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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a man arrested for attacking a plow driver this morning, that plow driver is sharing his terrifying story. >> trt channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> good morning, it is 5:00, i'm chris mckinnon >> and i'm kathryn hauser, thank you for being here with us on this wednesday december 30, it is chilly out there, and slick depending on with you're walking, danielle. >> absolutely, watch your step this morning, guys, the sidewalks, driveways, things like that, parking lots, the secondary roads, a little bit slick as well, main highway doing okay, current temperatures running below freezing in a lot of spots, we had widespread 20s across the board, 31 plymouth, only 30 in new bedford, the cape and islands above freezing and upper 30s to around 40 degrees, clouds are in place and we've even had the light patches of mist and drizzle with a few flurries mixed in, the radar not
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moisture, just be mindful of that, particularly in eastern massachusetts, you can see it depicted here, a little bit of white and green showing up at the immediate coastline of the south shore by the cape, by 10:00 a.m., most of us south of boston have risen above freezing but the city itself and north and west of town it takes until 11:00 a.m., even a little bit longer until early afternoon for somewhere like worcester back up in to southern new hampshire to rise above that 32 degree mark for your morning rush, patchy drizzle, icy spots, cloudy 35 by lunch time and then an overcast sky rang in the upper 30s for the ride home. couple more slick spots tonight, i'm talk -- i'll talking about the roads, chris? pretty good ride, no troubles, route 3 all moving along right from the west route 2, minor construction delays the pike is fine on your way in to boston the commute from the south shore is wide open, remember the roads are slippery out there this morning, if
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new this morning, police investigating a late night crash in marble head, a car rolled over and ended up on its side on humphrey street near the high school, hearing only minor injuries are reported and power was knocked out to the area, no word on if the crash was weather related. also new this morning, a driver loses control and ends up in a pond in hamilton, we're hearing nobody was hurt, and icy conditions may be to blame for that crash. >> very slick out there. weather also to blame for plenty of other accidents across our area, our first taste of winter really making a mess of the roads, and all the snow and rain we got yesterday froze overnight. >> and that means another slick morning on the roads for you, our susie steimle is live along the expressway in dorchester with more on those conditions, good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, as far as we've seen on our drive, things moving along okay, but it's worth giving yourself extra time as yesterday's snow turned to sleet then turned to rain and
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difficult commute over the past 24 hours. the first round of winter weather is acting as a test run for all types of driving conditions. during the morning tuesday we saw snow then it moved to sleet, by evening it was black ice. >> i haven't slipped once but it looks like it's going to be sliding but doesn't look, we're not sliding but -- >> reporter: got to go extra slow. >> i am, definitely. >> reporter: state police worn of spin outs across the state as temperatures fell overnight, it only became more dangerous. >> i can tell, just the minutes away from it being complete ice slick. >> reporter: burlington saw a build up of car accidents on i-95, in lexington a six car pile up, the winter weather had drivers spinning their wheels. started, drivers know patience is just a part of the game. >> they're a little slippery but not that bad if you take your time, if you're an experienced problems.
