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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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leave from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> live pictures tonight from copley scare a pretty night in the city. boston public school studentsyou will be in class tomorrow. snow falling now and has been falling all day. >> south of us people have been dealing with the strong winds low visibility as well on the roadways. here's eric live in plymouth for us tonight. eric. >> reporter: the highest impact is closest to the water with the wind the strongest and the visibility is poor such as in
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a lull and now heavy snow is worked back in and you can tell there's plenty wind blowing across the coastline from the county and cape and cape anne. let's look where we verified blizzard conditions along the south shore plymouth county in particular towards cape cod and island. and visibility less than a quarter mile. wind gusting over 35 miles per hour. so really difficult travel in the locations. we have quite a bit of wind coming down a little better. strongest winds are from earlier on and weed we have had a gust approaching 70 on nantucket now it's more 30 to 45 miles an hour and weakening trend will continue heading through the evening. and there's the snow filling in and one three inches and widespread snowfall and potentially three to six across cape anne and in parts of the south shore and cape cod snow piots back towards the cape and islands. we will take a full look at that forecast for you and have a chance for more snow and cold
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coming up in a bit. >> thank you. many people in the town of canton concerned about safety after a terrible tragedy last week. a 6-year-old girl and a father of 3 both killed when tree limbs fell on them. paul burton is live in canton for us tonight. paul. >> reporter: and david i can tell you canton police are issuing a strong warning to everyone here to be careful of downed trees and large branches. this has been a difficult week for people in the town dealing with the loss of two people and now another winter storm and this one people are taking very seriously. downed trees and falling branches have parents very nervous here in canton. and they are keeping a close watch on children. >> trying to stay in the front yard where we have less trees. and less limbs that could fall. >> reporter: canton is dealing with two fatal storm related tragedies from last week's heavy snowfall. 6-year-old kaley kenyon died a large limb fell on her while she was playing outside her
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>> we urge residents to be cognizant of overhead tree limbs and power lines because of the way the -- weight of the snow. >> reporter: the next day thomas gunning a 48-year-old father of throw was killed by a falling limb while in his backyard. >> the gentleman that passed was a friend and very close- knit community so tom was very well-known and great guy and it's just tragic what happened. >> reporter: she is trying to let her kids enjoy the day off but only in the front yard. >> lots of limbs down but thankfully nothing seriously. >> you will see through the neighborhood pines and we have been telling the kids to watch out today and make sure to stay inside. >> reporter: greg says several branches have come down in his yard. his 8-year-old daughter isabella knows the fliewls my mom says don't go under the pine trees. >> reporter: -- the rules. >> my mom says don't go under the pine trees. >> reporter: and people are hurting here and heeding the warnings. the good news is no major emergencies here this time.
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news lisa back to you. >> thank you. people along the coast north of boston saw very strong waves earlier today. no cars allowed in this area. this was the seawall if winthrop. christina hagueer is live with a closer look at the conditions there. christina. >> reporter: lisa behind me is the beach and in front of that this wall that didn't do much to stop the waves earlier today. and the waves were dangerous at times. throwing rocks and stones out into the sidewalk and even in the streets. high tide put on quite a show in winthrop waves crashing high above the seawall. spilling into the road. >> i kind of love danger. >> the waves coming over the wall at you. >> they thought they were going to come over. >> i don't like water to look yes but come near me no.
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through the section that looked like a river others naive gated the chunks of rubble the ocean kicked oamplet it's why police spent the morning trying to move cars from the seawall by the time jason parks figured that out, too late. >> i was not aware when i need to pick it up but some point this morning they towed it and now i want to peck it up. >> reporter: he stopped a -- pick it up. >> reporter: he stopped to enjoy the view spectacular from a safe perch but other spots a mess of salt water where it doesn't belong. >> the roads are slippery so you have to be careful for sure. >> reporter: now the flooding in the roads went down when the tide went out but it left a slick of water on the pavement that mixed with all the snow that's been coming down all day. and it's made for very slippery conditions so that's what people here in winthrop are concerned about for now until the next high tide approaches late tonight.
