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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> that leads us to believe it's going to be a decent sunshine weekend. some clouds and most of the flurries and snow showers across the northern mountains. 38 tomorrow and 42 on sunday. look what it's going to feel
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it'll feel like 10 to 15 degrees and 20s on the cape and you won't believe what it'll feel like tuesday morning. i'll see you in a few minutes. >> that tower, fyi, looks like we have a drone to our right about 700 feet. just saw it a few seconds ago. >> a close call near logan airport. a pilot says a drone flew into the path of the jet before he landed. >> this is a latest in the series of scares that have the faa cracking down on drone users. >> katie brace is live with the story. >> reporter: lisa and liam, this is the second drone spotted in a week. they were popular christmas gifts and they're also becoming a problem. a jet blue crew landing a plane at logan had a distraction, a drone. >> tower, fyi, looks like we have a drone to our right about 700 feet.
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around noon and landed safely. the crew reported the drone was one mile northeast of the airport. under faa rules they must stay 5 miles away from airports and allowed up to 400 feet. >> definitely airport safety. >> reporter: on christmas day a flight landing ton same logan runway reported a drone within the no fly zone and at 800 feet. that flight, too, landed without a problem. >> i've heard bad stuff about that because of interference. >> reporter: the faa now requires owners register their drones. >> accidents, mishaps, controlling air space will become a bigger issue. >> reporter: passengers are wrapping their own heads around the technology. >> a toy. >> i think it's a cool advancement in technology. >> locally not really concerned. yeah, i mean i've seen a few things on the news. >> reporter: the faa receives more than 100 reports each month about drones flying near planes.
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numbers are already adding up. the faa has been notified about both of the incidents and state police are investigating. reporting live at logan airport, katie brace. >> that brings us by the way to our number of the night, 241. that's how many close encounters with drones pilots have reported at airports across the country. boston logan ranked 6th in the nation for those close calls. >> developing right now, state police are investigating a bad accident in essex. two men were hit by a car in front of the ck pro restaurant. there is no word on whether police cited the driver. boston police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. the 29-year-old victim said it happened at 7:00 this morning on an belle street. the man grabbed her and told her he had a weapon and sexually assaulted her. tonight detectives are asking
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if you have tips or information call boston police. robbed and threatened with a needle. a man walked into a convenient store and pulled an unconventional weapon on the clerk. boston police say the robbery caught on camera helped them break open several cases. on christmas eve the suspect walks in the door and right up to the clerk. that item he's pulling out? a hypodermic needle. he jabs it at the clerk and raids the register. >> he's completely scared. >> this man didn't want his face shown. he works at the andrew convenient store and this clerk was quit. he was robbed four times on the job. >> the first three times was a knife and the fourth time with a needle. >> the last robbery did lead to a break. the surveillance video of this man and this woman led boston police to four suspects. they arrested angel bory and
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of their friends on outstanding warrants. as for the store itself the owner decided to close all together at the end of january. they've lost $2,000 in the four robberies and say the area is simply too dangerous. the clerk was not injure in deed that attack caught on camera. boston police say when they caught the suspects they were carrying you bars and a hypodermic needle. authorities believe they were preparing to strike again. four people including two young children remain hospitalized after an atv collision. this story was breaking at this time last night. one of the victims lost his leg in this crash. investigators have not released the victim's names. . in spencer investigators suspect a wood stove sparked this house fire overnight. making matters worse crews had a tough time fighting the fire.
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to the mystery inferno in dubai now. we're getting a new look at the aftermath. the blaze started on the 20th floor and quickly spread up the side of the government. the government says with the exception of a person who died of a heart attack everyone evacuated safely and only minor injuries. there is a massive man hunt in israel for a man that opened fire in a popular bar in tel televev. two people were kill and had seven more were injured. police aren't sure if it was a terrorist attack. we're learning disturbing information about a foiled terror plot in upstate new york. this man was planning to bomb and kidnap people celebrating new year's eve in rochester in order to prove himself to isis.
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isis. to campaign 2016 and this election year started off with a harsh message for donald trump written in the sky. it reads america is great, trump is disgusting. six planes wrote the message over the rose parade in california. the person behind the message remains a mystery tonight. twitter. bill cosby is breaking his silence on social media sending this message to his fans. he tweeted friends and fans thank you. right now he's free on $1 million bail charged with pennsylvania. now to 11, it was a winter classic to remember with an outcome we may want to forget. wrong. >> reporter: it's a question i don't think bruin's fans can answer. it had all the makings of a great day. great atmosphere and a lousy game. this one all montreal.
