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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is wbz this morning. good morning to you, it is 5:00. >> thank you for joining us on this tuesday, january the 26th. we've got to get a check of your forecast, it is the lady in white. >> it is not that cold as you step out the door, i don't know if you've noticed but the temperatures aren't as chilly as they have been, 29 in boston, knock off 5 degrees that's what it feels like the real feel is 24 with a light southerly wind and the rest of our temperatures we even have 30s on the map, 31 in lawrence, 38 in chatham, 32 degrees. we had a little bit of refreeze watch out for icy patches the real feel is coldest in worcester, 19. satellite and radar shows the clouds on out of here, we have clearing coming to worcester county that will bring us sunshine in time for sun rise at 7:04. breezy and mild still back in
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later on comes with an isolated shower threat but most won't see it 42 as we head into the ride home much more. traffic and weather good morning. good morning we have a couple truck accidents one north and one south of the city, a tractor trailer jackknifed on the expressway on the southbound side just before the park way, the two right lanes are blocked there. to the north we have a truck accident, 128 northbound, the truck is off the road before the exit ramp to route 38. breaking news over night a police officer turns his weapon on fellow officers at a checkpoint in afghanistan, 10 officers were killed. officials say the attack happened while the officers were asleep the gunman stole their weapons and ammunition and took off. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. developing this morning
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water treatment plant. a piece of equipment exploded. nicole jacobs is live where crews have been working through the night to put out those flames, nicole. >> they have catherine this is somewhat of a stubborn fire, we're told it has reignited at least three times since yesterday, crews remain here on the scene. >> the sun has come down and night has fallen. >> just when fire ignited again at the waste water treatment facility on the island. >> imagine you are done in a concrete vault way under ground because they have to shut the lights off. >> it was earlier in the damon an explosion seven stories under ground rocked the area 5 workers were injured. they believe it was tied to the fan that they were ramping up a fan as part of the system. when the fan got to a certain point there was an explosion.
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alarm blaze as firefighters struggled to make their way down to it. >> you have no appreciation when you see them working in the cold and ice, try to go down in the doorways with black smoke pluming out of it. perhaps mechanical failure or chemicals it was a blessing it wasn't worse. >> lucky more people weren't hurt. >> taking another live look down at the nut island waste water treatment facility. i can certainly tell you this investigation is ongoing as for the five workers who were injured, we're told their injuries are minor though they hospital. wbz this morning. right now police are investigating several bomb threats in the city, they appear to be recordings came into the police department south shore hospital, several retail stores and supermarkets the calls began around 8:30,
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out by officers and k9 units so far nothing has been found. take a look at this a bus in rhode island loses control and crashes into the building the driver and passengers left trapped inside. susie is live for us in rhode island, we're hoping to learn more about what happened here. >> that is the hope we are expecting to hear a little bit more from authorities once everybody shows up for work, you can see just how bad this accident was by taking a look at this building or what is left of it here after they pulled the bus out, that roof collapsed. now the bus driver and a few of his passengers are recovering in the hospital with very serious injuries. >> crowds lined the streets in this busy section in rhode island to watch firefighters pull people to safety including the driver of this bus. the transportation authority
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inside of it. >> they are all alive when they left here and hopeful conditions improve throughout the evening. joe says he saw the bus across the roadway. >> i would estimate probably 40 to 50 miles per hour. it was definitely moving. the damaged building houses an automotive store. they saw the crash but ran on to the bus to help. >> one passenger laying on the stomach on the floor. i thought there was just a driver you could hear him moaning so you know they were alive. he believes the driver had a medical emergency. he was just saying, where the blood was coming from and i think we'll know more tomorrow about that. the mayor also told crews on the scene they are hoping to
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footage from inside the bus to get a better idea exactly what happened here last night. we're in rhode island, wbz this morning. quite a story there thank you very much. 5:05. a driver due in court accused of a hit-and-run in lowell, police say a driver hit him and took off. police arrested that driver a short time later they tell us the victim is in critical condition. a gunman shot another driver over a parking spot. police say the victim was shot once in the abdomen. officers found the car near the scene but the suspect got away. neighbors say the violence is absurd. violence, especially at this magnitude is never okay and very uncalled for because avoided by just communicating and articulating concerns that a person had.
