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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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all right. ready to roll? >> getting there. >> right out of the gate. good morning, e everybody. thank you for being us. i'm carrie along with pamela. i couldn't decide if i was really cold or not this morning l it was one of those weird, still mornings. >> it's cold. it's a little chilly our there. temperatures once again right around the freezing mark. we have a little bit of the
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creating a windchill on top of it. 32 in boston. pretty comparable to the temperatures we had. even lower than the actual temp. feels like 15 degrees. 27 degrees. feeling more like 26 degrees in chatham chatham. for the rest of us mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the upper 30s or lower 40s. tracking some ocean effect snow for some. how much accumulation we could see out of that in just a few minutes. >> we begin with a developing story this morning. if you receive your sunday morning globe it may have been delivered by someone who wrot stories.
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week in the home delivery system, they got together to ensure homeowners would be able be able to have the paper with their morning cup of coffee. >> this is something that the reporters actually raise their hands to do. we wanted to do it. newspaper reports wear many hats. you can add one more to the list, delivery boston. boston globe reporter is joining dozens of her colleagues delivering the sunday paper this weekend. >> you have winners -- veteran -- people who have been there if decades. everybody wants to lend a happened and get the readers their papers. >> it began monday when the globe switched to a new delivery company. some readers getting papers late or not at all. >> there was a crisis, a delivery problem.
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>> everybody just wants the same thing. let's get the papers to the readers. resolve this as quickly as possible so we can go to writing the news and readers can open up the doors and find the paper waiting for them. >> it's working to fix the problems but in the meantime, many report lers be delivering their stories to the readers personally, literally. >> we're going to make sure we get it to the readers so they can enjoy it. our readers are very loyal. we're going to go the next mile. it was an employee thing. globe reporters want to make sure they got the newspaper. that's as simple as it is. >> it's tough to say if this will be a one day experiment or continue. that depends on how quickly the delivery issues can be solved. at the boston globe. >> translator: the globe released this statement
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we expect the process to be improve not instantly by steady and thank our consumer for their patients. new this morning, sad news from northeast university. a student who disappeared in november has been found. the body of 21-year-old dennis gerogy. he was a native of kenya who was studying media art. since his disappearance around thanksgiving they have been putting up fliers and holding vigils to pray for his safe return. it will provide counseling services for grieving students. boston -- great restraint when a man attacked him. the man is seen punching the
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sat in a cruiser at the parking garage. back up officers took the man into custody while he fawghtd with them and yelled you're all doomed. boston police arrested two people. officers saw two cars stopped at spepser and harvard streets early yesterday morning. they observed the occupants get out, walk into a building and return to their cars. they recovered cash, crack cocaine and marijuana. people in a neighborhood are on edge after she told police she was sexually assaulted. >> very scary to me. like -- it just makes me not want to be in this area. >> a brazen sexual assault has people very concerned for the safety. >> i'll definitely have to be carefully about that.
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a year ago and it's always quiet. everybody's friendly and everything. >> they're looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in the area of this busy intersection. >> you can see everything. >> move outside of boston. >> police say the assault happened early friday morning. the 29-year-old female said someone approached her from behind, told her he had a weapon, sexually assaulted her and ran away. >> it's very sad, very sad. >> the suspect is on the loose. a black man with a goatee and a pink shirt underneath. >> oh, no. no, i don't like that. i really have to be cautious. >> they warning residents to be extra vigilant. >> see if anyone's following me. >> just keep my phone on me. be vigilant around me. check every area.
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>> they need to crack down and maybe more searches. glarchlts -- a missing hiker has been found. resident curs used infrared to -- down in warm miami. a win means the patriots would play off of their playoffs game at gillet stadium. that's the good news. the tight end says he knows the dolphins will be ready for the else.
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well. just watch them on film. they're not giving up. they're playing hard. competitive. everybody's got talent in this league. we have to be prepared, be ready and go do what we got to do and execute as a team. go out there and get that win. get ready for the game with patriots game day where you can see more of that one on one with bronc. it was a powerball jackpot everyone was talking about. $334million guaranteeing the winner a lifetime of saturdays but no one matched -- i told him to leave me a note if we won.
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so next wednesday's estimated jackpot will be $400 million million. no worries. the water's in the midwest continue to rise. record-high waters on the move in the midwest. what's being done to protect people in the path. and the move be the saudi arabian government that has sparked protest all around the world. and the dangerous move by one man to save the life of a very cold deer. and we gaveout powerball numbers. here's the rest of the winning lottery numbers. you never know. maybe you hit one of these. be right back.
