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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  September 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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on alert after a woman running alone says she was approached by a suspicious man. it happened just miles from where another jogger was murdered. >> a community shaken after an abingdon boy is shot in the face. the latest on the investigation plus the helping offer for other kids and police in that area. >> and about face for the boston police why officers will not start testing body cameras today. >> and they're back, students taking over the city today as they start moving back in for college. 0. and this morning, all eyes are hermine. the tropical storm already causing problems in parts of florida with heavy rain, powerful waves and flodding there. the storm could become a hurricane later on today. good morning to you. >> thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. a state of emergency now in effect for parts of the gulf coast and this storm could
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with a look at what's going on for the weekend. >> good morning. the conditions are becoming favorable for further intensification of hermine and it's still a tropical storm at the present time moving off to the northeast. but you can see the satellite signature shows it is looking pretty good at the present time. as of 5:00 a.m. has maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. where is the storm going? well it appears athis point that it's going to be moving to the northeast. so hurricane warnings up for from near apalachicola to cedar key and then a tropical storm watch up on parts of the east coast from northern florida northward. so it's going to move in a fashion like that and become a minute ma'am hurricane as it moves on shore there. and it looks like -- minimal hurricane as it moves on shore. it sits around here for days. just whirlz around and around and becomes stalled and trapped in an atmospheric traffic congestion set up as we would see the storm moving like this, and eventually the rain and wind
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england. the precise impact on this area remains to be seen. i don't think we'll be in nor a hurricane. but high seas, rough surf, gusty wind certainly, especially the cape and islands and some beneficial rains that spiralen bands come in from the east and southeast. and we get some of that wind coming in here, especially on monday. in the meantime, we have temperatures right now that are mostly in the 70s. it's very harm and humid. we have showers moving across southern portions of the area but most of those will stay down there i'll see with you the forecast in just a few minutes. traffic and weather together. >> good morning. not a lot of people on the roads right now. we have a much quieter commute than we did yet. taking a look at 93 south as you approach the o'neill tunnel you can see there's not a lot of people out there. it is smooth sailing. if we take a loom at the maps, the expressway is wide open. your drive time to downtown boston is just a quick ten
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both running on time. >> all right. thank you. this morning, is counselors will be at all abingdon schools after a student was shot in the face. >> right now investigators are trying to figure out how two young boys got ahold of the gun. wbz' nicole jacobs is live with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: there is still a lot of questions surrounding the circumstances of this case, either way it's a tragedy and according to accident as well. >> it's certainly a tragic issue. >> reporter: one that unfolded in abingdon at this home. >> we're going to investigate everything. >> reporter: the investigation began just before 4:30 wednesday afternoon. >> i hear so often that kids get aheld of a gun. >> reporter: and that's what happened here. the result an 11-year-old boy shot in the face. >> it's a fair thing to say that we believe there was not intentionally -- somebody did not try to intentionally hurt
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legally owned but it remains unclear if an adult was home at the time. >> they were playing together. i don't know what they were doing, but i don't know how they got the gun. >> reporter: residents are simply shocked. >> i saw the kid in the ambulance and he was just covered with blood on the face. >> reporter: emergency crews rushed the boy to the hospital and then airlifted him to boston. now said to be in stable condition while investigators try to piece together how it happened. >> we have to deal with the aftermath of that and see direction we have to go. >> reporter: again, that 11-year-old boy is set to be in stable condition at a boston hospital. he and the other boy both students at a local school here, again reports of grief counselors being on hand for students as they deal with the news of this tragedy so is the same for emergency crews who responded to this scene. that's the very latest from abingdon. right now police stepping up patrols and issuing a warning
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van. >> this happened in shirley. it's just a few towns over from princeton where another woman was murdered while she was out for a jog. anna meiler is live in shirley for the latest. >> reporter: and chris that jogger sent a message to her friends describing a scary encounter with a suspicious man that warning is now being shared all over facebook and police are asking the public to be on alert. >> a cargo passenger van was headed directly toward me as i was running. so much that i had >> reporter: this message is circulating written by a rattled woman who says shed had at a terrifying encounter. they are warning friends to be on the lookout. >> she was very nervous and she said he didn't seem safe. >> reporter: the woman says she was running around 10:00 tuesday morning when a suspicious van drove toward her forcing her off the road. what happened next raised even more flags. >> would you like some water? she's like that's weird. and she was like backing up to
