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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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driver. >> a teenage killed in stabbing in dorchester. the new details we are learning about the investigation. >> one man heading to court after a meth lab was found in attleboro. how crews are making sure neighbors stay safe. >> and late night decision forcing bill cosby's wife in amassachusetts court today. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good monday to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's monday february 22nd. we had a taste of spring we could feel it in the air. >> it was beautiful. >> it was nice. >> today won't be too bad but it won't be as warm as the past few days. in fact out the door right now, temperatures are in the 30s for lot of us. 36 in boston but a wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour creating a real feel in the upper 20s not too bad. given the fact it's the end of
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40 right now proprovidence to taunton. there's cooler air north and west. 28 in keene and the teens in burlington vermont. we have had had showers overnight mainly alodge south coast and cape. -- along the south coast and cape. we will see increasing sunshine through the course of the morning. quiet start to the week. your planner goes this way, sunrise at 6:31. temperatures will dip a few more degrees right around the freezing mark. up to around 40 again by lunchtime so seasonal. the wind from the north northwest about 5 to 10 miles per hour and fair and quiet heading into the ride home. temperatures in the mid-30s andset at 5:25. we will -- and sunset at 5:25. we will breakdown details coming up. traffic and weather together back to reality today. >> reporter: good morning. school vacation week is over so we can expect increase in volume. let's look at the expressway no trouble from braintree to
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routes from the south look fine. same from the north as we pop up that map. it's early and that will change in the next half-hour. so chris and kathryn. >> thanks you. new this morning a is of- year-old -- a 16-year-old died after being stabbed. a person of interest is in custody but no formal charmings have been filed. it happened sunday after -- charges have been filed. it happened sunday afternoon. anyone with information should call police. also new this morning a. car crashes into a starbucks in norwood leaving behind some serious damage there. take a look. >> susie sometimeel is is live at the scene -- stipeel is live at the scene -- steimle is live at the scene with a closer look. >> reporter: police are searching for the driver. whoever was driving the car who crashed into the starbucks took off on foot immediately. there's quite the scene here right now but you can't see it because ita contractor is parked in front of it and he told me they are working to get the restaurant opened as quickly as possible.
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you can see the gaping hole in the side of the coffee shop. will is coffee bricks and a bunch of products all over the inside of the starbucks. the call came in before 1 in the morning for a white four- door sedan that smashed into the side of the starbucks and again that driver took off on foot. this is the norwood star becomes along route 1. and again contractors here trying to reopen the starbucks as soon as possible but just put up a bunch of tines around the area saying -- signs around the area saying right now they won't be opened for this morning. if you have nor more information about the accident -- more information about the accident police hope to hear from you. live in norwood, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. what a mess there. a reported drug overdose leads to a dangerous discovery. police say they found a meth lab in an attleboro condo and neighbors had to be evacuated.
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nd arrest and heading to court today. forces. >> reporter: it -- for us. >> reporter: it began as call for a overdose. >> shocking to know it's in your backyard. >> reporter: but upon the arrival of the authorities it turned into much more. >> i think it's terrible i mean like right by the elderly housing and from's a lot of -- and there's a lot of kids on that side of the street. >> reporter: a meth lab on knight avenue. evacuating homes and protecting -- wearing protecting clothing. >> i am glad they found it because there's no place around here or ever for it. >> reporter: the 52-year-old resident was arrested for manufacturing meth. investigators found the ingredients to make it with state, local and federal authorities now all involved. >> that was nicole jacobs reporting.