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said it's super icy up on winter hill, i expect it will be cooler, slicker once i get off the main pass. >> reporter: the worse ahead of you still. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i didn't mind it, nice for a change today. >> reporter: and p if you're like -- if you're like me and you park your car outside, want to give yourself extra time to scrape it off, mine was a project. state police also reminding people to chaer off the roofs -- clear off the roofs of their cars as that could be a $200 fine for falling snow on the roadways, susie steimle, wbz "this morning ". >> thank you for the conditions. 5:04, t riders hoping for a better commute after emergency repairs cancelled trains and forced hundreds of riders out in the cold, nicole jacobs is hive for us in boston, the mbta says service should be back to normal on the blue line today. >> reporter: it should be,
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the song "blame it on the rain" that mille va nilli -- vanilli one, but they say what happened on the blue line had more to do with mechanical issues. it's happened again. >> people are getting visibly agitated. >> reporter: the trickle down effect of t troubles. >> need you guys on the sidewalks, needs to be two lanes, move back. >> reporter: the blue line stalled -- >> i'm trying to get on the blue line now. >> reporter: leaving hundreds out in the cold with unanswered questions. >> want to know what's going on, but, they say the bus is coming, the bus is coming. >> reporter: there was a red line relapse earlier in the day tuesday. >> last year was really rough, a lot of trouble, but they're doing their best. >> reporter: reminiscent of shut down and shuttles of boston's snowiest winter on record. >> it does kind of stink but you hoped they would get that figured out. >> reporter: it was the first snow of the season sxp after million -- and after millions of
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officials say neither problem was the result of the weather. >> move up! move up! switch back a little. >> reporter: the blue line needed immediate tunnel repairs, they say, and for the red line, a bad switch created the mess. a snowy coincidence of timing, crushing the convenience of 't' travel. and of course, the hope and the thought is that the red line issues that switch issue was repaired yesterday as well as the tunnel issue with the blue line, so hopefully all will be running smoothly this morning. we're live in boston, nicole jacobs wbz "this morning ".. >> nicole, thank you very much. and new this morning, a salisbury man says someone stole his plow. rich hughes tellses wbz he noticed -- tells wbz he noticed the 500 pound plow missing from his yard monday night, he's kept it on the side of his garage, not in plain sight since 2004, he's a -- private plow driver, says that plowing is how he
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offering $100 reward for information to help him find it. police are investigating after two pedestrians were hit by a plow truck in a restaurant parking lot. it happened just after 6:00 last night at the olive garden, both victims taken to the hospital, they were expected to be okay so far no charges have been filed. another plow driver speaking up this morning, sharing his terrifying story after a man pointed a gun at him, bree's in this morning with his story, good morning. >> good morning, chris, the man accused in this case is the ceo of an employee benefits firm who the plow driver says lost his cool, blocked in the plow with his range rover and then attacked. >> i was just sitting here and i heard all the yelling. >> reporter: these are pictures bob took of two men in a fight outside his home in andover. >> he sought me out. >> reporter: one of those men, paul connelly says the other guy, now identified as michael mccollum cut him off and then searched for him in a luxury
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>> and he proceeded to throw me on the ground. i stood up, regained my balance or whatever, holding each other. >> reporter: then the plow a gun. >> took the gun out of his, from in my face. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, the 51-year-old mccollum faced a judge on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, court paperwork claims mccollum told police he sought him only to warn him, telling him he was driving dangerously and that connelly threw the first punch, the documents do say mccollum lied to police about his weapon, saying it was a bb gun, not the 9 millimeter he's allowed to carry, the plow driver says he's still rattled. >> it scares the crap out of you. >> reporter: the plow driver didn't get out of this scott free, also charged with assault
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vehicle without a license. mccollum lokd up until tomorrow when he'll face a dangerous hearing, it was unloaded and he pulled it out in an effort to 5:09 on your wednesday morning, new this morning, we're hearing from the faa after a close call between a drone and a christmas day. the faa says the crew of an air canada jet reported seeing a drone flying at 800 feet as the aircraft was coming in for a landing, two miles from the runway, the flight landed safely, federal law prohibits drones from flying within five miles of an airport, the faa and state police are investigating. boston police want the public's help in a deadly double shooting, two teenagers were walking down willmore road in mattapan when they were shot yesterday morning, both teens were taken to the hospital, one of them died, the other is expected to survive, police say the shots came from someone in a black acura. revere police need your help finding a suspected killer,
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image of vicheth so, they say he helped kill 66-year-old peter pitari and 35-year-old christy johnson, they believe so and another suspect already in custody shot the two earlier, one of the victims survived. an alleged accomplice of aaron hernandez will stand trial, carlos ortiz wanted his trial tossed out on insufficient evidence, accused of participating in the 2013 killing of odin lloyd but a judge yesterday denied that request. closure for an avon family looking for their missing son, james robertson disappeared almost exactly two years ago, his family tells it wbz state police found his body over the weekend in a wooded area in ipton -- upton, last month deer hunters were asked to look for any traces of the blue hills reservation but didn't find anything. four men charged with his disappearance. and ingham police trying to find someone who lost a lot of
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samaritan turned over an envelope to officers with cash, found it at the restaurant in the der fwi street shop -- derby street shops but so it far, nobody came to claim it, something similar happened last month, a man left an envelope with cash on the counter after a year, nobody claimed it so the police gave it to the college student who claimed it first. on your wednesday morning, kobe bryant coming to town for the last time. >> his final game against the celtics at the garden as members talk about his impact on the nba. plus the ballot bat -- battle on the ice as they try to snap the streak, dan roche has the details. temperatures running in the 20s, secondary roads, sidewalks, things like that going to be slick, let you know when we rise above that freezing mark and
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welcome back, it is 5:14 right now, take a look at this, an amazing sight captured in rhode island right now, a bay of 50 foot humpback whale breaching just under the bridge there. >> that is really neat! talk about timing, right? the north kingstown harbor master ed hughes took these pictures, he says it's not uncommon for humpback whales to be in the bay but also not unheard of, last check the whale was in good health and headed back out in the ocean.
