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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the terror attacks in france and the worldwide hunt for the master mind. america is showing support for france and the mourning. president obama already announced the new intelligence sharing to fight against isis. and one video showed isis vowing to attack washington d.c. just like they attacked paris. and president obama is pushing to allow syrian refugees. but some are pressing back. >> a heated debate over a white house over taking in syrian
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refugees with concerns whether they can be properly vetted. >> to bring to america 10s of thousands of syrian muslims. it is nothing short of lunacy. >> jeb bush says the program should allow on focusing only christian refugees. >> but for us who? who would take care of the number of christians that are completely displaced? >> president obama didn't hold back what he thought about it. >> that's shameful. that's not america. we don't discriminate against people because of their faith. we don't kill people because they're different than us. that's what separates us from them. >> reporter: if president obama proceeds with the plan he will receive stiff opposition. >> i care for these people but
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these people could actually be isis coming into our country. >> reporter: and paul ryan says he is looking to block the legislation coming? they insist that no syrian refugees would come to america without going through a very thorough screening process that could take top 18 months -- up to 18 months. two new episodes of super girl and ncif l.a. have been removed out of respect. and will air later in the season. continuing coverage of the terror in paris begins at 6:30. tonight a road rage investigation is underway in revere. a teenage boy was shot in a car with his father.
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boy is in the who want a gunshot wound to his neck. >> reporter: lisa, this is an absolutely terrifying story. a father and son were headed east on route 60 and revere when suddenly their car was struck by gunfire. the teenager boy was struck and seriously wounded. a frightening scene on route 60 and reeve and suv sprayed with gunfire about 8:00 sunday night. the 19-year-old was shot in the neck. police say four to 10 shot were fired. come to mind. it's a road rage incident or mistaken identity. we're not sure exactly where that's going to fall at this point.
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hit once hit in his right here and lodging in his neck. how many shots do you >> about four? >> reporter: that must have been never racking? >> it was. >> they were searching up and down the streets for anything. 10 shots fired. >> reporter: what do you think about that right in front of your house? >> that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: chelsey police also got a report of gunfires. >> we're not sure there's any sort of connection at this point. so we are working with them and the da's office and the state police. >> reporter: tonight police tell me that victim is in good condition. investigators are searching for
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windows possibly with several occupants inside possibly either an audi or accura. jim, thank you. in a deadly crash to tell you morning. a man in his 40s was walk near wester union street and spring killed him. no word if the driver is going to face any charges. a two alarm fire was at kitty -- crews knocked down those flames quickly. three years after a dart moth fraternity is on investigation again. they were ordered to suspend all activities. no words on the allegations.
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shoot for ben affleck's new film. last week they were up in lawrence. they are starring and directing in live by night. about the prohibition crime novel. >> the washington post published this map ranked on estimated iq, sat scores. new hampshire ranks third, the bomb, mississippi, nevada and hawaii. coming up local teachers weigh in on the decision about to be made.
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everywhere, pro-teching your feet from the -- protecting your feet from the legos. >> reporter: 45-degrees out there with a crescent moon shining bright. a great night for star gazing.
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jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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. onif your kids love legos and they're all over the house you know how much it hurts to step on those things. to france has the anti-lego slippers that come in bright red and yellow complete with the lego logo. there's a massive amount of padding in the insoles. the company only made 1500 pairs but will be giving them away for free at random at the
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growing up i had the hugest box and in the middle of tonight i stepped on them all the time. do you go nuts trying to clean your home before people arrive? >> i do sometimes yeah. >> well we have a hyper competitive stay-at-home mom take a look at this this. >> we can't let people know we sit. the chairs need to be pushed in. there cannot be any sign of living in this house. i don't care if we have to live everything out. i want this to look like a new mediterranean restaurant by noon. >> even spinning around in circles for about 50 seconds. i think he captured it perfectly. >> you know how you have the lines after vacuuming? it drives me crazy when they walk on it and then you can't
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it drives me crazy. accidentally a person shot everything in selfy mode. take a look here. (singing). there's the trump tower same color as his hair. >> just as he didn't realize his mistake he was shorting towards himself and not outward you can see him checking out the hotel his son stitched it together and uploaded it. some call it the funniest guide to vegas everywhere. the school board is about to make a decision that could affect your child. we'll weigh in on how this could impact your kids. the latest on the investigation into the deadly isis attacks. this as police search across the globe and world leaders consider their response.