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hoping to give the home team a lift. already up 2-0 and gallagher wraps one out of midair. boston loses this one by a score of 5-1. it was ugly. as for the patriots they're in miami getting ready for the regular season finale set for sunday. julian edelman will not play on sunday. the initial thought is he'll be back for the playoffs. chandler jones and high tower have been ruled out. more on the pats and winter classic reaction straight ahead in sports. a woman in maine will run this year's boston marathon with a heavy heart and powerful inspiration. lauren explains how the loss of a special friend is fuelling her drive. >> amanda will be running every step with me. >> reporter: nancy is a veteran marathon.
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not the miles or hills but the memories. she'll run for her friend, a fellow labor and delivery friend. >> running for boston was one of her dreams and on her bucket list and something she always wanted to do. >> reporter: now you're going to do it for her? . >> now i'm going to do it for her. >> reporter: amanda was training before christmas on this road in hanson. a car hit amanda and plowed into a utility pole. amanda passed away this week. >> it was actually at her bedside in the hospital and her mom asked if i would take her bib for her and run for her. >> reporter: amanda and nancy hadn't planned. in matter of days the numbers swelled to more than $16,000. much of it from people whose lives amanda touched.
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>> reporter: in labor and delivery she had a special touch with difficult deliveries. she loved her son, it . she loved her son and snuck up to the hospital roof to take pictures. >> it's hard to believe she's gone. >> reporter: a legacy of light she'll channel. >> to be able to run in her memory is probably the biggest honor i've been given in my life and other than being a mom myself but i hope i can do her proud. >> reporter: lauren leamanczyk. now to a daring act, three good samaritans didn't hesitate to help when they spotted a boy trapped and in trouble in an icy pond. neighbors form a human chain to reach the boy and the water was freezing meaning every second counted. >> i decided to just break the
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there and i grabbed him. >> thanks to their quick action, that 9 -year-old boy is doing fine tonight. ringing in the new year with a hero's welcome. this is an unforgettable reunion for families of servicemen and to come home. faces. family members telling us this was the best possible way to ring in the new year. the guards men and women have been in the middle east for the last nine months. a cemetery hit by vandals time and time again. why police say they can almost predict when this will happen. this is a slippery scandal involving the olive garden in your kitchen. why there's a good chance it's fake. the new year bringing new rules. the big changes when it comes to how much you make and what
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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it's becoming an unwelcomed tradition. vandals striking a cemetery around the holidays. >> julie reports these crimes tonight are taking a toll on families. >> reporter: this is the fifth time this cemetery has been hit in five years. but this by far is the worst damage and most of it can't be repaired. . >> it's heartbreaking. i pulled in here expecting to see a couple of stones over and just seeing the carnage everywhere, all i wanted to do was burst into tears. >> reporter: 33 too many stones were toppled dating back to 1751. >> my great great grandmother's was one of them. unfortunately it's one step forward two steps back. we just start to get going and then there's more damage and more. >> reporter: the pleasant hill cemetery in west bridgewater has
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>> memorial day, veteran's day. >> reporter: always on a holiday. >> we're trying to deal with old spray painted stones. >> reporter: vandals targeted it three times in 2015. we were just here this past november. these aren't just stones. they belong to veterans, to parents, to those who loved them the most. >> i don't know what makes people think this is fun. i really don't. >> reporter: police have been patrolling the cemetery on a regular basis and in fact, they were just here on thursday. there are no rules taking affect in states across the country. in california hover board users must use helmets and stay off the road. it bans anyone under 16 from use thing boards. the penalty for breaking the rules $250. workers in massachusetts have an extra reason to celebrate the new year. the minimum wage is $10 an hour
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year when the rate will lock in at $11 an hour. a gun law went into affect in texas. it allows people with a gun permit can carry gun this is plain site. the olive oil in your kitchen could be fake. a new cbs news investigation found italian police seizing tons of fake olive oil from organized crime groups and most was headed to the united states. why? the profit can be much higher than the profit made even from drugs. it's estimated to be a $16 billion enter prize. on 60 minutes, find out what other fine foods are falling prey to gangsters. >> oh, baby. there's no better way to ring in the new year than with a new bundle of year. two babies are first of the year. both of them born two minutes
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this is carmelita born early this morning. first child and the first grandchild in the family. here in boston zoey was born. baby and mom are doing great and they're ready to start off the new year as a family. >> and their parents could look out the window and see the beautiful flakes floating by. >> beautiful baby, weather and beautiful weekend on store. >> yeah, we're in good shape. no 50s and 60s but 38 to 42. that's pretty much on average here. we're going to take a quick look at weather whiplash. last february and december, how about that for this last year 2015? quick look at february. you know what happened in february. every single day below average. month ever. minus 12.7. it was one degree above average and one red square on the 22nd day of the month.
