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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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nantucket and the same on martha's vineyard. 40 to 60 moils per hour. we are focusing on tomorrow afternoon and night for the core of the winds a wind adis advisory up for the -- advisory out for the north shore. winds will stack up water so the other thing to watch for is coastal flooding and pockets of minor to moderate flooding. northeast facing shoreline especially the south shore bay side and cape and sandwich and nantucket we do see -- could see pockets of erosion and the waters are running high because the full moon is tomorrow night. so here's storm right now that snow is creeping its way northward this afternoon. the old storm is right in here. the new storm is getting going right there. and it's going to come up to the outer banks and come out outside east of the chesapeake and cum dump snow and move to the northand east. tonight all is quiet. clouds moving in. so looking at the timeline tomorrow morning, the first flakes start to work their way up across parts of the south coast. the cape and islands and little faster than the thinking yesterday. and as we head towards the early afternoon, that snow
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questions remains where is that really heavy snow. we are talking greater than one inch per hour rates along the islands? south of the islands or just up to the south coast. really going to be game time decision tomorrow. if you are in the boston area north and weave that's where we have a lower impact from all this. last of the snow winds down overnight. heads off to the east as we head into sunday morning. so we think for snow totals? southeastern massachusetts absolutely a plowable event. highest impact across the area. 3 to 6 inches of snowfall including the cape and island and it will be a wetter snowfall toward the mid and outer cape. and further west it's fluffier including boston and worcesterrality 1 to 3 and north shore and less than an -- worcester 1 to 3 and north shore and less to the west. it has a impact on saturday plans especially the afternoon and night. we will talk more about this coming up in what follows in little bit. >> thank you. stay on top of the forecast this weekend by down loading
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hour conditions can and video forecast on the smart phone or tablet. to the afc championship two days away. participates rots westward -- patriots westward bound to win another shot at the super bowl. broncos say they are ready and waiting for the defending champs, the patriots are in the air right now. >> and our team is on the ground waiting for them. starting with the sports director steve burton live in englewood colorado this evening. hey steve. >> reporter: hey guys, yeah thanks very much. patriots may be in the air but when they arrive this will arrive to warmer weather. it was 54 degrees here in denver. not that they need to be told but the captains made it very clear, this is a business trip. patriots practice this morning and then got on a plane. pats injury report has been released and 16 players are listed as questionable. 16. among those names julian ed. edelman dealing with a broken foot he would play the second game since mid-november.
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with a tough defense come sunday. >> they have a bunch of all pros and pro bowlers and nasty group. good nasty you know football nasty. so they have guys that get after the pass rusher and it's going to be a battle. >> reporter: i am standing outside the denver practice facility and after talking to unlawful broncos they are would be -- talking to a lot of broncos they are one could have dent team. >> this is not very poe height. the denver -- polite. denver airport crew added a one before the 8 on the runway number to change it to man manning's 18. >> always good to mess with the runway. we have been blocked in the bat especially the fan with the denver cbs station and we asked you to share this on facebook at half the check more than 3,000 shares more than 2500 likes and how about denver? not even 400 shares. less than 800 likes.
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make the win even more dominating. kate merrill live in den remember tonight where -- denver where broncos fans are trying to show spirit. >> reporter: as patriots fans are starting to trickle in bronco fans are taking advantage of the unbelievable weather in denver. they turned out here in downtown denver for a massive rally. they are trying to get fired up for the game. and and when i was here at the rally i learned that the bronco fans will guess what, they are different. >> let's go broncos. >> reporter: it's party not for new england fans. >> it's going down hike charlie brown and the -- like charlie browns and the broncos are winning. >> reporter: too much a orange and high ult altituded a -- altitude attitude what do you do to a new england fan. >> take their souls when they go to sleep and come and take their souls. >> reporter: but even in this massive bronco fan fromy you
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you will find something surprising. >> don't dislike be in i don't i appreciate fans. but, they are in the way of the super bowl and we are going. >> reporter: bronco fans as crazy as they might be many are actually. >> the patient. -- terrible and sort of charming. >> and we got done visiting kids and it's been a great day. >> reporter: makes it hard to hate you guys. this is like something new for us. >> how can you hate us. >> reporter: other than the supporting the wrong team they are not all that bad and theyknow it. >> i think that we are the nicest fans around. >> i think it's the altitude makes us loopy. >> it's really just like cheery and happy. >> reporter: whatever the reason it's not totally horrible to like your opponent. just don't ask us to do the same. what happens when you lose how sad will you be? >> i might go to my mom and cry.