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lisa back to you. >> thanks we will watch that high tide around 11. get an update on the storm any time anywhere you are with the cbs boston weather app counting for all storms. that's in the google and apple app stores and it's free. thisior's super bowl ads featured comedy and cute critters and movie imagine ic. >> coming up, which ads scored their own touchdown. snow. &. [ music ] i am still standing >> sir elton john taking over carpool karaoke you have to see
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when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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on the bz feed the best ads of the super bowl. >> every year u is sa today ad meter ranks the commercials and this year number one was the first date featuring kevin hart as overprotective dad who
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move with the finder feature. condition -- honda genesis to track their move with the finder feature. mine was the create the super bowl ad and the dad who is eating doritos but the baby wants it and it comes out premaactual which with up -- pry maturely which with up -- prematurely which upset everybody. >> i love the somebody to love shot with real sheep and trained sheep dog and special effects that had the animals singing the queen classic. >> how did they teach the sheep to. >> i don't know they are smarter and probably do it in secret when no one is watching. >> my kids are saying monkey-- no puppy monkey baby. >> that's a freakiest ad. >> a weird commercial.
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>> elton john sang the biggesthits and talked about his life. my gift is my song and this one is for you . >> i don't have a phone. >> what? >> i do not have a phone. >> how do you not got a phone. >> i don't have a phone. >> what do you do. >> someone is around me there's usually a security person with a phone i do have a ipad. >> i could kidnap you and you couldn't call anyone. >> i been wanting you to do that before rockwas young. >> reminds me of the muppets. holding hands and skimming stones >> i thought i was too old to be a dad and now i am not too old to be a dad. anything losing everything
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oh my gosh. you are channeling my is iter -- 12-year-old self. >> thank you so much for helping me get to work appreciate it. >> carpool karaoke is becoming one of the best segments on television. >> and to hear him say how much he appreciates it makes it better. that's great. straight ahead, voters want more jobs and better wages but on boosting the economy are the candidates for president talking. [audio not understandable] we look at where they stand. >> and winds howling here in plymouth. still snow to track for this evening. how more chances of snow are coming up this week a full look
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good evening from plymouth where we have within bat -- been battered by snow and wind and coastal flooding. high tide cycle early on. mid morning hours until midday and that's where we had water closing on coastal words on up the shoreline and plymouth and moderate coastal flooding. the communities are good taking care of business bringing out heavy equipment when the water is heated. stones and everything that washed-up and over the roads. that's what we begin tonight. snow and wind to track. we will go to the radar and here's what we are watching. snow has filled back in and the snow is going to continue heading through the first half of the overnight. in particular we will watch the band coming off the water. the studiest band moved in on the north north eastern wind over boston pressing farther west.
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towards the berkshires and many people feeling the flakes tonight. so main part of the ban for the south side of andover and lowell reaching into watertown and newton and waltham and this is the story tonight. areas of light to moderate snow will continue on and off adding additional fluffy snowfall for most of the area. that goes through halifax and the snow is going to row at that time back towards cape cod and the island. so still going to be some trips of the plows back out there tomorrow. a chance for throw to sek across cape anne and south shore where the band will be most persistent until tomorrow morningch the storm doesn't wrap up until early on day on tuesday. wind strongest early on. 70 miles per hour gusts on nantucket and gusting over 40. plymouth at 35.
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much less wind across the interior. i don't feel it unless we are by the water. tonight it will feel more comfortable and easier to clean up and shovel and not as muchblowing and drifting going on. tomorrow morning much more calm conditions region wide. coastal flood advisories from hall down towards cape cod and this is from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. where we will see minor coastal flieding but we will see localized road closures tonight but not nearly as high as. [audio not understandable] barry burbank has the latest snow reports and kind of a weird storm. it's been snowing all day long. numbers have not come up too high in most locations outside of the cape. >> it's been a fine, fine snowflake and very fine indeed but we are getting snow coming
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i was on air there and the snow is coming down in a good clip. it had move into metro west. so it continues to go up as eric mentioned a few more inches are like of this. 1 to 3 in many spots. iam-- yarrmouth is the jack --yarrmouth is the --iam out is the jack -- yarmouth is the jackpot. lower 20s all day long and temperatures are feeling more like the single numbers. but i got to tell you what's coming up is this. the 7-day iq with the forecast light wind with a chance of a snow flurry. themay try to pop out a better chance sun shine wednesday and by the end of the week it turns code and a swath of snow coming and a couple inches saturday morning and subzero sunday morning. it's going to be wicked cold this weekend. back to you.
