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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you happy now? yodels! in your stomach. ooh. [music out] right now at 4:30 tracking our weekend storm. impressive on the satellite and radar i will have the latest timeline and expected accumulation. >> a wild ride in cambridge. how an suv ended up crashing into a indoor school. >> a school district on alert. the latest bomb threat and extra security in place. >> patriots heading west. what the team has planned before taking off for denver. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody it's friday, happy friday to you 4:30 right now i am kathryn
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>> i am chris mckinnon we made it to the end of the week but a state of emergency in five states and washington, d.c. as the weekend storm nor'easter gets going. >> thousands of flights are canceled and mass transit is set to shut down tonight. the federal government closing offices at noon and nonemergency workers are being told to stay home. danielle has been tracking this for us all week long including the impact here at home in massachusetts. hey danielle. >> you guys as a meteorologist looking at this satellite and radar picture, you geek out a little bit because look at the snow expanding on the northern side of the storm. this is an oppressive shot. we have thunderstorms down across the florida panhandle. we have got snow and ice expanding across north carolina and now coming into virginia and this is our storm. it's going redevelop off the carolina coastline. and move in our direction by the time we get to tomorrow. what does it mean is in the mid- atlantic will get blasted. major travel disruption from new york through charlotte north carolina.
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impact for southern new england is along the south coast and cape in terms of any of the steadiest snow and gusty winds. we are watching the coastline because of the full moon meaning we have astronomical high tides so the rough seas lead to minor coastal flooding for saturday night and sunday morning's high tide. hour by hour the snow is into new york.
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and was plotting against north korea. student's name has not been released. sad news this morning 12 missing marines including hingham native corporal chrisfor -- christopher orhando have been declared dead. don't mess with marie. a clerk fights off a armed robbery in brockton maria alves says when man in a hoodie threatened her with a knife and she grabbed the wooden club and look at this and hit him once and sent him running. she says she won't be scared away from her business but shewon't hold a grudge either. >> i hope they get him help.
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>> police are using the surveillance video to track down the suspect. this is the second time someone has tried to rob her store. several police officers hurt following a chase in walpole. the injuries are minor. police say a man robbed a store in south norwood when they tried to stop the car the driver took op they cornered him and arrested him. he faces several charges. governor bakeer is getting good reviews for the first state of the commonwealth address. >> as we end the first term some lamented how boring we are. i must admit that makes me smile. no fights. no yelling. no partisan strums. >> the governor praised state law makeers from both parties for working with his administration on common goals like fixing the mbta but his priority this year could be controversial. the governor wants to lift the
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something that the state teachers union opposes. and encourage utilities to use more hydro electric power from canada. patriots are packed up and flying off to denver this afternoon leaving early to beat saturday's storm. pats will hold one more practice today perfect attendance on the field yesterday as the team worked outside in the cold. a win over the broncos puts tom brady in position to be the first qb in history to win 5 super bowl rings. he's one of the most accomplished athletes in boston sports history but brady says he still has a way to go. >> i think i am still in the middle of things so i. still feel like i have a lot more football left so i don't think about those things too often. >> this morning we are giving you a rare look at the action taking place behind the scenes right now for the weekend's afc championship game. kate merrill is in denver to show us what goes on in those game day broadcasts. >> brady delivery. touchdown. >> reporter: what you see on your tv when the pats take the
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>> all the game cameras replays everything, come through mike's board. >> reporter: deep inside the stadium at mile high in denver inside the trucks is the heart of the afc operation. a crew bigger than any football team gearing up to bring you every play every single sound. >> probably about 30. 36 microphones or so that i am taking in here. >> reporter: this is the mobile cbs sports broadcasting operations the scene you won't see on the tv. >> flash cameras. >> reporter: ken is the bill belichick and here the moto is the same, do your job so the fans can see the pats do theirs. >> right now, this is the time for us to cross the t and dot the i. >> reporter: they have the control room complete with dozens of screens for directors and operators. in another truck the audio is captured. >> jim nance bill simms. >> reporter: for agar it's his super bowl sunday.
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particular, your heartbeats a little faster. >> reporter: so much to do a lot could go wrong but for this veteran cbs team, success here depends on only one thing. >> one the game is good provide everything that is needed to the producer and directors and you know for phil and jim to be able to put on the best game. >> reporter: and the crews tell me the favorite part of the game on sunday will be the extra pileon cameras in the end zone to give you an even better view of those plays. they say it will be bet attorney sitting on your couch at home watching the game than here in denver in the stadium. we are in denver this morning kate merrill wbz this morning. >> and if you are on your couch in boston wbz is your patriots stays. stay with us-- station. stay with us sunday for two hour edition of game day kick off at 3 after the game, join us for the 5th quarter post game show live on wbz and my tv38. >> i am so excited and it's so neat to see behind the scenes
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the scenes to make this happen but it's incredible. >> and the pileon cameras. >> yeah i know. >> it's going to be cool. >> going to be good. coming up on wbz this morning it could be a dark day ahead for a boston landmark. >> the c i to -- citgo sign may be out of business. >> important recall for parents this morning.