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every day was above average. now it's january and we look at the averages going ahead and moving forward. the average in boston and the high around 36 or 37 every day this month. we gained 50 minutes of daylight and the average snowfall is 13.3 inches. we had a few flakes this evening. got up to 41 in boston before the flakes hit and the western suburbs and in worcester county they got most of the snow. these are the highs across the nation. chilly across the country except in florida. 84 degrees in orlando. where all the serious river flooding is going on along the mississippi and other rivers in the central part of the nation, the air has dried out and nothing happening there. that's good news in terms of additional rainfall. for us snow showers left on the lakes. nothing going on here at all. we take a look at what's going ahead tonight and what's going ahead is clear skies or clearing out.
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most clouds will be poised across the northern and western mountains. once in a while we may see a few patches. that's where the snow squalls start up there late sunday. with the cold weather they have the snow guns running and getting additional help from mother nature with natural snow. for a few snow showers tomorrow and snow showers and snow squalls on sunday. bundle up. it's going to be cold with the winds blowing for the most part between 15 and 25 miles per hour. once in a while there could be a brief gust of 30 in a few spots. that will chill the air and make it look like the upper 30s. low to middle 30s to the north and west and 40 on cape cod and be higher. lower 40s. to mid-40s in the cape to 30s off to the north and west. the first cold shot on sunday
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introducing the coldest air of the season. depending on the wind tro jekt ree we'll have the ocean effect snow showers here on monday afternoon. by the way, it's going to feel like 15 degrees on monday morning but it looks like after that it could feel more like about 5 below zero on tuesday morning as a shot of cold air comes our way. take a look at the 5-day. it looks like 38 to 42 this weekend. reverse the numbers and the that's all. two cold days coming up and back to seasonal weather the middle of next week. the question is will there be a storm next weekend? weekend. >> cliff hanger. out for sunday. >> another player who won't be suiting up when the patriots
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it's like candy cane lane. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. nthe volkswagen sign nthen drive event. p zero due at signing, p p zero down, zero deposit, p p and zero first months payment p p on a new passat nand othernselect models. you kind of figured when bill belichek went and skated --. >> the whole atmosphere with the winter classic was so exciting and then there was the game. dan roche is here with us again. this is one we'll remember but
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>> yeah, a head scratcher. you couldn't ask for a better day. they hosted the eighth annual winter classic. two arch rivals. cloudy, 40 degrees. great energy, goalie masks, fans and everything was great except the bruins. a packed house with over 66,000 on hand to watch the teams meet. the boston pops on hand as were team to take to the ice. finally they did. beautiful ceremony. side by side. this may have been another game in the standings but it didn't feel like one. julian had some good karma wearing that hoody in honor of bill belichek. off the faceoff and canadiens gain control.
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the end of one and the canadiens weren't done >> left side, feeds it and score and the canadiens are up 3-0 now. gallagher went upstairs on tuukka rask. out in front and spooner right side and a great left save. with one tenth of a second to go in the period by far his best of the game. >> bruins showing signs of life. they score with just over 16 minutes left to play. they're down 3-1. montreal takes the winter classic, 5-1 the final. >> extremely disappointing. the stage we were on and were trying to represent a great
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>> um, yeah. it's tough to come here and give you guys an explanation. i don't know what happened. >> they took there and took it. kudos to the bruins for that. they'll try to rebound tuesday. as for the patriots tom brady ready. julian edelman not traveling and the team did practice in south florida but without the following players already out for sunday's game. sebastian volmer, justin coleman, dahntay high tower and chandler jones. patrick says getting a home seed is important but coming out with a victory is priority number one. >> it's just important to win the game. it is helping us with a home field advantage but even if we lose we have to keep winning. we have to get back healthy and
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>> we've got you covered. sunday patriot's game day kicks things off at 11:30. kickoff 1:00 on wbz. after the game flip over for the patriot's fifth quarter post game show. if you'd like to see the playoff game in person a limited number of tickets for the january 16, '17 divisional game, they go on sale monday at 10:00 a.m. through ticket master, not at gillette stadium. it's 2016 and we move from the bruins. the next time gillette stadium will be open, it'll be a playoff game. maybe that'll be a great way to kick off 2016. . >> something to look forward to.
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a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> this video is winning over hearts online tonight. a minnesota man rescued a deer stuck in ice water. >> it's the moments right after the rescue everyone is talking about. the deer was clearly so exhaust and had so happy to be out of the cold water that it stuck around and even let the man take an selfie. he nicknamed the deer mrs. ice river, which clearly she liked. >> yeah, she's looking at him like can i have a blanket? barry updates the forecast, next. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together
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>> not a chance.
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