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down clyde brown school closed today and tomorrow after air quality tests taken over school vacation week showed concerns. more testing will be done. official also work on a plan in case the school needs to remain school the middle and high schools are open. school is back over in haverhill but students will see the damage by a burst pipe. they scrubbed the school over school vacation week after a pipe burst in a second floor classroom. part of the ceiling caved in and some asbestos fireproofing got wet. students had see part of the ceiling exposed. and the school library is closed. in framingham student relocated today due to a burst pipe at the mccarthy elementary school last week. this morning kinder gathered -- kindergarten and first greaters will go to fuller middle school
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from-- accept p separate from -- separate from older students. pipes burst at a a school flooding the main office gym and class routes and they have been working to repair damage. board of health will be at the school today. ' strayedors -- administrators hope to reopen tomorrow and will let parents know as soon as possible if they can't. 41 people are due in court following a bust at a house party. police were called to the home early sunday morning not far from bridgewater state university. trashing the place. 21. police arrested everyone inside on charges from disorderly conduct to underage drinking. bill cosby's wife expected this morning. late last night a judge denied her second request to postpone the deposition that means camille cosby will have to testify in a springfield courtroom at 9 a.m.
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women who say bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. he denies the claim. a uber driver heads to court charged with killing 6 people in what police say appeared to be a random attack a vij i am washeld last night in honor of the victims and two others that were injured. jason dalton went on the shooting spree saturday night. he is an uber driving picking up fareers in between -- fares in between firing. we spoke to man who was in the began. >> once he came to a stop i away. >> police tracked down dalton's car and arrested him. a 14-year-old is in critical condition and another woman shot four times is recovering this morning. over to campaign 2016 now. a new poll looking at the race for president here in massachusetts. the poll is from emmerson
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at 50% and closest competitor marco rubio with 16%. and followed by john kasich at 13%. on the democratic side, it's a statistical dead heat hillary clinton and bernie sanders at 46%. massachusetts holds the primary in a week on super tuesday. >> tonight bernie sanders will try to drum up support at u- mass amherst goat support in south carolina last night. danny glover helped to kick off a rally in greenville. south carolina holds the democratic primary this saturday. hillary clinton heads to south carolina. she got strong support from black voters in nevada and is hoping it continues in south carolina. polls in south carolina show clinton leading sanders. donald trump held a rally in atlanta georgia. he has won the last 2 primaries
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next up for the gop the nevada caucuses tomorrow and that's where ted cruz was yesterday. he held a rally at a nevada sports bar and says the campaign is the only one that can beat trump. cruz finished third in south carolina on saturday with just about a thousand less votes than marco rubio. speaking marco rubio he campaigned in arkansas last night. he picked up the endorsement of senator dean heller and hovington post reports mitt romney will endorse rubio now jeb bush is out of the race. still to come a. close call for a local woman. >> she is sharing her story about how a train smashed into her suv. >> and the warmer weather is bad for skiers but good for runners. how marathon training is going this winter good morning danielle. >> good morning. feels like spring this weekendch we won't be as warm today but we drop a few more degrees between now and 8 a.m. plenty of sunshine and back up to 40.
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mix for tomorrow night. we will breakdown the details
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this is a good machining thing. runners rejoice mild winter is good for marathon runers who usually batel a bitter snow. >> last week there was more than three feet with temperatures below freezing this year trainers were in shorts. >> aid peach day. last year we were out here it was 20 degrees and sleet and rain and snow. >> it was nice not to jump puddles and avoid black ice. >> professional trainers say the weather is good because more training means less injuries on marathon day. marathon now just 56 days away. and don't forget wbz will bring you live coverage of the 120th boston marathon monday, april 18th. >> i saw so many people running this weekend especially
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and sunday. >> yeah. >> pret -- i should say saturday and sunday. >> yeah. >> pretty nice danielle it's back to the grind and kids go back to school this week. >> back to reality. absolutely and we got the marathon count done on the count down -- count down on the count down chart. you said it 56 days until the boston marathon kicks off. hopefully the weather will cooperate on the day of the marathon as well. now this morning out the door, not too bad. temperatures 36 in boston. we are 40 in taunt ob and shy of -- taunton and shy of 40 in falmouth. upper 20s in keene and a bit of a real feel because the wind is blowing so the real feel is 29 in boston. not that bad given the fact it's late february. any showers overnight they are done. so we are in for a dry start to the week today. and any clouds this morning will depart giving way to plenty of is sunshine today. a big area of high pressure is is building into the north. tomorrow, we are turning our
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there's a couple things to watch. we will break it down tuesday onshore winds. clouds increase pretty quickly tomorrow morning it turns overcast for much of the the day but we stay dry and i can't rule out an isolated flurry but it won't be a big day. tomorrow night the wave of low pressure goes by so areas of rain fill in but they will start as a brief period of snow and wintry mix across the interior. and that may continue into early on wednesday. so when you get outside of 495, there may be some slick spots when you wake up on wednesday morning. and then we transition over to rain, by late morning for most spots. rain will taper to leftover showers but that's not it. we have another area of low he pressure that will bring snow to chicago back down to st. louis and we will be on the warmer side of this storm. but it does mean areas of rain fill back in wednesday night and it's going to absolutely pour wednesday night into the first part of thursday. it's going to bring in warm air and gusty wind as well.
