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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2015 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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john o bryant school. the shooting temporarily put three other schools in lockdown. the man accused of the colorado springs shooting in court this morning. one of the victims garrett swasey was a police officer raised in massachusetts. and gronkowski's injury not as severe as originally feared. and new at 5:30 for the first time in the century a dear hunt is underway, but police are asking for help for a missing man who is presumed to be dead. julie is live with the story. >> reporter: authorities
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passed out this flier to hunters hoping that one of them perhaps stumbles across the victim's remains for closing. it's been almost two years since anyone saw jamie robertson and investigators say they have every reason to believe he is dead. he spent time behind bars and the norfolk d.a. says he was lured away. >> he was taken under false pretenses by people purporting officials. >> reporter: since that time a former police officer and accessory to murder. which is why on the first day
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120 years authorities are asking for help. >> it is more likely an area where you might find a body. >> reporter: authorities believe his remains might still be nearby. >> this time of year we just want to bring mr. robertson home for the family. >> reporter: and two years later only three of the four suspects still remain in police custody. live in milton julie long check. the center of a manhunt still being held tonight. an open domestic violence case led investigators to the man in the first place. tim smith is in lester. >>
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>> reporter: that's how a friend describes largesse. but now he is in court facing weapons charges. police say they found an arsenal of weapons. police say largesse had two handguns on him and was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was arrested. >> he was very cooperative and joking around with the cops the whole time because that's what he does is try to make light of everything. he's not the monster the media is making him to be at all. >> reporter: lester police have a different take. they were trying to arrest him for an alleged domestic assault in worcester when they found
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the weepenings, which -- weapons which included a rifle. >> it is almost unthinkable. >> reporter: largesse was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on thursday. >> reporter: he wasn't out to hurt anybody? >> no, not at all. i had my daughter in the car when i went to pick him up. the trial is underway for the officer charged of killing freddie gray. people outside could hear them inside clearly.he was in police custody when he died from a severe spinal injury. ed to the federal reserve adopted a new rule ending the policy of extending emergency loans to failing companies.
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crisis. now they can only offer emergency loans to address bigger market problems not to specific firms. this was a close call for a woman and two children. we will show the scary seen. >> and suv stops to let the truck across the street. the group was able to get back to the sidewalk safely here. a providence dancing cop has a new job. he is retired but he would come back over the holidays to help out. this year after a protest outside of duncan doughnuts the city did not invite la pore back but he said the city of east providence just hired him
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he had written all lives matter on the duncan doughnuts cup. how did this happen? the simple explanation for the so called levitating car crash. >> ten days without water. 30 days without food, but not one second without hope. >> that is what common art provides, how a church the changing lives. our weather watchers mostly outside this evening and high temperatures following through in the 30s. roxboro 37.
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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we spent a lot-time investigating this but an
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internet myself is finally solved. it all centers around an accident in china. it appears that some unseen force actually lifts up these big vehicles. >> like the matrix. >> it turns out a fallen cable got tangled in the street cleaning vehicle and that essentially created a trip wire. and fortunately, nobody got hurt. forgot the starbucks red cup controversy. >> apparently we have now moved on and resses is in the site. does that look like a tree?
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they are. >> i don't know about a controversy but i think they could certainly do better. one picture of a child favorite. a father's six-month-old son fell asleep and santa posed with the baby under that big green chair. underneath his arm a copy of the, "as the tonight before the, "twas tonight before christmas." coming up with the news at 10:00 we will take you inside
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as we head to break, what's hot tonight on cbs including some of boston's best free holiday events. we'll be right back.
