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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. eric fisher on wbz news the wait is over this noon. train travel is getting back. >> nrm-- back to normal after a miserable 24 hours. how it was fixed. >> a boston mother and young baby hit by a car. dramatic moments and how neighbors jumped in to save their lives. >> and searching for suspects. new information coming out right now about what caused a lock down at umass campus. >> and we are warming up this wient weekend but wint-- weekend but winter is not done yet i am tracking three chances of snow. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts right now. >> this noon trains are up and
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doesn't sound like anything special but this comes after a nearly 24 hour long commuting nightmare in and out of the station i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. mbta mess took a day to ei didn't fie and fix and now we are finding out why. nicole jacobs is live where there are happy and relieved people there right now. >> reporter: you got it. with the exception of a few normal hiccups with the communitier air we are told by key olis today so far -- keolis today so far so good. all reading an on time status. this is being a tram explains the lack of service and communication a much welcomed sight and sound coming into south station friday.after a grueling 24 hours. >> we didn't know what caused
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>> reporter: it began at 4:30 thursday morning crippling commuters annoying the best of them. >> very chaotic yesterday for sure. no one knew what was going on. >> reporter: and inconveniencing most. >> i was an hour and a half late for work. >> reporter: it transpired here tower one where 13 tracks are controlled. >> the system went down and we lost control from the control center. >> reporter: that left workers manually moving tracks the old fashioned way and spending nearly a day troubleshooting. >> up fortunately at 4 in the morning, there weren't a lot of hour. >> reporter: technically a breakdown with the computer software but for commuters a breakdown in communication. >> when you commute on the it. it's just a unresponsiveness. >> reporter: the commute better today. better. >> reporter: but the boards look different and on time perspective. one commuters are crossing
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>> that can i guarantee they can trust us. >> reporter: and taking a live look here at the south station i can tell you according to amtrak tower one interlocking here they say is one of the most complex interlocking systems in the northeast corridor. of course you can tell by theboards on time status means very happy commuters today. live at south station in boston nicole jacobs wbz news. >> thanks very much. this noon a boston mother -- this noon a boston mother and 5-month-old baby are in the hospital after being hit by a car. and we are learning neighbors were key in helping save their lives. susie sometimeel is live in roxbury with an emotional story of a woman and her sister who sprung into action. >> reporter: that's right and i checked in with boston place couple minutes ago about the status of the the mother and young baby and they say right now, no news is good news as
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their lives after this really dramatic night in roxbury. this morning we spoke with two women who were instrumental in keeping the baby alive. thursday night on humboldt avenue pure chaos a mother and baby unconscious in the street after being hit by a car in roxbury. neighborhood ran out to help includes laneigh. >> it was a really fast paced scene. >> reporter: and her twin sister latisha. >> it's. >> the ordinary moment and something you will never forget. >> reporter: as twins they shared most big moments over the course of their lives. but they never he can ped-- he can spbd this one they were -- expected this one they were handed a lifeless infant. >> i saw a man carrying a baby back and forth and looked like he didn't know what to do. >> reporter: they took over and started cpr. >> you tune into motherhood instincts and do what you have to do. what you hope someone would do for your child. >> reporter: both victims suffered serious head trauma.
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before the ambulance came. >> we are not heroes. we are just me and my twin this is what we do we help anybody that needs help. >> reporter: she hopes the story inspires more people to learn cpr so if you are faced with an emergency, you know what to do. >> how to save those around us because when we don't, it's panic and chaos but when you do, you are able to take charge. >> reporter: two women who knew what to do on scene last night and hopefully that turns into a good story for this mother and young baby. as far as the investigation, speed is being investigated as the potential factor. and that driver is not facing any charges. live in roxbury susie steimle wbz news. a developing story umass police issue a warrant for the arrest of the man who sparked a lock down on campus last night. they are looking for another suspect. the suspects are not student at
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inside the -- surveillance cameras show a student letting them in they pistol whipped a freshman and the victim will be okay. >> we take this seriously. the safety of the community and we have added an additional police staff on today. >> the shelter in place lasted about 2 hours. the suspects face several charges including armed robbery as well as assault and battery. turning our attention to the weather now. on this friday, let's get a live look at the city of boston. looks pretty good and we are in for a weekend warmup. >> that we are. let's check in with danielle niles who teased at -- teaseed at the top of the show three -- teaseed at the top of the show three rounds of snow. >> only in now england but a little spring photographer this weekend. we will feel more like april with temperatures both days up around 50 degrees. and aid little bit of a weekend kind of sandwich in terms of the spring warmup. not one or two but three
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one comes in later tonight and another on sunday night. and then the biggest potential looks to be for the middle part of next week depending on the track. and it may start with snow and change over could be mixed across the interior. several days out to iron out the details of that. in the meantime, it looks beautiful but it's cool and it's 32 in boston right now and 33 in worcester. 34 inia around 38 in taunton many we will gain a few more degrees. look at that sharp edge of clouds comingth in berkshires and western connecticut. the clouds -- coming in the berkshires and western connecticut. snow extends to northern connecticut at a pretty good clip for a hour or so in a couple spots. extending down to the cape right around midnight and then some leftover rain drops mixed with wet snow flames predawn tomorrow. this is 4 a.m. and then any leftover rain
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so don't be surprised if of you wake up tomorrow morning and-- and there's clouds. possible. 1 to 3 the farther north you g we will break down the rest of couple minutes. >> thanks very much. noon. harford lee the killer of to kale mockingbird died. the author was 89 and passed away in her hometown in alabama. she became famous after to kale mockingbird was published in 1960 highlighting racial injustice in a small southern town. it later became a movie and last year she allowed the release of a second book titled watch me. right now. a judge has just ruled an suv allegedly used by aaron hernandez in a double murder dealership. lawyers for the former patriot wanted jurors in the case to see the suv.
