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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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first time since these attacks we are really starting to see this city come alive. people outside on the streets and in restaurants. the latest isis video praising the attacks and one vow by a fighter to attack america specifically washington d. c. french security force have begun striking back. overnight raids resulted in the arrests of 127 people. and netted the number of weapons. in syria bombed training camp and munitions dropped. salah abdeslam is the only one of the eight suspected attackers still alive. one died, another told
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we are i indeed thinking of the family and friends but understand we still have a son. >> coming days to urge the united front. president obama says the battle against isis will take time. >> the strategy we are putting forward is the strategy is ultimately going to work. >> reporter: parisians are doing they're best to return to normal live. schools, businesses and monuments are reopened. >> reporter: including the eiffel tower. claire francis says she is not afraid. >> smoking cigarettes, drinking wine and enjoying life. >> reporter: despite that feeling, reservations at paris' top hotels have dropped by 50% since these attacks one person who did make it here today
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secretary of state john kerry to show his support. the attack in paris was highly coordinated but president obama pointed out it can be used by simpler plans. >> that was a serious attempt at killing a lot of people by two brothers and a crock pot. and it gives you some sense of i think the kind of challenges that are going to be involved in this going forward. >> a tribute on beacon hill, the french flag is flying along side the american flag. and state houses across the country concerned about the attacks and bringing syrian refugees to the u.s. this month obama administration notified they would accept a number of them. as paul burton shows us
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serious questions about that plan no, i'm not interested in accepting refugees from syria. >> reporter: he says he does not support letting them into massachusetts until the federal government lays out a plan for a screening for threats. >> i hope governor baker will change his mind. >> reporter: this 28-year-old was born and raised in syria, his family still lives in syria. he says the u.s. has the responsibility to let refugees into the country. >> some of them are fleeing for the third or fourth time and they want to find a safe place to live. >> reporter: governor baker says he would be open to the discussion about allowing syrian refugees. >> i am always going to listen to what the federal government has the say. >> . >> we have to see what's
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process and also i think it's a little early for this conversation but i think ultimately right now it's a federal decision. >> what happened in paris was really heartbreaking event, but i don't think any of the taking the refugee settlement as a way to come to the u.s. or so because it's going to cause them so much trouble. >> reporter: both governor baker and mayor walsh say they have had no conversations with the officials since the terrorist attacks. stay with us for the very latest developments on the paris attacks and in just a few minutes scott pelley will be going us speaking to americans who witnessed the attacks and anchor the cbs evening news leave at 6:30. investigators are using to try to find whoever stole weapons from a worcester armory
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this happened over the weekends six assault rifles and 10 hands guns were stolen. >> investigators belief the thief or thieves got in through the roof. >> reporter: david, paula, this incident definitely touching a never here under the shadow of the paris attacks. worcester police are ramping up patrol in the city while police are also look for a car and a man. sometimes between 6:00 p.m. sat an 1:00 a.m. sunday morning someone broke into the barbed wire like center taking 16 assault rifles 10 hands guns and no one noticed until nine sunday morning when the city manager said an employee reported smoke.
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dark colored bmw hatch back and a light skinned man. now the local army and local officials have teamed up to investigate. >> nothing to tie this to any specific threat at this point. >> reporter: here is governor baker today. >> separate and apart from terrorism. i'm really concerned about some high caliber weapons were stolen from a facility in the first place. >> i thought we would have been a little better defended over there if they had weapons and ammo over there. >> it's scary that these things happen in places that we never expected it to happen. >> reporter: now those firearms had been entered into a national firearms data base that they can see and track and police sources are saying the suspect is believed to have from the roof.
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to continue to follow. david, back to you. of course tension has been so high and four buildings at harvard university were evacuated and searched because of a bomb threat today's. it received a threated by e- mail. one darn and three academic buildings had to be evacuated. harvard yard was shut done. the all clear was given a short time ago. the trial of a defer's teenager charged with -- denver's teenager charged how he stabbed and raped his tippier. christina hager is live for us in se let me. >> reporter: paula, the defense attorney's first words to the jury today, she said
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he sat cat to nick. colleen richards parents we want. in front of them the 16-year- old accused of raping and murdering his high school math teacher stared ahead in a daze. his attorney not even disputing that he did it but offering this explanation. >> he was severely mentally ill. he had been suffering from a psychotic disorder since the age of 10. >> reporter: the prosecutor quickly went through the events of that day two years ago. she says phillip chisholm stayed after school and followed her into the women's bathroom. he was only 14-year-old. >> the defendant was in there with colleen for 11 minutes. >> reporter: jurors saw chrisem's blood sustained clothing. also saw his wallet discovered in a red string back pack when
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police found him walking hours after the murder. zipped inside that wallet police found this box cutter scrolled the mysterious message for fill pool number one. other side, don't cut your arm off. when police asked him whose blood was on the tip to have girls. >> she stated that she was buried in the woods. >> colleen's mother is prepared to take the stand tomorrow. the judge set side more than a month for testimony, but already this trial seems to be moving quickly. thank you. coming up here on wbz news at 6:00 witnesses in paris. the stories scott is hearing about the attacks.
