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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 22, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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2015. this is the cbs morning news. dangerous storms pound the pacific northwest. millions start the reason feeling record high temperatures. fencing a showdown in the general election, donald trump ramps up attacks on hillary clinton and some of them are personal. a happy and historic landing for spacex. the private space company
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landing a 15-story rocket booster. and in the midst of a playoff push, the new york giants' biggest star is suspended. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at "cbs news" headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie 14. on this full first day of winter we begin with wet. out west, it's what you might expect t expect this time of year, a storm bringing heavy rain, flash floods and highway mountain snow. in essential eastern parts of the country, instead of saying ho, ho, ho, santa may be saying, hot, hot, hot. today, most locations from the plains to the east coast will be up to 20 degrees above average. this could be the warmest christmas on railroad for several cities. don champion is here in new york, where on christmas eve, the thermometer could be 70 degrees, don?
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santa shorts? >> that's right. good morning, anne-marie, it seems weird to be bundled up with a hat, glove and scarf. many places, record amounts of snow last winter could see record high temperatures, this week, dashing any hopes of a white christmas. snow in the west, warm in the east. parts of the country are experiencing weather extremes. >> there is a lot of snow and we have what we have right now. >> reporter: in walk, overnight, heavy notice piled -- in washington, overnight, heavy snow piled up. interstate 90 was shut down for hours. >> we're stuck. at least the girls are taking advantage of it. >> fears of an avalanche forced crews to suspend their search for monty busby, the 43-year-old disappeared over the weekend skiing. >> we're taking everything slow, checking conditions every 30 minutes, digging snow pits, making sure the snow is stable
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>> reporter: in oregon, heavy trees toppled trees on to homes, relentless rain forced residents in portland to evacuate again. three days before christmas winter is feeling like fall in the northeast. here in new york city, temperatures continue to rise. >> on wednesday, the great lakes, the ohiole valley, this is where we expect the highest concentration of record highs. christmas eve, boston near washington, d.c. >> some cities are on pace for their warmest december ever. and just to show you how long we have been dealing with this warm stretch here in new york city, the national weather service says the last time that the temperature dipped below freezing in central park here, was back on march 30th, some 266 days ago, anne-marie, i'm not complaining. >> no, it's a distant memory. that's how i like it. don champion here in new york, thank you, don.
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sizable lead in a number of polls, druch is turning his attention towards a potential opponent in the general election, hillary clinton. the democratic front runner drew trump's fire when during saturday's debate, she said, isis uses video of trump's speeches to recruit followers. on mon, trump responded. >> the last person that she wants to run against is me, believe me. pbelieve me. ro to the the light the gop front runner delivered a full attack on clinton, saying her comments link him to isis are flat out lies. >> she's terrible. she's terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. cease a liar. >> reporter: a spokesperson for clinton says the candidate did not have a particular video in mind when she made the comment
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apologize. trump's attacks on clinton monday went from political to personal and beyond him he questioned her absence from the debate stage following a television break. >> i know where she went. disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. >> and used crude language to describe her presidential primary loss to barack obama if 2008. >> she was going to beat neighbor, she got trumped. she lost. >> reporter: but a new reuters poll out monday shows trump am -- hypothettical matchup. the president calls trump's campaign exploittive. >> particularly blue collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy. you combine those things, it
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potential anger, frustration, fear. some of it justified, but just misdirected and i think somebody like mr. trump's taking advantage of that. >> coming up on cbs this morning, analysis between the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. hillary clinton's campaign will have a new addition this summer. her daughter chelsea announced monday, she is pregnant with her sec child. chelsea gave birth to the clinton's first granddaughter charlotte last year. the republican presidential field is smaller now that campaign. he called it quits, having never gained traction among voters. he said donald trump can fought defeat a democrat like hillary adjustments. the taliban claims responsibility for an attacks on american troops in afghanistan.