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cold temperatures once again as you head out the door. a few clouds pass through in the forecast today. it's going to be another blustery day. with the wind from the west. that's not bad dpierd what we have in store for monday and tuesday. high temperatures in the 20s and a chance for some snow. i'll explain that and how the hour-by-hour timing coming up in just a bit. >> all right. thank you so much. it is 5:13 now. there have been human rights protests taking place all across the place. saudi arabia's decision to execute 47 prisoners. johnathan reports a popular -- >> all 47 men killed in the mass execution were members of al qaeda including prominent cleric. but the charismatic leaders was
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new of the death sparked a wave of protests across the region. protests turned violent as police fired tear gas. both men and women took to the street chanting. iran used their state-run news to condemn the death. >> despite the national cause for his release. after demanding more rights for the shiite majority. >> iran's foreign ministers says it will cost them dearly. more protests are already scheduled in iran and several other countries. cbs news, london. 5:14. fenway park has you never seen it before.
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the ballpark. wait until you hear what it's made from. older today? is it your birthday? well, happy birthday. with. michael schumacher is 47. mel gibson is 60 and steven stills is still loving the one he's with at the age of 71. if it's your birthday, happy birthday to you on this january 3rd.
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hancock place are also on display end the end of march. that's unbelievable. >> that's quite a project. >> can you imagine? talk about having a steady hand and the creativity behind that. that's incredible. >> try making a pop sickle stick house and it didn't work. >> i couldn't make a pop sickle stick man.
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we're chilly out there this morning. it's reality now. >> nothing like what -- >> i know you sound like me. we need more coffee. >> nothing like what we will experience monday and tuesday. now i can put a sentence together here. >> we have 20 nz the forecast for a high temperature to start the workweek. look up at the sky. 6:26 this morning. the international space station will slide by. it's a very cool sight. it looks like a bright, bright airplane but it's the space station. so cool thing to see. 6:26:00 a.m. that occurs. i'll have another reminder later in the show too. boston 32 degrees. a mostly clear skies here. light breeze from the southwest at 12. making it feel a little bit colder than the actual
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all spots here. booster is the cold spot. to mid-40s. not a bad forecast. boston 43 degrees. and lows tonight back into the 20s with a lot of locations to the north and west. night for us. notice these high temperatures will look like our lows. lower than the lows we've had the last several days here. 27 boston, 28 -- slighter milder for us. hour by hour forecast a chance for snow tomorrow. ocean effect snow showers are likely along the islands but 8:00 p.m. in the hour by hour. we'll be dealing with a couple of snow squalls there. wind direction changes coming off the warmer ocean water and that will help to lift up some
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the lines of heavier snow showers will line up once we get past monday afternoon and still going to be maybe touching cape ann but the cape and islands here to the southeastern parts of massachusetts. not get the heaviest snow amounts but it depends on where the snow band is set up. stay tuned. plymouth county. we have highs on monday in the 20s. it's actually going to feel look the single digits and lower teens. so far this season for this winter. 5:00 a.m. temperatures feeling like around zero and tuesday afternoon as temperatures will be in the 20s tuesday. enjoy it while you can. 26 monday, 22 on tuesday and back to the 40s wednesday,
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>> thank you so much. as our weather is taking a turn towards the cold. massive flooding continues in the midwest. the water is receding in some areas allowing the clean up to begin. in other places the waters continue to rise. >> the mississippi river is hitting record high levels in the state of missouri. but the giant flood wall that protects the stiff cape girardo is holding. the water cannot be stopped. have they ever seen 50 feet >> no. this is the most we've ever seen. >> we took a ride with public works director steven cooke and submerged. water street took on a whole new meeting. it was devastated by the great flood of 1993. afterwards most people in the flood-prone area took a government buyout and left.
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1993. >> on the other side illinois governor says hundreds of homes in his state are under water. they're urging people in areas to not take any chances and leave. >> a flood in the winter comrks is obviously very rare, very different than the summer flood when it's 80 degrees outside. because hypothermia is a big risk. >> it continues to recede in st. louis and major roadways are open again but the high water is heading south and people are getting ready. cbs news, cape girardo, missouri. >> the steps one man took to
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a minnesota man was driving home when he saw something bobbing up and down in a river. the teacher at the michigan school for the deaf knew he needed to act fast. he pushed a log out toward the deer and inch out on his hands and knees. he pulled him to safety. he waited with the animal for an hour to make sure it was okay before the deer headed back into the woods.
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experts do say what steve did was clearly very dangerous and you should always call authorities if you come across the situation with an animal stuck on the ice. wow. good job. donald trump criticized hillary clinton. the group using video of trump
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it's 5:30 on this january 3rd. we're certainly glad you're waking up with us nice and early. it's going to be cold if you're headed out there this morning. winter is here. >> what we'll have monday or tuesday. >> they're going to be. >> very, very cold monday morning and tuesday morning. i'll get to that. right now it's very chilly. we have temperatures right around freezing. here's a live look. we still have the christmas lights up. why not? year. we? we don't have much going on usually. it's the cold wintry months here and good news is we don't have any big snowstorms.