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grim reaper i was the manest that's okay. the fans couldn't have been nice -- meanest person here today that's okay the fans couldn't have been nicer but i told them they would news and i couldn't help it. live in denver kate merrill wbz news now back to you. >> you are a truth teller that's what you do. kate merrill thanks so much. we have been asking you to share fan photos on facebook or cbs kristin sent this picture of her little guy with his football signed by gronk by the way. hillary sent this one little lola is ready for the game and these three little girls are ready to cheer on the pats and so is danielle's big guy. this little boy is certainly a gronk fan and the love spreads beyond new england by the way. these cute kids right here they are going to wear their homemade hats in indiana. share your pictures by going to
6:07 pm and join us sunday with a two -- cbs and join us sunday with a two hour edition. and the game is at 3 and then 5th quarter. coming up, look like julian he hadel ma. meet the guys compete -- edelman. meet the guys competing to be his twin. >> bitter memories from the last trip to denver. how that will fuel them in sunday's game. >> other big story of the evening, the big storm making its way up the east coast. live look at the white house. eric will be back with a closer
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it.
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like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. the snow is falling in washington. poem are told to just stay i doors. they got the order about 3 this afternoon as the blizzard moved. >> the first family hunkered down. this evening the storm is the big story dominating the national headlines. scott pelley joins us from new
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evening news. good evening scott. >> hey paula david great to be with you. looks like boston and new york city will be spared the worst of the blizzard of 2016. and down farther south in washington and those places, it could be as much as 2, 2 1/2 feet of snow. we are going to to tell you about the travel re-- tell you about the travel restrictions and all the like on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. >> thanks so much. and eric fisher will join scott on the cbs evening news. what a big storm this is. >> lots to talk about all week and you know we are not taking the brunt of this one, you know, you've got snow and plows out there tomorrow and blizzard warning for martha's vineyard. overshadowed by what's going on to the south. >> you see the other cities we are not in the real depths of. >> refreshing. >> yeah. >> it's been a while since dc has seen a storm like. this let's look locally first flakes developing tomorrow
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coast and cape and islands and moving northward heading towards lunchtime. peak snow tomorrow afternoon and night. real focus on southeastern parts of the state. and then moving out as we head into sunday morning and for new hampshire rest easy you don't get snowfall out of this. maybe flurries and that's about it. looking at winter storm warnings around the south shore and cape and islands and also the south coast, also notice the blizzard warning on martha's vineyard and that's not for the peak snow totals and some biggest ones will be there. it's for the combination of strong winds with the snow creating poor visibility and a chance for isolated power outages tomorrow night. so here's the overall storm system right now a big area of snow he fall stretching its way northward and running into dry air here for the moment and this is going to be battling it out heading through the overnight. dry air wins on the short-term. the main storm system born yesterday is in the process of sending energy on to the coast live so we will get a new low here about east of myrtle beach. that arrives up the eastern seaboard bringing the big
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to places like washington, d.c. and philly. tonight here at home, thickening clouds upper teens to around 20 and cold night before the storm and you've been sending in pictures of the moon and a little hailo around and a haze. the cirrus clouds out in advance of a storm system and a little warning system if you will and looking and track this tomorrow, the snow moves up towards the south coast during the morning hours. and biggest question we have been talking about all week long where is that line going to be. where the heavy snow is we know the snow is going to get up into southern new england and it's a question of rates and totals. so heading into the afternoon the heavy snowfall pokes up to the south coast buzzards bay and cape island and notice the movement. the storm starts to pivot toward the east. more than north. and that's why it's not a widespread new england storm system. by sunday morning, all that snow is winding down. and the winds will start to depart and things will be calmer heading into sunday afternoon. in terms testimonies of snow
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impact ehaven't by -- terms of snow totals tight grade yant and a no impact event. 3 to 6 inches in southeastern massachusetts. i decided not to put in a contour for higher totals there's the potential. areas in the south coast could see over a half foot of snow. it will be a game time decisiondoes the heavy snow band move north or stay offshore. in terms of winds they will be gusty tomorrow morning. strongest during the afternoon and evening. out of the north and east the brunt is felt and the south shore and cape island 5 45* to 5-mile-per-hour gusts continuing into sunday morning before they start to calm down as we head into sunday afternoon. and in terms of coastal flooding we are watching the sunday morning high tide in particular. it's before lunch into just after lunch and high water because the full moon tomorrow and we have the strong northeast wind. so we are mostly focusing on south shore bay side of the cape and nantucket. most prone for minor to moderate coastal flooding. inland.
