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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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carry coiling to the end of the -- away from the doors. i stuck my head out to see what was going on and i could see there was a body near the train. >> i heard a shot. it sounded like i heard two more shots. a couple of ladies came on to our car crying. >> i heard a second shot actually. it -- he wondered over and then slumped down on the right side of the station and then the third individual looked at our train and we didn't know if he was going to come in our direction. he kind of looked at us then ran up the stairs. >> that passenger was shaken up when he spoke to us. he didn't know if this was a mass shooting or a terrorist incident. he said other passengers were the same kind of cowering do. police say none of the injuries were life threatening. they are looking for a male
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we are told all the trains are back up and running. that's the latest from maverick station, christina hager. dave and lisa, back to you. >> also brooking at this hour, a guilty verdict in a horrific crash on the or bore way in paralyzed. >> reporter: 20-year-old nikolas papadopoulos has been found guilty of negligent operation. he was 18 when he crashed into a pickup truck critically injuring two people including a teenage passenger. prosecutors argued that he was speeding on the or bore way in september of 2013 reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour when he lost control of his suff, clipped the median and slammed head on into a pickup truck. the man in the truck, a young father, who suffered a traumatic brain injury. a teenager passenger in papadopoulos's suff was paralyzed.
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another vehicle may have causeed the accident. the gart rei found papadopoulos guilty. he initially pled guilty a few years ago. he withdraw the plea after a judge sentenced him to two years in prison which is the maximum. he will face the same judge for sentencing february 3rd. breaking tonight, a florida court ruled it will not hear former fbi agent john connolly's appeal. he is facing charges for killing a gaming officer. connelly look likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. extreme cold. with the wind it is unbearable outside. >> if today's weather doesn't give you a chill, the weekend forecast might. we are closely watching and waiting to see what saturday's storm might bring us. we are talking about the potential for significant
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>> first we had to get through today. so cold and windy. you felt it. a few ski areas in new hampshire had to close because the conditions were too dangerous on the ski lifts. let's get to our chief meteorologist eric fisher keeping a close eye on this. >> it's not fun. a carbon copy of last evening. 50 miles per hour on the cape. south boston gusting to 47. nantucket 47 miles per hour. they continue across the region tonight. recent gusts 30 to 45 miles per hour. winds stay with us throughout the overnight hours. lots of layers if you are heading outside. same advice as last night. make sure the pets are note out for too long. wind advisories are up a little longer until 7:00 p.m. winds dial back a little bit but cold enough to create real feel temperatures in the single digits. lower teens overnight. cold wintry evening. as it pertains to the storm
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weekend it moved ashore in the united states. this energy is coming into the west coast. that's what we will watch. by friday it's developing in the southeast toward the mid- atlantic coast. wraps up on saturday to the mid- atlantic. that we are confident. blizzard conditions in the mid- atlantic. we are on the northern periphery. as it moves up and by there will be a sharp evening between who gets a bunch of snow and who gets no snow at all and how much wind we see and in turn coastal flooding. looks like this will be arriving saturday afternoon. we will talk about the possibilities and where we may see the biggest snow totals in >> interesting. thank you. with the potential for a big storm this weekend, people that live on the south shore or working to of a -- are working to avoid a repeat of this. storms caused flooding in marshfield and situate.
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a massive one that they started building over three years ago. you can see how fantastic it is. it held up through the last two winters. we know what the last two were like. the question is, what about the other sea walls that they have rebuild over the past summer. that's the big question. maybe according to eric, we will find out how good of a job they did this weekend. coming. the sound echoing through boat yards in eastern mass. >> always the ocean. never the show. snow no big deal. the ocean, that is a big deal. >> reporter: ed mcnabb lived in 1981. the house itself with since 1909. >> it won't be '78. storm.
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we get a couple every winter. >> reporter: situate and marshfield spent tons of money building new walls and some homeowners invested money in preparation for another onslaught of winter. this weekend's storm, a lunar high tide at the same time about nine feet. >> i have seen plenty before. unless the moon hits the seawall, we will be here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i like his attitude. i know everyone in the weather department are really sharp people. but, eric, how do you know if a storm is off the coast of alaska will be here this weekend and hit situate? i want to know. tell me it's not true. back to you guys. >> thanks. you can get the latest on the weekend storm any time with the cbs boston weather app free in the google or apple app stores.