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the middle part of the week. today is quiet. 40 for a high in boston. it's on the mark for where we should be this time of year. same in rockport and plymouth. 43 in new bedford and 40 or over that for a lot of metro west. tonight we should stay mostly clear for the first part of the overnight and then the clouds will roll in towards dawn. 19 for a low in worcester 16 in japery and 20s for most of us. a little chillier than -- jaffrey and 20s for most of us a little chillier. it will be cooler at the coastline upper 30s rockport to boston to the cape. around 40 across the anterior and expect mainly cloudy skies during the day tomorrow but mostly dry day. and tomorrow night, when the wintry mix and rain moves in changes over to all rain patchy fog on wednesday, and it will taper off during the afternoon. and heavy rain for the first part of thursday especially gusty winds we may gust over 50 miles per hour at the coast and we drag in warm air so we should be in the upper 50s on thursday and then turning
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the weekend too and we should be back in the mid to upper 30s. traffic and weather together. robi did your kids have good vacation week. >> reporter: the groaning is the kids waking up that have to go back to school. that means back to school visit for you and danielle and barry and the gang. >> everybody is back to visiting. >> reporter: i know you love doing that. no groaning there. with the kid returning to school parents are going to be back from vacation so we should see increase on the roads today as well. let's look live over the zakim bridge and 93. no issues 93 south bound from woburn southeast expressway backups. 24 north trbl free 95 and 1 -- trouble free. 95 and 128 look lied speed limit rides. a close call for a driver in andover. cora harder was driving over the train tracks at essex and
5:18 am
came down trapping her on the tracks. an amtrak downeaster train hit the suv ripping off the front end. she is okay. >> i did not see it because it was coming from the other side. i did not see it i just didn't situation. and the train was coming so fast. >> everyone on the train was okay and the train was heading into boston and got into north station about 3 hours late. this week bike safety will be a priority at the statehouse. legislators and elected officials are holding a forum tomorrow at suffolk university considering changing state laws to make roads safer for cyclists. the naacp wants the head boston latten school out. globe reports black leaders med with the head master for five hours and they say she failed students and needs to go. a report shows administrators disciplined a male student for threatening a black female student but didn't notify both
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city hall on whether to gib boston police detect -- give boston police detect aves pay raise. globe reports three city councils report 30% raise and critics say it's unsustainable and they want to know why talks between the union and mayor walsh's office broke down. a warning this morning about a new scam out there involving jury duty. police say conartist are posing as authorities warning people they will abe rested for missing jury duty if they don't pay up. federal trade commission says the scams are on the rise. police departments and courts never ask for money over the phone. it's 5:19 right now. america saves week starts today meant to help promote good saving habits. >> to help you out financial analysts are giving tips to save more have an automatic amount withdrawn from your checking account put it in your emergency savings or retirement fund. if your employer offers the match in retirement savings try to match it.