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saw someone in the back and she's like that's even stranger. >> reporter: the recent measure of a young jogger in princeton less than 20 miles away has everyone on high alert. police have still not found the person who killed vanessa marcotte. >> freaked out because i walk. i don't even run. we walk here all the time. everyone walks in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this jogger was able to provide police are a description, a large green van and partial massachusetts registration, 930. and that jogge she says he was wearing large glasses and a black baseball cap. if you have any information, call police. reporting live, anna meiler, wbz this morning. >> anna, thank you very much. new in morning, a woman running in watertown says a strange man followed her. it happened last thursday night. that woman claims she spotted a man behind her on common street. he did approach twice and then
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close she told him she was going to call 911. that's when he walked away. if you have any information you should call the police. new overnight, sharon police make an arrest in a jewelry heist. 25-year-old michael mead of eston is now being held on bail. he's due in court today. police say he broke into a sharon jewelry store on sunday and stole thousands of dollars worth of goods. officers say tips from people sharing the story on social media helped them make an arrest. boston police not be testing ou the union and the city had agreed to try out the body camera when's officers who volunteered. when no officers volunteered, they were then picked. now the union says that violates the agreement. a judge is now reviewing the case and a hearing is scheduled for next week. the city says it won't start the program for at least another two weeks. on the campaign trail now, vice presidential candidate will be in new hampshire this morning. they'll be talking about the
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student a fair shot at education. donald trump in the meantime is facing criticism after detailing his immigration plan. as hannah daniel resource, all illegal immigrants are subject to deportation. >> reporter: a defiant donald trump is sticking to the centerpiece of his immigration plan. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: while stressing no it amnesty f the country. >> you can't just smuggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. >> reporter: and calling for undocumented immigrants who commit crimes to be deported. >> i am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in america who have
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justice, okay? >> reporter: trump unveiled his ten-point plan hours after flying to mexico to meet with the country's president. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> reporter: while the republican nominee insisted plans for the wall were discussed, mexico's leader later tweeted he made it clear from the start his nation would not fund the wall. speaking in cincinnati, hillary clinton panned the visit all together. >> dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying me works. >> reporter: a fox news poll out wednesday shows the race has narrowed with clinton leading trump 41% to lune%. hannah daniels, cbs news. a local family was front and center at donald trump's speech on immigration last night. >> my name is maurery and our son matthew was 23 years old when he was dragged a quarter of mile to his death while horrified witnesses were banging
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>> she was one of the parents trump brought on stage last night to talk about loved ones that they lost whose death they blame on illegal immigrants. in the case of matthew denise, nicholas is serving prison time for motor vehicle homicide, drunk driving and manslaughter. today, college students return. >> it is the annual move-in day here in boston. while students think it's an exciting time it cann brianna pitts with is here with the details. >> reporter: unless you're a college student, some say this is a good weekend to get out of boston. thousands of students will be moving into dorms and off-campus apartments in the next few days. that means road closures, roads turning into one-ways, and no right or left turns from certain roads. and not to mention, all those sidewalks full of furniture. you guys -- the inevitable move-in truck that gets stuck. the number of changes are too many to list on air so we have
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traffic restrictions on our website. >> thank you very much. right now we'll take a live look at the partial solar eclipse that can be seen in south fraeshg right now. a sew lar lisp happens this a moon moves between the sun and the earth. looks pretty cool there. >> it doesn't even look real. we need a little bonnie tie liquor movie. two beaches closed down. >> the scare getting everyone out of the water. >> also ahead, major construction coming to an end early. when commuters could be driving over the longfellow. >> and we are monitoring a tropical storm set to make landfall in florida today. the preparations underway right now. barry. >> yeah, they're worrying about this storm down there for the immediate future for us, we're watching rain today. with i will it rain much? probably not much north of the pike but there will be showers south of the mass pike. my forecast coming up soon and we'll talk about the potential impact of hermine on new england over the upcoming holiday
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with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. . do they -- hold him tight. hold him tight. >> i am. i am. >> hold him tight. >> i am. >> got him. >> i am. >> that's okay. all right. all right. tony, you have him.