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the right time for all that. >> yeah, people go on whale watching adventures and never see anything like that happen. >> yeah, really special. all right, we need a check of your forecast on this wednesday, a much different picture from yesterday's start, but still, it is slippery and cold out there too. >> it is chilly, definitely cold, you guys, at least the precipitation calmed down for most of us but a different threat this morning with icy patches and some slick spots this morning, temperatures are running in the 20s in a lot of spots this morning, 19 when you get from sanford, maine back to portland, 21 portsesmouth, even -- portsmouth even the city of boston, marshfield at 34 and plymouth below the freezing mark, cape and islands above that magical 32 degrees, no need to worry about icy patches, a wind creating an additional bite
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at logan airport right now, 16 in worcester as well and 13 lawrence. now we will manage to come up above freezing but it takes in to late morning for most of us, even a little bit longer in worcester county in through southern new hampshire, so high temperatures do top out in the mid to upper 30s, 40s from taunton back down to the cape, satellite and radar pretty quiet but there are clouds and there's some low level moisture even the radar not picking up on, just a little bit of patchy drizzle and mist, even a few snowflakes mixed in, that's why there may be an additional slick spot or couple spots. there's more moisture to our south too, areas of rain through south carolina, back to georgia and alabama, that moisture is going to work northward overnight tonight. notice a little bit of pink showing up here too, so temperatures may be just cold enough to support some sfrezing -- freezing rain, north and west of boston, late this evening in tonight, by tomorrow morning, it's just a leftover rain shower early in the morning, rain shower and then the sun's going
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so because of that thaet, a little bit of -- threat, a little bit of freezing rain, advisory from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 3:00 a.m. overnight for some hazardous travel conditions in these areas, western middlesex county, central and northern worcester county in through most of southern new hampshire, be mindful of the slick spots, because the temperatures dip right around freezing from bedford to worcester back towards the [ indiscernible ] region, 31 manchester tonight, but most of the rest of us from boston to the cape will stay above freezing, high temperatures tomorrow with the sun breaking out do top out above average running in the middle to even upper 40s a little bit breezy so as we ring in the new year, temperatures will dip back to probably right around 32 degrees at midnight as the ball drops, wind chills will be in the 20s, so it could be much colder this time of the year, but you certainly want to be bundled up, new year's day
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40 degrees and that includes for the winter classic at gillette, 1:00 p.m., temperature right around 40 and west wind around seven, 14 miles per hour, check out the accuweather forecast, chilly in the upper 30s, blend of sun and clouds, could be a couple snow flurries on sunday, much colder on monday, only in the 20s and then rebound again on tuesday, traffic again, kathryn. >> yeah, now danielle has been saying it, slick out there just keep that in mind, an accident in rock lin, a drive spun out on route 3 before exit 14 the left lane blocked there, just use caution. one of the nba's biggest star heads to the garden for the last time. >> plus the bees look to snap their losing streak, dan roche has more on your morning sports. >> the winter classic at gillette stadium, a home set with ottawa hosting the senators at the garden, what a game this
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jimmy in front, it's 1-0 boston as he slams it home, later, title one bees in the power play, cruz behind that to steve and snippy move in front, 2-1 boston after one. second period against, matthew gets it under the skin, and he's had it enough, tossed him out like a rag doll, third period, another power play for boston, berge are ron, 4-2 bruins, beautiful, max flies it over to hayes who fires it home his second of the night, 5-3, black and gold, 6-3, 61 seconds later, check out the eye gauging, or that reynoldo or taking him out, hayes completes the hat trick making it a 7-3 game, that's your final snap, their three game losing streak.