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suspect is, the victim is being treated at the hospital. he is expected to recover. police in boston need your help finding a suspect wanted in last week's shooting inside a station. officers released this image of 21-year-old, say he shot two people at the maverick square station stop last tuesday, both of those victims were treated and released from the hospital, officers say the suspect is concerned armed and dangerous, if you see him, call 911. it is 5:0. today hingham police are reaching out asking people to show support for the family of a local marine, he'll return from hawaii later on today where a memorial service was held and another 11 marines presumed dead. they went missing when two helicopters collided during a training mission. the hingham community is
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will begin after the family arrives after logan airport at 6:00, start north on main street continue on e street and summer street. police are continued to ask the family's request for privacy. 13 people pulled to safety after 106-foot yacht sinked off fort lauderdale florida. the boat started taking on water around 6:00 when a distress call went out. they were able to rescue everyone on board without injuries the cause is under investigation. new this morning arlington police taking a new approach to address the opioid epideppic, think used a robo call to invite users and families to a meeting on the use. it will focus on a drug used to help treat addiction. also new this morning
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senator confirmation of a new commissioner for the food and drug administration to call attention to the agency's painkillers. the democrat wants the agency to consider addiction when determining which opioids safe. also wants the fda to rescind medication for children. and the up state budget request will include $5 million to address chronic unemployment. this includes the creation of an economic fund, provide job training for those who face barriers and also for excons. 5:09 a heads up for commuters there could be more delays on the red line this morning red line trains had trouble in both directions yesterday. this is because of work on the longfellow bridge trains could only cross at 10 miles per hour. the timing of all this
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asked the public to weigh in on possible fair hikes. riders crowded into a public meeting to talk about the potential increase and changes on the schedule. riders say this is not the right time to ask for higher fairs. >> i thought they were not going to raise the prices but i can only hope that the service gets better with that but i doubt it will. >> another public hearing is set for 6:00 tonight at the west middle school auditorium in brockton. coming up a closer look at campaign 2016. how the candidates are gearing up for the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. still digging out. the parts of the country being impacted by last weekend's storm. good morning everybody, temperatures right now are running in the 30s and 20s but look at this, we come well into the 40s today, it will be windy and warm with an isolated shower we'll bring you through that risk and take you through
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. welcome back, it will take days to dig out from the huge snowstorm that hit the mid- atlantic, plows have been working around the clock but some streets as you can see still aren't clear. >> some areas got up to 30 inches of snow, officers in washington d.c. are closed again today and kids in the d.c. and philadelphia baltimore area are going to get another day off from school. but there is just a lot of snow to move around. >> my goodness some of the damage done by just the weight of the snow on some buildings there. it was not a good situation. >> some roads not even treated because trying to get one road at a time. we've been there right? >> yes we have. >> going down memory lane seeing those images, take awhile to clean it up. i'm glad the kids get another day of school, i'm sure they are excited about that as well. much quieter situation, a milder stretch, these are the first 40 degree readings in 10
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50 degrees. a time frame will be friday morning we talked about it yesterday going to be a close call. the trend has been to keep that storm out to sea but there is going to be some energy coming over head, snow showers and flurries at least maybe the possibility friday morning unlike the last few weekend no big storms in the cards for this weekend either. 29 degrees in boston, same in worcester, readings a little bit colder getting at 22. 21 in keen, the real feel running in the teens and 20s for most of us. i think the biggest thing you'll notice today is the wind is going to kickoff and our temperatures are come well into the 40s. the clouds that are in place are going to give way to sunshine this morning and then there are showers back to the west. they will slowly advance in and bring a chance for an isolated shower for us through the midday hours. by the evening here comes the cold front, notice not a ton of moisture with it but i've stopped things at midnight between 10 p.m. an midnight there might be a
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front pushes offshore. the trend will be to bring out increasing sunshine through our day on wednesday, the wind will be active and on thursday, zoom out the view, we have the cold front, if they were combine it will skirt us with some snow, that will stay separate until the increase on friday morning and come together over the ocean. look at these highs today, 48 in boston, 50 in taunton, well above average but tonight we only drop back into the 30s. a few communities some of the suburbs will dip back into freezing there may be a couple icy patches but i don't think it will be all that widespread. the melting and the refreeze to sidewalks drive ways maybe a little bit slick in a few areas highs tomorrow or just over 40 keep in mind this time of the year we should be running in the mid-30s.