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that? that's sports director sports burton, clearly no match for that al gator. >> he brought the animal for sports final but it got feisty. don't worry, steve and the guest including the gator were not hurt during the -- >> hold him tight. hold him tight. >> i knew he had a hold on to pigskin but no idea he was so good with alligator skin as well. >> that thing was on the atta. the story. the gator got loose and it's somewhere in this studio. >> i'll be sitting on the desk for the weather of the weather cast. >> jk, jk, jk. >> continue with your weather thing, it's fine. i'm going to sit like this for the rest of the day. >> you have to worry about snakes and gators, kate, i'm sorry. >> pore kate. >> no worries. >> thank you. >> me too. let's see what's happening right now with the temperatures.
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is because it is so warm on this september morning, welcome to september everybody. we've got high humidity out there as well. we have lower 70s from southern new hampshire through boston where it's 74 right now. southeastern massachusetts heading off to school today. man it's a muggy one. but it's not going to get all that hot today, certainly. because of all the cloud cover that we have around the region and with all the higher humidity which we still have dew points in the upper 60s. they're starting to decline a little bit. a northern western new england the so that is where our air is coming from. it will gradually turn drier. you will notice if our south and west of the bov as the dry air starts to take over and moves across the entire region by later tonight. upper 70s to lower 80s today. the highest temperature is 82 today at some spots north west of boston where there's a greater likelihood of partial sunshine breaking through. where we'll have the most rain is near the mass pike here, near
5:17 am
rain is moving across connecticut and rhode island right now with scattered thunder and lightning in here. some downpours heading to southeastern massachusetts. that's where most of the rain is going. there's a slight chance of a shower elsewhere. a few lingering showers will redevelop over southeastern massachusetts this afternoon. areas north and west of boston, you can see the sun comes out. tomorrow we probably will start with mostly clear skies or just a few patch of the clouds, turn partly cloudy during the day and just an isolated shower possible tomorrow. down from the north. this is where most of the rain is going to happen down here, and some places may have over half inch. so we're looking at hermine and that's the focus of attention today as it heads toward the florida coast as a minimal hurricane. so it has winds of 60 miles per hour right now. expect it to be here about late night, midnight to 2:00 a.m.
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the first land falling hurricane in 11 years, almost. then it -- weaknesses, the tropical storm moves offshore and whirls around for days, and days and days and gives us tropical sort of rain and wind here. sort like a nor'easter here on monday with some high surf and gusty winds, especially on the cape and islands. so any forecast, 82 northwest of boston. tomorrow, partly sunny and 78. nice dry air, boofrl day on saturday, clouding -- beautiful day on saturday. monday will be the stormest with rain and wind. traffic and weather together. >> well, it's still smooth sailing out there. this a live look at the northbound lanes of the expressway by columbia road. so you have in company. it's still a ten-minute drive from the split to downtown boston and the pike exit. and check out north of the city. route 131, 28 and 93 are all great options this morning and the t and commuter rail are both running on time. we have some good news about the longfellow bridge project.
5:19 am
the globe reports that this three -- that's three months earlier than planned. construction began in 2013 then it hit a two-year delay. no word on how much the project will ultimately cost but contractors don't think they'll skweed the $303 million budget. >> some good news. tropical storm hermine turning off the coast of florida. barry was just talking about it. the storm is expected to make landfall today but not before ramping up to strength. don champion reports. >> reporter: the soaking continues in parts of florida. overnight tropical storm hermine strengthed as it churned in the gulf of mexico. it's expected to come ashore today. >> little nervous, ail little -- a little more than a little nervous. >> reporter: wednesday people up and down florida's gulf coast battled driving rain as they prepared for the storm's approach. hermine's outer bands already dumped several inches of raven on parts of the tampa area,
5:20 am
pasco counties, deputies even found this al gaiter trying to find shelter under a car. people like debby know the worst is still ahead. >> the water has been really bad. we have a pump inside ready to go to flow out the water. >> reporter: last night the storm drenched the buccaneers and washington redskins during their nfl preseason game. it had to be moved up a day because of the storm. the national hurricane center says hermine could still a hurricane before it makes landfall. people north in georgia and the carolinas could then see flooding rain. >> now what happens after that is a little less certain. we're going to watch the storm stall out just south of long island as we head into this weekend. the indications are we going to -- -- going do see strong impacts on the mid-atlantic. zblits of emergencies have been declared in more than 40 counties. clearwater florida. >> i recognize that guy.
