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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston wment bz news starts right now. the fbi and irs raiding canton law office of brian joyce. his attorney issued a statement saying the client is cooperating and he believes he wrong. >> also breaking a deadly accident at the bernie and phyl's warehouse. a employee walking in the parking lot was hit and killed. state police are investigating. >> also tonight a former harvard university student who
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assaulted is suing the school. alyssa leader says harvard mishandled the case and didn't do enough to protect her from harassment and retaliation. >> at 5:30mbda is taking anxious -- mbta is take action. smoke filled one of the trains last night what motor overheated. >> one of the passengers was soscared they kicked out the windows to get out. chantee lans has a look at how they plan to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: the t. >> it was fine. >> reporter: is up and running. a big difference from tuesday night. smoke from the state street station after two trains including this one stalled after running over a metal panel that came off and fell into the tracks. >> people are-- were in panic. >> reporter: images show passengers climbing out of a window after kicking it to escape. >> it was pretty chaotic. >> scares me to think something like that happened and the panic people must have felt.
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but mflt b-ta says 120 -- mbta says all 120 orange line trains have been inspicked and pass -- inspected and passed. transporttion authorities says exterior panels on 13 trains were reenforced as a precaution. they are adding checking the panels to regularly scheduled work. you feel like they should have done had. >> they should be doing this all the time especially the t. that is having so many problems now. it's like this should have -- the inspection should be done on a regular basis not what crisis occurs. >> reporter: others are more forgiving. >> hindsight is 20-20 but if it would have prevented this yeah you probably could say that. >> reporter: the current trains have been running for 3 1/2 decades and they are slated to be replaced in two years. in boston, chantee lans wbz news. >> i got say i am confused about the weather these days. >> i think we all are. subzero sunday, storms yesterday and bright and sunny today. so, what happens tomorrow? we have to turn to eric for
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>> it's been a little oddity in the weather department and day. and nice day to be outside. pretty nice evening. temperatures right now in the 30s. low 40s across the area. and we are watching colder air to the north and west. more like winter towards tomorrow morning and throughout the day tomorrow. so over the next few days we watch the cold front tonight ushering in sunshine and colder temperatures for tomorrow and a gusty northerly breeze on with clouds starting to increase but the next storm system that moves in is pretty weak and well to the north. and so all that does is boost temperatures to around 50 to start weekend and brings a chance for a few rain showers. so the main headlines as we look forward over the course of the next few days a quieter time. no significant storms and more melting for those who have snowfall left. weekend temps 45 to 50 both days and the next storm that we are watching is the middle of next week and right now signs are strong it will be a large
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the question is the rain snowwhere it should be. >> we will see you then. tonight we learned president obama will not attend thefuneral of antonin scalia and is sending joe biden. jon given the political climate it canly surrounding this, what do you make of it. >> reporter: you know how this works we have been down the road before. obama haters will be furious over this. obama lovers will be livid about the fury of the haters. the question is what should the rest of us make of the president's decision to attend the memorial service on friday but skip the funeral the next day. well, to me, this is a predictable controversy about very little. president obama was not a close friend of justice scalia and more to the point there's no set rule or custom about presidential attendance at funerals. now this often leads to hurt feelings. president obama for instance was criticized for not attending the funeral of former
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that much are three years ago -- thatcher president bush took heat for not attending funerals of soldiers killed in action in iraq. now, the president paid respects to justice scalia on saturday night and will do so on friday. stressing about this issue might be a cue to consider switching to decaff. and no disrespect intend but it's making a mountain out of a mole hill. >> important to note he is going to the memorial service. >> reporter: yeah. he is and he should. pay his respects to distinguished member of a coequal branch. i don't think a poor manners is really the issue with this president. take issue with the positions if you wish, but really i think this is just going a bit far. >> thanks for the perspective. david. >> thank you. salem new hampshire police searching for a man who robbed a 74-year-old woman in the parking lot of a market basket. investigators say here's the man that he threatened the
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stole the wallet from her purse. surveillance cameras inside the k-mart nearby captured him using the stolen credit card to buy 500 dollars in gift cards. officers identified him as devon mack and there's a warrant out for his arrest. a new state report says that there were system matic failures at a western mass school for special needs student. the report about the peck school said staff members restrained students with emotional and behavioral problems more than 200 times last year. the school is now under new leadership and management. in texas u.s. marshals are actually arresting some people who have not paid student loans. this man says marshal surrounded his house and took him into custody. paul acres says he paid off two and didn't know that he still owed 1500 dollars and says guns drawn for late payments that's extreme. >> so much firepower to say we can't miss this guy we must
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meow celebrate as if you taken down el chapo. you know. i am el paul. >> in houston alone 1500 people are delinquent and a federal judge issued the arrest warrants. kate middleton took on a new job guest editor for the huffington boast. the duchess published a blog talking about her initiative which is focusing on mental health of young children. middleton wrote there's a stying malma withmentel health an though unresolved issues at childhood could des tase them later on. is that really cheese you are grading on the pasta? >> coming up ingredients that may be hiding in your parmesan cheese. >> an and angry frustrated pope francis what made the holy father so upset and then... [laughter] >> taking over carpool karaoke