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now at noon a mass bay community college student is free on bail after police say driver. it happened on route 9 yesterday near the school. the man's attorney says he is a traumatic stress disorder and ordered to turn in his gun and va. and -- and malden police are searching for this man. kennethmaning in the search are- - murder of a 36-year-old according to officers, surveillance video shows manning at the victim's building on the day of her murder. in revere police want to find the man and woman involved in a high-speed chase that left an officer injured. jaqueline murphy. police say he tried to stab an office wear syringe and then took off. the chase ended in chelsea when the officer crashed into a utility pole. expected to be okay. be a look at this.
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split in half in leominster. troopers say they were chasing him last night when he hit a telephone pole so hard the vehicle ripped apart. driver took off running but police caught with up him a short time later. now to a developing story. u.s. air strikes have taken out an isis training came in libyach pentagon announced the attack this morning. and says it likely killed a key extremist operative. officials on the ground say the strike killed about 40 people. right now justice antonin scalia is at laying in repose his casket arrived this morning. the court is opened to the public. a funeral will be held tomorrow presided over by his son who is a priest. president obama is expected to visit the supreme court today but he will not attend tomorrow's funeral. over to campaign 2016 getting down to the wirein south carolina in less than 24 hours, voters will hit the polls in a pivotal primary contest. 6 republicans still in the race
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support as polls show donald trump may be slipping. craig boswell reports. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: donald trump war of words with pope francis seemed to soften a bit at a town hall. >> the pope is is a wonderful guy. >> reporter: the spat made head he lines around the world after the pope criticized trump's focus on building walls as not christian. crisscrossing the palmetto state for one last day before voters head to the polls. >> south carolina and texas they are a shared tradition of fighting for freedom with every thing in us. >> we want to do for america what your governor and your legislature has done for south carolina. >> reporter: marco rubio has five rallies the first here in columbia where some voters are waiting until the last-minute to decide. >> a lot of people will make up
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frankly do. tomorrow. >> it could be. >> reporter: and in the midst of the scramble for votes, this moving moment at a town hall in clemson. >> i was in a dark place for a long time but i was depressed. >> reporter: a young kasich supporter spoke of job loss and divorce in his family. >> i appreciate one of those hugs you have been talking about. >> reporter: the polls opened early saturday morning. craig boswell cbs news columbia south carolina. a review by boston public schools says administrators at boston latin didn't adequately at the school. the report also found the school did not discipline a student who used a racial slur and threatened another student but the report claims that was the only disibt in -- incident in seven cases where they failed to act properly. breaking news on the spread of the zika virus a world health organization official says brazil which has an outbreak of the mosquito born virus will still have a olympics this year.