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welcome back. facebook is becoming a football fan this weekend and target is visiting the customers at home. >> plus a big recall of infant car seats and strollers. hena daniels is live with the happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday chris and kathryn. a recall of more than 71,000 infant car seats starts today. the carrying handles made by child safety can break. the recall affects the 35 elet and be safe 35 travel system made from october 2014 to july2015. one infant has already been injured: target is making house calls. the company executives have
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iners to better understand consumer choices and shopping habits. the company ceo is also participating in the home visits. and just in time for nfl playoffs, facebook is launching face back sports stadium. users will be able to access content related to a sports event in one place including by-play. the product will even include posts from friends and their comments on the game. chris and kathryn. >> that's kind of cool >> yeah. >> just in time for super bowl it's great. >> go pats. that's what we are talking about up in boston. >> she is like i am going to stay quiet. >> reporter: aim new yorker he but -- i am a new yorker but. >> all right we will see you next hour. we will let you think about that answer for next hour. >> quiet as a mouse over there at the stock exchange. >> thank you very much. we need to get a check of the weather this morning. we are talking about that nor'easter than barreling up the east coast. >> sounds like several states are going to get the brunt of this but for us it's a different story.
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storm. the biggest impact is along the south coast. we have blizzard warnings up for dc philly new york city, long island and the last update minutes ago is a winter storm watch has now been issued for the south coast massachusetts. that includes southern bristol and plymouth counties and the cape and islands. this cops into -- comes into effect tomorrow morning and will last until sunday morning. so we will talk more about the storm in detail in a second. out the door right now. temperatures are in the teens. it's 19 in boston and another cold start. and the real feel is below zero yet again in worcester. feels like 1 below. real feel 5 in the city of boston right now. single digits north of town and feels like 6 in falmouth. from here today, the sun will shine for the first part of the day. temperatures will rise through the 20s and the wind won't be past several days. it will be a little bit activity but -- active but i am not anticipating gusts between
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increased in wispy clouds the afternoon. the storm is impressive across the south tracking severe weather right now in parts of the florida panhandle. snow and ice advancing through the carolinas and virginia. snowing in kentucky and snowing in arkansas right now. this storm is impressive and the storm center is going to redevelop off the carolina coastline and strengthen off the delmarva. let's zoom in. today's fine tonight is fine in southern new england and tomorrow morning we are doing all right but the snow will advance across southwest connecticut and new york city early tomorrow morning. notice the timeline as we advance the snow into new england through the afternoon and evening especially. so by 4 p.m. snow likely to come up somewhere near the mass new hampshire border woa. may get mixing in the outer cape and nantucket but snap back to snow. this is midnight on saturday night. so the height of the storm for us here in southern new england occurs saturday night into the predawn on sunday.
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for a lot of spots. from boston back down to the cape there will be some pockets of light snow. but that snow will taper off quickly during the late morning and the sun is going to be shining on sunday and wind will subside. it's still a little uncertainty as to the exact track but here's what we are thinking for weekendsnowfall totals talking about flurries a coating up to the mass new hampshire border coating to two inches for boston including worcester and providence points south is when we are talking about steadier snow amounts. 2 to 5 inches and i wouldn't be surprised to see some higher totals. somewhere like new bedford and chatham and back down to nantucket. the wind is also going to be an issue. notice by saturday evening, tomorrow, gusts over 50 miles per hour from the south shore to the cape. winds shift to the north saturday night into sunday morning. still some gusts over 40 miles per hour at the coastline. that does mean that with minor coastal fluting saturday night and sunday -- flooding saturday
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be on guard and we are talking about significant beach erosion. monday quieter and we are back into the 40s on tuesday. get the latest weather information including updates on the weekend storm any time with the cbs boston weather app free in the google and android stores. guys over to you. >> thanks very much danielle. the citgo sign a focal point of the boston skyline is losing the landlord. building is up for sale. >> the fate of the landmark is up in the air. katie brace has reaction to the possible departure. >> reporter: a beacon of sorts on beacon street. >> it's going to be signature piece of boston. >> it's like a point of reference. >> reporter: the citgo sign since 1965 has broken through the boston skyline. now the building it sits on is for sale. meaning the buyer will decide if it stays or goes. >> you know when you go to boston it's boston. >> reporter: for marathoners