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may want to consider adjusting your withholding to save more throughout the year. >> never hurts to save more. >> always good. celtics put on a show on the road. >> the c's shaking off the all star break rust against the nuggets. the highlights coming up next. >> plus, a panda sighting in florida. pablo sandoval arriving at spring training. what he says about concerns
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5:22. denver. >> plus the panda sighting in florida and why it's raising eyebrows. steve burton has it all in morning spots. >> red sox positional players are not due until tomorrow but sandoval arrived yesterday. 2015 was a disaster for him of the will 2016 be different? but if first impressions means anything he is off to a questionable start. >> reporter: pablo sandoval arrived sunday morning went to the cages and met with the manager and then held a media session where he seemed to contradict himself at times. >> you feel you have a lot to prove this year? >> you know i don't got nothing to prove i want to prove to the
5:24 am
can be a better defensive and offensive player. >> reporter: weight was an issue sunday as to whether or not he was told by sox brass to drop a number of pounds this off season. >> we outlined he needed to come back in better condition and along with that you anticipate there's the potential for weight to be dropped is there but there was not a specific number giventhat said we want you to come in at this weight. >> i don't weigh in at all so i do my work and try to do everything i can. i don't weigh in. >> reporter: sandoval hit a disappointing 245 and 10 home runs and 7rbi last season and said he lost confidence in himself. how motivate red you to have a >> real motivate. >> reporter: pedroia dropped his stuff off on sunday and expected to be in working out on monday and david ortiz will be the last one to arrive today or tomorrow. with the red sox in fort myers florida dan roche. >> celtics showed rust friday
5:25 am
not so last night. the lane in and celtics up as much as 26 in the first half. isaiah thomas had 22 points. 121-101 the time. they have won 11 of the last 14 and they are in minnesota tonight. and the bruins are back at the garden tonight as well against columbus. that's it for sports. i am steve burton. rob gronkowski party cruise coming to an end and it looks like everyone what good time. the ship left on friday night. >> he looks like he is having a good time. he left from miami to the bahamas and it stopped at a private destination called gronk island. three of his siblings and dad were on board. people have been posting videos of all the fun online and they say gronk has been twerking and dancing for much of the cruise. there you go. the proof. >> probably not. he is having a good time. >> he is having a good time.
5:26 am
half-hour, check of your top stories and put youring your -- putting your best face forward. >> the mace take you are making when you -- the mistake you are making when you wash your face. >> and a fire breaks out at the mall. >> so the kids in new hampshire are now going on vacation but it's back to reality for massachusetts. a nice winter day up around 40 degrees later on. you need the winter coat. i am timing out rain and a brief wentry mix. all the details are up next.
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right now the hunt is on for the driver who crashed into local starbucks overnight a closer look at the damage. >> dew new details about a deadly -- new details about a deadly stabbing what we are learning about the victim and the investigation. >> and a local man heading to
5:30 am
lab in a combyet -- quiet neighborhood. from the the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on your monday morning. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. we have a week left of february. >> no. >> this is almost through. >> once you get through february it's like okay. >> smooth sailing right. >> we are good. >> almost there. definitely a taste of it this weekend. wasn't it beautiful. so nice. >> cooler today but a quiet start to the week and then we turn unsettled a little storminess for the middle part of the week. boston right now the temperature is running in the 30s. 36 degrees dew points in the the 20s wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour right now. creating a bit of a real feel but by february standards it's not too bad with the real feel at 29 degrees and we are colder
5:31 am
it's 28 in keene and same in springfield vermont. 40 when you get from taunton back to providence shy of 40 out over parts of the cape and we did have a couple rain showers overnight now. skies are clearing and the trend will continue. plenty sunshine in the forecast a few clouds sunrise at 6:31. and wind out of the north at 2 to 10 miles per hour and through after the noon mostly sunny seasonal up around 40 degrees and we cool back just a bit heading into the commute home but no weather related issues fair and quiet sunset at 5:25 and temperatures in the mid-30s. we will break down the storm for middle part of the week. but let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: good morning. pretty quiet out there right now as we mentioned, volume should be increasing with kids back from school. first reported backups are south of the city down to braintree 128 southbound sluggish between 37 and the split and just hearing about a car fire down in sharon on route 1 northbound. near mechanic street a live
5:32 am