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more and more bomb threats being made. between friday and today 22 schools received the threats forcing students to evacuate and police to respond. the threats may be a hoax but they come at a real cost. in newton they had a threat police had enough. we hope we have brie. there you are. this. back in the day, the media and police didn't give bomb threats a lot of attention because you didn't want to give whoever was making the threats any kind of satisfaction. when you are talking dozens of communities over two consecutive school days, police say it's a difficult balance between safety and preventing students. at arlington high school, the bomb-sniffing dogs and large police presence was something students couldn't ignore. >> freaks us out.
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evacuated and then dismissed in just this town. across the commonwealth, more than a dozen, seemingly random threats. >> backpacks would explode in the school and any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. >> last friday the same story. similar messages left for school offices across the state. >> schools have an incredible responsibility. >> reporter: the massachusetts association of school superintendents said he never has seen a wave of threats in the 45 years of education. >> the calls i get from superintendents, they are exasperated. how do we stop this. >> reporter: that is an answer that they don't have yet. social media and the ease of sending a threat coupled with a security anxious public is part of the equation. the ripple effect is something that the community needs to confront. >> it has forced us to spend extraordinary amount of time
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protocols and working with police and fire. >> reporter: state police, state fire marshall and the fusion cerne is coordinating this in conjunction with the fbi as they investigate. they want to remind the public that there is a severe penalty for calling in a bomb threat, 20 years in prison and potentially a $50,000 fine. lisa, back to you. >> thank you, bree. a deadly bus crash in northern california. you see the bus teeter -- teetering. two women in the greyhound bus were killed when it overturned this morning in san jose. at lowest eight other people were rushed to the hospital. at last check five were in critical condition. police say the bus was changing lanes when it rolled on to the cerne divider on highway 101. conditions were rainy at the time and passengers say they
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>> we heard a loud scraping seconds. >> and then? >> then when we got out to the bus we realized the bus was seesawing on the median. >> the cause of the crash is investigation. one passenger says the driver appeared to be asleep. police say the driver was taken to the hospital and will be tested for alcohol and drugs. no trial date was set for the double murder trial of aaron hernandez. he was not in court when the judge postponed setting a date. he is accused of killing two men outside of a boston nightclub in 2012. et cetera serving a life sentence for killing odin lloyd. when the patriots took on the broncos, it didn't end the way pats fans would have hoped but a lot has changed since then. levan reid is here. that starts with the quarterbacks. >> reporter: the pats are going into denver for the afc championship game.
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the broncos gave new england the first loss of the season but sunday, super bowl l is on the line. tom brady and the bunch trending up. peyton manning and crew not trending at all. the pats offense is finding its mojo. julian edelman didn't play in the first one. also whened pats lost in denver, rob gronkowski left with a knee injury. having gronk available might have changed the outcome of that day. on saturday big 87 beat up the chiefs for two touchdowns and another reason why the pats should win and i can't believe i'm saying this, peyton manning will be playing quarterback for denver. he missed the november contest
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manning is much less mobile and half the arm strength. the pats should be able to contain him. we have news in from foxborough. jerod hurt his shoulder. pats placed him on ir. he is done for the season. >> hate to hear that. thank you. before the patriots get to denver, we will be there. live coverage from denver starts tomorrow night. dan roche, steve about your ton and kate merrill will be there. we will have a two-hour edition of patriots game day. still to come our changes coming to the oscars. >> up next, boycotts over the all white acting nominations may be forcing action. >> we are in for one spectacular and rare show in the sky. how you will be able to catch a glimpse.
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what we learned about an impersonator who police say put
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the makeup of the group that votes on the oscars could be changing. >> the academy president is calling for change.
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>> reporter: the president of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences is promising more diversity. >> we are all disappointed. last thursday was a. >> bit of a shock. >> cheryl boone isaacs wrote of the nominees, i am heartbroken and frustrated by the lack of inclusion. her response comes amid calls for a boycott of the academy awards. actress jada pinkett smith will sit out the ceremony. >> begging for acknowledgement or even asking diminishes dignity. >> reporter: spike lee also plans to sit out. in november he was given an honorary oscar at the governor's awards. monday in an instagram post he wrote as i see it, the academy awards is not where the real battle is.