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around freezing for most spots. down to 26 degrees and feels slightly colder. feels more like 23 crazy in boston. windchill will be a factor the next several days. satellite and radar picture show mostly -- a couple flurries moving into higher elevations were mostly clear skies with boston and -- high of 42 degrees this afternoon. a little bit of a wind sticking it around making it feel quite brisk. not as cold as monday and tuesday. how cold? that's coming up in 10 to 15 minutes or so. >> all right. thank you. right now a quick check of the top stories. the people who report for the boston globe may have delivered your paper this morning. they changed its home delivery service and there's been major problems. many have gone days so 200 reporters and editors pitched
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to the doorstep of its loyal readers. they're worried -- the woman was able to get away from her attacker. they are looking for a black man about 25 years old with a cogoens -- goatee. attacked on camera. the clash happened outside a parking garage on new year's eve. the officer was sitting in a cruiser in the parking garage. police are commending their officer who showed great restraint during the i tack. a connecticut man will be in court after a pile of weapons was found in his car. >> it is a frightening find. inside a car at gillette stadium. even a stun gun piled into a
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employee parking lot. the owner was acting suspicious searches picialsly so they searched his car and made the discovery. he was kicked out of the best value in on route 1. he does not work at gillette and they don't believe he was trying to get to the game but he was making threatening comments to people in the lots. she was charged with three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and illegal possession of that stun dpun. he's been in trouble before. he was arrested in 2004 in connecticut after a hours-long standoff. police tried to serve an outstanding warrant. he's behind bars this morning. now to campaign 2016, hillary clinton made -- during the democratic debate and donald trump called her a liar but now terrorists are using
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>> muslims of the west, take heed and learn from the lessons of history. >> in a new video an al qaeda group is using clips of donald trump calling for a ban of muslims entering the u.s. the video also features clips of a cleric killed in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. meanwhile donald trump is coming to massachusetts. the republican presidential front runner will be at umass lowell groups like black lives matter have said they'll -- they'll efns free speech zones outside of the arena for people to demonstrate. bernie sanders drew large crowds yesterday. the hopeful addressed supported at a rally last night in wooster. blipped will return to the state where he was dubbed the comeback kid in his first
5:28 am
mr. clinton will appear at events. he's hoping to boost hillary clinton's prospects before new hampshire's february 9th primary. hillary clinton has been running neck and neck with bernie sanders in the granite state poll. they're making a resolution to raise $46 million for dana farber institute. the biggest weekend of the year for health clubs and gite -- technically the club by -- a week long fundraiser for the challenge. >> just can't raise enough money for cancer research. it's a reality. the sooner we get the money,
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>> it's accomplished every summer with thousands pedaling across the state. bringing the bikes indoors is a >> a beautiful thing. get in and get on a bike and night. >> they led our lisa hughes in an hour-long ride. yours truly raised the funds although that part took help. but the real stars are the many gyms and cycling studios that pitched in to make the resolution work. >> we have instructions, bikes from other gyms, everybody's like putting everything aside to come together. >> a success city counselor says we can all learn from. >> we can come back and keep
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that we need to work together. >> >> and they will be riding again today. head to our website. to find info on the resolution and how you can participate. they have a tough time at the garden. meet the twins born on different dates in different years. as we head to break, another quick check of our weather forecast. pretty chilly out there this morning. pamela has the full forecast for you though coming up.
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switches to -- >> comes through this time on a nice little three-point play. >> the celtics would battle back. they get the steal ahead to jake for the lay in and the foul but time was running out. let's go to 11 seconds left. they force another turnover. needing a three. they move the ball around. he'll bounce it over into the corner and open three but it doesn't fall. no good. celtics lose a tough one 100-97 the final. >> we've just been really passive. to be candid and, you know, the -- i've got to reassess things.
5:32 am
i've got to hold guys accountable at a higher level. we're not playing as well as we think we are. >> college hoop bc hosting duke and they'll come up with the steal and the layup. a team-high 19 points for the senior guard. they had an early 6-point lead but duke can go on big runs. allen with the steal, jam and the hard foul. the 13-point lead at the break and the eagles couldn't close the gap. a steal late. but duke wins by 178 -- 81-64 is the final. all out for this afternoon's regular season finale. one of the captains says the
5:33 am
group is a special one indeed. >> as teammates that we're invested in one one another as mep and it's something we've done a good job of around here. it's bigger than just being coworkers. i think we see ourselves as family. >> and we've got you covered. don't forget start your sunday, more on that in a moment. after the game, flip over to my tv38. an interview of the program and steve asked him and caught up with him as he came off the practice field on a which willly wednesday. >> just came right from practice. >> yeah. >> i don't think i can feel my fingers and tom loves when it's cold out to throw the ball to see us suffer. i'm not lying. he does it on purpose. and then he laughs if we drop it. [ laughter ] >> fun practices with tom brady. of course the big story the patriots and the dolphins.