north no issues on route 1 southbound right now. 93 is clear coming down from andover and the other major routes from the north are trouble free. chris. >> thanks very much. 5:32 checking top stories on your monday morning. new this morning police are searching for the driver who crashed no a starbucks. norwood. the crash left a hole in the side of the building. bricks coffee and chairs scattered all over. the contractor is at the scene taking a closer look at the damage. the coffee shop those open up as soon as possible. new details in a stabbing in dorchester. the 16-year-old victim died. a person of interest is in custody this morning. the stabbing happened yesterday afternoon outside a convenience store on columbia road. anyone with information should call police. the cambridgeside galleria evacuates after a fire breaksout. an electric fire above the
5:33 am
firefighters contained it to that area but smoke needed to be vented from the mall. one shopper said it was a confusing situation. >> the express store the firefighters were near the roof trying to break down the walls and security officers were there as well and ordering everybody out but it was chaotic inside. >> luckily no one was hurt. firefighters say there was some water damage in the area but the mall was able to reopen yesterday afternoon. also an intensifier in new hampshire take a look at this air. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on a vacant property on mass road in gofftown and turned into an inferno. the area was once the site of a sign making business but it was vacant for sometime. a driver charged with operating under the influence after the car ended up in the swansea river. the 27-year-old was found standing on the shore when
5:34 am
no one else was in the car. police are trying to find the suspects who broke into cars in medway millis and medfield. look at surveillance video from medway. it shows a black nissan pathfinder possibly with out of state plates. person stealing a purse from a parked car. police say the pathfinder has no front license plate and no inspection sticker rather. anyone with information is asked to call police. this morning a boston city council will propose an ordinance to keep pet stores from selling animals from so- called puppy mills. city counselor o'malley wants to keep them from selling animals from commercial breeders and says large-scale breeders don't provide proper veterinary care. animal rights groups are lining up to support the ordinance. and tomorrow massachusetts will hold a hearing to address concerns about putting venomous snakes on an island in the reservoir. an official from the division
5:35 am
fear that is snakes might kill people is irrational. the state wants to pre-- preserve endangered snakes and residents are worried they could attack hikers fishermen and hunters. we want to put our best face forward but how you wash your face could hurt your skin. a skin care expert tells the daily mail washing your face in the shower can cause damage. hot water and pressure can irritate and dry out the skin and die late blood vessels making your face look red. the best way wash your face at the sink using tempered watt erin splash with cold water after you rinse to close pours and stimulate circulation. apparently i have been washing wrong. >> now we know the right way to do it. calling all bidders. >> yahoo looking for a buyerch the companies in the running. details in the money watch
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>> reporter: a call for a drug overdose leads to a drug bust. the evidence police found that left them no choice but to make an arrest. >> if you making over 09 million doll -- 90 million dollars and the boss told you to show up in better shea you would supply. pablo sandoval was told to shed some pounds but he doesn't look trimmer at all. could his weight be a problem again? what's your gut feeling?
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if you are look fog ar-- look for a new career you might want to be a software developer. >> survey by high tech technology council shows massachusetts has a high demand for software workers but has a problem finding them. the boston globe reports software developers can earn 90,000 dollars out of college and oftentimes get recruiting calls offering 20% more. >> wow there you go. >> good feel to get -- field to get into. samsung revealing details about the new phone. >> and yahoo shaping around for potential buyers. jill wagner joins us live -- shopping around for potential buyers. jill wagner joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. yahoo could be on the market. bloomberg reports the tech company will start to approach buyers as early as today including companies like verizon comcast and at&t. the fate of the ceo is unclear. she took over in 2012 and the
5:40 am
competing with google and facebook. samsng announced two new phones the galaxy s7 and s7 edge have longer batter life and dust and water proof. they can identify incoming calls even from numbers that aren't in your contact list. and to the moon and beyond. more than 18,000 people applied for nasa next astronaut class. that's a record. it's triple the number that applied to the previous class. there are only 14 spots. the future astronauts could be tacked for a mission to mars. chris i guess you will have to wait for the next round. >> i would be okay going to mars as long as we could keep tweeting back and forth. >> you could tweet your way to mars. >> thank you. >> reporter: do you follow scottkelly's twitter account. >> yes. >> and it's cool. >> reporter: i love it. >> it's really cool. see you tomorrow morning have a good one.