5:21 am
rick fisher. big time. shark sighting closes two beaches. >> lifeguards called swimmers out of the water just before 2:00 yesterday. the white shark con ser van sy app sent out alerts. they said spotter pilots spotted four sharks about 300 yards offshore. two sharks were also spotted off provincetown on monday. well, up next a new face coming to the red sox. >> details on the that's helping the team. >> plus remember your reusable bags the new local community where he will be charged for
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. new release coming to the red sox. >> the for their final preseason game. >> good morning. we start in red sox nation where help is on the way. the sox announced they will add a player to the roster tomorrow. that is a day after rosters can expand. the 21 year old is coming up from double-a portland. the sox got it done yesterday afternoon. they beat the rays 8-6 in fenway. ramirez changes it with one
5:25 am
to the left. just like that. it's 4-4 red sox. but once again the bullpen blows the lead in the top of the eighth. singles in two runs. all of a sudden the game is tied at 6-6. thankfully the sox answer right back. singles in the go-ahead run bringing the sox up. they go on to win 8-6 to take two out of three from the rays. stocks begin a road trip tomorrow in oakland. patriots play their final tonight against the giants. if you're wondering if tom brady did make the trip, he did. the question is will all three quarterbacks play. remember you can see -- you can see tonight's preseason finale right here. speaking the brady. he's going back to school. that's right. michigan head coach told the nfl ned work that brady will be the honoree captain when they host colorado on september 17th.
5:26 am
guys, over to you. all right. today's lucky fans are going to feel like players. >> they allow fans to hit balls from home plate and field off the green monster. red sox player will be there to help you with stance or give you advice. it's all for charity to raise money for kids with physical and intellectual disabilities and genetic disorders. tickets still available. and today tickets go on sale for frozen fenwa hockey college team faces off. it starts on january january -- saturday january 7th, bchlts c will face providence. unh faces northeastern. tickets go on sale at noontime. >> love it. >> bad news, we're already talking winter stuff. still to come, all your top stories plus the state's attorney general reveals new
5:27 am
transform how we do chores, coming up. . >> this is john keller. 68 days to go until voting day but could the outcome already be decided? i'll explain what i mean when wbz this morning continues. . >> it looks like if you're planning on rain today you're not going to get much at all. north of the mass pike. the greatest threat of showers and thunderstorms south of the mass pike down in connecticut, ride island. what's going to happen this weeken i'll have details when this morning continues. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ? should i stay or should i go? ?
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find your walk near you at kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... r what they're throwing at me...
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5:31 am
from four years ago. . welcome back. thanks for joining us. >> time to flip the page on the cal tar. it's september 1st. >> i can't believe it's september already, barry, we are looking at some major weather coming at us. >> possibly, kate. it still feels like august here on this september morning because it's so humid out there. but we have hermine and there it is with top winds of 60 miles per hour. we have a hurricane warning on parts of the florida coa near apalachicola to cedar key. a tropical storm storm warning from near of the north of daytona beach up to south carolina. the storm is starting to move and should become a minute ma'am hurricane on landfall early tomorrow morning and then it moves in a position like this and sits there and whirls around to the south of new england. so that gives us spiral bands of rain coming on in here and some stronger winds right now some gayles are possible on the northeast. most of that will will be happening -- would be happening on sunday night into monday. so that's it.
