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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> gary: i'm surprised they took the ball out of chris carter's hands. he's been playing that play all day. he just hit a big one and you give it to a wide receiver to throw it. they're great when they work. you will second-guess yourself for 365 days when they don't. >> verne: second down, nine. navy has not tuned it over. >> gary: it came back -- as well as army played, it came back again -- we'll see one more play and they'll have to punt.
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out. >> gary: two interceptions and a fumbled quarterback-center exchange and a missed field goal in between. think about it. if grochowski makes the field goal they don't need to run that trick play. >> verne: exactly. >> gary: daniel grochowski also missed a field goal in the fourth quarter early in the season against wake forest, in the fourth quarter, 29-yard field goal -- excuse me, 39-yard field goal. >> verne: third and seven. >> gary: they've lost five games by less than seven points. this could be number six. wow. >> gary: nobody but keenan is
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they're going to have to punt it with about 20 seconds to go in the game. >> verne: precisely. >> gary: michigan state and michigan says a lot of time. >> verne: fourth down. >> verne: about 23 seconds. maybe 20. let's see. >> verne: 21-17. think back. keenan reynolds had missed 7 passes in a row and then he hits a big one. >> gary: navy took their last time out.
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the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. it was just three plays ago, gary. >> gary: yes. army had just got the ball down on the long pass and they decide to go with the gimmick play down the middle trying to get it to tyler campbell again, but daiquan thomasson stays home, then goes up and gets the ball. i thought, perhaps, kenny niumatalolo would instruct his punter to take a safety here. that would be safe but it would also put a field goal in to losing the game so it looks like they're going to have to try to punt -- they've decided they're going to try to punt the ball. >> verne: poe is perched at the 44.
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the game. >> gary: oh, my -- he bobbled it. >> verne: here is poe. >> verne: 11 seconds to go. >> gary: watch, almost a mishandle. interesting. army did not have the block on. they went with the return. come after. >> gary: if they would have, who knows. i know aaron rodgers can throw it this far from here. >> verne: yes. >> gary: i'm not sure that anybody at army can throw it that far. maybe they could get 10-12 yards on one town and get in range to
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one. >> verne: it's a.j. schurr who is in at quarterback -- it was schurr -- no, no, no. >> gary: i think it was jones. me must have the biggest arm. >> verne: luke langdon. >> verne: we did not expect to see -- >> gary: four quarterbacks. >> verne: exactly. he's not on our depth chart, candidly. here he is again. no. into the end zone. alley oop.
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game over. >> gary: on this play, army put in kelvin white, a former quarterback who has been playing tight end, he's the guy that could throw it the farthest and this time nothing. army tried every quarterback they had. you heard what he said. "what a game." >> verne: yes indeed. allie is with keenan reynolds. >> allie: keenan, congratulations. the streak is alive and you can say you went through your entire career at navy without ever losing to army. you're the first quarterback to
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how did this match up? >> this was the toughest by far -- they've played a heck of i game and they were clicking on all cylinders and the only reason we were able to stay ahead of them was we didn't turn -- we didn't turn the ball over, that was our deal coming in, no turnovers and that's why we were able to come out with a victory. >> allie: we want you to sing with your team. >> verne: he gets to sing second. ken niumatalolo. 8-0 against army. >> gary: keenan said, i think, the key to the game was the turnovers. two were critical. one in between.
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>> verne: a moment ago during the army alma mater, the navy coach. >> verne: for the 14th consecutive time, the midshipmen
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now colleges from sea to sea may sing of colors true, but who has better right than we to hoist a symbol hue for sailors brave in battle fair since fighting days of old have proved the sailor's right
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>> verne: let's go down to allie who is with ken niumatalolo. >> allie: coach, congratulations on keeping the streak alive. 8-0 against army. but this is about so much more than records. why so emotional? >> i love these guys. give army credit. they played a really good game. i just love the kids that i coach. i'm fortunate to coach such great young men. they're going to serve our country and i just love those guys. >> allie: so much talk about keenan reynolds and the offense coming into the game but it was the defense that ended it on two interceptions. a team effort. what were you most proud of? >> proud we kept fighting, our kids are resilient and found a way to get a w. >> allie: four great years with keenan reynolds are. how do you sum that up? >> i wish him the best of luck.
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our school. a great ambassador for our school and i love that kid too. >> allie: congratulations. >> thanks, allie. >> gary: verne, when i was watching them sing and those fises, everyone talks about so much of what separates us and our great country -- look at that. what brings us together. those faces right there. >> verne: you certainly must be moved. by this event. fall. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist. congratulations to the naval academy. a huge thank you to the men and women of cbs sports. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> cbs sports presents "the ram post game show."