5:41 am
your traffic and weather together. >> and a look at today's top stories including details on a stabbing in dorchester. what we are learning this morning about the investigation now underway. >> a driver smashes into the side of a norwood starbucks and fleece the scene on food -- flees the scene on foot. >> checking in with weather watchers great to see so many reports getting up to temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. kathy says 32 in worcester with clear skies right now. and not a bad way to start the week. we will be up around 40 later today. i am tracking unsettled weather from tomorrow night through thursday. together next. if you want a joint weather
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5:44 am
at least 18 people have died when cyclone winston hit fiji over weekend. wind gusts stopping 177 miles perhour some of the islands are cut off from communication. the international airport there is back opened this morningemergency crews are still out surveying the damage. you guys this was the strongest tropical cyclone to hit fiji category 5. so just absolute devastation there. >> alopping with property it looks like -- along with
5:45 am
were bent. >> leveled. so obviously it's going to take while to recover but you know it's one of the things they have at least the warnings so i hope at least it could have been worse in terms of fatalities and that's good news. in the meantime, you guys our weather was beautiful this weekend wasn't it. we were in the 50s and 60 degree readings. felt like a taste of spring. 36 in boston. 32 worcester. same in lawrence and 40 in taunton but temperatures has been dropping. rain showers overnight and those pushed offshore and now sunshine behind them once they come out at 6:31 and about 45 minutes from now. high pressure is going to be building across northern new england today quiet weather for monday and tuesday, tomorrow we start to see changes what i mean is we start to get an onshore wind that will bring clouds in and it turns overcast and a lot of the day tomorrow most of the day will be spent dry. and then we turn our attention to the south. little wave of low pressure little wave of low pressure on the warm front and we will
5:46 am
with freezing rain and sleet across the interior. tuesday night into very early on wednesday. notice the closer you get to the coast it's rain here. but wednesday morning maybe a slick start outside 495 and through southern new hampshire. a lot of the snow will be washed away. until we get the warm air to push in may see slick spots of sleet or freezing rain early wednesday morning. rain tapers off to leftover shower but we have a ways to go because the area of low pressure still back across the ohio valley. even on wednesday, we have a lot of rain that has to push through. comes back in wednesday night into early on a thursday and that's when we may see a solid inch of rain that comes through and gusty wind over 50 miles per hour at the coast. highs today up around 40 at least it's quiet until then. and enjoy the sunshine. wind won't be that strong and may gust occasionally but subside through the afternoon. 40 to 45 from plymouth to taunton to the cape and islands
5:47 am
and tonight we get mainly clear skies clouds don't move in until about dawn tomorrow. 25 for an overnight low and tomorrow will be mostly cloudy and i can't rule out a stray that. temperatures in the mid-30s. accu-weather 7-day forecast. 44 on wednesday rain patchy fog and rainfall hardest wednesday night into the first part of thursday. and gusty wind at the coast and concern. there may be a little splash over along the south coast and turning cooler again to end the week. could be a morning flurry on friday and mid to upper 30s this weekend. traffic and weather togetherrobi who is does it look. >> reporter: a couple problems south of the city. down in sharon disabled truck after an engine fire 59 northbound before mechanic street. the fire is out. to the south expressway bumper to bumper between columbia road and neponset circle. sluggish between 37 and the split.
5:48 am
northbound just after route 123 not seeing backup there just yet. checking the north with a live look over 93 in somerville 93 southbound two slow pockets between 495 and 133 and then between 128 and montvale avenue. >> 5:48 right now. a local man due in court accused of running a meth lab out of his house. >> a car crashes into a starbucks. here are your top stories on this monday morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live at that starbucks along route 1 in norwood where a number of drivers are disappoint odd pull up and realize they can't buy coffee because a car slammed into the side of the building overnight. take a look at the video. you can see the hole in the side of the building from when the white sedan slammed >> into the side of it -- into the side of it. it happened at around 1 in the morning and police are look for the driver because they say he
5:49 am
it doesn't look like the starbucks will be able to reopen and police are hoping anyone with more information about who this driver may be will contact them directly. live in norwood susie steimle wbz this morning. a 16-year-old has died after being stabbed in dorchester a person of interest is in custody but no formal charges have been filed. stabbing happened sunday after- - outside the convenience store and anyone with information is asked to call police. good morning i am nicole jacobs live in attleboro where police made an arrest related to a meth lab at a home. i want to get you to video showing you that investigation. it happened yesterday when authorities were called to knight avenue for a drug overdose but during that investigation, they discovered ingredients and paraphernalia they say warranted the arrest lived here.