5:32 am
the heaviest will be in southern new england. it's too early to be precise on the exact impact on new england at the present time. so we'll leave that for the next couple of days as we fine-tune this whole forecast. most of the rain today is going to be south of the mass pike. some of the heavier rain there is going to be clearing out off to the north and west. so this morning we have the rain and we've got it clearing out eventually so the showers south of boston, a warm 73 this morning. midday we'll be up around 76. scattered showers southeast. and then for this partial clearing off to the northwest, lower 80s. that's it. traffic and weather together. hi, brianna. >> checking the eastbound lanes from the pike from our cameras in brighton right in from western mass, looks great. to the south and northbound lanes on 24 and route three are both wide open. we are starting to see slowdowns though on 128 around the brain tree split around exit six. you can see the red arrows there. so it is slow and go from the split to exit nine. the t and commuter rail are
5:33 am
chris. >> thank you very much. it is 5:33 right now. checking our top stories. police are stepping up patrols in shirley after a woman says she was approached by a man in a van while jogging. that woman says the man pulled up next to her and offered her water around 10:00 tuesday morning. the woman ran away and notified the police. officers say she described the vehicle as a large green van with a massachusetts license plate that had the numbers 930 on it. counselors will be young boy recovers after being shot in the face. officials say the 11 year old is at a boston hospital right now and is in stable condition. that shooting happened at an abingdon home yesterday afternoon. investigators say two 11-year-old boys were inside and somehow got ahold of the gun. the d.a. says the gun was legally registered. police officers who responded are also receiving counselling. new overnight, president obama arrives in hawaii with a message on climate change.
5:34 am
not immune and all countries have to work together. hawaii is hosting the world's largest conservation event, an environmental conference which begins today. and we're just over two months away from election day. and for many the decision on who to vote for has already been made. well, this morning our jon keller looks whether the candidates can do anything that would make us change our minds. >> reporter: good morning. today is september 1st, which means there are exactly 68 days to go until election day. will anything that happens over these final ten weeks really make a difference to you? for instance, in february of 2011, 22 months before the presidential election, is trial match-ups between president obama and mitt romney showed obama with a four-point lead. early september of 2012, the polls on average had obama with that same four point lead. on election day, obama beat
5:35 am
points. of course, there were fluctuations over time. the polling down the stretch suggests a dead heat race. but you could argue that almost two years before the election, enough voters had fundamentally decided they liked obama well enough to give him the second term. and that short of some cataclysmic event nothing was going to change that. this time around, there is no incumbent rinning, although hillary clinton has cast herself as an extensi era. and donald trump certainly represents a dramatic change from what romney saw. but even as we obsess over each day's news, is her ethical issues, his tight rope walk on immigration, what this poll or that poll means, is could it be that in the end, little to none of it will really matter? i would offer one caveat, a disastrous meltdown by either candidate in that first debate could be impactful, although
5:36 am
debate with romney without lasting damage. but short of that, voters already have ample information with which to make a decision. too bad we have to wait another 68 days to see what it is. attorney general will submit her recommendations today on the state's new transgender rights law. it aallows people to use the bathroom or locker room that corresponds with their identity. however anyone t improper claim to gain access to a bathroom could be arrested. healey wants to education businesses. the law takts effect on october 1st. starting today, somerville will be one more place your groceries wouldn't come in plastic bags. the city is phasing in its bag ban which means only the largest retailers will have to stop orring -- offering sing-use bags today. the other stores will have until december 1st. brookline and cambridge already
5:37 am
this morning. >> that's because it could be in jeopardy. the threat to the coffee business. that's next in money watch. . >> it was all an accident according to police yet they still continue to investigate how an 11 year old was shot in the face.
