was crying and that she can't see because the sun was in her face. >> the driver did cooperate with police. so far, no charges have been filed. and in oxford, there is another accident on a dangerous stretch of road. three people were sent to the hospital after this wreck on route 20. and that happened a half a mile
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where the mother and baby were killed last week. in response, flashing speed limit signs have been put up and police are increasing patrols. on sunday, crews will install a guardrail to prevent cars from crossing the center line. a driver in western massachusetts is doing okay after a four-by-four empaled her windshield. and look at that. this happened on i-91 and springfield yesterday. the police believe the wood fell off another vehicle and was support flying when the truck ran it over. and to campaign 2016 now, new hampshire is seeing a parade of republicans. this morning, marco rubio filed the paperwork to officially be on the ballot and right now, carly fiorina is making her way to the capital where she will file the paperwork as well and head out and campaign around the state and other candidates are in new hampshire today. jeb bush spent the morning in conway and john kasich is visiting some areas and chris
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christie will file his paper work tomorrow and we'll be campaigning in bedford, nashua, and sommers world trade center today. and donald trump and nbc are under fire for a promotional ad time outing his appearance -- touting his live. and one trump rival is fighting back. >> ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> and i discovered when i was in grade school that those tactics really are for grade school and i have gone -- >> protestors are calling for nbc to remove trump from the saturday forecast. helps of thousands have signed a petition to get him off of the show. and thanks for staying with us this noon. coming up, the mbta not taking chances with old man winter this year. the protocol is in place ahead of snowstorms. >> and isis is responsible for taking down a russian jet. the evidence in the wreckage that will give the world the definitive answer. >> are you looking for a job this noon? nasa is hiring and we'll let
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. welcome back. a bit of back and forth is beginning -- over a russian plane over egypt. >> u.s. and british intelligence officials say it's likely an isis store that took down a flight. egyptian authorities disagree with that.
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>> reporter: as russian teams haul away more evidence to determine what caused a jetliner to crash, british officials already have eye theory. >> we can't be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly like that was the case. >> reporter: the british prime minister grounded all u.k. flights to and from egypt's airport. the doomed plane took off from the resort town last saturday before it broke apart 23 minutes into the flight, calling all 224 people on board. egypt's president told the prime minister airport security in his country is tight and there is no evident of terrorism. new video reportedly taken shortly after the crash shows smoke rising from the wreckage and egyptian ambulance workers on the scene. aviation experts say if there was a bomb, wreckage and bodies will provide the evidence.
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of markings on the body and there is going to be certain things, certain types of markings inside the airplane. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say it's too soon to speculate if a bomb or the plane down. british airlines monarch and the easy jet announce they will run a series of flights tomorrow to bring stranded tourists back to the u.k. and there are about 20,000 citizens stranded in sinai. and today, a new twist in the case of an illinois officer who staged his own suicide setting off a massive manhunt. lieutenant charles glieniecwisz widow and four sons are under investigation for misspending public funds. before his suicide, an audit was to reveal he was stealing tips of thousands of dollars from a youth program he ran for years.