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celtics had the night off back in action tonight but kobe bryant's final visit to boston when they come to town, retiring after 19 years in the nba, current celtics players grew up watching kobe, he thomas's idol. >> the best basketball player probably going to be really emotional for him, this is one of the most famous arenas and going to be sad to see him go , but at the same time, if it was the other way around, he wouldn't care if it was your last game, we got to try to get wint and don't let him have the game. >> the patriots had the day off, getting ready for the sunday season finale in miami against the dolphins, a win in the pats secure a top seat in the afc playoffs, i'm dan roche, wbz sports. putting your best foot
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>> the tip that will keep you standing tall for the party. what a year for tom brady, unparalleled success, unparalleled attacks, my theory
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it is 523:23 on your wednesday morning, highs and lows for tom brady. >> this morning, jon keller
5:21 am
to hate number 12. >> reporter: good morning, tom brady expect to do hold his final press conference of the year today and what a year it's been for brady, it began with yet another spectacular clutch performance in the super bowl, cementing his stature as the greatest quarterback of his era. but also with his integrity being questioned by bitter competitors, incompetent league officials and millions of fans of other teams who didn't let the real lack of any evidence determine their jealous loser fantasies, the case against him leapt out of court once and surely will be again next year. but the continuing campaign to defame and belittle brady and his accomplishments raises a question, where is all this hate coming from? after all, as a public it figure over the past 15 years, tom brady has never been less than a first class act. zero arrests, total professionalism on the job,
5:22 am
work and compassionate interactions with fans during off hours. his scandal-free private life appears to involve total commitment to family, what more do people want? there's an old saying of undetermined origin, quote no deed goes unpunished. and i think that helps explain the brady backlash. to the grotesquely imperfect among us, brady's seemingly perfect life and disposition amounts to an intolerable affront. he must somehow be torn down so that they can feel better about their miserable selves. somehow, given what we know about both brady and his worse critics, i don't think that's going to work. share your comments with me via e-mail at or through twitter, @kelleratlarge. >> always a great take from jon. >> yeah. >> hometown sports, yeah, good defense.
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our next half hour, the so-called avenue -- affluenza teen busted. >> how they were able to figure out where he was hiding. and the latest county candidate to end his campaign, good morning, danielle. chilly start, a little of us rung out the door, slick spots, so use caution this morning, let you know when we rise above that magical 32 degree mark when we come back as you take a live look over the mass turnpike, main roads doing all right, careful on the secondary roads,
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right now at 5:30, our first taste of winter causing dangerous conditions on the roads, what you need to know morning. definitely going to be slick spots, temperatures running in the 20s for a lot of us when we rise above freezing. and a man arrested for attacking a plow driver this
5:26 am
>> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> good morning, it is 5:30 right now, on the dot, and welcome back i'm krous -- kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, thank you for being with us on this wednesday, december 30, rolling towards the new year and it feels like winter. >> it does, so cold, saying that all morning. >> so cold in the stud quo too! i've -- studio too, i've got the space heater, this one issue is icy patches, the sidewalks, the driveways, steps, watch your step. >> that careful walk go out and about, the parking lot you've got to be careful. >> absolutely. a lot of the roads and highways are doing okay, but some of the high speed lanes off towards the bumper to the side, that's what we're talking about at least some icy patches, temperatures are below freezing in a lot of communities,
5:27 am
back down to plymouth, sitting below 32 degrees, 31 in plymouth right now, 25 boston, mid 20s in pittsburgh, 22 lawrence, the one exception cape and island, upper 30s to around 40, a lot of clouds around this morning too and these clouds will be stubborn today, it will be gloomy, any light drizzle mixed with a few snow naiks, even td -- snowflakes even having a tough time, the mist intermittently right in the coastlines, temperatures don't rise above freezing, until late morning, even probably 11:00 a.m. for some of us. midday, we should be above freezing though, 35, 40s on cape cod, with partly cloudy skies and staying overcast -- mostly cloudy skies and staying overcast, in the evening drive, with temperatures above 30s, a little ice overnight for us, let you though where, coming up on the road, traffic and weather together, chris. >> thank you, very much, danielle. a check of your maps a lot of green on your screen, coming
5:28 am
it's looking pretty good as well, we want to talk about an earlier spin out, still blocking the left lane on route 3 north in rockland, using caution in that stretch, also seeing the expressway fill in this time as usual you're about 38 miles an hour as you head by furnace parkway up in to town, north of town, 93 south seeing some volume up in the methuen stretch. our top stories two people rushed to the hospital after being hit by a plow in kings boro, happened just before 6:30 in the olive garden parking lot both victims expected to be okay, as of this morning, they've not charged the driver, they don't believe alcohol or drugs played a role. a local insurance ceo under arrest, he pulled a gun on a plow driver when an argument got out of hand. police say michael mccollum and the plow driver came close to
