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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, a warning for drivers, our first taste of winter causing dangerous conditions on the roads. yes, with temperatures below the freezing mark we have some icy patches and drizzle and we'll rise above freezing. a man arrested for attacking a plow driver, that plow driver sharing his terrifying story. and new this morning, details about a close call at logan airport between a plane and a drone. >> from the channel 4 studios in morning" . . >> good morning to you, 4:30, chris mckinnon.
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to have you with us on this wednesday, october 30, this is the one thing you'll want to look out for, slick spots on the highway. >> the highway, the sidewalks, the drive yaings -- driveways, the side streets, will have slippery patches, it temperatures below the freezing mark, 25 degrees in the city of austin right now, most of us running in the 20s, there's always an exception to the rule, right, and that is will be the cape and the islands where, we're in the upper 30s to hoe 40s -- already 40s to most of us, 30 this plymouth and 30 new bedford, clouds in place as well, even a little bit of drizzle and snow showers, not even being picked up here on radar, low level moisture that's kind of hanging tough, so just be mindful of that, leave a destination this morning. patchy drizzle and icy spots for the morning rush and temperatures will slowly rise above freezing, not until late
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time, 35, overcast sky, light and variable wind, 37 drive home with sky staying mostly cloudy, a little bit more freezing rain on the way for tonight, and in to early tomorrow morning, we're going to talk about where we could see slick spots tomorrow, coming up in just a couple minutes, guy. new this morning, police investigating a late night crash in marble head, a car rolled over and ended up on its side, humphrey street, we're hearing only minor injuries reported but power knocked off to the area, no word on if the crash was weather related. >> but the weather is to blame for plenty of other accidents across the area, our first taste of winter really making a mess of the roads, this is always a good reminder to just take it ease. -- easy. >> even a little bit of snow and ice can make it hard out tlt, jim armstrong has a look. >> reporter: tuesday's commute
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accident in lexington slowed things down and made the call for the night. >> complete ice slick. >> reporter: a pair of near simultaneous car accidents in burlington, one on 95 north, the other just a couple hiels away on 95 south. >> haven't slipped once but it looks like it's going to be sliding it does look we're not sliding but -- >> reporter: got to go extra slow. >> definitely. >> reporter: saying black ice was a problem from burlington to lexington, and beyond, and driving became tougher, police in auburn of another ice related accident, shutting down objection frd street for a -- oxford street for a time. spin outs and accidents were everywhere. sleet and freezing rain piled on top of the snow demanded a crash course on winter driving. >> sloos and slip -- loose and slippery but not that bad if you take your time, if you're an experienced driver.
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especially this early in the evening. >> my neighbor called me it was icy, i expect td to be a little bit cooler, slicker once i get off the main pass >> reporter: the worst ahead of you still. >> yeah, hey, i didn't mind it, nice for a change today. >> reporter: the one bright spot amid all the spin outs and accidents that dominated, no fatalities and really no serious injuries, some minor injuries to report, certainly a lot of call to insurance companies as well with you that's about it. "this morning". new this morning, a salisbury man says someone stole his plow, rich hughes told wbz he noticed the 500 plow wa miss -- was missing from his home monday night, he kept it in his garage not in plain sight since 2004 e used a private plower, that's how he provides for his family, a $100 reward for information to find it. kingsbury police are investigating after two
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plow truck in a restaurant parking lot. this happened just after 6:00 last night at the olive garden, both victims taken to the hospital, they're expected to be okay, so far no charges have been filed. and another plow driver speaking up this morning, sharing his terrifying story when a man pointed a gun at him, louisa moller has more. >> i was just sitting here and heard all the yelling. >> reporter: bob captured these photos tuesday morning of two men in an altercation outside his andover home. >> he sought me out. >> reporter: the mroe driver paul connelly said it was a one sided attack when mccullom cut him off and searched for him before unleashing his anger. >> he had a problem, an anger issue of some sort. >> reporter: first connelly says mccollum used his range rover to block his plow. >> and thu me on the ground --
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>> reporter: then this. >> took the gun from under his face. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, mccollum, the ceo of benefits firm cbg arranged on assault and battery and assault with a deadly weapon, he told police he simply stopped to tell connelly his driving was a danger to the public, that connelly threw a punch first and that mccollum lied lyed to the cops, saying -- lied to the cops saying he had a bb gun, not what he's allowed to carry. >> with his kids, seven days a week. >> reporter: but connelly says the experience has certainly shaken him. >> see, it scares the crap out of you. >> reporter: mccollum being held in thursday when he's
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4:36, more trouble for t riders, canceling trainz and forcing riders out in the cold, julie loncich has the story from state street station. >> move up! switch back oom. . >> reporter: for the better part of the evening rush. >> [ indiscernible ] coming, they were coming. >> reporter: there was widespread confusion. >> you guys on the sidewalks needs to be two lanes, move back. >> reporter: shut many -- shuttle buses replace in maverick after urgent tunnel repairs closed the state and aquarium stops, a metal gate came loose and crews had to address it immediately. >> agitated. >> reporter: hundreds forced in the cold. >> trying to get on the blue line. >> ma'am. >> yeah, i'm waiting for it. >> reporter: not bothered by all this? >> no, just confusing. >> right, it is. >> reporter: some had to wait