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the mbta said it has a plan to avoid another winter like last year. the team showed off the new arsenal of snow-moving equipment and the snow fighters it brought in and that can be equipped with a snow plow or snow blower and unlike last winter, the t expects to have all hands-on deck before the snowfall. >> and the when we know a storm is coming, people will be here before it snows and people will be put in position. >> right here? >> yes. >> and they won't be travelling from home when it's snowing. >> and there is not a day going by that we don't think about snow. >> and in all, the t is deploying 50 pieces to fight whatever old man winter brings. >> and i was trying to think of the old graphic. like snow and you know what? went want to think about that. >> not today or tomorrow. >> and 70s today. and we're going to hit the records in boston, 79; tomorrow, 73 and that is within
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reach, you know. the records change daily and so that is what we're talking about. the record warmth to end the week tomorrow. and what a day right now. what season does it feel like? it's simmer-like and that is a friendly reminder. 74 in boston. lower 70s from nashua to lawrence. taunton at 70 and we are into the 70s in a lot of spots. 75, fitchburg; manchester at 64 norwood in the 60s and on the cape and islands, gorgeous and in the city itself, it may come up a few more degrees the next hour and start to cool things off. once the sunsets, 5:00 p.m., 70 degrees and gradually cruising into the 60s this evening with a blend of sun and clouds. there are clouds out there and a couple of showers. they're isolated and back across rhode island and connecticut. notice the motion moving into the east and central plymouth county could get a stray shower out of this and that is
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moisture and humidity that is coming back into the mix and to our west, speaking of snow, right, we have some snow in north dakota, south dakota, and denver today. they're seeing several inches and we'll measure it in feet in the mountains. there is some on the map but we're on the warmer side of the jet stream here and we have been for days and that trend continues. with the gusty southwest wind out there, the temperatures come up again a few more degrees and start to cool this evening. a couple of showers along the south coast through 8, 9 and there mean some overnight in the cape and islands. tomorrow morning, a stray shower willly. and most of us won't see it and that sun breaks out tomorrow afternoon and ahead of the cold front, we're warm. mid-70s for a lot of us. tomorrow evening, stopping a couple of showers comes through and fast leading edge of the cool air coming back and i do think we'll have lingering clouds on saturday. and then on sunday, sunshine dry air in place and that crisp fall feel that comes into the
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i want to get you closer here to the hour-by-hour forecast and notice 10, 11:00 p.m., a couple of showers and downpours. south coast cape and the islands. a couple on the south shore here after midnight tonight and elsewhere. a lot of us, it's along the morning. a couple of showers for the cape and islands. noontime tomorrow, across the interior and they're spotty and map. the sun breaks out, right? and then the cool front comes in and say between 6 and 9 issue we get a chance of a brief shower coming through and skies partially clear after that, after an early morning show or saturday. the clearing comes in. sunday is when you feel the difference. perfect for game day forecast, right? sunday afternoon. sunny, cool, breezy and chilly. dropping into the 40s for the that sunsets early. lows.
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short sleeves for the kids in the 60s tomorrow morning and 70s by the end and beating the record. sixty on saturday and cooler to end the weekend on sunday with drier air in place and a quiet start to next week and then we come back to around 60 degrees. a chance of showers again by tuesday night into early wednesday. >> all right. thank you very much. and appreciate it. the weather definitely unseasonably warm. we spent three minutes talking about it. and christmas is on the way and he's some proof. the christmas tree arrives in just about an hour. >> and this is exciting: the norwegian spruce is more than 80 feet tall and will light up through the new year with 30,000 sparkling lights. >> hmm. >> and this is thanks to the thaniel hall marketplace merchant's association. and wbz is proud to bring us the first tree lighting of the season and some big names there as well and the blue man group, boston ballet and join us on
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saturday november 21st. mark it on your calendars, 7:00 p.m. on my tv 38 and on wbz. and that is immediately following college football. coming up, country's biggest night. >> the winners from the cmas
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welcome back. facebook is getting a big thumbs up from investors. >> the social networking stock is soaring after the third quarter revenue jumped 41%. users. according to the company, it armies 8 billion video views a day and that is double the amount from last april. the social network said it's more than 1.5 billion active users. and it's the end of an era for city sports. the boston-based company will start a going business sale tomorrow and it will shut its doors of the 26 stores. city sports opened on mass avenue in 1983 and why it filed for bankruptcy last week. and the country music awards rocked nashville. luke bryan was entertainer of the year. the big star was chris stapleton winning for new
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artist male vocals and album of the year. miranda lambert won female vocalist of the year for the sixth time. >> and wow. >> yeah. world opportunity. >> and why nasa wants to talk
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. coming up at 5:00, two new developed here in massachusetts. they claim to zap away fat cells in minutes. do they really work? dr. marshal weighs in today at 5. and call it an out-of-this world job. >> nasa is looking for a new crop of astronauts. the space agency wants to find space explorers who are willing to put their boot prints on the mars. though. you have to be physically fit space. there is a height restriction, . >> you're not in the mix? >> no. >> oh, oh. laughter ] >> and we're enjoying this?
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>> yeah. >> and it's nice outside. >> and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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