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south and east and get a wetter snow towards the cape and islands because of that. now once it departs it feels nice on sunday. low 30s and bright skies and wind will be gusty but calms down. and if you are going northward up towards ski country they don't get fresh snow but cold air and it will be comfortable and they have been making snow all week and it will be in the 20s and we will be in pretty good shape. full accu-weather 7-day forecast. next week is a bit of a january thaw. it's not the that warm but it's better than this week. we are a -- at 38 on monday and next chance for a coastal storm is next friday. now back to you. >> appreciate it. so the fans are there and the reporters are there. >> but we have two teams. first the weather team which is work hard all weekend and all them will be here. and then we have the sports team and they are. >> they are in denver. we need the team tie rieive steve is in englewood where it looks nice and sunny. >> reporter: it's so nice and
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team is on the way. it's four hour flight and they will get in around 5 local time i want to mention you know, one of manning's worst afc championship games was at the hand of ty law who owned manning so what the patriots have done named ty law the honorary captain for somebody's game. so there you -- sunday's game so there you g patriots don't plan on leaving without a win. patriots practice one last time before boring the plane to colorado and a trip to a second line. but after a tough defeat in linebacker hightower and pats have the little revenge on their minds. >> this is a different team with a different mind set so, you know we got a good game plan and we have to execute it. so, i don't like to live off old games but, there is a bad taste in our mouth and we want
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>> reporter: joining me is dan roche who has been here all week and this is brofngos group they are a cft dent bunch. >> you can tell they are chomping at the bit to get this to the ball game going come here on sunday. both teams are. broncos had the final practice of the week here on friday under beautiful weather conditions. head coach kubiak said all he ask players to do is work to get ready to play and they have done that. and as for the players, defensive end wolf is seemingly howling at the patriots after practice. >> i hate everything about them they are always in my way. they are always in my way to get what i want so it's naturally going to create a hate i got a ton of respect for the organization they have great players and tom brady is is a great player and bill belichick is is a great coach. >> you just hate them. >> i hate them yeah. >> reporter: chris harris juniorior has been battling through the -- junior has been battling through the shoulder injury and the coach says he is
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another problem with another cornerback who had to stop but kubiak says he will be fine to play so the amazing thing is everybody is going to give it a shot. >> yeah. >> >> reporter: that's how important it is. >> because they are one game away. >> reporter: yeah. >> that's it one game away. thanks. remember join us tomorrow night for a special championship edition of patriots all access live from here in denver at 7. then on sunday wbz starts off with two hour edition of game day at noon, kick off at 3, and that's on wbztv and after the game join us for the 5th quarter post game show. and one quick creics most hosting the bulls tonight at the garden but tomorrow's game has been postponed in philadelphia. they will play that on sunday night instead due to the storm and that will start at 7 on sunday night. that's the story in denver engle wood colorado. patriots are on their --
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rights are on their way -- are -- englewood colorado and the patriots are on their way. up next looking like a star. some of the men entering the
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one of the most popular players on patriots and julian edelman is a centerpiece of a competition. the hall of fame is look for the edelman look-alike. >> and bree sisson introduces us to three contenders. >> reporter: he's heck of a receiver we get it. but julian edelman is the life of the party. [ music ] >> reporter: he is a joester. >> heats best look punt returner in the national football league. >> reporter: did he mention handsome no woppedder hall at patriots place is looking for number 11 dopel ganger who
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and a facebook contest we found great candidates. derrick from chelsea impressed levan reid. >> you may be thin are but you are taller. >> yeah. >> reporter: ladies he is single. and while he admits he doesn't have the edelman size paycheck look at the hair. in harvehill adam. >> it's very stressful. like ever yes time a game comes on i feel like i am going to have a heart attack. >> reporter: his wife entered this pic but he shave the beard. >> it guess so itchy. >> reporter: what do you use to tame that thing rounding out some of the look-alike candidates as dead ringer in. >> i get it which is ironic because my old scoot. school and no one knew my name and they called me edelman. >> reporter: his name is beau. the contest is opened through super bowl sunday. the winner gets bragging rights be a a he hadelman signed helmet. brie sison wbz news.
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>> and get a face transplant. >> yeah then could you pass for him. >> we will be right back. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits --
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my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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and incredible milestone for a radio favorite. >> tonight neil chayet airs his 10,000 edition looking at the lou. >> -- law. >> almost 40 years he has entertained and informed listeners around the nation with the new unique take on the law. >> techly gratified each year a few young people call and say they became lawyers because of looking at the law. >> heartland mark edition at 7:20 on wbz news raid row 1030. after 8 he will be on with dan rae for night side. >> what are we looking at for tonight. >> it's quiet.
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hazy moon photos that's a harker of changing weather. right now certainly south eastern massachusetts take brunt. a plowable snowfall and wind creating low visibility for tomorrow afternoon and night. so if you heading out, use caution. north of route 2 no big deal. >> looks good. thanks and once you are done shoveling and clearing the snow spend the rest of your sunday with us and the patriots. our to hour edition of game day kicks off at noon and turn it over to the cbs crew and they will take you to the game which is at 3 only here on wbz. and then after that, you can join us for live reaction from the coach and bill belichick and tom preyedy on 5th quarter. >> i have to figure out my situation. >> what do you think. >> what i am going to eat, what's the spread going to be. >> critical. >> right. >> i don't mean the spread on the game they are fathered by 3 points the on aion dip. >> buffalo chicken dip for big games. >> you have issues.
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matter what is going on buffalo chicken dip will be had. >> standards. >> it's monday. >> leave you with a look at white house washington dc snowed. >> and watch eric in a few moments. homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. r you know those people who pay a little extra t and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, t if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine.
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