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explanation for what seemed like forever. >> waiting and waiting wait and nobody is coming. >> reporter: where she trying to go? >> revere. >> reporter: 35 minutes? >> yeah. >> reporter: within two and a half hours rail service on the blue line had resumed, officials tell us none of this had anything to do with the weather, in downtown boston, julie loncich, wbz "this morning". 4:38, a close call between a plane and drone on christmas day, the faa says the pilots of an anne air canada jet saw the drone coming in for landing, two miles from the runway, the flight landed safely, federal law prohibits drones from flying within five miles of an airport, the faa and state police are investigating. boston police want your help in a deadly double shooting, it took place early tuesday morning
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pin when they were shot, both teenagers taken to the hospital, one of them died the other expected to survive. police say the shots came from someone in a black acura. and revere police need your help finding an accused killer, detectives just released this image of seo, they say he helped kill 66-year-old peter patari and 35-year-old christy johnson. police believe seo and another suspect already in custody shot the two earlier this month inside their wade street building, one other victim survive jed an alleged accomplice of aaron hernandez will have to stand trial. carlos ortiz wanted his murder charge tossed out citing insufficient evidence, accused of participating in the 2013 killing of lloyd but a judge denied that request. closure for an avon family looking for their son, james robertson disappeared almost exactly two years ago, his family tells wbz state police
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weekend in a wooded area in upton, police asked deer hunters to look for any traces of robertson in the blue hill reservation but didn't find anything, four men charged with his disappearance, police believe those men pretended to be police officers and then kidnapped robertson on new year's day in 2014. 4:40 on your wednesday morning, straight ahead an international manhunt now over. >> we're learning new details about how authorities finally tracked down the so-called affluenza teen and how pizza played a role. plus the eye team investigating a mess by homeowners devastated by last winter snow, people claimed being dropd by their -- dropped by their insurance companies, one man saying the system is rigged against them. starbucks, holiday beverages, which one is the favorite here in new england,
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it is 4:43 right now, we all have our favorites, which starbucks drink the most popular >> and twitter will be cracking down, jill wagner is live with
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>> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, twitter cracking down on hate speech on its site, banning users who promote violence or threatening people blais baised -- based on religion, race, ethnicity and national origin, all as terrorist groups like isis have been using twitter and other social media sites for recruitment and to spread their message. macy's recalling two martha stewart frying pans because some customers said metal discs came off the panned and cause -- pans and caused bruise, eight and 10 pans part of a set sold by macy's. and the holiday are over but two more days to get starbucks special holiday drinks, crunching the numbers to find out which are most popular in different parts of the country, in the southeast it's all about the ginger bread latte, in the northeast we are sophisticated,
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popular, artistic espresso drink, have you guys had it? >> no, no. ill! not a fan of it. >> she's a fan of the chestnut praline, thank you, jill. >> keep you nice and warm for a day like today. and danielle made a good point, anything not treated, sidewalks, driveways, it can be a hazard, just walking, pretty scary. >> the good news the crew were out and did a good job with the main roads, that's not bad. >> that is the good news, it's almost watch your step, have an incident in the parking lot, just saying, take it slow. there are icy patches out there. so slippery travel this morning, anything untreated will be slick because our temperatures have dropped in the 20s for most of us, some icy spots are possible again tonight, but not for everyone and we're going to talk about
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in terms of weather as we welcome in 2016 here there's going to be a blast of winter cold, thap does come in this weekend with temperatures only in the 30s and 20s for highs as we start next week. speaking of 20s, we're in 20s, 25 in boston, a lot of us in 20s out the door, the sleet and rain has refroeen -- refrozen, only in the teens in parts of maine, 22 in lawrence, plymouth sitting at 30 but marshfield at 36 hugging the coastline, plymouth county and then back down to the cape and eye hands, we actually have temperatures above the freezing mark, around 40. no need to worry about slick spots there, patchy drizzle and there's just a bit of a wind, that's creating a real feel of 16 in boston right now, same in lawrence, only 14 in worcester, you certainly want to be bundled up, do manage to cup up freezing, doesn't happen in
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but we'll top out in the upper 30s in the cape, overnight tonight that we drop out again, right over that 32 degree mark, particularly authority and west of boston -- north and west of boston from jaffrey and then highs tomorrow, the melting that occurs during the day and a night as well. satellite and radar pretty quiet but low level moisture that even the radar's having a tough time picking up on, drizzle, couple slurries, just use caution, rain to our south and some of this moisture may try to clip us overnight and that's why there's a freezing rain advisory with those temperatures around freezing, we may get a couple slick spots, western middlesex county, central and worcester county, from new hampshire to