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an increase of clouds on thursday, friday, a flurry or snow shower possible. partly sunny, 39 on saturday into the 40s on sunday and looks like we'll stay in the 40s a couple rain showers for the start of next week. traffic and weather together. you have made it back from your epic journey tell us a little bit about it. you went down to new york city. >> i tried to give you some good weather advice to get down there. >> drove in the blizzard, terrible, got to work, they canceled springsteen, the patriots lost. you are lucky i'm here today. you live through the second greatest snowstorm in new york city history. >> great story right? >> bruce, can we reschedule that please. one on the expressway, the expressway southbound down in quincy, a tractor trailer
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says the two right lanes are blocked there. also a crash that's on 128 northbound at route 38 a truck is off the road to the right before the ramp to 38 and just as i was coming out here, hearing about another accident on the eastbound side right at the tolls a car apparently rolled down the embankment there. chris and catherine? >> let's hope it improves, campaign 2016, a boost for contender john kasich as he heads to new hampshire. boston globe backed the governor, supporting hillary clinton. with just six days until the iowa caucuses new numbers from that state show bernie sanders holding a 1 point lead over former secretary of state hillary clinton. among gop candidates donald trump has a 5 point edge over texas senator ted cruz, wbz political analyst john keller
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growing tension in both races. >> it was so cold, i actually saw a democrat with his hands in his own pockets. >> on the gop side. >> two corinthians walked into a bar. he mockedded the botched attempt to quote scripture. while trump was in new hampshire fueling doubts about cruz's citizenship. >> he could run right now for prime minister of candida, no problem. cruz was unleashing his toughest attack yet. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values. not ours. >> in iowa, hillary clinton's throat betrayed her and so did bernie sanders political instinct when this woman broke down while describing her economic struggle.
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to shake her hand but didn't. >> i voted against the war in iraq. >> in a cnn appearance, sanders was back on his game. >> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> clinton had regained her voice. >> you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. somebody who has taken them on and won and kept going and will do that as president. >> that was john keller reporting another endorsement the boston herald through its support behind chris christy. coming up next the patriots making big moves after failing to make it to the super bowl. the star players pulling out of the pro bowl. >> and both the bruins and celtics in action could both of our teams pull out the win, morning sports is coming up
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. good morning once again, it is 5:23. >> changes for the patriots after a season cut short, steve has it all in our morning sports.