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the hollywood studios, tv and cable networks. oscar nominees are chosen by a 692 member voting body. the receive vin new from overnight is -- >> when we can't see what is going on in the cinema there is something wrong. >> reporter: the academy says it is taking dramatic steps to alter the membership. >> reporter: chris rock is now facing pressure to bow out. in a tweet he poked at the bet awards. david? >> i can't wait to see what his monologue will sound like. thank you so much. this will be an out of this world site. coming to the skis near us you will be able to see five planets aligned together in the
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the best viewing time is about 45 minutes before sunrise. tomorrow that is at 7:08. be out there about 6:15. you can see mercury, venus, sad turn, bars until february the 10th. >> unless your eyes freeze standing out there and you can't see anything. >> you have a few weeks. wait until a warmer morning. >> this is nasty. >> it's not fun. not nice. >> not nice. >> winter in midseason form. as the wind pushes the powdery snow, you get a little exfoliation going on. >> a little glow. >> 25 degrees is the high temperature in boston. below freezing since 7:00 on sunday. that streak should go on through the workweek. coldest stretch since february of last year. i was looking back through last february. it was a cold month last february. we had a third of the days
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imagine that. today was uncomfortable. 18 in worcester. 22 norwood and plymouth. the wind, it's always about the wind. we will see gusts into tonight. they will die down a little bit compared to what we are seeing. we have been in the 40 to 50 miles per hour range. tomorrow with mostly in the 20 to 35 miles per hour range. we are dealing with wind. it won't be as strong. you will notice it and it will add chill to the air as we head into wednesday. feels like temperatures in the single digits. we will live up until tomorrow morning. most of the day tomorrow, windchill in the teens. a lot of layers again. not quite as cold as today. we will still feel it and a wintry day outside. low temps, a couple of single digits. mostly in the low to middle teens. then tomorrow morning a cold start. real feel in the single digits. wind out of the west-northwest. we will see temperatures
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instead of the teens and 20s, highs tomorrow, 30 boston. 31 taunton. manchester up around 29. the rest of this week, no weather issues. a couple of flurries possible wednesday night as the system dives to the south. bright, breezy, cold on thursday. bright and chilly friday and then we watch this developing storm system. looking at the temperature trend, average high is 35. just below that through the upcoming weekend. we continue to see a chilly stretch. let's talk about the storm system. high confidence a major storm develops. that will happen. not a storm that maybe it will happen and maybe it won't. atlantic coastline. saturday morning east of norfolk, virginia. after that the confidence goes down. this is a class sick snowstorm set up. strong area of high pressure to the north. president high can nudge the -- the high can nudge the storm system a little bit.
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first snow saturday, likely toward the afternoon when it starts to move in. the peak of it would be saturday night into sunday morning. i want to outline where the highest confidence of the big snow totals down to philly, d.c., virginia and west virginia. there will be travel disruption friday and saturday. canceled flights and issues. we are in the snow zone. a probability of plowable snow. high risk cape and islands. the risk is on the moderate boston to the pike. a sharp cut off. the best chance of significant snow strongest winds to the south and east. lowest in new hampshire. we will refine it the next couple of days. we can talk about totals tomorrow or the latest thursday morning. acquisition seven-day forecast, dry through friday into saturday. mainly afternoon into sunday we are tracking the storm.
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hour. >> we will watch. thank you so much. preparations are underway at boston sim phone thy hall because the mayor will give the tonight. he is expected to focus on schools and the economic plan for the new year. he calls it a year of action. see the speech live on wbz at 7:30 on channel 4. david in celebration of celebrating the legacy of martin luther king junior. bringham and young women's they brought together the i have a dream speech. king fought for civil rights for the poor and a better world.
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in person could watch the first graders on the webcast. still to come, we use them to project our perm information. >> but we may not be doing a good job. tonight we will show you the list of the most popular passwords of last year. you won't believe it. >> a little fun with tom brady and julian edelman calling each other out on social media. >> new at 6:00, hop on board.
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jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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this was the play that had patriots fans excited and nervous saturday. tom brady running to the end zone diving for the pylon then whacked by the chiefs. the hurt didn't hurt brady's sense of humor. he posted a picture on facebook. in the background you will see his arm. how about a little less flexing and more blocking next time. but the small craft advisory savvy he had letter mon responded on his facebook page saying my bad, tom brady. usually when i dive for the pylon it counts for a touchdown. love you, bud. so, their bromance continues. >> good thing they are so good. brady shares the cover of the "sports illustrated" with
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it stars the -- it shows the star qbs. sunday they face for the 17th time. with manning's future uncertain the caption reads the last tango. it can be unlucky but with manning and peyton both pictured bad luck has to be neutralized. do you look like julian edelman? if so you could win a helmet. strike your best edelman pose like the muscles flexed and take a picture, send it to the hall for information or go to our web site cbs if you ever occurs k cursed -- cursed bags under your eye, don't hide them. it's a new fashion craze. >> a drinking water disaster. toxic levels of led.
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