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by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle in a village near bagram air field. that is the largest military base in afghanistan. two other u.s. troops and a contractr were wounded as well. one of the americans killed was a new york city police detective. he was in the national guard and had been deployed twice in afghanistan and once in iraq. he leaves behind a wife and three children. well, the man that allegedly bought the rifles used? the san bernardino massacre remains behind jail. they say he remains a danger to the community. he is charged with providing support to terrorists. prosecutors say the san bernardino gunman syed farook acted. january 4th. a man says a woman accused of slamming her car into a crowd
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suspended license. lakeisha holloway is accused of injuring and killing others on the strip. >> reporter: officials if las vegas want to know why this 24-year-old veered off the street and mowed down pedestrians along the busy las vegas strip sun night. her 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat as a 1996 oldsmobile sped along the sidewalk. >> people were like boungs off the front of the car. you could hear it. the window was smashed. she rod the sidewalk, sheing a sell rated again and kept on mowing everyone down. >> reporter: a mother of three was killed, nearly three dozen others were injured. sheriff joe lombardo says released video yet to be released was intention am. >> she repeatedly jumped over her car. some ran up to the window banged on it trying to get her to stop, which she didn't. >> reporter: he says the
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casino and asked a valet to call 911 and it appears she was under the appearance of some stimulant. the district attorney says more charges are on the way, including multiple counts of attempted murder of a deadly weapon. child abuse and neglect and leaving the scene of an accident. police say she had been living in her car in las vegas for about a week. police say she told them she was stressed out after being chased out of parking ramps. "cbs news," las vegas. >> coming up on the morning news, a possible new outbreak at chipotle. new illnesss are linked to the mexican restaurant chain. and a mishap on a seaworld ride strands dozens of people. this is the "cbs morning news." and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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the single serve-make-all-your-favorites exactly-how-you-like-it mae. . . >> elon musk and his company are celebrating a break through
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spacex successfully launched a rock with 11 small satellites into space monday night. what happened ten minutes later - made history on florida's space coast. >> he landed the procedure. >> cheers erupted in mission control as the 15 story leftover booster touched down safely. it was the first time an unmanned rocket returned to land vertically at cape canaveral, reuseing rocks could dramatically cut launch costs. musk celebrated the accomplishment on twitter writing welcome back, baby. a high flying amusement ride gets stuck and no charges of a one who died in a texas jamie. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the houston chronicle reports a grand jury refused to issue indictments in the death of sandra bland. the sheriff says she hanged herself inside a texas jail. planned's family disputes that.
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arrest. the grand jury will decide in january if that trooper should face charges. usa today reports bill cosby is suing another one of the women assault. the comedian filed a suit against model beverly johnson, citing emotional distress. last week he sued several other women t. women are suing him for defamation, claiming his lawyers branded them liars. nearly 50 women claim cosby drugged or sexually assaulted them. the orlando sentinel reports guests at seaworld, orlando, are safe after getting stuck on a ride two hours. sky tower broke down coming to a stop about a quarter of the way up the 400 foot pole. 50 guests and two employees were on board. crews eventually managed to lower it to the ground. in the "new york times" report,
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is out of a job. he was fired by pharmaceuticals following his arrest on securities fraud. he already resigned as head of turing pharmaceuticals. ahead, cyber hackers hit hello kitty, millions of the cartoon cat have their personal
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>> here's a look at today's
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the country. >> that's the holiday tune last christmas. while it's catchy, you probably would not want to hear it 24 hour times in a row. that's what happened to listeners of an austrian radio station monday who felt people western in the christmas spirit barricaded himself in the studio. he put the song on repeat for two hours straight. yes, that will put you in a skrinchy mood i think. an attack on hello kitty fans and a new round of illnesss hitting chipotle. good morning, henna.