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biggest pieces of his offense
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tonight french authority are trying to track down terror suspects and try to make them feel safe again. >> scott is there tonight for the news. what is the mood in paris tonight? >> well, paula, david, it reminds me have much of the days after 9/11 a particularly in new york and washington that the attacks aren't over, that something could happen in the next hours or days. to relieved. >> scott, i know you have been
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speaking with some of the people who witnessed these terrifying events and some of these folks were americans overseas. >> reporter: well, that's right. one american was killed. tragedy a 23-year-old student was killed for a semester abroad and today we sat down with some of her friends and talked to them about her and also some of her friends who were in the cafe with her when the terrorists attacked. and we'll have their story for you tonight on the evening news. some of your stories last night on 60 minutes were incredible. thank you. we want to talk about what's happening back at home with the weather. we are still on one of these streaks where 50-degrees and still feels pretty good. we take a live look at the city. >> reporter: today was the brightest day. i have to say one of the biggest benefits we have seen
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this fall. if you are walking around the city, the construction is unbelievable. all those teams trying to get projects done, move things along and the weather has been cooperative. an average high temp for the middle of october. it's just been the persistence of all this it was our ninth day topping 60 this month in the city of boston. the record is 15 days and i don't think we'll get there. 52 now in the city. these temperatures will drop back pretty quick as we head through the overnight. clear skies here in southern new england. they're going to deal with all sort of issues from blizzard conditions severe weather and flooding, but this is going to move slowly east and here it's going to be beneficial rain if anything else. about 35 in downtown boston tomorrow morning.
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much cooler tomorrow we still have full sunshine and winds are going to be pretty light. cool and crisp. temperatures will stay in the 40s across the region and as soon as the sun goes down tomorrow night we might even have a few upper teens. mid to upper 40s tomorrow, maybe a couple of towns reaching 50, but i think that between. air. high pressure is in control. it's thursday that the next front start to approach. this band out head of it showers should start to break out thursday evening. so, for the biggest impact on your commute and driving looks like thursday evening starting to see that rain and slowdowns. friday morning seems to be the most impact from that rain moving three -- moving through.
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i'm not expecting coastal flooding, so all told maybe a good thing for us. a good thing temperatures mostly at or above average. thursday's high temp is late so towards the evening, friday's high temp is early towards the morning. so there's going to be a change for the week throughout. we'll be starting our christmas tree spectacular on saturday night. here is that one chance of rain and a little piece of energy might give us some snow showers and flurries. as you mentioned sat night join us for the lit christmas tree. all of us will be there. it's saturday night at 7:00 on wbz and on my t.v.38. there's nothing like a
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this to item unite all of new england even if you happen to be stuck on a flight out of new england. [screaming] >> that was on the jetblue flight to orlando. >> love it. absolutely love it. wish i was on that plane. >> bill belichick had nothing to say about the wide receiver's broken foot. he had surgery today and may not be done for the season. he could return for perhaps the playoffs. when he planted his left foot after the tackle number 11 immediately left the game and did not return. edelman is a huge part of this team. >> he has been incredible for us.
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just unfortunate to lose such a critical player but you have to try to figure out ways to get it done. 54-yard field goal with one second left. 26-27 victory. now thanks to our friends and patriots all access we have the behind the scenes footage. >> tommy, boy. good job. >> yeah. >> hey, man. >> good job, man. >> tommy, come on. great job, man. look, that's everything we talked about. football. the play came down to it at the
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end, but good job of fighting through it. we made a lot of mistakes. but we fought for 60 minutes and made the playings at the end and that's -- plays at the game. check us out friday right here at seven. and sunday morning at 11:30 and immediately after the game tune into the fifth quarter post game show. oklahoma take on the rockets to night in houston. i feel like i could run through wall after seeing that locker room. signed super star jerseys. the big heist the police just solved, next.
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tonight, police say they
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stole a treasure drove of sports memorabilia from a barbershop from stars like tom brady and david ortiz. police have not said who stole them but they are filing charges and recovered everything that was taken. tomorrow the state's education board will vote on how to test our kids. this is going to be big. they have been measuring the best way to help kids. the parcc test was developed by a national committee, option two, keep the m. cast it's been a requirement since 2003, and comes three is two-point zero. now. they are recommending the m
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skyscrapers have been recommended to hopefully break ground next year. >> make for some traffic ever now and then. we have a check with your
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if you're thinking about buying gift cards this holiday season you have to watch out. the scam the government is telling the customers to be on the look out for at 11:00. so, a lot cooler than today? >> a lot cooler, but we have the sunshine on our side and not too much wind. just feeling like november again instead of what we had today. maybe we just felt good because of the patriots. >> that's right. that definitely helps. >> i would like to thanks for
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the free coffee this morning. all right, eric. thank you so much. scott pelley will anchor the eiffel tower.
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