5:29 am
attempt -- attempted to make turns, the attorney says the plow driver struck first and the gun wasn't loaded and he could hear that from the plow driver coming up at 6:00. busted by a pizza delivery in mexico, the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch and his mother expected in the united states today. >> the duo hiding out in puerto puerto vallarta. >> killed four people in a drunk driving crash and then saying he was raised with so much wealth, he didn't understand responsibility. now we're getting a look at the dirt cheap apartment where couch and his mother hid from his probation officer. >> first the two reportedly stayed in this beach resort in puerto vallarta, 200 miles from north texas, fled six weeks ago after this video surfaced, showing couch at a party with
5:30 am
violated his sentence of would years juvenile probation. >> we worked a tremendous amount of leads and saw from interviews they had planned to disappear, that they even had something that was almost akin to a going away party. >> reporter: 18-year-old ethan couch looks very different than he did two years ago when he was first charged in the deadly drunk driving accident. mexican authorities kautd him at -- caught him at an inexpensive apartment, costing about $330 a month, american tourists following the manhunt, began showing up at the apartment. >> i would asoup with the wealth of the -- assume with the family, you would be in a much more affluent, affluenzaic atmosphere than this. >> reporter: confirming a pizza delivery to the condo led investigator to ethan couch and his mother tonia on monday, they didn't put up a fight as authorities took them in to
5:31 am
the couch -- couches are expected back in the states, but only facing four months in jail because he's a minor. the prosecutor says she'll ask for his violation of probation case to be moved to adult court, chris back to you. >> bree thank you for the update. over to campaign 2016, donald trump about to unleash a big ad campaign that cost $2 million a week. >> i'm very proud of the fact that i've spent the least and i had the best result, in other words, you look at a guy like bush, he spent $59 million and he's nowhere. and others likewise have spent millions of dollars and they're nowhere. so i'm proud of the fact -- >> trump says he wants to bring that mindset to the white house, specifically in educating, education spending, rather, the new ad marks a shift in his campaign which until now has spent very little on tv spots. campaign over! republican and former new york governor george pataki ending
5:32 am
making the announcement in new hampshire, it failed to garner steam and never made primetime debate. hillary clinton campaigning in the granite state, took on a host of issues at yesterday's event including gun control. >> we need to prohibit people who are domestic abusers with restraining orders against them from getting guns and we certainly should get the congress to prohibit anyone who's on the no-fly list, the would be terrorists from buying gun in america. >> she also fielded a question from a boy from massachusetts asking about equal pay for his mom. clinton says there's still a problem with the gender wage gap. it is 5:36 right now, still ahead, starbucks breaking down who orders what in different parts of the country. >> the top pick for coffee lovers, right here in the northeast. yesterday's snow turned to sleet then rain, and then froze overnight which might make for a
5:33 am
what you need to look out for on the roads, coming up. and checking in with our weather watchers morning, great to see so many reports coming in of temperatures in the 20s out the door, so definitely want to be aware of slick spots out there, charles says 26 degrees in milton, a little bit of a light glaze on some stuff this morning as well, so low 30s, that magical 32 degree mark, let you know when we rise above it and take you out for new year's eve after the break. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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5:39 on your wednesday morning, google revision of its google glass. and tracking down, jill wagner with your money watch, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, twitter cracking down on hate speech, banning users from promoting violence or threatening people based on race, religion, eths nickity -- ethnicity and that the origin, after isis recruiting. google filed a patent for its next version of the internet-connected eye wear, they look like flames with a screen fleet noeting -- floating above your eye, google may be marketing them as a business tool instead of a product for everyday users. and starbucks crunched the numbers to figure out which are the holiday favorite drinks in different parts of the country, so in california the ice drinks
5:37 am
peppermint mocha, in the midwest they're warming up with caramel brulee lattes which sound delicious and in the northeast, it's all about sophistication, the holiday-spiced flat white is drink. >> i've never had a flat white. >> i know, me neither. >> reporter: two more days, guys. >> two more days, get on it, countdown is on. around here. >> and warm, it thank you, jill. coming up, a look at your traffic and weather together and a look at the day's stories. plus a text proposal, a man pops the question by text message, would you say yes? it's our daily talker. a rocky, wintry start for the 't', all the problems been resolved but coming up, find out
5:38 am
on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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well, you know this scene cape cod is always memorable, especially it you're seeing it from space. >> nasa named this picture of the cape one of its top pictures international space station in june, you can see the rest of nasa's top pictures of the year on our website, >> and i happened to check them out, there are really unbelievable questions but it's cool to see the cape. >> yeah, right there. >> changing color -- there. >> may be a chilly day for them!