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is another report of e. coli cases linked to the mexican restaurant chain chipotle. there are five reported cases. the customers ate at restaurants in two states, kansas and oklahoma. the illnesss started last month. it is fought clear if this is linked to a larger outbreak that began in october where at least 63 people got sick in nine states. modest gain the dow jones gained points and the s&p 500 finished 15 points higher. the nasdaq composite gained nearly 46 points. a data breach exposed the information of more than 3 million hello kitty users. the brooch occurred in the online community for kitty users. fame, birthday, countries of origin and e-mail addresses were exposed. today is the first full day of winter, hard to believe in new york. highway managers in three states
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app. drivers would be warned they are approaching a snowplow. often during blinding snow, drivers have a hard time seeing. drivers will be able report hazardous conditions back to highway managers. and some delta airline maengs passengers will be wearing pjs when they fly. beginning in march, delta will flight. they will begin on l.a. to sydney and l.a. to shanghai, those flights can last up to 15 hours and changing, it's not a big deal. business class passengers have access to extra big bathrooms. anne marie. >> they do. see. i wouldn't know anything about. that i'm back in coach bent out of shape trying to get five minutes of shut eye. >> no leg room. i know how you feel. >> lucky, lucky. henna daniels in new york, thank you very much. coming up on cbs this morning,
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prime delivery that promises delivery of packages in hours. the president hits the road with comedian jerry seinfeld for a little chat and coffee.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. >> host steve harvey is wrong. he apologized on air after crowning the wrong contestant. he announced miss colombia instead of miss philly pines. after the show, he said he was sorry again. >> i made a mistake, when i said the winner miss jooufrs
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first runner-up, i read the name on the card. >> it's very traditional. >> yes, very 2015. >> well, despite harvey's blunder, organizers say he will pageant. president obama will be the first guest on the seventh season premier of jerry seinfeld's online talk show "comedians and cars in line getting coffee." >> white house? >> yes, may i speak with the president, please. >> speaking. >> he drove around the south lawn in a 1963 corvette stingray earlier this month and talked about white house life. the episode comes out zoob 30th. in sports now, new york skients star o'dell beckham, jr., has received a one-day suspension for his loss no carolina him he clashed with panthers defensive back josh norman.
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>> christmas came early for an oklahoma mom who thought she'd spend the holidays without her son, a man away for training. but at this ihop restaurant in oklahoma city, he surprised his mother, who jumped up to give her favorite marine a long, long hug. well, this morning, spain's traditional christmas lottery known as el gordo, the jackpot is worth $2.5 million. millions watched to see if they won a share t. top prize is $435,000. >> that allows thousands of
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it is estimated that 75% of lottery. a utah couple is home with their newborn baby this morning. their little girl decided to arrive into this world just a little bit early in a car on the way to the hospital. the 911 operator was a life saver. lisa nico of our salt lake city affiliate kutv reports. >> it's about 106. my wife is in labor. >> is the 911 dispatch operator didn't know what he was in for. >> you pick up a 911 call. you never what's on the other side of it. we're having a baby. >> come on. >> he had no idea around 2:00 a.m., he would be the one to help kristen and shea deliver their little girl. >> he definitely helped us. at least i feel like i stayed calm, the fact of helping her breathe. that was terrifying.
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anne is their fourth child this labor was anything but typical. >> the baby is breathing right now, correct? >> no, she's not. >> she is not? >> the umbilical cord was wrapped around the infant's head. >> first she came outside. she cried then she just went limp. >> two weeks out of training. >> all right. listen to me very carefully. >> he told them what to do. >> you see a string possibly around the umbilical cord, about six inches from the baby. do it now and tell me when it's done. >> 30 seconds later. >> she tipped her head back. she gasped her first breath. oh, thank goodness. >> baby anne took her first breath five minutes before the plans arrived. >> we go, oh, will you get a pregnancy call. then it actually happened. >> thank you, thank you, that
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reporting. coming up on your local news on cbs this morning, the growing search for the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch. we go to ft. worth, texas. the warning science on cardiac arrest that could come weeks inned a van and we'll show you how "star wars" has turned into a cultural phenomenon. this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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