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on the bz feed a term you don't hear a papal smack down. >> we imagine the pope is a patient man but one admirer clearly testifyed the holy father in mexico. pope francis was greeting this crowd after a ceremony at a stadium yesterday. when somebody grabbed his robe. pulling in fact so hard that the pope nearly fell on a child in a wheelchair you can see how upset he is here. admonishing the person twice in spanish. not to be selfish. >> can you imagine. >> can you imagine. >> oh man that's a lot of hail marys after that. >> you know how bad you would feel for how long. >> forever. i think. >> the pope. >> that doesn't get worse than that. a lot of atoning. this was not self shall but it was not great. someone returned a lost wallet with a odd note. >> a new york man lost his
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week later received the credit cards and his driver's licensein the mail along with a letter. now, the writer said while he was returning the important stuff, he kept the cash because he needed weed. the metrocard he kept that toobecause fares are 2.75 now and wallet "kind of looked cool he kept the wallet and the metrocard and the cash to pick up his medicinal stuff. >> a guy stole my wallet dropped it in the mailbox and post office charged meet postage. lately james corden is picking us up again. >> his latest passenger in carpool karaoke [ music ]
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moment was when corden felt [ music ] >> you have no idea what you sung there what was that? >>ly stay up through the night. night. >> that's what she said she explained why we see her with her face covered. there's cameras around. >> of course. >> i only wear this just to try to maintain a little bit of privacy what doesn't exist in pop music at the moment and it was mystery. >> yes. >> i was like you know this pictures are on instagram of everyone at the dentist. >> she never took her wig off during the segment and corden put one on. >> how much of it is actually about privacy and how much is it like you know it's her thing. >> a now it's her thing and she branded herself as the wig lady. still to come, history solved. a winner of the historic power ball jackpot revealed.
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whole thing seemed like a big joke. >> a joke that's a good joke. look at the weather watchers network. a feel of spring getting chilly and high temps today mostly up in the 40s. mark 44. and not much snow left. we add to it the forecast coming up. >> you can find everything under the sun at whole foods why you are geting that organic asparagus water get a tattoo. tonight on the wbz news at 10 on my tv38 the services that whole foods is considering
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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this florida couple is more richer he. today. they came ford as one of the winners of the historic jackpot one of three winners in last drawing.
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forward because they say at first it seemed like joke. >> it was like 6 a.m. and you know we had just had a saturday drawing before and she had circled all the winners on that one. and when i woke up wednesday there was no circles on it. and oddly enough i check the ticket and everything matched up so i said she is messing with me. >> now that would have been a practical joke many they say they rarely play but when they do they always use the same numbers and they don't know what they will do with the new found fortune but they plan to donate some of the money and help out family members. david. >> they may have to retire the numbers. >> yeah. >> thank you lisa. the parmesan cheese you great at the dinner table may -- grate at the dinner table may include somethingels extra bloomberg news tested products labeled pure parson from walmart to whole foods including kraft cellulose which
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the ingredients and stores are investigating. think twice the next teem you order the caramel swirl coffee a study analyzed more than 100 coffee drinks and some contained up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. three times more sugar than in one can of soda. starbucks says it is working to reduce the sugar in the indulgent drinks by 25% by the end of 2020. >> wouldn't your teeth fall out. >> the thing is now they oftentimes put the calories up on the menu and you almost know but calories and sugar are not the same. >> 25? i assume they were bad i mean you see the calorie count. i get a latte before i come to work and that made me think twice. >> yeah. >> black coffee from now on. >> you will be back. >> they always come back. >> black coffee to a very, very colorful picture you will showus. >> this is cool. scott kelly after the an astronaut aboard the
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doing a year in space and comes home next month and has been taking the photos as part of a project the colors of earth. the first is snow crisscrossed by the street. orange desert sand and the theme from the international space station 249 miles up is the orbit of the space station. that is desert see ridge line and some of the dunes and sand and tributaries dunking into a green sea right here. beautiful pictures. twitter. and gorgeous tough. blue seas and there's the snowpicture. i thought i would shea. colors locally -- share. colors locally here today. always end in pictures from cape cod and colorful waves. the spray blowing back with the lighter offshore winds and the ocean. it did feel like spring. we are 25 days away from daylight savings time. heading towards march 12th our
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we are 32 days away from the equinox and 61 days until the boston marathon. a couple months away. 43 in the is city and 32 in worcester so cold are air is working its -- colder air is work its way in and a wintry feel will be in for tomorrow. a cold front passes through new- land overnight and bringing in high pressure and -- new england overnight and bringing in high pressure looking towards thursday. tonight partly cloudy skies. 18 to 24 in the suburbs and about 26 in downton boston. it gets breezy after midnight and tomorrow, we will watch the northerly winds a chance for a few snow showers across the outer parts of cape cod. not expecting a lot there and clouds grazing the coastline and inland it's full sunshine and chill in the air. friday a quiet day from sun to late day clouds and no weatherish ease over the next couple. bright and chilly start tomorrow with therise at 6:37 -- sunrise at 6:37. you will want your jacket. a gusty breeze and chance for a snow shower midday tomorrow.