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campaign 2016 according to the wbzumass am herst poll both parties agree on the economy issue number one. >> but where do they stand and do their ideas make sense. jon keller is here with another installment of his special series on the big issues. jon. >> reporter: lisa david, it's been a frustrating fact of life for years. people want more job opportunities and better wages than they have been getting in the era of economic globalization but when they talk taxes and trade are they posturing or talking straight about the path towards balancing the burden. >> jobs. >> jobs >> millions of decent paying jobs. >> creating more good jobs. >> reporter: they are all talking about job creation. but is anyone talking sense. this entire series of dough bates has been pandering i haven't heard intelligent discussion.
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american academy arts of sciences and research associate at national bureau of economic research and cringes at the mantra he hears from the speculation. >> closing corporate loopholes deductions. >> reporter: and while they are both for raising the minimum wage, clinton vows not to raise taxes. on those earning less than 250,000 a year. >> the rich can take their monday crane move it. tax on workers. >> reporter: the republican job growth debate has increasingly focused on trade. >> we lost anywhere between 4 and # million jobs because ofchina. >> somebody dumps their product in our country and takes our people's jobs. >> reporter: but the high ignore global markets reality. >> i think china is trying to take our jobs and we are trying to take their jobs that's the
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>> i think we need to be careful with tariffs. >> reporter: says marco rubio and some of the republicans agreet. >> you think the chinese if that he had 45% tariff imposed on all imports wouldn't retaliate? of course they wo. it would be devastating for the economy. >> reporter: the controversialtranspacific partnership free trade pack divides bush kasich and rubio back it carson and christie and cruz and fiorina on the fence. and trump opposing it. >> wanings have not gone up in the better part of a generation. >> reporter: wbz radio joe matthew sees an edge for trum of here -- trump here. >> people like idea of getting tough with the people taking our jobs. >> that's right. force them to bring jobs back here in the united states. and by the way, build that wall. >> reporter: new hampshire makes its decisions tomorrow. massachusetts in three weeks. for much more information you can use to make an informed decision g. to cbs
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stand on job creation trade. trade and focus of the last issue people immigration. david. >> thank you. high praise for one local police officer small gesture. >> coming up after the break his simple act of kindness making abig difference for one woman. >> team coverage of the winter storm continues at 6, we will check in on the areas hardest hit and the best pictures and video he. >> and presidential candidates making the final push before the new hampshire primary and we have live team coverage coming up. [stopwatch ticking] even his own supporters can't name one. santorum: the bottom line is, there isn't a whole lot of accomplishments. announcer: we tried a rookie senator with no experience. and we can't afford that risk again. marco rubio simply isn't ready for the biggest job in the world. right to rise usa is responsible
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from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords."
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wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of for as long as we can remember."
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a great story. a seekonk police office here made sure a woman what warm place to stay ahead of the storm. >> the department shared pictures on the facebook page. when officer perry came to heap woman -- perrot came to heap woman in distress he found out she was homeless and hungry he bought her groceries and helped
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>> plenty of officers doing that when we don't know about it. >> much more ahead tonight. >> the news at 6 starts right now. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. blasted by blizzard conditions. it's an all day all night storm already dropping 9 inches of snow on cape cod. >> the snow's sidekick is the wind. high tide making a mess on the south shore waves crashing over the sea walls. and into the streets there. >> want to give you a live look at boston tonight. copley square in particular. after a late break today in the he snow, you can see right there snowing lightly again. >> and want to give you a live look at slowing slippery evening commute. hundreds of crews have been out all day and they are salting and plowing trying to keep everyone safe. this storm really has been marked by the longevity. started before dawn and won't really end until midnight.
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have been hit the hardest but all of us are getting snow. we have a team of reporters sprees over ms shutes covering conditions and we want to start with eric fisher live in blustery-- spread over massachusetts covering conditions and we want to start with eric fisher live in the blustery weather. >> reporter: until tomorrow morning when things die down. [audio not understandable] so we are -- where does the forecast end? blizzard verified in plymouth as well as cape cod and the island. blizzard 3 consecutive hours winds gusting over 35 miles per hour and visibility less than a quarter mile. travel has been difficult even without the huge snow totals that you get in some snowstorms. it's been a lot of accidents on the roads. it's the wind a big reason or causing a lot of that because the for visibility produced by the gusts.
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