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already the changes have gun. reports say the patriots fired the coach just a day after tom brady got in denver. the bucs announced jameis winston will take his spot. and hitting him at least 20. and that just cannot happen. rob gronkowski is also out of the pro bowl, and gave it everything he had. he was cramping and dehydrated and managed to pull off plays in crunch time. 124 yards and touch down. >> jamie colins will miss his first trip to the pro bowl, they announced anthony bar will replace him. and owen daniels came up big with sacks and hits. celtics and wizards, this
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another big game there, 23 points, keeping the plan to a fourth quarter because they were up big. part of the mid-atlantic, region named jonas, celtics take it 160-91. third win in a row. bruins and fliers in philly. with the power play. 20th of the season, up 2-0. marshawn scored in 5 straight gales. fliers came back decided, with just 1.54 to go, the game winning goal. take it 3-2, won 5 of 6. by the way the bruins host the ducks and the garden tonight. guys over to you. all right the patriots may not be in it but tickets to super bowl 50 could be the most expensive ever. so the average price for a
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over $5,000. that's a lot of money. the boston area was the biggest buyer of tickets so far. 14% of the tickets purchased already would likely go backup for sale because yeah. >> getting good resale value. >> does pain me though to say, broncos. still to come in our next half hour claims of hate in the hall ways. how students are fighting back against race racism. how you sleep could be hurting your health we have the pro's and cons of the sleeping positions good morning danielle. good morning everybody it is a cool start we're running in the 20s and 30s, running in the 40s by later on it will be windy and mild we'll bring you
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. right now people hurt when a bus crosses a busy road, what investigators think went wrong. crews working through the night after fire reignites at a waste water treatment plant hours after an explosion. and one of the best schools in boston how the mayors are responding to claims of hate speech of boston latin. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. it is 5:30 right now welcome back it is tuesday, january 26th. we are actually in for a pretty nice day we're talking the end of january. >> we're going to flirt with 50. >> the one thing that it is going to be windy, it is a mild day over all there might be an isolated shower i think most of us won't see it.
5:24 am
boston, 22 in taunton, 20s in through southern new hampshire. and 31 in lawrence, lower 20s here in taunton, a little bit milder when you get to the cape and the islands same in chatham, we're actually in the lower 40s on nantucket, the wind coming from the south. the real feel is a little bit colder, teens and 20s for most of us we had clouds that are actually going to clear partially this morning a good way to sunshine and it comes up sun rise at 7:04, might be a couple of icy patches otherwise clouds fill back in windy and mild, 46 by lunchtime, might be a stray shower, an isolated shower is possible for the drive home sunset at 4:50. i'll let you know how long the
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we are crashes all over the place, north, south, and west of the city, let's pop up to the map and take a look at the first one if we can. this is to the west mass pike out in weston, the car has gone over the enbankment. then to the south we have a jackknife tractor trailer on the expressway on the southbound side in quincy, not seeing any delays on the southbound side. finally we have a crash north of the city, this is 128 northbound at 38. chris, catherine? >> 5:32. on your tuesday morning fires reigniting for a third time, crews have been working over night to put the flames out. 5 people were hurt when a piece of equipment exploded inside a building yesterday afternoon. their injuries are said to be minor but did spend the night in the hospital.
5:26 am
odor control room feet below ground. a public bus in rhode island when a driver loses control. a driver may have suffered some sort of medical emergency, three people including the driver were taken to the hospital no word on their conditions. the man hunt for three escaped inmates intensifies in california. police say the man broke out after a maximum security prison by repelling down the side using bed sheets investigators think they may have had help inside. officials are trying to figure out how all three made such a precise escape without the prison noticing. a settlement over the sinking of the el faro cargo ship, aagreed to a $500,000 settlement with the ship's operator. others are pursuing their own
5:27 am
sank near the bahamas, two were graduates and others has ties to new england. counselors calling for a public hearing to arm its police with tactical rifles the globe reports counselors wrote an open letter to the university's president saying the resident should have their say on arming police. according to the globe the counselors say this will quote encourage mistrust and fear. accusations of race racism they wore black as a show of solidarity after some students heard racial slurs. a black student group is putting out a call to youtube for people to post when they experience racism. we refuse to be silent.