5:34 am
game day, 1:30. coming up. don't forget that as well. wbz sports. >> all right. thank you. well, people thinking and stress now floating away their worries. the rising popularity. >> we have a chilly but clear start to the day. temperatures right around freezing and we're on the way to a high of 42 degrees with a blustery wind from the west. this is nothing compared to what -- a big arctic chill on way. how cold we will be. >> >> -- which have the highest reported temperature in boston. memorial day, b the fourth of july, c, labor day on d christmas eve.
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who could forget this? the rocket last seen plummeting toward earth before making a dramatic upright landing. billionaire posted that the rocket was not damaged during be reused. there's no word yet on when it could relaunch. and pamela's here now with a look at the cold forecast but monday, tuesday, kids headed back to school.
5:37 am
>> all the layers. the hats, the scarves. temperatures will be in the 20s for highs monday and tuesday and we're tracking a chance of snow for some. in just a minute or two, live look at boston and we have a dry start to the day. temperatures are running on the chilly side. we're in the 30s. again, nothing like monday or tuesday but it is kind of cold compared to what we've had basically the whole month of december. this feels a little shocking to the system. 23 degrees too. but a light breeze from the southwest at 12 miles an hour. the wind will stick around all day just like yesterday. a blustery forecast this afternoon as well. 26 degrees. 33 degrees. we're 31 degrees in lawrence. hour by hour forecast temperatures will stay in the 30s for much of this morning until we get into the afternoon then we'll start to see
5:38 am
stay there for 1:00 as well. highs elsewhere low to mid-40s. some upper 30s to the north and west. pretty mild day compared to what we have coming up. overnight partly cloudy. and bitter cold. 24 degrees. you'll notice the wind now coming from the northwest. helping to funnel in some colder temperatures too. and highs tomorrow, only in the upper 20s for almost everyone. boston 27 -- 27 norwood. hour by hour -- 2:00 p.m. i want to start you off here. we will see some snow showers. some good stuff there. quick one to two inches of the accumulation. overnight tonight to -- wind direction change coming off the warmer ocean water.
5:39 am
snow squalls for the islands. this means a quick accumulation is expected from 1 to 3 inches of showers. we don't get anything here. it's all ocean effectful through tuesday night, we'll keep the flurries on the well. here's the best chance for dealing with that ocean effect snow on monday. mainly look the coastline here. that's where we'll expect those higher snowfall amounts. again, 1 to 3-inch range. high temps will be in the 20s with your real feel temps in the lower teens. tuesday morning is the coldest morning of the week but temperatures feeling more like around zero. high temperatures during the
5:40 am
feeling more like the teens. enjoy the warmth while you can. returning to the low 40s for the rest of next week. weather trivia time. first question of the morning of the following, which had the highest recorded temperature in boston in 2015 only? with which had the highest temperature. >> i want to say christmas eve. but oh, i'm going to go for it. >> it's labor day. labor day with 93. >> it was 93? >> christmas eve 69 degrees and some cooler temperatures. >> yeah. >> hot. >> thank you, pamela. >> well, instant stress relief is hard to find they're trying pain away. does it really work? here's katherine hauser.
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place to get into and unwind most of these things. >> this is flue -- the water temperatures between 93.5. the term for is -- sort of state we're going for it. get your skin receptors to be neutral. >> they're usually enclosed and completely dark with the intention of taking away all senses. >> it's a force meditation. there's nothing to do so you're just sort of there and you're present. >> they use this for stress relief or pain management. >> a lot of people like to post- float effects than the float itself. >> after a float i feel a lot calmer and that lasts a through hours throughout the day.
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>> it isn't known what the long- term effects are or how to compares to other kinds of relaxation techniques. >> a long-term solution for constant stress. >> if you like it and it feels good and you can afford it financially, it might be a good thing to do but it doesn't deal with the root cause and all of us need more skills to process our emotions even when we're really stressed but the studies are small. and scientists say larger trials are still needed. the popularity is soaring. hundreds have opened up across the u.s. i'm katherine hauzer. interesting. >> well, they are as unique set of twins. they do not share the same
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jalin was born on new year's eve at 11:59 but her brother decided not to make his appearance until 12:01. they weren't expected them for another month. clearly they had other plans an exciting special delivery. both babies are happy and healthy. and boy, what parties they'll have on new year's eve. much more to come in the next hour. the new home delivery system. what reporter and editors have done to make sure you get the paper this morning. meet the man who's making a
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