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wind dies down and well back into the teens tomorrow night. before that high temps from 30 in worcester. 29 in jaffrey and up around 36 degrees in boston. this weekend, we have go a quick moving weather system on saturday bringing a couple rain and snow showers early but doesn't look like much. on sunday, the cold air is bottled up to the north. we will make another run close to 50 degrees so we have lost most of the snowfall and won't add much. a high of 50 on saturday. and it will get breezy during afternoon and sunday around 48 with partly sunny skies. a little bit different than last weekend. about 40 degrees warmer than the high temp last sunday. the storm we are watching for next week develops as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. so very good agreement there's likely going to be a large east coast storm. now we are 7 days out and you can't drought lines yet. where's the rain and snow going to be? but this is the next significant storm system to track and it's areminder it felt like spring but we are not done with winter.
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weekend will work its way into monday. 40s starting next week and low 40s on tuesday and wednesday we will target the next storm. school yard shout out is pamela gardner school visit the bates school in salem. two different groups kindergarten through second and 3rd through 4th and she read my personal favorite cloudy with a chance of meat balls which kids always love i read that in high school library when i was in elementary school and 4th and 5th grade group. >> is that what got you into the chance of weather. >> that's the first class in meteorologist 101. you start with meat balls and go into hail storm. >> watch the parmesan. the franklin park zoo has a new addition nigerian dwarf goat a made the debut yesterday morning. baby goats called kids this one is a female named chew baca. she is not going to be offended because she is so cute. shortly after she was born the four pound goat was standing and nursing and preparing to
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>> i do too i want one. >> you want one? >> take a deep breath and ask your sea of question. >> how much would you pay for fresh air? two sisters a launching a brand new business and straight ahead at 6, breaking news, a governor re-- the governor reacts to the raid on officer state senator brian joyce. what investigators were looking for. plus some kids will come back from vacation to this their library ruined. and the record cold is to blame and days after a deadly accident in the 93 tunnel a viewer tipped us off to some potential trouble in another big dig tunnel. we are finding out why the lights are out.
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sound like something out of selling air. but it is happening right now. two sisters in the united kingdom are harvesting air then selling it for about 115
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they claim it's designer oxygen collected in pristine spots all over the region. >> no it's not a rip-off because it's genuine product we have never shipped a jar filled in the kitchen or the couch at home. >> it's going to sound more legitimate if you say it in that british accent. they have sold more than 100 yars and mostly to clients in -- jars mostly to clients in china. we have much more ahead. the news at 6 starts now. >> harvard ignoring sexual assault and abuse. >> we are treated as if we are problems. rather than people. >> the graduate who says she was forced to live and work with the man who victimized her. >> breaking news, fbi agents raid a state senator's office. >> a new worry for drivers. why are some of the lights turned off inside the big dig tunnels. we are hunting for answers. >> after a beautiful february day, the colder air moving. >> tonight a wintry feel in the forecast.
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studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. breaking news tonight. the fbi raiding a state senator's law office. >> the target is brian joyce a beacon hill veteran long time lawmaker from the south shore who has been a state senator since 1998. a member of the house for a year before that. but he is also been the target of a ethics investigation for the last year. bill shields is live in canton tonight and still on active -- an active scene. >> reporter: it is. feds showed up at the law officer brian joyce this morning and they are still inside right now. we have seen them outside in a garage taking paperwork out into a van. i think now i think it could be said that this whole thing is escalated for brian joyce and not in a positive way. the fbi and irs spend much of the day in the canton law office of senator brian joyce. a statehouse investigation has
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and joyce's neighbors near his office were taken back somewhat. >> a little scary. it's a little scary. it's not something you want to hear or see about your elected officials you know. you don't know what's going on and it makes you wonder about the you know them all. >> reporter: democratic senator from milton has been under the spotlight for sometime now. the state ethics committee has been looking into senator joyce's use of campaign funds and there have been reports of influence pedaling. governor baker addressed the issue this evening. >> i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district. and obviously, i am not going to comment specifically on the investigation because i have no information on that. >> reporter: today his attorney said it's unfortunate that recent stories appeared to have sparked an investigation. senator joyce has been cooperating with each


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