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trick or treat. >> trick or treat? well, honey the honor is all mine. a three-year-old girl was
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she was crushed she missed the hospital. on facebook. >> what is cool is that a lot of the people who were available for the trick or treating actually decorated their home for halloweens. >> oh, and they could give her some of the re-reese's peanut butter treats. >> reporter: we have not used any shovels yet. we do have some snow for
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northern new england this week, though. our average highs go from 46 to 38 by the end of the month in the city of boston. your average snow fall is 9 inches which begins on december 21st. minutes. we're getting there for sure. month. it's interesting. big storm toward the end of december in 2010. next year, nothing at all. year after that just a couple of inches, then we had a foot. so it is really a have or have not month. take a look at the temperatures out there tonight. a lot of cloud cover outside. we see some breaks in the cloud cover, that's where the
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off for at least a couple of hours. we are eyeing this area off to our south that is going to bring in the wet weather tomorrow. it will be very cold and wintry outside. and tomorrow you will want to winter coat for sure but you will also want to grab the umbrella. it will still hold in the 30s and 40s around most areas, but won't be much warmer. you want to make sure that you have that umbrella handy. worcester 48-degrees, 40 in lawrence, slightly milder in the south eastern part of the state, but certainly chilly. by in the afternoon we are starting to see the rain showers in the area. maybe even southwestern new
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may be some freezing drizzle. scattered showers, it's a raw feel to the air. i think arrested our steddest rainfall is going to come in wednesday. as we head through thursday winds will be gusting over 20 miles per hour in the morning and 30 miles per hour in the afternoon, so a kind of unsettled week to kickoff the month of december, the wind will quiet down and the sunshine will become a little bit more widespread toward the end of the week. wednesday will be an interesting one, because north and west of boston you will be in the low 40s as we head to the south and east of boston,
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i want to have a final news and notes of the day. we had 11 named storms, two became majors and had impact. take a look at the accuweather seven day forecast we have temps that will stay toward seasonal values as we head toward saturday, sunday and monday, no snow here but watching snow in northern maine snow in those parts. that's going to make a lot of people happy up there. >> we will ease our way into winter. thanks, eric. gas prices are down to 2.06 right now.
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for high school students and parents sat and act times will be very stressful and classes can be very expensive. a class was started and the materials are free. >> >> when i got my score i felt really bad because it was like below average but now i was really high up in the ranks for sat scores. >> reporter: she is like a lot of high school kids, disappointing scores at first that improve with study and preparation. you really improved. >> yeah,. >> reporter: how much did you improve? >> i went up 410 points. >> wow. wow.
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researched it. they say test takes a hybrid approach test technology with a human touch. >> it was built on algorisms that increase speed. it started to occur to me that a lot of what i was doing was repetitive and not necessarily delivering on that value. >> reporter: what he delivers now are sat and act questions that are in the right subjects for the right students. >> the student learns faster. >> reporter: it is free because the company makes money matching some students up with online tutors who chat with them up to 30 minutes a week. >> making educational resources are really important. >> reporter: while it is free
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online the coaches run between three and $400 a month which is roughly half of the sat or act tutor. >> it is important to have a guide of some kind keeping track of strength and weaknesses and helping you work toward the weak areas. >> reporter: while she had tremendous test, the typical increases their score by 150 points and plus four on the act. send an e-mail at eye on education at wbz t.v. one family is taking on
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they have put up over 200 things. do we have the video in i can tell you they have a lot of lights. hey, look we have the video. this is what they have on the front lawn. they are ready to go for santa and in fact we spoke with them. >> i spent every day of the year planning for it tracking stuff down, yard sales flea markets. >> i love christmas and my birthday is right before christmas and every year he gets me a christmas decor ration. >> their bill is $1,300 a month. >> i loves the their quest year round to find something different so there's always something new. once you start you can
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gronk's injury, not the only news coming out of the game last night and see how long the other team will have to do without a player. and what's on the chopping
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we all know newbury street
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also a place for people to come together. for common art as many as 100 people come to the emmanuel episcopal church to draw, knit and make other crafts. we have much more still ahead tonight. the news at 6:00 starts now. now add 6:00 sidelined, but for how long? breaking news, a teenager shot in roxboro, three schools put into lockdown. november coming to a close. december coming in with a chilly forecast. and the winter mo ths return. wbz news at 6:00 starts
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the most painful sight of the patriots loss, gronkowski having to be driven off the field on a cart. but soon after that our camera video taped him walking on his own and now it sounds like he long. >> reporter: it's good to see him walking on his own. it's certainly looked a lot worse than it was. they are reporting they he will not play on sundays' game, but has a right knee strain. it looked a lot worse last night when he got hit in the back by stewart. he was in a lot of pain and had to be carted off. news today was certainly welcomed by the patriots fan. >> look, i know everybody wants
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an instant analysis, but i


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