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finish and baseball fans a home run and others home. >> i think it should stay i like it. >> reporter: boston university owns 660 beacon and they lease the rooftop holding the sign. you think the sign makes the property more attractive. >> i think it does. given the iconic nature of it and the brand recognition. >> reporter: many call the sign a landmark, it's not. in the early 1980s this was a sales attempt at landmark status to save the sign to fr removal public outcry caused them to keep it. >> i think it's something that's going to make sense a get taller and boston's skyline has risen. >> reporter: can you imagine the skyline without the sign? >> if it was gone would you miss it? >> absolutely. absolutely. it's significant. it's kenmore. >> reporter: the citgo sign could be a selling point. bu is putting the building
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buildings up for sale to get out of the commercial real estate market in kenmore square. the university will use the money to reinvest in teaching and research. in boston katie brace wbz this morning. >> interesting story there. this is the topic of our daily talker. we are asking you can you imagine the skyline without the citgo sign should it be saved comment cbs tweet with hashtag wbz talker or write on the facebook page we will have comments coming up. and robi will have them at 5:30. >> it is interesting to see how it changed. when i was a kid it was not the l.e.d. lights and the bulbs will be out and it was never a sign and now to see it working appropriately is weird to think it wouldn't be this. >> wonder what will happen. >> we will see. ahead two dogs swiped from a home in sum -- somerville. >> now they are asking for the pb lake help to track down cleopatra and caesar. >> why it's about to be cheaper
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4:52. checking top stories on this friday morning a jeep crashes into an indoor swimming pool of a condo complex. this happened before midnight at 12 museum way in cambridge. and you can see the suv floating in the pool. it's unclear as to how this happened but we are told the driver got out of the jeep on their own and it took emergency out. no one was hurt but let's get a
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now. very active. you can see a number of people working to clean up this mess that the car left behind. we will have live report for you ahead at 5. and we are following a developing story. there will be extra security at all cambridge public schools today. here's a live look. cambridge is the latest district to receive a bomb threat. it came by e-mail and officials say there's no reason to believe that it's credible. as a precaution there's a visible police presence this morning. police are trying to track down two dogs stolen from a home in somerville the both dogs are pom rainians and the male named caesarways 14 pounds and dehat are a is -- the foe male named cleopatra is smaller. they believe they were taken before 7 at night. the career criminal is back behind bars. all thanks to a norton teen. police say steve mudge broke into a home while two teens were inside a 14-year-old girl
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officers say when he realized the teens were there he ran but police were able to track him down. massachusetts is one step closer to a hands free law. the state senate passed a bill yesterday that would make it illegal to use your cell phone or gps while behind the wheel. that means you have to use a hands free device in the car. signs for violator-- fines for see lators range from 100 to $500. the bill has to pass the house and get the governor's signature before becoming law. a toddler in worcester streeted with the overdose reversing drug narcan in the same building war girl died in september. first responders found the 15 month eld on the -- old on the 4th floor of the apartment bidding on wellington street half the week a warrant shows that the boy had breathing problems and was about to go into cardiac arrest. officials say he may have taken a heart medication. the boy is now in dcf custody. no charges have been filed at this time. former attorney general
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will join boston university school of law faculty. as an adjufnlgt professor. first class is criminal law civil order. she was the first woman to serve as ag here in massachusetts and held the job from 2007 to 2015. dunkin donuts is expanding-- dunkin donuts is expanding the global footprints and will open 250 stores and 70 baskin robbins stores in south africa. and it will carry the traditional coffee and baked goods and local favorites. they are opened in 40 countries worldwide go if you want to fly cheap to europe boston is the place to be as long as you don't mind the basics. mass port says logan will be home to more no frills trance at lant he can flights than any other airport. they are appealing to discount carriers because of the proximity to europe and good mix of business travelers and
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a hasty decision actor joseph gordon enlevitt is getting his pudding pop. he will be honored as the man the year on february 5th. his most recell role was in the walk later this year, he will play edward snowden in oliver stone's movie on the wikileaks scandal. showing off your best julian edelman pose. >> up next wet gel -- we will get a closer look at men trying
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin
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"enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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so earlier this week we told you about a julian edelman look-alike contest. >> and now we are getting first look at contestants hoping to win a helmet signed by the receiver and meet him. this is adam from harvehill striking the best post. >> the beard is on point but i don't know let's keep going. >> yeah. and how about joshua from maine. >> yeah that's close. >> that's when he is not on the field i can see that resemblance. and beau from salem bears resemblance to edelman. >> spot on maybe? very close. you have time to enter take a picture send it to the hall at participates rots place and if you need more info head over to cbs >> i had a funny conversation with some of the guys at mix 104.1 why would you want to win a helmet and hide the lovely
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wouldn't you want to show it to the world?
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