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tomorrow the state board of education faces a big decision. what test should students be required to take in order to graduate? should students continue to take the m. cast or the parcc test? we have heard from experts and policy makers but we wanted to speak with local teachers about what they would choose. and paula joins us now. >> reporter: if you could have go? >> i would like to stick with the m. cast. students tend to do well with the rest of the education. parcc causes a lot of stress
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view and as far as the test 2.0 goes there's not enough information about it. >> reporter: for your students what do you feel is the best way to go? >> i think we have learned over the years what the typical m. cast questions are like and we have really helped the kids gain confidence in answering those types of questions through many of the activities and skills we teach every day in our classroom. >> reporter: do you agree it's a bit out moded at this point and needs a bit of a reboot? >> a freshening up would be fine, yes. >> reporter: let talk about what its like inside the schools. if you could tell parents and tax payers what this does to the child as the school year goes on. what would you describe? >> they get anxious. the minute you start mentioning in the winter that it's coming in march and you may be are going to do some practice questions just so they're for
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the going in cold they immediately get anxious. >> i see the same thing as the testing years, there's a lot of stress mux the students teachers as well -- amongst the students and teachers as well trying to make sure everything is covered so that the students have a fair chance at it. >> it's not the be all end all. it is not the way to tell the student's intelligence. >> reporter: so they would incorporate some of the parcc questions. you can here more on the 10 news over on my t.v.38. you would never know this way it feels. >> reporter: we were outside doing a promo shoot and could not believe how warm it was.
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>> i actually had to take off the long-sleeved shirt for a while. >> you weren't running shirt less were you? >> oh, yeah and a little baby oil, too. >> reporter: today, you probably did need to keep the shirt on. certainly nothing too unusual for this time of the year. remember in february ever day one? well this year every day has been above except for one. we are sitting at 49-degrees at plymouth. much colder at a higher elevation. look to the south and west and see all the mild temperatures and you say maybe another warmup is coming. it's actually looks like our weather is coming from our north and east, so a warm up is going to come first.
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control from this one, we are going to be bring in a more northeasterly flow from the ocean. lower to middle 30s right along the coastline. you want to heavy autumn jacket. a cold start, lots of sunshine tomorrow but much cooler than today. cool and crisp, but not a lot of winds. and as soon as the sun goes down tomorrow it will get cold fast. i wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of teens for the lows tomorrow. tuesday night and wednesday morning we're going to see some meteor showers. ten to 15 per hour so it increases your odds of seeing one.
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taking a look at wednesday, more sunshine in the forecast. that storm front comes in thursday. we start is it see some showers, rain thursday night. ling iring into friday morning. -- lingering into friday morning. this good old fashioned rain don't think we will see any strong winds. a eight inch deficit right now in worcester. a trough starts to dig in which will cool us down and feeling more wentry by the end of the -- wintery. i think we could see some
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>> a cape cod charter school are talking about bird migration and weather patterns, which is a question we get a lot. also there cape cod tech, they were talk about career opportunities in meteorologistology. -- meteorology. there are a lot of paths out there. critical information for people in all kind of jobs. >> it's affects everything. thank you i appreciated it. a new warning tonight this holiday season. gift cards, there's a scam you need to be on the look out. what the federal government says you need to be aware of is onto night 11 news.
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35 and 50 bucks to enter to see santa and get pictures and video. parents say in past years they could visit santa for free and just pay for the pictures afterwards if they wanted them. now lisa, 50 bucks. well pennsylvania massachusetts challengers raised $45,000 for cancer institute. get this, the pnc has raised a half billion dollars. the number of riders was up and i had to ask billy star what's next? >> what's next? take the money, cure cancer. that's what we all want.
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that's what everybody is in thisfor. ease the pain, help the lives. the dana far bor. i can't believe it's 45 million. >> yeah, unbelievable. >> when they said that i said, thattest a tough task. >> yeah if you are planning on signing up for the 2016 ride. registration starts soon. coming up next at 6:00 the very latest on the terror attacks on france. the new warning from isis that could put the u.s. on alert and paris trying to get back to normal. we'll talk live with scott kelley about the mood in the city tonight. after this attack, should the u.s. allow syrian refugees into the u.s.? what governor baker wants to
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i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. the bruins shopping spree with benefit kids from a long time. money and gifts donated by the bruins players and donations. it will help 600 kids spending
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the holidays in the hospital. >> it's great to try to fulfill that wish. >> any time that i'm able to help put a smile on their face even if it's for a second, then it's worth doing. this is the sixth year the bruins have stepped up to brighten the lives of these kids who are not able to go home for holidays. we have much more still ahead. the news @ 6:00 starts now. tracking the terrorists. the new isis threat to the u.s. the surveillance pictures investigators are using to search for semiautomatic armory. >> julian edelman's injury. >> we are watching our next
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this is wbz news at six starts right now. on the hunt. anti-terror forces throughout europe searching for anybody attacks. if france, belgium, turkey and syria, are trying to help track down the terrorists. there are two top targets. salah abdeslam, who took the car to the sheeter and abdul am ma ama hid. the eiffel tower was relit today in the color of the french flag. it has been dark since the terror attacks. >> reporter: it's now monday night here in paris and for the
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first time since these attacks
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