5:40 am
if you're in to ice, yeah. just chilly out there and slick in certain spots. >> definitely, watch your spot this morning, take it slow, sidewalkss the driveways, the secondary roadways creating icy spots and there will be a few more again overnight tonight, not for everybody but we'll get to that in a second. decent weather though to welcome 2016, temperatures will be pretty normal, actually a little bit above that and then we get a blast of winter cold that comes in this weekend with temperatures only topping out in the 30s for highs, 20s in fact by the start of next week. speaking of 20s as where we are this morning in a lot of spots so we have all the snow, the sleet, the rain refreeze and temperatures running in the 20s all the way in through central new hampshire, plymouth new hampshire at 24 right now, 26 norwood, 25 boston, it's 32 marshfield so we did have temperatures above freezing now right at that 32 degree mark and may be slick spots that result, temperatures above freezing for
5:41 am
37 in falmouth and chatham, 43 nantucket, most of us rising above the freezing mark but not until late morning, 30 in high, this is pretty normal where we should be for the time of the year, so classic winter day, a little bit gloomy may be a break or two of sunshine but most of the time we're going to be overcast, norwood, taunton and near 50 on nantucket, light drizzle in spots too, the radar having a tough time even picking up on it, low level moisture but you may encounter a couple flurries travelling along route 3 from plymouth rate -- waiting on rain to the south, eastern seaboard to clip us with a little bit of wet weather overnight tonight. in fact, by late this evening, he's scattered rain showers move in, a little bit of pink showing up here, the only spot we're talking about the potential at least for a little bit of light freezing rain during the overnight period, by tomorrow morning, a leftover rain shower,
5:42 am
after that. as the ball drops at midnight, quiet weather all across the northeast, maybe a couple of mountain snow showers, greats for ski country, and on new year's day itself, it looks beautiful with a perfect blend of temperatures running around 40 degrees, from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 3:00 a.m. overnight, we've got a freezing rain advisory for some hazardous travel conditions with some patchy areas of light freezing rain that may result here from central worcester county, through southern ham, it does include western middlesex counties, like pembroke, some spots that result, that's because that's where the temperatures you'll notice drop below the freezing mark tonight. most of the rest of us will be above freezing overnight tonight and tomorrow we have no problem coming up above average, running in the 40s for most of us. now for the ball drop at midnight, ringing in the new year, temperatures in the low 30s, but wind chills are going to be in the 20s for midnight, could be worse.