5:50 am
in attleboro district court today. coming up at 6, residents react to a meth lab so close to homes. live in attleboro nicole jacobs wbz this morning. 50 people killed and 100 injured in a terror attack in syria. three explosion rocked a vegetable market yesterday in a shiite suburbs of damascus. isis claimed responsibility for the attack and the violence is as secretary of state john kerry said officials had reached a provisional agreement to enter the violence. that agreement could gone in the next few days but kerry says it has not been finalized. pope francis calling for a year long moratorium on death penalty he wants countries to suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy it's a year long push for forgiveness ending in november e made the comments during the address in st. peters square. ohio governor and republican presidential
5:51 am
blocking planned parenthood in his state from seeping receiving state government money e signed bill banning the state from contracting services for those who perform abortion. planned parenthood could loose mor than a million dollars. officials are investigating a water crisis during the border with massachusetts and vermont. residents in petersburg are told to use bottled water. department of health says they found a toxic chemical in the water that may have come from a nearby plastics plant. officials are working to clean the water supply. it's time now for our daily talker. red sox spring training is underway and one player is feeling some extra heat down in florida. >> third baseman pablo he sandoval was told to show up in better shape but appears i may- - he may not have listens. >> reporter: late face it not
5:52 am
are in the middle of february crate rateings period so in january i did extra crunches and lungs and hit the salad bar after all cbs pays me huge bank right? well the red sox shelled out 95 million bucks to sign panda and told him to drop pounds and lookand decide for yourself if he looks slimmer. boston herl doesn't think so they call him extra large and like triple xl. red sox manager confirms that the team told him to show up in better condition but they didn't give him a specific weight as a goal. panda told reporters he doesn't weigh himself in the off season. he had a disappointing first year in boston and doesn't have anything to prove. that should go over well with red sox nation he portliness has a twitter account named pablo gut. red sox are not loving this. well, here's the surprise, as we put it out there for the
5:53 am
talker, they are backing him. marie says as long as he can do his job, and is working on a healthier version of himself, he should stay. that's surprising. and russell on facebook says, this is training season let him start training and when game one comes alodge, then -- along then complain if the weight is an issue. i don't think it will be. i am stunned by that i really am but comment the website twitter or facebook this is a professional athlete making over 90 million dollars. come on. guys. >> all right. we will have more of your comments at 6:30 with robi. that's a hot topic. >> it is. >> keep commenting. still to come an an versery celebration -- an vrsry ssh anniversary half century in the making. >> how it came back to boston
5:54 am
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when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose
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a couple who began their marriage 50 years in boston anniversary. >> larry and diane kaufman spent the honeymoon night at sheraton boston and larry's brother shelled out 19 bucks and the couple kept the receipt and called to see if they could said yes. the couple admits the decor and hotel changed dramatically but they had a blast coming back. >> that's cool.
5:57 am
a nice thing to do. >> 19 dollars can you imagine for a hotel. >> a steal>> you can't get that now. keep it here your top
5:58 am
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right now at 6 a damaging drive overnight at starbucks. the search is on for the person responsible. >> and new this morning a deadly stabbing in dorchester. victim just 16 years old we will have an update on the investigation. >> and neighbors evacuated as police discover a meth lab while responding to an overdose a man heading to court this morning. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's monday february 22nd hope you had a fantastic weekend. the weather was awesome. >> it was spring like and refreshing danielle. >> it felt great. 50s and 60s. it won't be as warm today but it will be a quiet start as we


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