5:38 am
5:39 am
. if you're thinking of trashing your old phone, think again. >> there could be gold inside of it. and now scientists are coming up with an easier way of getting the gold out. the mild acid dissolves the
5:40 am
mix is added. the scientists say it could reduce waste and salvage about 300 tons of gold. about 7% of the world's gold is used in manufacturing of leck electronics -- electronics. >> the founder of the irobot says he wants to do more than clean your face. the robots will be able to do all kinds of things around the house. he thinks it could help boost the quality of life for people who are getting older. >> if he wants to come oan dance like that, i will let him vacuum my floors. >> i was trying to read --. it's only september 1st but some retailers are already thinking with christmas. >> oh, please. plus your morning coffee could be in jeopardy. jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. a texas judge says it's okay to
5:41 am
he through a lawsuit. the business said a cliebt violated his contract by writing a one-star review. the contract actually pre-heb its to criticize the business. our morning coffee could be in jeopardy. a new report from the climate institute of australia found that half of the earth's land is suitable to grow coffee will be lost by 2015 if climate change continues. it would not impact u coffee farmers around the globe. it isn't even labor day, but wal-mart is thinking christmas. the retailer is opening its layaway program tomorrow. it's also out with its hottest list for the holidays. included is a teenage mu tant 19 gentleman turtle and disney princess carriage. >> i'm not ready to think christmas. >> i'm not ready to think about halloween. >> and jill, you know this my
5:42 am
start with that. >> reporter: we have the birth day list. >> he too once said teenage mu tant ninja turtles. >> i was just thinking that. you've asked for a lot, i'm willing to get you that remote control. >> not the tesla? >> nope. sorry. >> this one is a little bit easier. >> sounds good, thank you very much. coming up, tom brady has a second career. >> his new gig and the other football great he's that's coming up next. >> reporter: plus people in shirley are on alert after a suspicious man approaches a woman out jogging alone. i have details on the scary
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. long before tom brady was one of the quarterbacks of all-time, he was a kid watching sports. and now brady says he wants to translate t as a kid into the small screen. >> according to the holly reporter, he is teaming up with former new york giant, michael strahan to create a television series called religion of sports. brady hasn't said whether he will have an on-air role, but we can hope and pray for sure. please, please, lees. >> you're saying reality show, brady bunch. >> tom, call me, i have a plan for you and giselle. it will be amazing.
5:46 am
so i'll give you her number. >> absolutely. absolutely. all right. barry, it is a thursday morning kidz are back to school, most of them, and we are so happy. >> she's so happy. >> kate seems really, really happy this morning. don't you think, chris? she seems really, really happy. >> she has a little extra pep in her step today. >> good morning, everybody. and welcome to september. the official beginning of fall. meteorological fall as we call it. the meteoric yesterday. so what can we think of and what is ahead? we expect it to be cooling off. it's not going to stay warm forever. the average highs go from 77 to 67. the surn set gets earlier and earlier. 7:17 today but 6:0027 by the end of the month and fall foliage begins far northern new england will be seeing some good color as we get toward the end of september.
5:47 am
same ol' weather. ashland said 70 holliston. karen in westminster says 67 degrees. so it is on the muggy side. we have temperatures in the low even middle 70s near boston points southeast. but look at all this cooler air off to the north and west. it's still very muggy. dew points in the upper 70s, almost 70 -- upper 70s. it will be 97 boston. mi mass pike. but lower 80s, a few areas 82 to 83, northwest where there is going to be sunshine breaking through. most of the rain is going to happen in connecticut, rhode island and southeastern massachusetts. just a slight chance of a shower elsewhere. s can awe see most of this going away, the dry air is taking over as the day goes along. still some lingering showers even this evening. the rest of the region most of
5:48 am
clouds around and just an isolated shower. so there's a chance of a half inch or so down here. i don't think there's going to be any additional rain north of the mass pike in most spots just an isolated shower. so the front is coming in, introducing the drier air. here is hermine and it's moving to the north-northeast about 12 miles per hour. it's about 250 miles southwest of apalachicola. and we do have a hurricane warning in effect there from portions of near apalachicola down to the southwest. so this storm is going along the coast and weaken. then it gets out here and stalls here for 2 or 3 days for the beginning of the week. so that throws some spiral bans of rain into new england. that's good news. we're not going to get terrible winds but gale-force winds out of the forth east. that's the way it looks right now with the worst weather on monday, labor day, rain, wind and cool weather mid-60s. strongest wind and heaviest rain on the south coast and the cape. we'll keep you posted for more specific details on the storm as it gets closer.