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tonight until 3:00 tomorrow, this moisture comes in pink showing up here, may be a couple spots that see slippery travel. otherwise, scattered rain showers that end early tomorrow morning, the skies chaer out which mean -- clear out which means awesome stuff as we ring in the new year, quiet, maybe a couple mountain showers in the green mountains and white mountains, great news for ski country, first day of 2016 is looking fantastic too with a nice blend of sun and clouds and temperatures that will be up around 40 degrees, for new year's eve, at midnight, we're going to drop back in the 30s, wind chills in the 20s, accuweather seven day, the weekend looking good, seasonable but a couple flurries around only in the upper 20s on monday but then rebound in the 30s by tuesday. guys back to you. >> thank you very much, danielle. we got our first batch of winter this year, but many people are still having problems thanks to last winter. >> yes, historic winter, more people say they've been dropped by their insurance companies for
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the eye team's found it's costing homeowners thousands. >> we were soaked for two, three weeks. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: ice dams ravage kevin and karen's danvers home, nearly a year later, contractors still fixing the damage. but it wasn't just the snow that dumped on this family, it was their insurance too. >> this was our first claim in 10 years, and, you know, when we finally needed them, they just dropped us, they bailed on us. >> reporter: on top of that, paperwork mix up meant they weren't given prosecutor -- proper notification, they had to scramble to find coverage while still fighting to get their house fixed. >> we called two different companies, both said that were red flags, they won't touch us because our claim is open and they know we're being cancelled. but now we're uninsured, now we hook like dead beats. >> reporter: -- look bike like dead beats, finally they were on the
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that will cost hon huns -- hundreds of dollars more, no numbers on how many were dropped, several of them contacted the eye team. the attorney general and division of insurance both have an increased number of complaints from homeowners, and insurance agents tell the eye team they're also dealing with nonrenewals. >> i want more information from more companies on cancellations and on nonrenewals. >> reporter: senator michael bennett says it's rigged against consumers and a proposed rate increase, he's filing a bill for more transparency. >> we need advocates for the public, advocates for the property insurance companies, openly competing to convince a neutral of what the proper rate should be, who should be cancelled, who should be nonrenewed. >> reporter: there are no regulations on when an insurer can drop a customer, only rules requiring 45 days notice.
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insurance he's paying for. >> hopefully we don't have a next time, if we do, i'll be thinking of this. laurenman chuck, telling wbz they're aware of a spike in renewals but it often doesn't happen because of one claim. 4:51 on your wednesday morning, still ahead, an apparent case of snow rage. >> yeah, why police say one man pulled a gun on a plow driver! hopeful and candidates getting smaller, the last
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it is 4:54 right now, checking o our top stories on your wednesday morning, police say a plow hit two people just before 6:30 in the olive garden parking lot, both people were sent to the hospital but should recover from their injuries as of this morning, police haven't charged the driver, they don't believe drugs or alcohol played factors. a local insurance ceo under arrest, police say he pulled a gun on a plow driver when an argument got out of hand, andrew mccollum and the plow driver came together, he says he pulled it first and the gun wasn't loaded. close call at logan airport, a pilot reported seeing an unmanned drone close to the
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-- drone from flying five miles within an airport, this is an air canada flight no word on who was flying the drone. the so-called affluenza teen and his mother are headed back to the u.s., they were arrested in mexico, ethan couch was on probation for killing four people in a drunk driving accident, i missed a mand -- he missed a mandatory meeting this month, he used his phone to call a pizza delivery leading to his capture. former glee actor is under arrest, accused of possessing child pornography, spelling played thougha puck -- noah puck on glee in 2009 until the show's cancellation earlier this year. george pataki calling it quits, the former new york governor made at announcement yesterday in new hampshire, 12 candidates still in the race, a recent cnn/orc poll puts trump
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congressman joe kennedy and his wife welcomed a new baby, eleanor kennedy was born and the congressman tweeted this picture and says she'll be known as ellie, the couple's dog remains skeptical of what will happen to his social media fame. at least the dog, you never know how they'll react. cute with the dog, she's beautiful. 4:56 an out of the world recognition. >> the cape landing on a very
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[ music ] >> well, seeing cape cod is always memorable, especially from space. >> nasa claimed this picture of the came as one of its top pictures of 2015, this was taken back in june, you can see the rest of nasa's top pictures of the year on our website, >> i happened to go through them yesterday, they're really cool, i mean, from all over the world, but the fact the cape made it, i felt was kind of a cool honor. >> seeing the cape up close and personal is great, seeing it from out of space is great. >> very neat. your top stories, traffic and weather all ahead here on wbz "this morning ". >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. right now, 5:00, our first taste of winter causing dangerous conditions on the roads, what you need to know before heading to work today. temperatures are running in the 20s, so icy patches and slick spots, let you know when
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