5:43 am
around 40 to end the week. the weekend a little cooler, sun and clouds, couple flurries around cold starts next week but rebounding again on tuesday, kathryn. all right, danielle, thank you very much, just about 5:48, looks like drivers are following the advice of police, taking it easy out there, so far 93 south moving along at 35 miles an hour, through methuen and it does loosen up toward tukesbury, spin out in rockland, the express lane is slow from the split to east builton square and granite avenue and columbia road. a snow plow driver speaking out after he's attacked. the first case of winter leads to dangerous conditions, top stories this wednesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm susie steimle, live in dorchester along i-93 where we're monitoring road conditions for you, things are moving smoothly so far, but it's worth
5:44 am
as there could be some black ice out there this morning. yesterday snow eventually turned to sleet and then rain and froze overnight, the evening commute tuesday was just as bad as the morning, state police were clearing i-93 and 95 after multiple back ups and accidents last night, state police also reminding people to clear off your cars before you hit the roadways this morning, ice, drifting snow from your car could cost you a $200 fine. live in dorchester, susie steimle, wbz "this morning ". >> reporter: good morning, i'm nicole jacobs live in boston, where trouble with the 't' sparks again on the first day of the snow for winter. i can tell you that officials say it certainly didn't have anything to do with the weather, in fact they say along the blue line, it had more to do with mechanical issues they say it all stalled because crewed had to make immediate tunnel repairs, riders were out in the cold, they were confused and
5:45 am
earlier in the day a bad switch created severe delays on the red line, all of this reminding commuters of major 't' issues last winter, coming up at 6:00, hear from commuters about this very rocky start with winter travel. we're live in boston, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". the ceo of an employee benefits firm in andover is accused of pulling a gun on a plow driver. a neighbor caught pictures of michael mccollum in a confrontation with the plow driver he told list was driving dangerously. the plow driver tells wbz mccollum uses his range rover to block in the plow before whipping out a gun. we'll tell you why that ceo is still in jail this morning and you can hear from the plow driver coming up at 6:00. a close call between the drone and a plane at logan airport on christmas day, the faa says the crew of an air
5:46 am
seeing at 800 feet as the aircraft was coming in at a landing, two miles when they spotted it, the flight landed safely, federal law prohibits drones from flying within five miles of an airport, the faa and massachusetts police kreg veg -- investigating. more about the terror arrests in belgium, the two mean arrested were planning a paris style attack in brussels, targeting police and soldiers in popular areas on new year's eve, seizing propaganda and uniforms during the raid. mark selling out on bail after he was arrested on charges of holding child pornography, searching his home, he played noah puckerman on glee before the show's cancellation earlier this year. another reason to grab that morning cup of coffee, especially before you hit the gym, researchers say they found significant improvements in endurance for people who drank
5:47 am
especially runners and cyclists. also found coffee reduced how intense the workout feels. new year's eve is tomorrow night and we all want to start 2016 on the right foot, so we've got some tips for all the ladies worried about standing in high heels all night at those new year's eve parties, moisturize, that will prevent dry skin, which can be painful and pads on the balls of your feet, take time out and sit down if you're hurting and finally if you want to avoid the stress, wear comfortable shoes. i know you want to look good, but smiemsz, beau -- sometimes, beauty is pain. >> she said it. >> i know, voice of experience! [ laughter ] our daily talker this morning, a man proposing to his girlfriend in text. >> in his defense, he was stranded for more than 50 hours before he popped the question.
5:48 am
ring he picked out and asked his him. >> i've been stranded now in the airport for 50 hours, holiday travel. weather. >> for the record, she said yes say yes? is it okay to text a marriage proposal or is that just, i don't know, going too far? >> here's what you're saying this morning, on saying what i fund fooind -- find more troubling about the sign of the time we know about it, oversharing out of control. you can comment on our daily talker at tweet us with #wbztalker more coming up on the 6:00 hour. >> also another viewer saying if thaez the way -- that's the way he's going to start things, i don't think so. >> stranded for 50 hours makes you do crazy things. >> true. ranking the most sophisticated cities in the country. >> you might be surprised where
5:49 am
with us, you're watching wbz
5:50 am
welcome back, boston keeping it classy. >> yeah, a new survey finds the city comes in second in the nation when it come to sophistication. >> oh! >> 1,000 u.s. adults ranked
5:51 am
it comes to refinement, they define sophistication as intelligence, confidence, and interests in arts and culture, the survey by don pablo coffee also found -- [ laughter ] only one in three americans consider themselves classy. >> i don't know why i started laughing, it was don pablo coffee that did the survey, we'll take it, sophistication, sounds good to me. >> classy, refined. >> stay classy, boston, keep it here on wbz "this morning", top stories straight ahead.
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