5:49 am
will be wonderful days. the rain comes up into southeastern massachusetts late sunday. traffic and weather together t hi, brianna. >> it's still so dark out there. driving we already have slowdowns on the expressway. it's moving pretty good here but further back you'll run into a couple of problems. there's some back-up on 128 in braintree. as you approach the split you will sit in rav you can from the moment you get on the split all the way to the circle. this will slow you down about ten minutes. to our n around exits 44 and 43. the commuter rail and the t are both running on time. speaking of the t, students starting today, you will pay half price on the mbta if you have a student charlie card. there's changes to the program this year. middle and high school students can get the discount if their schools don't purchase the pass for them. and those discounts will now be available year round. there are two ways to take advantage. you can get a student card and pay half price per trip or get
5:50 am
pass for $30. a monthly pass is normally $84.50 you can get them from any vending machine or retail sales terminals. wish they had that when i was in school. >> good information. a young boy recovering after being shot in the face. >> a warning for joggers, here are your stop stories on this murder-suicide morning. -- on this murder-suicide morning. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols in shirley after a man approached a woman jogging. she was running on hazen road ar 1 when a van drove toward her, forcing her off the road. she says the driver acted suspicious and offered her water. shirley is just about 20 miles from princeton where vanessa marcotte was hurred -- murdered last month. police have not found her killer. i have a description of the man in the -- and the van he was driving coming up. live in shirley, anna meiler, wbz this morning. new this morning, a woman running in watertown tells police a strange man was
5:51 am
man behind her on common street. he then approached her twice near summer and mount auburn and then again here the hosmer school when he got too close she told him she was going to call 911. that's when he walked away. you have any information, you should call the police. >> reporter: i'm live in abingdon where an 11-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the face. it all happened yesterday afternoon at a home on police were called there and now authorities say two young boys somehow got ahold of a gun and one of them was shot rushed to southshore hospital and then airlifted to boston. the circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation, coming up, what we know about that weapon and whether or not adults were in the home at the time of the shooting. we're live in being done, nicole jacobs. after more than 40 years of questions for the family, police
5:52 am
out what happened to a ten-year-old from laurens. police know andy poe lease sy was kidnapped in august 1976. but despite an intensive search, an investigation, no trace of the child was ever found. well, today police will update the case and offer new ways for the public to get involved. thereabout a vigil and charity walk tonight in new hampshire in honor of the life of denise robert. robert was shot and killed one year ago as she walked along ray street. she was 62 years old. arrests. this morning inspectional services will neat with the owner of an illegal apartment in alston after fire tore through the home early yesterday morning. the apartment had inadequate or no spoke detectors. officials say if the tenants on the third floor had been home, they likely would not have made it out alive. revere's mayor opposes a ballot question. it's not for the reasons you might think. the mayor tells the globe a
5:53 am
could be on the state ballot. the gaming commission have to approve the plans. crews are spraying for mosquitos in new bedford. the health department there says they're mondaying for eee and west nile virus. crews started spraying around 2:00 this morning and they're supposed to wrap that up by sunrise. a big snake causing a big stir in new england. >> but it may not be what it seems. new insight the an acon da in maine. -- anaconda in maine
5:54 am
5:55 am
i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. one rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
5:56 am
. yet another twist in the search for a missing anaconda in maine. wessie has been on the loose for -- lose for months. officials found a snake skin and then snapped a picture of something slithering in the water. >> now some are questioning if a expert says he's 100% convinced it's a hoax. >> snakes don't shed like that. they're going to go under a tree, on a rock, in a crevice. i mean some of it it will be out in the open but not all laid out like that. anacondas love to shed in the water. >> mike from rain forest reptile says there are several anacondas in cap activity in new england. he thinks someone got a skin and laid it out on the river bank. >> that's a lot of effort for a prank. >> i think we need to call sir
5:57 am
thinks. just saying. >> just saying. keep it right here.
5:58 am
barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband,
5:59 am
we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, but she went to the irs and she fought for us. thanks to kelly, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
6:00 am
. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> it is thursday, september 1st. right now it's 6:00, a young boy is in the hospital after being shot in the face. the help offered for other students and police in the area. >> a warning for joggers this morning after a woman says she was approached by a man in a van. the incident just a few away from where another jogger was murdered. >> if you're driving around boston, get ready. college students are moving in. how will it impact the rest of your week and weekend? >> plus all eyes are on hermine. >> it could become a hurricane later today. it's already causing problems in florida. heavy rain, powerful waves and flooding. a state of emergency now in effect for parts of the gulf coast and this storm could impact our holiday weekend. so let's get right over to barry


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