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of zika cases in brazil will be way down by the time the summer olympic games takes place. the illness has been linked to berth detickets in -- defects cutting it short the findings when it comes to americans and sleep. least. >> also ahead, crashing down. the rescue as the helicopter water. >> a music hackch the popular stream service target and what
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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see this today the faa is investigating the crash in hawaii as a tourist helicopter went right down into pearl harbor near the arizona memorial five people were on board. they were all rescued by people
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this noon. and from chicago a man >> right. so, these friends were out on the icy lake michigan this morning and in 48 degree weather. it didn't take long before the ice sheets broke under the way to the men and one of the friend went tumbling right into the water. luckily he was okay scrambling to get out of the cold water and back to land. >> lake michigan near 60 in chicago today so i am thinking. >> not safe to be out on ice. >> when you can see the water like that. >> ice safety is a big thing you know. so warm up this weekend. 50 tomorrow and sunday look forward to it. >> yeah. >> but you are talking about snow in between. >> a lot of everything right. so we have got snow coming in that's a sign of the warm air and it's beautiful right now but we are in for big changes through the afternoon so the clouds will increase and temperature right now is running 32 degrees in the city
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and lawrence and mid to upper 30s from taunton back to the cape right now and it doesn't notice? and that's in part because of the wind is not as strong as out there. between 1 and 3 we gain a couple more degrees in boston and should come up to 38 and cool back through the 30s as you notice the cloud increase rapidly here through late afternoon and evening. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it because the sharp edge leading edge of the cloud coming in to western massachusetts right now and then you run into the little bit of snow. see how thin it is? this is going to be working east here. aid thin band but there's pretty good snow coming underneath that a sign of the warmer air pushing in. notice temperatures right now in chicago 59 degrees. 61 in indianapolis and 61 in cincinnati and we get a piece of that heading our way for the weekend. so hour by hour between now and 3 or 4 the clouds increase. they thicken this evening and we stay dry right on through the evening commute. no weather related issues.
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snow advance in and notice the farther north you go traveling along 93p along 89 and there's -- 93 and along 89 there's pockets of snow and temperatures colder where we have a better chance of picking up 1 to 3. around midnight tonight city of boston including the merrimack valley back into new hampshiresea coast the band comes of snow comes in and out and there's a couple rain and snow showers during the predawn tomorrow. notice temperatures don't get that cold tonight. so i am not anticipating any icy spots or things like that. tomorrow morning you are waking up to clouds and even a leftover shower but then the sun comes out and look at temperatures. there we go. 45 to 50 in the afternoon. and tomorrow evening, by the way, cold front comes in and there there may be a stray shower or two. not everyone will see one coming through proofly between 7 and 9 -- briefly between 7 and 9. sunday another nice day up around 50. here's a wave of low pressure sunday night into monday morning that may be suppressed
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there's a shot we see a couple inches skirting by sunday and predawn monday. tuesday a bigger storm protension coming up the coastline for wednesday cod impact us in new eng -- could impact us in new england. wind could be a impact as well. you will hear a lot about that. temperatures around 50 this weekend and cooling off for the start of next week. we should be in the upper 30s colder if the storm tracks farther to the east. we will keep you posted. >> thanks very much. a warning for spotify users. the music streaming service appears to have been hacked. information from hundreds of premium users posted on a website we are talking about things like e-mail addresss and passwords it's not clear if credit card information was stolen. spotify is the second most popular streaming music service with over 20 million users. still ahead, opening up about motherhood. >> angelina jolley never wanted -- jolie never wanted kids and
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and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country it is time for them the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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she might be a mother of 6but angelina jolie admits she never wanted kids. >> she said her thousands of motherhood changed when she adviced a cambodian school and says despite never wanting a baby or to be pregnant and
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moment she knew her child was in cambodia. she later adopted a son there and went onto adopt two more a ethiopia. she and brad pitt have three children together. and jolie probably into the enoughsleep. >> she is not alone. more than third of americans don't get enough shut eye. the cdc looked at the a sleep per state in massachusetts about 65% of us are getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep or more per day. and the state with the most sleep deprived people was hawaii. >> surprises me. i would think hawaii more people relaxed and getting sleep. >> maybe it's because of the weather so awesome. you never want to go to sleep. >> up next, a stunning sight. >> we will tell you what's causing the beautiful image and why it is not all that it seems danielle. >> reporter: checking in with afternoon. and a lot are giving us reports. temperatures running in the 30s
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and even 40s arnold says # 4 in this weekend. thanks for all your reports and if you want to joint weather watcher network we would love to have you head over to the website to sign up. i feel too young to be this old. not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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closet? coming up today at 5 how to queen's wardrobe. that's cool. a special moment for park. fire wall. it's actually an optical illusion making it lock like fire off a cliff but the sun glowing through a water fall only happens this time of year because the sun has to hit the water at just the perfect angle to make this shot happen. cool looking. that's beautiful. >> i know makes you want to take a triple take. ready. >> i can't wait for it. >> we are going to be up around 50 and get a little bit of snow and tonight. couple spots. northern massachusetts is at the greatest risk and sunday night storm passes to the south and wednesday is is the more significant -- is the the more significant one we will watch.
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join us for the next newscast morning at 4:30.
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>> nick: hey. good. you're awake. thank god. >> noah: what -- what happened? what happened? >> nick: hey, listen, don't worry about it. you're gonna be fine. they had to give you a sedative before you got on the flight. that's why you're groggy. >> noah: flight? >> nick: yeah, noah. you're home. [ handcuffs clink ]


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