5:28 am
need to be made. >> racism is a huge issue everywhere. the mayor will sit down with the group civil rights group applaud leaders for listening but say it has taken too long for them to respond, they are calling for an independent investigation. animal control officers are asking for your help finding an animal abuser, we should warn you, some of the images you are about to see are very difficult. rescuers found this dog shivering, police say the 2- year-old nicknamed stitch had virtually no body fat and would have frozen to death. they are asking anyone to give them a call. on the health watch how you sleep could be hurting your health. >> we have a pros and conditions of the five most common sleeping positions, sleeping on your left side
5:29 am
sleeping on your right pressure and prevent alzheimer's, and sleeping on this side could lead to a higher risk of skill birth. >> told to sleep on the left side not the right side. to alleviate back pain and less rinkels and clearer poors, sleep on your back. but more likely to snore or suffer from sleep apnea. and report having exciting or racy dreams but it is harder neck or your back. curling up in the fetal position helps you breathe easier and helps your mind deal with stress, but you may wake up with a stiff neck too. sounds like either way you go something going to be good and something bad. okay. >> i go this way, that way all around and it is crazy. still ahead life on wall street. over seas markets tumble
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a rhode island public transportation bus kareems off the road and into a building trapping three people inside hear from first responders coming up. blind dates can be awkward enough, how about one with a co- worker that may cause racy dreams? a company in candida hooking up their employees say it is not for romance but just workplace bonding. we want to know what you think
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relationships researchers found one and four of your facebook friends part of your inner social circle and the average user can count just 13 of their facebook friends as close friends in real life. it's true. i have to say. i feel like that's very true. do i make the cut? you make the cut. >> i like it. >> the weekend snowstorm bringing people together. a tumble in the over seas market we have today's money match good morning jill. >> good morning global markets are tanking this morning china shanghai dropped 6% now at a 14 month low following a big drop in u.s. markets the dow fell 208 points the nasdaq finished 72 points lower. this weekend's massive snowstorm may have sparked winter romance the dating app
5:34 am
saturday's storm. according to the app messaging went up 139% from the weekend before. >> those new love connections could have stayed here. air b and b not too hot about a new listing on the rental site a man built a boutique winter igloo for two in his backyard during the storm. he described it as a chic dome style bungalow wanted to charge $200 a night. air b and b saying the igloo did not meet its standards. chris and catherine. >> the pillows were covered in like plastic. >> igloo can be -- >> memories right? >> i give them credit. >> it is a good story. >> that's for sure. a lot of people in new york finding love during the snowstorm too, it is good to hear. >> thank you very much. >> we'll see if there is going to be any jonas babies nine
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we'll see you tomorrow morning jill thank you very much. coming up traffic and weather together. a look at the top stories. including details on the san bernardino shooting what the attackers were planning. an explosion sparking a two alarm fire that reignited over night the latest in the investigation coming up. good morning everybody checking in with weather watchers, great to see this morning from southern maine down to the cape and islands temperatures not too cold, we're running 30s a lot of 20s in the map, just a little bit of the wind that will kick up today and boost our temperatures well into the 40s that comes with the risk of a couple showers we'll time them
5:36 am
another breach of boston beach, sends us great pictures of video of this weekend's blizzard, the dunes separation getting larger and larger high out there. if you live here you know this spot a couple years ago got breached by some of the big waves definitely a scene there and further apart. we have people checking in all the time giving us
5:37 am
conditions are in their neighborhood and their backyards which is fantastic for us. from all over the areaths i get reports from maine, just fantastic a great tool given the weather watchers. 29 degrees in boston 29 in worcester, and 19 in keen, a little bit milder we have a couple of icy patches and melting and refreeze, the real feel is in the teens and 20s. we have clouds over head but these clouds starting to break apart. we have partial sunshine out and the clouds are going to fill back in. that's ahead of some showers, as we drag in the warm air it is a chance of rain shower for us, in fact most of the day will be spent dry for most of southern new england. you'll start to notice the wind kick up possible through the
5:38 am
by the time we get to tomorrow morning, all the left over showers, start with clouds and clearing comes in for our wednesday, a quiet day here comes the cold front there will be moisture out of the ocean, this is what we talked about wednesday. looks like any sort of significant storm is going to stay out to sea. but we may get a couple flurries and snow showers on friday during the first half of the day, hour by hour today, just after lunchtime, notice a stray showers along the border, not a ton of moisture after the evening commute we have a couple showers from the south shore, a little bit of light rain comes through around midnight and wraps up over night tonight. the wind kicks off south, southwest windy, but look at that dragging in the warmer air