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>> adam: in the game you just saw and watched until the bitter end of the ball bouncing in the end zone, navy wins it 21-17 to make it 14 straight over army as i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. army had enough chances down and stretch and almost won. >> rick: three turnovers in the fourth quarter. they'll be kicking themselves. it han been this close in a long time for army but if you're kenny niumatalolo and if this is his last game, eight games, i know he's going to visit b.y.u. monday and speculation whether or not he will make that jump -- i guarantee he's going to look for a guy like keenan reynolds because this guy has been spectacular in his entire time there. today no exception. 21 carries. 136 yards. here he makes the right decision again. cuts behind the free safety. to the house. brian, this guy is a phenomenal player. he ends up scoring 84 and 85,
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made the point he looks like russell wilson. he doesn't go full throttle. he throws a touchdown pass setting the career record for midshipmen quarterback all time touchdown pass leader, a phenomenal career. upon >> adam: army had a spark. >> brian: edgar poe came in averaging 29 yards per grab. only problem, he was only averaging one grab per game. he had five touches today, 121 yards and a touchdown. they repeatedly found him, did chris carter, the quarterback for army, they found some explosive plays but you mentioned the turnovers, you have a missed field goal. upon opportunities they could ill afford to have and they couldn't take advantage. >> rick: edgar poe, middle name? allan. >> adam: it's been covered, rick. >> adam: chris carter is the next great quarterback perhaps in this rivalry. heisman trophy winner will be
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about 12 blocks from here. the finalists stopped by earlier for halftime. we asked how lucky they feel about tonight. >> rick: >> rick: what's your superstition? >> deshaun: i pray. i eat sour gummy worms. certain songs i listen to. >> rick: what's yours? >> i always pray before the games. ia a superstition before the northwestern game and we lost so i threw them out. not having superstition size my superstition. >> rick: hoyou about you? >> derrick: i get on my hands and pray to god. i wear these wristbands. there is a guy that came to visit us who had cancer in a wheelchair, his mom told me she wanted me to wear it every game and this guy had cancer too, so i wear this to honor them.
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of me as one of their heroes. >> adam: heavy comments while those guys were here. we had a great time talking to them on the set and off the set. who do you think strikes the pose tonight? >> rick: phenomenal young people. both of us agree they're terrific people. football is in the hands of great ambassadors. i think derrick henry wins. i think christian mccancerre's season was overlooked. >> brian: i don't think he was overlooked, i don't think christian mccaffrey has the requisite touchdowns. only 15 touchdowns. barry sanders, when he had over 3,000 all purpose, he had 37 rushing touchdowns. it's about doer scoring. derrick henry wins it. close between -- it's about scoring. >> adam: watson waving. >> rick: if i were starting a team that would be the guy. >> brian: over 400 yards in his last seven ballgames. >> adam: starts with the quarterback. ask the quarterback who has been
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>> adam: the brigade is loving it in philadelphia. celebrating with the victorious navy midshipmen for the 14th straight time, they defeat the army black knights. we welcome you back to "the ram post game show." we turn our attention to the college football playoff and bowl season. it's on the way. new year's eve the biggest games of them all. clemson against oklahoma. alabama against michigan state. we remind you, you're watching the ram post game show on cbs. now in one semifinal match-up on
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three michigan state and number two alabama in the cotton bowl. the tide rolled after an early-season stumble against ole miss. connor cook engineered that epic fourth quarter drive to beat iowa and win the big ten championship. what a match-up of similarly engineered teams. >> brian: they look in the mirror and see each other -- carbon copies. these teams are built the same way, physical, downhill running attacks, stout defenses. i love the rushing defense of michigan state, a good one under mark dantonio and that alabama defense, they put everyone on lock-down. the key stopping derrick henry who we were just discuss in the heisman conversation, stop him, of course, jake coker to beat you and deal with calvin ridley but this michigan state defense, this is going to be a close one. >> rick: michigan state rush defense they have to be stout and stout they have been in every other big game.
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them to 231 yards. the buckeyes they held to 132 yards and iowa which we knew could run coming into the big ten championship game held them to less than 100 yards rushing. if they can have that kind of performance defensively against derrick henry, who will get the ball a lot, i guarantee you -- they'll be in that ballgame. >> adam: in the other playoff semifinal match-up new year's eve, the orange bowl with number four oklahoma against number one undefeated clemson, the sooners finished the regular season strong, three straight wins over ranked opponents, offense on fire. the tigers have won 16 straight. you go back, you've got that 40-6 stunner over the sooners in last year's russell athletic bowl, deshaun watson didn't even play that day. >> rick: 16 straight. how impressive can you be. the more impressive number is nine straight games over 500 yards of total offense. in their a.c.c. championship game against north carolina, over 600. deshaun watson ran for 131 and
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they're hard to stop. mayfield and samaje perine are hard to handle. >> brian: a triple threat for both teams, goldman and scott, peake at wide receiver, 11 with his legs, 40 via the air, baker mayfield, 35 touchdowns and he's got his triplets with perine at running back and shepherd at wide receiver but i like the way the o.u. you defense has played down the stretch, they played wide open offenses in the big 12 like they normally do but look out for eric striker chasing mr. watson. >> rick: the perfect name. >> adam: clemson-oklahoma. whose defense will make a statement. alabama-michigan state, whose offense is going to make that play. who are your winners of the semifinals? you can take me all the way to the national champion. >> rick: my gut feeling is that
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they have a revenge motive because they got waylaid a year ago. on the other side i think alabama has too much on the defensive side even though connor cook is probably the more competent quarterback, then when they get together i'm picking oklahoma. >> brian: michigan state lost five years ago 20-11 in a bowl game to alabama. they were thumped 49-7. all those players are gone but the coaches are still there and mark dantonio remembers. i'm going to take alabama. i think their defense can cause turnovers even though i like connor cook. i agree with you, oklahoma can knock off clemson and then alabama and oklahoma the rematch, you've got to go with bama, don't you? >> adam: derrick henry made a name for himself originally. rick won't be with us for the sun bowl. we loved having you in your season debut. >> rick: a thrill to be with the cbs family. even you, brian. >> brian: good riddance. >> adam: and your guitar.
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post game show." >> adam: bowl season kicks off next saturday at 7:00 eastern on cbs sports network. closed captioning provided
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