5:39 am
lot of us running into the 40s from the region and through the course of the afternoon we get melting and should stay pretty mild, 35 downtown, couple of the suburbs may dip to around the freezing mark cloudy with the south coast shower and decreasing still breezy high temperatures around 42 during the afternoon. accuweather seven day upper 30s for thursday and friday still watching a chance for snow showers, 39 partly sunny and 40s on sunday a couple rain showers possible for the start of next week. traffic and weather together. a jackknife tractor trailer causing problems on the expressway we have a roll over on the expressway southbound. the two right lanes are blocked we're not seeing a delay because it goes away from the morning rush and drivers slowing down to look at the scene causing a backup to the
5:40 am
hov lane we're being told it is opening late. also 128 between 28 and the split now. to the north an accident, 128 northbound at route 38 no delays there just yet. 93 southbound has slow pockets in the andover and stretches and finally a crash on the mass pike on the eastbound side at the toles car has rolled over and gone down the embankment. a driver and passengers trapped when a bus crashes into a rhode island building. and the side of the explosion. >> good morning i'm nicole jacobs where crews continue to investigate the cause of an explosion here at the nut island water treatment facility. let's get you a closer look at video from closer to the scene there, happened yesterday
5:41 am
ground initially sparking a two alarm fire. five workers were injured and took time for crews to make it to the actual blaze. late last night, fire ignited again, the chief calls it a tough situation keeping it under control. hear what he believes may have caused that explosion. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. good morning i'm live on post road in warwick rhode island, take a look what's left of a building that a bus crashed into around 7:00 last night. the bus was pulled out under the roof and the roof collapsed we have video on the scene happened around 7:00 it was a rhode island transportation authority bus carrying 3 people all of them were taken to the hospital and that does include the driver who right now authorities think had some sort of a medical emergency and that is what they believe may have caused this crash.
5:42 am
some first responders who jumped on that bus right after seeing it happened here last night. live in rhode island, wbz this morning. chilling new details about the san bernardino massacre, sources tell the associated press the couple behind the attack planted a bomb but failed to detonate because it was poorly constructed. saying the couple drove around after the attack trying to detonate it using a remote. the attack left 14 people dead. a detroit judge denied an order to stop detroit teachers, said there is no proof the union or individual activists are behind the teacher absences. they have been calling out sick to protest poor conditions and low wages the district says two schools were forced to close because there were too many teachers out. >> it is 5:51 on your tuesday time for our daily talker. when you hear the term blind
5:43 am
come to mind is awkward. why would they promote this in the workplace? >> ask if it is a good idea to date a co-worker and likely to say no way. if you take the romance part a company in candidate is experimenting to improve business. the firm already allows workers to bring pets to work also chill by playing video games or ping-pong on their breaks even though the work space is wide open they found a lot of the 250 employees didn't know each other. so the bosses encourage to sign up for blind dates and paired with a fellow employee. this way they could compare notes and how to make fresh books more successful. the bosses don't encourage romance during these dates but if it happens they say it happens. okay. what do you think about
5:44 am
calling it a date sounds creepy. if you want coworkers to socialize and get to know each other, why not host group get togethers? and lee says, i think it is a good idea. it gives everyone a better understanding how the company works. number ways to comment, our website twitter or facebook let us know what you think, we'll have more coming up at 6 a.m. thank you very much. our eye on entertainment the new action thriller the finest hours opens in theaters friday, tells us a true story of the coast guard's most daring rescue a tanker ship broke in half during a storm off cape cod in 1952. last night the stars were on dry land for the hollywood premier on hand. wbz news producer and coauthor of the book casey sherman. kind of cool having that local connection. still to come, it is a rescue that is sure to bring a smile to your face.
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. this may be one of the cutest rescues ever. a sloth got stranded while crying to cross a busy street , they found him clinging to a guardrail. they cleaned him up and took
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so they returned the sloth back to the wild. >> almost didn't look real, ever want to be a sloth? have a good excuse right. >> me going from my bedroom to the shower is like. it takes about as long as a sloth.
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